Indonesian Islamists Storm Shopping Centers For Selling Christmas Merchandise…

Interfaith outreach.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Dozens of Islamic extremists in the Sukaharjo District have attacked three shopping centers in Solo, better known as Surakarta in Central Java, because they were selling and promoting items, clothing and events related to Christmas. The group has told the owners and managers of commercial activities, not to “force” Muslim employees to wear or use clothing or other items related to the Christian festivity in this high-season shopping period. After the province of Aceh, the only one in which Sharia law is implemented, a radical vision of faith is on the increase in other parts of Indonesia as well, as is the intention to introduce legislation or regulations relating to customs derived from Islamic law.

There are five local hard-line groups behind the raids which took place on the evening of 15 December against the Solo shops that exhibited items relating to Christmas. They are Surakarta’s Sharia Council (DSKS), The Islamic Warrior Group of Surakarta (LUIS),  Al Ishlah Brigade, the Jemaah Anshorut Tauhid and the Jemaah Ansarus Sharia. The Solo Paragon Lifestlye Mall, the Solo Grand Mall and the Luwes Shop in Kartasura were the targets of the “attention” of the promoters of the Islamic morals.

After bursting into the shops, they imposed a ban on the retailers prohibiting them to wear or display any Christmas item, even if for mere commercial reasons.

Taxpayers Shell Out $1.1 Million For Obama’s Flight Expenses Alone To Fundraising Trip To California…

He’s been doing this since the day he took office, schedule a few small official events during his fundraising trips so we get stuck with the bill.

Via CNS News:

President Barack Obama’s fundraising trips in October to cities in California cost taxpayers a total of $1,176,120.90 in flight expenses alone, according to records obtained from the U.S. Department of the Air Force by the investigative group Judicial Watch.

“On October 9, Obama attended a fundraiser party hosted by Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow in Los Angeles,” states Judicial Watch. “He also attended a closed-door ‘roundtable’ fundraiser at the home of restaurateur Michael Chow. A second event shielded from the public was scheduled for October 11 in San Francisco.”

Judicial Watch submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the Department of the Air Force on Oct.  20, 2014 and received the records on Dec. 8, 2014. They showed that the transportation for Obama to Los Angeles on Oct. 9 for the Gwyneth Paltrow fundraiser cost taxpayers $1,011,051.30 and the transportation to San Francisco on Oct. 10 for the secret fundraiser cost taxpayers $165,069.60.

According to Judicial Watch, the Paltrow fundraiser was the thirtieth Los Angeles fundraiser for Obama since he took office and it wasn’t Paltrow’s first fundraiser for him. For his 2012 reelection campaign, Paltrow held a fundraiser where the cost was $32,400 per attendee.

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Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Martin Dempsey Says U.S. Airstrikes Have Killed 3 Top Islamic State Leaders…

Feel good story of the day.

WASHINGTON — U.S. airstrikes have killed several very senior military leaders of Islamic State forces in Iraq, the Pentagon’s top uniformed officer disclosed Thursday.

Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that three key Islamic State military leaders in Iraq were killed there in recent weeks during operations that are part of an expanding coalition effort ahead of a planned offensive next year.

The strikes in which the Islamic State leaders were killed were designed to hamper the group’s ability to conduct its own attacks, supply its fighters and finance its operations, Gen. Dempsey said.

“It is disruptive to their planning and command and control,” Gen. Dempsey said. “These are high-value targets, senior leadership.”

Islamic State is also known as ISIS or ISIL and by its in Arabic label, Daesh.

Between Dec. 3 and Dec. 9, American military airstrikes killed Abd al Basit, the head of Islamic State’s military operations in Iraq, and Haji Mutazz, a key deputy to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the group, officials said.

In late November, another strike killed a midlevel commander, Radwin Talib, Islamic State’s wali, or governor, in Mosul, Iraq, officials said.

Other defense officials said that in addition to the most recent strikes, the U.S. has killed a number of senior and midlevel Islamic State commanders, and believe those operations are beginning to significantly weaken the group’s leadership structure in Iraq

Charlie Rangel: Cuban Dictator Raul Castro Treats Obama With More Respect Than Marco Rubio Does…

Is there a more loathsome scumbag in Congress than Charlie Rangel?


