Student Protesters To Univ. Of Minn Police: Condoleezza Rice Is A ‘Truly Dangerous’ Person


Protesters connected to William Ayers?

Via The Star Tribune

Student activists at the University of Minnesota are ratcheting up their protest against a campus visit by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who is scheduled to speak Thurday at Northrop Auditorium.

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), which tried and failed to get the U to rescind its invitation to Rice, has sent a letter to the U police chief, Greg Hestness, claiming that a “truly dangerous” person is heading to campus.

“From time to time, truly dangerous people do come to our campus. We would like to alert you to the upcoming presence of such a person…” says the April 13 letter, which was also sent to the University’s general counsel.

In the letter, SDS offers police a description of Rice: “a 59-year-old African American woman, 5’8″ tall, (who) will be present on Northrop Auditorium’s main stage.” It even offers to provide a photo, while noting “it might just be easier for you to access one online.”

If U officials are taking the letter seriously, they’re not saying. But they have dismissed the group’s efforts as a misguided attack on free speech. Earlier this month, the University Senate overwhelmingly voted down a proposal, initiated by SDS, to condemn the U for inviting Rice. She was invited by the Humphrey School of Public Affairs to speak about civil rights as part of the Distinguished Carlson Lecture Series. Tickets to her speech, which is free, were snapped up in February.

The letter argues that: “There is probable cause to believe Dr. Rice has been involved in massive criminal activity” – a reference to her role in the controversial wartime policies of President George W. Bush. Citing international law against torture, it says: “We are confident that you will at least bring Dr. Rice in to be questioned. We hope, however, that you do not employ the interrogation techniques she so willingly approved.”

It ends: “Thank you very much for helping to make our campus safer for all of us.”

Dems Have 3-To-1 Outside Money Advantage Over GOP Going Into Midterm Elections…

Harry Reid

Still won’t stop Reid’s obsessive-complusive attacks on the Koch brothers.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Deep-pocketed donors are turning over multimillion-dollar checks to influence November’s elections, and the sums raised by the national parties and their super PAC allies are already approaching the $1 billion mark, according to financial reports still being filed Tuesday evening.

An imprecise snapshot of political giving is coming into focus as outside organizations detail their fundraising and spending through March 31. The enormous sums of money do not capture what federal candidates themselves are raising and spending. In many cases, some of the most active outside groups operate under rules that allow them to keep many details of their finances secret.

Democrats, at least for the moment, seem to have a roughly 3-to-1 advantage over Republicans in cash raised and banked through independent groups, according to the early filings. That balance of power could quickly change as new reports are filed with the Federal Election Commission.

And those early figures lack details from some of the more influential groups that have great sway over elections but whose names never appear on ballots.

For instance, National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund has until Sunday to file its reports. Through the end of February, the Republican-leaning group had raised almost $14 million.

EMILY’s List hadn’t yet released its figures. It entered March having raised $22 million to help pro-abortion rights female candidates win office.

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Goracle Says Arctic Will Be Ice Free In Less Than 20 Weeks…

Currently the ice in the Beaufort Sea is 16-feet thick.

Al Gore on 12/14/2009:

HT: Real Science

Burglar Caught In The Act Shot In The Neck With A 12-Gauge

He was turning his life around until he was dispatched with the tax payer relief shot. Click photo for video


Via Guns

A burglar caught red-handed was shot and killed by a jewelry store owner in Elgin, Texas, about 25 miles outside of Austin, early Monday morning, a local Fox affiliate reported.

Police say that 41-year-old Robert Trevino broke into the store just before 1 a.m. using a hammer to shatter the glass in the front door, then smashing the jewelry-filled display cases. But what Trevino didn’t know was that the store owner, Juan Torres, happened to be in a back room of the store.

When Torres heard the commotion, he went to the front of the store, armed with a 12-gauge shotgun. What happened next was caught on the store’s video surveillance and is being reviewed by authorities as part of the investigation.

“The suspect turned toward the owner, had something in his hand that we later found out was a hammer, and the owner shot the suspect one time, killing him instantly,” said Elgin police Chief Chris Bratton.

Torres then made his way outside where Trevino’s truck was parked with two accomplices waiting inside. The store owner fired several shots at the vehicle and although the two women, 48-year-old Sulema Sanchez and 37-year-old Amanda Yanes, were not shot they were treated for minor injuries resulting from shattered glass.

Trevino, who was struck in the neck, was pronounced dead at the scene. Sanchez and Yanes were arrested and remain in police custody.

All three had prior criminal histories. Trevino, who was known by the street name “Rooster,” had a history of evading arrest, assault, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and burglary.

