Pic Of The Day: CNN Interviews #FloodWallStreet Official Spokesbear…

Hard-hitting journalism from CNN:


PB takes one for the cause.

Kerry On Global Warming: “Don’t Take My Word For It, Don’t Take Al Gore’s … Mother Nature Is Screaming At Us”…

Don’t worry, Lurch, nobody takes your word for anything.

Via CNS News:

“You don’t have to take my word for it. You don’t have to Al Gore’s word for it, you don’t have to take the IPCC’s word and the Framework Convention – all those people who are sounding the alarm bells. You can just wake up pretty much any day and listen to Mother Nature, who is screaming at us about it.”

Hispanic Caucus Lets Obama Delay Executive Amnesty Again, This Time To Protect Keg Stand Landreiu


She is hard at work trademarking the Keystone Keg Stand.


The Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) is giving President Obama some wiggle room on his executive action on immigration, saying it can wait even until after a potential December runoff that could decide control of the Senate.

After President Obama announced he would wait until after the November midterms to move forward with executive action to grant legal status to millions of illegal immigrants​, the CHC initially said it still the White House to act by Thanksgiving. But a new resolution passed by the Democratic caucus is now giving him until late December to act.

White House chief of staff Denis McDonough reportedly told told the caucus in recent meetings that it was unlikely the president would choose to act by the end of November and wants to wait until after Louisiana’s competitive Senate race, which will probably go to an early December runoff. McDonough reportedly asked the Latino caucus to postpone its demand.

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ISIS Routs Iraqi Army Yet Again In Battle For Key Army Base, “Hundreds Missing”…

The Iraqi army is about as ferocious as a litter of puppies.

BAGHDAD — The army base in Iraq’s western Anbar province had been under siege by Islamic State militants for a week, so when a convoy of armored Humvees rolled up at the gate, the Iraqi soldiers at Camp Saqlawiyah believed saviors had arrived.

But this was no rescue attempt. The vehicles were driven by militants on suicide missions, and within seconds on Sunday the base had become a bloody scene of multiple bombings.

On Monday, a day after the attack, five survivors — including three officers — said that between 300 and 500 soldiers were missing and believed to be dead, kidnapped or in hiding. Army officials said the numbers were far lower, leading to accusations that they were concealing the true toll.

If the survivors’ accounts are correct, it would make Sunday the most disastrous day for the Iraqi army since several divisions collapsed in the wake of the Islamic State’s capture of the northern city of Mosul amid its cross-country sweep in June.  […]

The major assault came Sunday. Soldiers interviewed said army commanders had sent word via walkie-talkie that a rescue mission was on its way and had taken control of a nearby bridge.

Shortly afterward, Iraqi army armored vehicles and military trucks arrived, and the men inside were dressed in the uniforms of Iraqi counterterrorism forces, the surviving soldiers said.

“We thought this was the support we were promised was on the way,” said Capt. Ahmed Hussein of the 8th Division. “The first three Humvees were ahead of the rest with some military trucks. We just let them in.”

One Humvee exploded in the middle of the camp. The two others drove to the perimeter and detonated. The rest of the Islamic State convoy was held back at the entrance, where the survivors said the militants carried out several more suicide bombings as they tried to break in.

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Something Is Terribly Wrong With The Secret Service


Possible the Secret Service has the same ROE as the military and have to get approval from a lawyer.

Via Washington Examiner

President Obama is supporting the Secret Service in the wake of a deeply troubling incident in which a disturbed man jumped the White House fence, sprinted across the North Lawn, and actually entered the White House Friday evening.

The man, 42 year-old Omar Gonzalez, had a folding knife in his pocket and had left 800 rounds of ammunition in his car not far from the White House. Gonzalez had also drawn the attention of authorities at least twice a few weeks ago — once in Virginia, when he was found with a sniper rifle, a sawed-off shotgun, and a map with the White House circled on it, and a second time when he walked near the White House fence with a hatchet in his waistband.

On Friday, Gonzalez was briefly in the White House itself.

Nevertheless, the president had nothing but praise for the agency responsible for his security. “The Secret Service does a great job,” Obama said during an Oval Office meeting Monday. “I’m grateful for all the sacrifices they make on my behalf and on my family’s behalf.”

White House spokesman Josh Earnest added that the president has “complete confidence” in the Secret Service.[...]

Calling the breach “totally unacceptable” and expressing amazement that the White House door was open, Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, hinted there is more trouble than the public knows about. “This is not the first time Secret Service has shown too much vulnerability,” Chaffetz tweeted after the incident. “There are other unreported incidents. I will continue to push.”

“Been investigating the Secret Service for some time,” Chaffetz continued. “Frustrating. Good men and women but HUGE question marks for their leadership.” Lawmakers could hold a hearing on the matter soon.