New York Congressman Charlie Rangel joins Ronan from Havana, Cuba during “a tremendous, historic” moment there, offering choice words about Senator Marco Rubio’s stand against renewed relations with Cuba – as well as Rubio’s own heritage.

Watch video here

Fast And Furious Gun Used In Phoenix Apartment Shooting…

Attn. General Holder Testifies At Senate Judiciary Hearing On Justice Dept Oversight

Nothing new here.

Via Daily Caller:

Shocking new crime scene photos show the serial number of the Department of Justice Fast and Furious rifle used in a bloody apartment shooting in Phoenix, Arizona.

The photos, obtained by the nonprofit group Judicial Watch in a lawsuit against the city of Phoenix and provided to The Daily Caller, depict the grisly aftermath of a July 29, 2013 shooting in a Phoenix apartment that wounded two people. Four arrests were made in the case. Suspects Bruno Brizuela, Jonathan Mejinez-Sanchez, Jovanny Andrade, and Kayonte Scott were believed to have been using an acquaintance’s car, which was abandoned near the crime scene after hitting a fence.

Joaquin Bojorquez-Romero was shot in the leg and Jobani Flores was shot in the head. Victim Cleiver Nava-Diaz was not injured.

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WH Waffles On Unleashing The Dreaded Sternly Worded Letter Against North Korea, Say It’s “Carefully Being Considered”…


The Obama regime still hasn’t made any formal comments reacting to the North Korean hacking.

WASHINGTON — White House spokesman Josh Earnest Thursday downplayed the prospect of any U.S. government reaction to the hacker attacks that stopped Sony Pictures Entertainment’s rollout of a movie about North Korea.

The hacker attacks were apparently launched by North Korea’s fascist government to stop the Sony movie company from releasing a comedy that ridicules North Korea’s dictator. The movie is titled “The Interview.”

On Dec. 17, the company canceled the movie’s Dec. 25 rollout, and said it has no plans to release the movie.

U.S. government officials have told media outlets that Korea is apparently directed the hacker attack.

The appropriate response is “carefully being considered” in the White House, Earnest said.

Harry Reid Controlled Senate Took 657 Votes…But Only Passed 25 Laws…


This is either ridiculous or a great thing depending on how you look at it…maybe both.

Via Washington Examiner:

New statistics from C-SPAN detailing the activity in the Senate over the past two years appears to defy the 113th Congress’ reputation as “do-nothing.”

The public service cable operation that covers the Senate and House gavel to gavel found that the total number of roll call votes taken in the Senate actually increased over the 112th Congress, which served from 2011-2013. Votes increased to 657 from 484.

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Alison Lundergan Grimes: Rand Paul Can’t Run For President And Senate, So I’m Going To Block Him In Court…

Alison Lundergan Grimes

Someone is craving attention…

Via Politico:

Alison Lundergan Grimes, Kentucky’s secretary of state, is threatening to take Rand Paul to court to block him from running simultaneously for president and reelection to the Senate in 2016.

In her first television interview since Sen. Mitch McConnell routed her by 15 points last month, the Democratic Senate nominee declared that she will not be “bullied” by Paul, who is a heavy favorite to win a second Senate term if he’s allowed to stay on the ballot.

“The law is clear,” Grimes told WHAS-TV in Louisville. “You can’t be on the ballot twice for two offices.”

“We’ll look to the court for any guidance that is needed,” she added. “And at the end of the day, we’re not going to be bullied.”

Grimes also told the Louisville ABC affiliate in the interview published Wednesday that she has not decided whether to seek a second term as secretary of state in the 2015 election.

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Semi-Retired President With Nothing To Worry About Spends Day Prank Calling Boston Radio Station…

Not a care in the world.

Via Mediaite:

A former resident of Somerville, Ma., called the hosts of Boston Public Radio as they interviewed outgoing Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick (D), ostensibly to complain about those loud college students at Tufts University.

“Uh, Governor, this is Barack Obama, formerly of Somerville,” the caller said. “I’ve got a few complaints about service in and around the neighborhood, but I’ve moved down south since that time.”

Initially, Gov. Patrick thought a “very good” impersonator had called, but then noticed Obama’s tell: “Mr. President, you know I love you, but you still have trouble saying Massachusetts.”