The same jewelry store was burglarized just two weeks ago and police have reason to believe that Trevino may have been involved in that incident. Authorities also believe that there may have been a second vehicle involved in Monday morning’s burglary attempt.

However, Trevino’s cousin, Debra Trevino claims that detectives never spoke with him about the prior burglary and she does not believe he was involved. She also believes that Torres’ use of force was excessive.

“It’s devastating,” she said. “I understand you have the right to protect your property, but give me a break … killing him was overkill. He would have laid down and given up, if he had the chance.”

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BREAKING: CNN Finds The Titanic

Well …


Hamas Conquers Temple Mount

Dozens of flag waving Hamas activists wrest control of the Mount, Jews not allowed in.

Via Israel National News

Police have “lost control of the Temple Mount,” Temple activists charged Monday morning, on the eve of Pesach.

Dozens of Hamas men have taken over the Mount, waving Hamas flags, and are “not allowing Jews and tourists into the Mount,” said the activists.

“Hundreds of Jews who came to the Temple Mount for Pesach were astonished to find a police representative standing at the entrance gate and announcing that the Mount had been closed off to Jews after Hamas had taken over the Mount and threatened violence against any Jews who enter,” the Temple organizations reported in a news communique.

The Temple organizations called for the police commissioner to resign, following his failures on the Temple Mount.

“Time after time, the police abandon the Mount to hostile hands – especially on Jewish holidays,” they charged. “Then the same commanders come to the Knesset and the Interior Committee, and lie that the Mount was open.”

The latest incident comes just one day after Hamas-linked Islamists rioted on the Temple Mount, preventing Jewish visitors from ascending Judaism’s holiest site.

In response, police banned Jews from the site – prompting Temple Mount activists to accuse authorities of essentially collaborating with Muslim extremists to prevent Jews from visiting the Mount. The Temple activists say that about 20 Hamas men stayed in the compound overnight and that the police have allowed them to do so.

Israeli police on Monday announced that Muslim access to the Temple Mount would be curtailed. Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said that only men aged 50 and over would be allowed to pray. There is no age limit on women’s participation, however, he told AFP.

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Hamas PM Praises Shooting Attack On Jewish Family That Killed Father, “Brought Back Life To The Path of Resistance”…

Those peace-loving Palestinians, eh?

JERUSALEM (AP) — The prime minister of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Tuesday praised a shooting that killed an Israeli and wounded his wife and son as they drove through the West Bank the previous evening en route to a Passover Seder.

Speaking in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh said the attack outside the city of Hebron “brought back life to the path of resistance” against Israel and warned of more attacks in the Palestinian territory.

Monday’s shooting came just before the start of the weeklong Jewish holiday of Passover as families gather after sundown for the Seder meal. No one claimed responsibility for the attack.

Hamas and Israel are bitter enemies and have engaged in several rounds of fighting since the militant group seized power in Gaza in 2007 after ousting forces loyal to the Palestinian Fatah party led by President Mahmoud Abbas in fierce street battles. The two Palestinian groups have not reconciled despite several attempts and Hamas now rules Gaza while Abbas governs part of the West Bank.

“We tell the enemy and anyone who thinks he is able to tame the West Bank … the West Bank will be the future point of our struggle with the enemy,” Haniyeh said.

Israeli media said the wounded woman was told in hospital that her 40-year-old husband was killed. It said their wounded son is nine years old.

Mitt Romney’s Son Mocks Harry Reid With Pic of His Dad Paying His Taxes…

Out of all the disgraceful things Dingy says on the Senate floor, him repeatedly saying Mitt Romney doesn’t pay any taxes could be the worst.

You Think We Have It Bad Here? Finland’s Postal Service Debuts Its New Line of Homoerotic Stamps…

Maybe one day we’ll get our own line of homoerotic Bawney Fwank stamps.

Via WaPo:

For the cost of mailing a letter, you can be the proud owner of a piece of miniature homoerotica.

If you’re in Finland, that is.

That’s because Itella, the Finnish postal service, is releasing commemorative stamps featuring the art of Tom of Finland, or Touko Laaksonen (1920-1991). Laaksonen remains a towering and iconic figure in the gay art scene. His sketches, often explicit, were unapologetic depictions of gay sex and relationships. Laaksonen’s subjects were almost always muscle-bound, handsome figures, often bursting out of their clothes. His work, a meditation on masculinity, was also heavy on leather fetish imagery. It’s a pretty risque sheet of stamps, which will feature 33 different designs based on Laaksonen’s work. They even include a little exposed booty, but nothing hardcore.