House Intelligence Committee chairman Mike Rogers, a former FBI agent, also believes the Secret Service’s problems go deeper than a new fence. In an interview Sunday, Rogers suggested that a guard’s attention can wane when he is stationed in one place for long periods of time — a lapse that cannot be tolerated when the president’s security is involved.

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UK Labour Candidate: “Evil” Israel Has Embraced Hitler As Their “Zionist God”…

Vicki Kirby

What a charming young woman.

Via NRO:

The United Kingdom’s Labour party has suspended one of its candidates after she used her Twitter account to attack Israel and compare it to the Islamic State.

According to the Mirror, Vicky Kirby, Labour’s candidate for parliament from a district in Surrey, tweeted, “Apparently you can ask IS/ISIS/ISIL questions on ask.fm. Anyone thought of asking them why they’re not attacking the real oppressors #Israel?”

“We invented Israel when saving them from Hitler, who now seems to be their teacher,” she also said, adding that Hitler seems to be the “Zionist God.”

“I will never forget,” wrote Kirby, “and I will make sure my kids teach their children how evil Israel is!”

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Justice Kagan Performs Her First Same-Sex Wedding (Not Hers)

Kagan same

We know which way she will swing on the vote for same sex marriage.

Via Seattle Times

Justice Elena Kagan has officiated for the first time at a same-sex wedding, a Maryland ceremony for her former law clerk and his husband.

Kagan presided on Sunday over the wedding of former clerk Mitchell Reich and Patrick Pearsall in the Washington suburb of Chevy Chase, Maryland.[...]

The court could decide in its upcoming term whether same-sex couples nationwide have the right to marry under the Constitution.

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BREAKING: U.S. Military Operations Against ISIS In Syria Have Begun…

Most likely in Raqqa.


Update: DOD press release.

TAMPA, Fla. – The Department of Defense released the following statement from Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby today:

“I can confirm that U.S. military and partner nation forces are undertaking military action against ISIL terrorists in Syria using a mix of fighter, bomber and Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles.”

“Given that these operations are ongoing, we are not in a position to provide additional details at this time. The decision to conduct theses strikes was made earlier today by the U.S. Central Command commander under authorization granted him by the commander in chief. We will provide more details later as operationally appropriate.”

UNCONFIRMED Video Of Airstrikes

Biden: If GOP Doesn’t Do Something On Immigration, “Obama’s Going To Do It – And He’s Going To Do An Awful Lot”…

You heard him, GOP, do what Obama says or he will unleash the Imperial Presidency on you.

(WASHINGTON AP) – Vice President Joe Biden told frustrated Hispanic leaders Monday President Barack Obama is “absolutely committed to moving forward” on comprehensive immigration reforms “and he’s going to do an awful lot.”

Biden said Obama was determined to move ahead “with or without” Congress and “if they don’t get something done by the end of this year, the president’s going to do it.”

Biden’s remarks came as he and his wife, Jill, hosted a Hispanic Heritage Month reception Monday at their Naval Observatory residence.

He honored Hispanic education administrators and counselors, calling them “heroes in the classroom and community.”

CAIR Sends Copy Of The Koran To Every Mayor In Montana To Coincide With 9/11 Anniversary…

Nihad Awad

And shockingly, some people weren’t thrilled to find a Koran in their mailbox days before 9/11.

Via Great Falls Tribune:

Last week, I received a copy of the Quran.

During a heightened period of instability in the Middle East, beheadings of Americans by Islamic terrorists, and ongoing national security threats, the Council on American-Islamic Relations sent me a copy of the Quran for my reference library.

In its cover letter, CAIR cites a 2009 speech made by President Barack Obama in Egypt where he declared that America promised “a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world.” CAIR appears to be acting upon that speech literally, and now is taking its message to the local level. In fact, I’ve learned that all major cities in Montana have been receiving copies of the Quran as part of the organization’s public relations campaign.

On its face, the distribution of the Quran may seem innocuous. At any other time, I may not have been so bothered by its delivery. However, the package arrived three days before the 13th anniversary of Sept. 11. This is noteworthy.

CAIR’s cover letter does not acknowledge in any way the anniversary of our country’s worst terrorist attack. It’s not what the letter says, it’s what it doesn’t say. CAIR does not condemn terrorist attacks or recent actions by Islamic terrorists. The expectation appears to be that we’re to simply accept this peaceful gesture and overlook what terrorists are doing in the name of the religious book.

While CAIR would likely say that the Quran was distributed as an educational reference tool and in peace, the timing reflects very poor judgment; so much so, that one could interpret the mailing as an “in your face” overture. Americans could easily misconstrue the campaign as a subtle threat.