President Obama, who has been friends with Patrick since the early 90s’, praised his tenure as Governor — Patrick has decided to step down after two terms — and wished him a happy holidays, and the best of luck in whatever he decided to do next. (Full disclosure: I interned for Deval Patrick during his 2006 gubernatorial campaign. Go ahead, I’m a dirty commie liberal/conservative turncoat/whatever.)

Left-Wing Media Hacks Hail Colbert As “Genius” For Playing Conservative Idiot…


Via Newsbusters:

Liberals are going into deep mourning over the television death of Stephen Colbert, Very Badly Disguised Liberal. They think this is an “unparalleled achievement.” In Wednesday’s paper, TV writer Bill Carter of The New York Times lined up all of Colbert’s competitors to call him a genius for disparaging conservatives with so much panache.

“For nine years, Stephen Colbert has relentlessly maintained his pompous, deeply ridiculous but consistently appealing conservative blowhard character he has left an indelible mark on late-night television comedy,” Carter wrote. “Consistently appealing?” To whom? Liberals presume “why, everybody enjoys mocking conservatives as opposed to reading.”

It’s these cheap, repetitive insults that don’t deserve a Hall of Fame induction, but liberals love hating conservatives so preciously that anything that helps them demean their opponents as God-fearing, America-loving morons is an instant classic.

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IRS Whines Budget Cuts Could Delay Tax Refunds…


We know how this admin likes to make budget cuts “ruin” (aka punish) everything with the American people…

Via AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) — IRS Commissioner John Koskinen says budget cuts just enacted by Congress could delay tax refunds next year.

At a news conference Thursday, Koskinen said taxpayer services will be hurt, and fewer agents will be auditing returns. He said about half the people who call the agency for assistance won’t be able to get through to a person.

Congress cut the IRS budget by $346 million for the budget year that ends in September 2015. The $10.9 billion budget is $1.2 billion less than the agency received in 2010.

The cuts come as the IRS is starting to play a bigger role in implementing President Barack Obama’s health law. For the first time, taxpayers will have to report on their tax returns whether they have health insurance.

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Republican Black Actress Stacey Dash: My Family Doesn’t Speak To Me Because Of My Political Views…


Tolerant liberal family.

Via Daily Caller:

Stacey Dash, an actress best known for her role in the movie “Clueless” and more recently as a contributor to Fox News, says she is no longer on speaking terms with some family members and friends because they disagree with her conservative political views.

“My family and I have not spoken,” the 47-year-old Dash said in an interview with The Edit.

“My cousin Damon and my brother [Darien] were role models to me because they were great capitalists,” Dash continued. “Now we’re not really talking because they were the ones who told me to keep my mouth shut.”

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Blowhard Lib Ed Schultz Received At Least $127,000 From Unions In 2013 And 2014…


Proud union hack.

Via Capitol City Project:

MSNBC liberal talking head Ed Schultz, who regularly props up unions on his show, received a minimum of $127,000 from organized labor during the fiscal years of 2013 and 2014, according to the United States Department of Labor payer/payee query.

The 2014 Teachers AFL-CIO National Headquarters report — released in September of this year — shows that Schultz was given $20,000 from the union for “representational activities.”

In 2013, three payments were made from labor unions to Schultz that currently show up on the site.

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Holder: Yes, I Still Think America Is A “Nation Of Cowards” On Racial Issues…

Screen shot 2014-12-18 at 4.10.33 PM

Holder says we are “too reluctant to talk about racial things.” Hmm, maybe it’s because the second a white person brings it up liberals start accusing them of racism?

REID: “A lot of people talk about biases. Police officers not from the communities that they’re policing. Kind of the racial, the ethnic biases that also play into policing. You came into office very early on in your tenure and you made a very strong statement. And you said that we’re a nation of cowards and dealing with the issues of race. Do you still believe that now? Because we don’t seem to have gotten very far even in terms of dealing with those underlying racial issues.”

HOLDER: “Well, I think as a nation, we are too reluctant to talk about racial things. It’s painful, it’s difficult, given the history of this nation. And it’s been — the easier thing to do is try to figure out a way in which you kind of deal with the issue that’s before you and not deal with the underlying concerns that make a particular incident blow up into something that is of nationwide concern. So, yeah, we’ve not done all that we can. I’m hopeful that with regard to this incident at this time with this president that we can make progress in ways that we have not in the past.”