“Of course, the choice was discussed, but we wanted to live in the year 2014,” Itella development director Markku Penttinen told the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.

Laaksonen’s art is part of a number of public collections, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Art Institute of Chicago.

“The sheet (of stamps) portrays a sensual life force and being proud of oneself,” said graphic designer Timo Berry, who selected the work that will be printed on stamps released this fall. “There is never too much of that in this northern country.”

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CAIR: Sharia Law Is Compatible With Democracy…


Except it isn’t.

Is sharia compatible with democracy? — CAIR

[B]ut, as you may have noticed, the ideals, the principles behind our expression of democracy do offer us a guide to the target of our thoughts tonight.

Two documents give us a sense of the recipe:

The Declaration of Independence asserts that the right of the people “to alter or to abolish their government” must remain intact and the people must have the freedom to lay government’s “foundation on such principles” and organize “its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

The Constitution adds additional thoughts: “to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”"

These are the goals of the democracy our founders created. These are the ideals, the recipe.

Let me remind you of the two main goals and six main principles of sharia. The two goals are to bring good to humanity, and to repel harm from humanity.

All religious rules must be in line with these six principles of sharia:

  • The right to the protection of life.
  • The right to the protection of family.
  • The right to the protection of education (intellect).
  • The right to the protection of property (access to resources).
  • The right to the protection of human dignity.
  • The right to the protection of religion.

I hope you are beginning to hear what I concluded long ago — that the similarities between Islamic sharia ideals and western democratic ideals are fairly obvious. [...]

So, to my understanding, our original topic tonight has the effect of slicing us into two different camps. “Is sharia (them) compatible with democracy (us)?”

I am pretty sure, hearing that topic, most of you did not come here expecting an American history lesson. However, I pray that what I have said tonight brings you to share my conviction that we are, in fact, allies.

Islam and American democracy may disagree on some things. However, just as best friends often disagree without it hurting their relations we too can be adults and debate differences while partnering on ideals. Frankly, those differences are relatively minor. Violent extremists like al-Qaeda may trying to convince you otherwise, but they are everyone’s enemy.

I also pray that we can now start our conversation from a healthy place — not one of “us vs. them,” but of how do we work together to establish our shared ideals of justice.

Mooch To Meet With Chicago Students At Howard University

Howard U

They be jammin

Via Chicago Tribune

First lady Michelle Obama plans to meet Chicago high school students in the nation’s capital Thursday when they visit Howard University to gain exposure to college life, White House aides said.

Bow Wow, a rapper, actor and co-host of BET’s “106 & Park,” will join a campus tour with the first lady and the Chicago Public Schools students and moderate her round-table discussion with them, her aides said.

The students, juniors and seniors, will be on the first day of a four-day visit to Howard for a program called “Escape to the Mecca.” The program is designed to give talented high school students an immersion into a college campus, aides said.

Howard has a campus organization called the Chicago People’s Union, or CPU, which aims to increase fellowship among Illinois students and acts as a liaison between prospective students from Illinois and the university, the first lady’s aides said.

Obama’s visit is part of her higher education initiative, which seeks to increase the number of U.S. students who attend colleges and universities, aides said.

Oh Noes! Scientists Warn Moths Being Affected By “Hidden” Factors of Climate Change…


The reason the scientists are calling it “hidden” is because they couldn’t find anything so they had to assume moths are being effected by “climate change.”


From the University of Michigan  and the department of Mothra studies, comes this big let down. Even though moths are supposedly affected by climate change, “90 percent of them were either stable or increasing” while the climate where they lived warmed. But wait! Moth scientists know there MUST be an effect, so in contradiction to their observations, the moth scientists claim the climate change effects are now apparently “hidden”. Hopefully, those moths thriving under global warming doesn’t lead to giant moths:

Moth study suggests hidden climate change impacts

ANN ARBOR—A 32-year study of subarctic forest moths in Finnish Lapland suggests that scientists may be underestimating the impacts of climate change on animals and plants because much of the harm is hidden from view.

The study analyzed populations of 80 moth species and found that 90 percent of them were either stable or increasing throughout the study period, from 1978 to 2009. During that time, average annual temperatures at the study site rose 3.5 degrees Fahrenheit, and winter precipitation increased as well.

“You see it getting warmer, you see it getting wetter and you see that the moth populations are either staying the same or going up. So you might think, ‘Great. The moths like this warmer, wetter climate.’ But that’s not what’s happening,” said ecologist Mark Hunter of the University of Michigan.

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Boko Haram Jihadists Kidnap More Than 100 Schoolgirls…

Boko Haram

Thankfully Islam is not misogynistic so the girls should be treated well.