The mailing is no coincidence. Americans need to know about this program to consider its meaning, implications and intent as world events unfold around us.

Michael J. Winters, a U.S. Air Force veteran, is mayor of the city of Great Falls.

Slick Videos, Social Media Lure Minnesotans To Fight In Middle East

Paging Keith Ellison. Click photo for video

Minnesota somalis

Via Minneapolis Star Tribune

From his shabby office in an old Minneapolis theater, Mohamed Farah plunges into a cyber war zone.

With just a few keystrokes, he’s inside the online recruiting world of terrorists. He logs into the Facebook account of a local Somali teen and up pops the iconic black flag for ISIL, the fluttering symbol that beckons the undecided to join the cause. He scrolls down, reading the posts of a boy enamored of terrorists and the promise of martyrdom:

“This life is the sunset. It rises and it sets. Hope we reunite in paradise.”

Farah exhales an audible sigh. “We’ve been trying to stop this thing since 2008, and we’re not even close,” he says.

Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has zeroed in on Minnesota, home to the largest Somali population in the country, as a target-rich recruiting ground for fighters such as the boy on Facebook.

Federal investigators, as well as community leaders like Farah, say a sophisticated new wave of extremism is trying to sell disaffected youth on joining militant brigades in Syria and Iraq.[...]

When Wilson first began investigating the recruitment of Minnesota Somalis by the Al-Qaida-linked group in Somalia — Al-Shabab — the main appeal was patriotism, defending the motherland from invading Ethiopia.

Today, the call to western youth to come fight in Syria and Iraq is based on religious duty; they’re told they must come help establish an Islamic caliphate governed by a radical interpretation of Islamic law.

“It does raise it to a more mature and radical level,” Wilson said.

What hasn’t changed is who is vulnerable. What the recruits of 2007-08 and 2014 have in common is a missing father or strong male religious role model, Wilson said.

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Algerian Jihadists Answers Call From ISIS By Kidnapping French Hiker, Vow To Behead Him Unless France Halts Attacks On ISIS…

Via Daily Mail:

An Algerian group linked to Islamic State jihadists threatened to kill a French hostage within 24 hours unless Paris halts air strikes on the IS in Iraq, in a video posted Monday.

Jund al-Khilifa (Soldiers of the Caliphate), which has pledged allegiance to IS, said in the video that it carried out Sunday’s kidnapping of the Frenchman in a mountainous region of eastern Algeria where Al-Qaeda is active.

The hostage, Herve Pierre Gourdel, 55, white-haired and bespectacled, is shown squatting on the ground flanked by two hooded men clutching Kalashnikov assault rifles, as he asks for French President Francois Hollande to intervene.

‘It is up to Hollande, president of the criminal French state, to halt the attacks on the Islamic State within 24 hours of this statement, otherwise his national Herve Gourdel will have his throat slit,’ one of his kidnappers says in the video.

In the video, the kidnappers say they are responding to a call from IS, posted just hours earlier, for Muslims to kill citizens of countries taking part in the U.S.-led coalition against the jihadists who have seized of large swathes of Iraq and Syria.

Male Feminist Says “Ladies Night” At College Bars Part Of “Culture Of Sexism,” “Commodifies And Objectifies” Women…

You read that headline correctly, a male feminist (although he appears to play for Team Fabulous which makes it a lot easier to understand).

Via HuffPo:i

Some University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill students are protesting the “patriarchal culture” within the party scene at their campus.

On Sept. 16, students organized a silent protest of Deep End’s “Country Night,” which offered a discounted admission rate for female patrons at the bar near UNC.

UNC senior Trevor Dougherty, who organized the protest, told HuffPost Live the widespread industry practice of cheaper drinks for women fosters an “underlying culture of sexism.”

“Men pay more, women pay less and in that way, women are commodifed and objectified and this whole culture of mistreatment continues,” he said. “So we were standing up against this policy of reduced cover, reduced admission because it gives economic incentive to women to go, and it puts economic pressure on men to pay for everything. It just continues this patriarchal culture, and it’s unacceptable.”

Although some states, like New Jersey, have even gone as far as banning “ladies nights” altogether and some people have filed lawsuits over them, Dougherty, who is familiar in the music scene as a D.J., said these events remain “quite popular” in North Carolina. He suggested that the practice of offering women exclusive discounts at bars is more than just a form of discrimination.

“It’s the bait. It’s the meat market,” he said. “If there’s a hookup culture, if there’s a sex culture, that’s one thing, but when it’s so explicit … it just becomes clear that young women are the incentive.