BREAKING: Sony Suspends All Studio Tours Over Fears From “The Interview”…


Screen shot 2014-12-18 at 3.58.08 PM

Islamic State Jihadists Publicly Behead “Sorcerer” In Iraq…

Watch out, Harry Potter, you might be next.

BAGHDAD (AFP) — The Islamic State group said Thursday it beheaded a man in public on charges that he was a “sorcerer”

The jihadist group released pictures of the execution on a square in Nahyat al-Alam, a few kilometers north of the Iraqi town of Tikrit,

One picture showed what the IS statement called “talismans” found in the victim’s possession, but appear to be nothing more than prayer beads and a green Shiite banner.

Some residents who spoke to AFP said the executed man was a Sunni who had recently joined the police in Samarra, a town further south which is under government control.

The executioner was identified by some local sources as a top IS operative for the central Salaheddin province, of which Samarra and Tikrit are both part.

HHS Chief Sylvia Burwell Recruits Liberal “Faith Organizations” To Push Obamacare…

Sylvia Burwell

Via CNS News:

Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell met with “faith organizations from across the country” last week to ask them to help people enroll in federal health care insurance plans created through the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

“We know that the most effective voices on helping folks learn about the Affordable Care Act are voices in their community and voices that they trust,” Burwell said to reporters following the “closed press” meeting on Friday.

“Faith leaders have a unique perspective. When someone in their congregation feels financial stress they know it,” she said. […]
While addressing reporters, Burwell was flanked by two people who attended the meeting: Sister Simone Campbell, executive director of NETWORK, National Catholic Social Justice Lobby and Amy Cotton, senior policy manager at the National Council of Jewish Women.

Campbell supported liberal causes, including the reelection of President Barack Obama. In September, Campbell and other nun activists did their third tour to fight what they say is “dark money” from Charles and David Koch to GOP political campaigns.

According to its website, Cotton’s organization takes “a progressive stance on such issues as child welfare, women’s rights, and reproductive freedom.”

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The Patented Al Sharpton Racial Shakedown™ Going As Planned, Meets With Sony CEO Over Her Emails Joking About Obama…

At some point Sony will quietly write a huge check to Sharpton’s National Action Network and this will all go away.

Via LA Times:

Embattled Sony Pictures Entertainment co-Chairman Amy Pascal will meet with the Rev. Al Sharpton in New York on Thursday, a week after she apologized for a leaked email exchange in which she made racially insensitive remarks about President Obama.

Sharpton is among the chorus of critics who have suggested that Pascal should resign since the emails were released.

A spokeswoman for Sharpton confirmed that the two were scheduled to meet in Manhattan on Thursday morning after Pascal called Sharpton to discuss the emails.

It is the latest indication of the pressure Pascal and Sony have faced since being besieged by a Nov. 24 cyberattack in which hackers scooped up confidential documents, emails and employee information. It ultimately led to the cancellation of the release of the studio giant’s “The Interview” over hackers’ threats to security at movie theaters.

These are the benign at best emails the race hustlers are claiming is horribly racist:

In a November 2013 email exchange leaked by the hackers, Pascal asked producer Scott Rudin what she should talk to Obama about at a breakfast event hosted by DreamWorks Animation.

“Should I ask him if he liked DJANGO?” she wrote, referring to the film about a freed slave. Later in the exchange, Pascal wondered if she should ask Obama if he liked two other African American-focused films, “The Butler” and “Think Like a Man.”

Obama Fangirl Tina Brown Praises Obama’s “Muchos Cojones”…

Someone should break the bad news to Tina Brown, Michelle had Barack castrated years ago. Rumor has it she carries his “cojones” in her pocketbook.

Screen shot 2014-12-18 at 1.13.05 PM

HT: Twitchy

Pathetic: Paramount Bans Theaters From Showing “Team America” Because It Lampoons North Korean Leader’s Father Kim Jong-Il…

Hollywood is run by a bunch of gutless guppies.

Via Daily Beast:

Three movie theaters say Paramount Pictures has ordered them not to show Team America: World Police one day after Sony Pictures pulled The Interview from release. The famous Alamo Drafthouse in Texas, Capitol Theater in Cleveland, and Plaza Atlanta in Atlanta said they would screen the movie instead of The Interview but Paramount has ordered them not to do so. (No reason was apparently given and Paramount hasn’t spoken.) Team America of course features Kim’s father, Kim Jong-Il, as a singing marionette.