Via Times of Israel:

Heavily armed Boko Haram Islamists abducted more than 100 girls from a secondary school in northeast Nigeria, sparking a search by soldiers to track down the attackers, a security source and witnesses said Tuesday.

Some of the schoolgirls in the Chibok area of southern Borno state narrowly escaped their kidnappers by jumping off a truck in the middle of the night as the gunmen sought to cart them away, according to multiple witnesses.

A security source who requested anonymity said the attackers were members of Boko Haram, a radical group whose name means “Western education is forbidden.”

The group has repeatedly attacked schools in the northeast during an insurgency that has killed thousands since 2009.

Asked to confirm media reports that 200 girls had been taken from the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok, the source said: “The number is not up to 200, but it is over 100.”

Video Shows Large Meeting of Al-Qaeda Leaders Openly Meeting In Yemen, Vow To “Eliminate The Cross … The Bearer of The Cross Is America”…

Where’s a drone when you need one?

Washington (CNN) — A new video shows what looks like the largest and most dangerous gathering of al Qaeda in years. And the CIA and the Pentagon either didn’t know about it or couldn’t get a drone there in time to strike.

U.S. officials won’t comment on that, but every frame of the video is now being analyzed by the United States.

In the middle of the clip, the man known as al Qaeda’s crown prince, Nasir al-Wuhayshi, appears brazenly out in the open, greeting followers in Yemen. Al-Wuhayshi, the No. 2 leader of al Qaeda globally and the head of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, has said he wants to attack the United States. But in the video, he looks unconcerned that he could be hit by an American drone.

The video started appearing on jihadist websites recently, drawing the attention of U.S. officials and global terrorism experts. U.S. officials say they believe it’s authentic.

“This is quite an extraordinary video,” Paul Cruickshank, CNN terrorism analyst, said.

The video shows al-Wuhayshi addressing more than 100 fighters somewhere within Yemen, Cruickshank said, a restive nation on the southwestern portion of the Arabian Peninsula. The al Qaeda leader, he said, is “taking a big risk in doing this.”

But he doesn’t mince words about his mission.

In a speech to the group, al-Wuhayshi makes it clear that he’s going after the United States, saying “We must eliminate the cross. … The bearer of the cross is America!”

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PETA Scolds Mooch For Using Real Eggs During White House Easter Egg Roll…

How dare they criticize the Queen!

Via Washington Examiner:

PETA is urging first lady Michelle Obama to substitute fake eggs for the 19,000 real ones to be used in Monday’s Easter Egg Roll, claiming that egg production is cruel and eating them unhealthy and a violation of her “Let’s Move!” agenda.

In a video featuring young girls playing to the first lady’s heartstrings, two pre-teens say, “Just because all the other first ladies have done it doesn’t mean you have to. If all the other first ladies jumped off a bridge would you?”

In an open letter, Ingrid E. Newkirk, president of People for the Ethical Treatment of animals adds:

“For chickens on egg factory farms, Easter is not a time of renewal or joy. It can take up to 34 hours in typically hellish conditions for a hen to produce just one of the thousands of eggs slated to be used at the Easter Egg Roll. Furthermore, encouraging the consumption of cruelly sourced, unhealthy eggs is inconsistent with the goals of the ‘Let’s Move!’ initiative. Eggs are laden with saturated animal fat and cholesterol, which are primary contributors to some of our nation’s top killers, including heart disease and strokes. One single large egg contains more cholesterol than two Big Mac sandwiches do. It’s the wrong message to send to children.”

The East Wing, run by the first lady, is in charge of the event. In the past, the White House has boiled 19,000 eggs for the event — 14,500 for the egg roll and egg hunt, and the rest to dye.

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CBS’s Bob Schieffer Interviews Dem. Elijah Cummings, Ignores His Relationship With Lois Lerner

1 1 elijah original (1)

I am shocked. Bob also failed to ask him about the desert tortoises in Nevada.

Via News Busters

Earlier this week, Town Hall revealed that former IRS official Lois Lerner fed tax information from the conservative group “True the Vote” to Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-MD). Cummings is the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, and recently made headlines for his confrontation with Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) over Lois Lerner’s recent testimony before the committee.

Despite this new report, CBS’ Bob Schieffer failed to bring up the IRS scandal at all during his interview with Cummings on Face the Nation on Sunday April 13. Instead, Schieffer found time to discuss liberals’ newest talking point, that women get paid less than their male counterparts.

According to Town Hall:

New IRS emails released by the House Oversight Committee show staff working for Democratic Ranking Member Elijah Cummings communicated with the IRS multiple times between 2012 and 2013 about voter fraud prevention group True the Vote. True the Vote was targeted by the IRS after applying for tax exempt status more than two years ago.