French Foreign Minister Wants People To Stop Using Term “Climate Change,” Start Using “Climate Disruption”…

A protester carries a sign during the "People's Climate March" in the Manhattan borough of New York

Now, everyone freak out over the threat of global warming climate change climate disruption!

(Reuters) – On the eve of Tuesday’s U.N. climate summit, the United Nations chief underscored the urgent need to tackle climate change by moving toward an energy-efficient, low-carbon global economy.

Speaking at the opening of Climate Week NYC, a set of more than 140 climate-related events across the city, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he had noticed much more urgency to address climate change than he had seen in previous U.N. gatherings on the issue in 2007 and in 2009, when governments failed at a Copenhagen conference to agree a new binding climate treaty. [...]

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, who also marched on Sunday, said people ought to “act every day as though every week should be a climate week”.

France has been chosen to host key U.N. climate talks in December 2015, where governments are due to agree a new global deal to tackle climate change. Paris is already working to bring nations together in a united effort, Fabius said.

“If we let emissions grow, catastrophic climate change will accelerate,” he said. That would mean more droughts, floods, human misery and international security challenges.

“I don’t use the term climate change – I think the more accurate term is climate disruption,” he added.

Saudi Father Who Brought His Two Sons To Fight With ISIS Self-Detonates…

Jihadist father of The year.

Screen shot 2014-09-22 at 11.58.41 AM

Dem Sen. Mary Landrieu On Helping LSU Student Do A Keg Stand: “It’s The Way We Roll”…


Via Roll Call:

In the shadow of the state Capitol on Monday, Sen. Mary L. Landrieu had a message for any Republican critics of her decision Saturday to help a Louisiana State University football fan perform a keg stand as she campaigned across campus.

“They need to get a sense of humor, and they need to get a life — it’s just the way we roll,” Landrieu said in response to a question at a news conference where she and Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-La., exchanged endorsements.

John Kerry: Climate Change Will Be “Front And Center In All Of Our Diplomatic Efforts”…

John Kerry

Via Fox News:

… Earlier at the event, Kerry delivered a climate change rallying cry ahead of Tuesday’s Summit. Explaining that Mother Nature is “screaming at us” over carbon emissions, Kerry compared climate change to challenges such as terrorism, poverty, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

“As Secretary of State, I promise you I am personally committed to making sure that this is front and center in all of our diplomatic efforts,” he said.

ISIS Thugs Use Saudi Fatwa To Rape Thousands Of Women…

Via NY Post:

Islamic State barbarians are raping thousands of women in Iraq and Syria to mass-produce spawn who’ll follow in their vile footsteps, The Post has learned.

Young militants are running wild to the chagrin of their more sophisticated and p.r.-savvy commanders, an Iraqi official told The Post.

The motivation of the rapists is twofold: They want to make ISIS babies — and they are just plain out for twisted thrills.

“You have these young ISIS fighters carrying machine guns and they . . . want to have sex,” the official said.
But their commanders, who are focused on their savage war, have ordered the young fighters to keep their zippers closed.

“The ISIS commanders take a more official position,” the source said. “They don’t want them to mess around with the women. They only want them to fight.”

The young rebels, however, aren’t listening to their commanders; they claim that they’re answering to a higher calling.

“The fighters say that they’ve been ordered to have sex by a cleric in Saudi Arabia,” the Iraqi official said. “It’s really just an excuse.”

Report: Lois Lerner Receiving $100,000 Annual Pension…

Lois Lerner

Our tax dollars, hard at work.

Via Politico:

… Lerner and Miles, a partner with Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, said they’ve spent “hundreds of thousands of dollars” on legal bills as she has been investigated by Congress and the FBI and sued by multiple conservative groups.

The couple, who live in a $2.5 million house in Bethesda, Maryland, where BMWs sit in neighboring driveways surrounded by lush yards and security cameras, are clearly well off. But now they’re more conscious of money, postponing Miles’ retirement, for example.

Lerner wants to work to help pay for her defense bills, though a source working on the congressional investigation said she’s receiving a $100,000 annual pension. But while even Miller, fired by Obama in the wake of the scandal, has landed on his feet at a Washington-based consulting group, Lerner is still untouchable.

Al Gore Leaves People’s Climate March In Gas Guzzling Chevy Suburban SUV…

When he said people have to lower their carbon emissions he meant people not named “Al Gore.”

Via Breitbart:

Former Vice President Al Gore made his exit from Sunday’s climate change march in New York City in a Chevrolet Suburban SUV after speaking to reporters about renewable energy.

Gore asked a security officer, “You want me here?” before stepping into the SUV, which appears to be a Suburban LT model, as seen in a logo behind the passenger door Gore entered. It is unknown if the large Chevy SUV was a flex fuel vehicle.

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