Further, information shows the IRS and Cummings’ staff asked for nearly identical information from True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht about her organization, indicating coordination and improper sharing of confidential taxpayer information.

Instead of asking Congressman Cummings about this damaging new report surrounding the IRS scandal, Schieffer ignored the entire issue, and focused on ObamaCare and equal pay for women for the entirety of the interview.

The CBS host even falsely claimed that the GOP did not support equal pay for women: “Marsha Blackburn says Republicans are actually for equal pay for women. But yet, it was blocked in the Senate by Republicans…What is going on here?”

Given that Schieffer had the opportunity to interview the ranking Democrat on the committee leading the IRS investigation, it would have made sense to ask Cummings about the scandal, or the Democrats’ questionable relationship with IRS agents.

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HT 90 Miles from tyranny

Dallas Morning News Editorial Board Slams Abortion Barbie Over Her Blatantly Dishonest Attacks On Greg Abbott…

Wendy Davis

Bad day for Wendy.

Via Dallas Morning News:

Those of us in the news business have been getting pounded with incendiary emails from the Wendy Davis campaign asserting that Greg Abbott plans to impose standardized tests on 4-year-olds in publicly funded pre-school.

Two of yesterday’s breathless headlines from the Davis camp:


And …

UPDATE: The Abbott campaign is now trying to cover up his policy advisor’s admission by saying, and we’re not kidding here, that the part of his plan calling for standardized testing is for “informational purposes only.”

The problem with all this: It’s just not true. That makes me want to ignore anything more from the Davis campaign on the subject. And that’s too bad, because pre-k is an important policy issue that deserves good-faith debate. But her campaign apparatus has turned it into one long, hysterical screed.

Davis appears to drawing on public sentiment that there’s too much testing in Texas schools already. Her ploy is suggesting Abbott would add more.

That’s not what he’s saying, near as I can tell from the materials and news coverage. His pre-k plan says he would leave the “existing rules untouched” and fund programs at a higher level if they met new criteria.

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Palate Cleanser: Coolest Way To Load A Shotgun…

I wonder if this is how Joe Biden loads his shotgun? Probably not.

Illegal Immigration Supporters Threaten To Punish Dems In Midterm Elections If Obama Doesn’t Issue More Amnesty Executive Orders…

Don’t they realize that would rob Democrats of an issue they love to demagogue?

WASHINGTON (AP) — Latinos and immigration activists are warning of political peril for President Barack Obama and Democrats in the fall election unless the president acts boldly and soon to curb deportations and allow more immigrants to remain legally in the U.S.

Many activists say Obama has been slow to grasp the emotions building within the Latino community as deportations near the 2 million mark for his administration and hopes for immigration legislation fade. With House Republicans unlikely to act on an overhaul, executive action by Obama is increasingly the activists’ only hope.

“There is tremendous anger among core constituencies of the president and the Latino and Asian communities in particular,” said Deepak Bhargava, executive director of the Center for Community Change, which champions immigration change. “He has a momentous choice to make.”

Activists credit their sit-ins and hunger strikes for Obama directing new Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to review the administration’s deportations policy and suggest ways to make it more humane. Now they’re focused on ensuring they get the outcome they want – an expansion of Obama’s two-year-old policy allowing work permits for immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children who have been in school or the military. [...]

But many activists say they’ve all but given up on Republicans and argue that Obama has the responsibility and authority to take expansive steps to legalize large segments of the population. They worry that Johnson’s review will produce only small measures aimed at slowing deportations and improving procedures.

“At this point anything short of an affirmative administrative relief program for parents of U.S. citizens and Dreamers is not enough,” said Lorella Praeli, director of advocacy at United We Dream, which represents immigrants brought here illegally as kids, known by their supporters as Dreamers. “The clock on Obama has run out.”

Administration officials haven’t tipped their hand on the timing or outcome of Johnson’s review, though activists anticipate initial steps fairly soon. Peter Boogaard, spokesman for the Homeland Security Department, said the review will be completed expeditiously and the aim is to see “if there are areas where we can further align our enforcement policies with our goal of sound law enforcement practice.”

Biden (Again) Claims He Played College Football Even Though He Didn’t…

I’m beginning to think Biden might be going senile, call it a hunch.

“Mr. Secretary, depute minister of sports, nice to see you here, your Excellency I think I have to start off with an admission, I didn’t play soccer, I played that other football from grade school through college.”


During a speech at Ohio University in Athens, OH on September 8, Vice President Joe Biden led his audience to believe he had been a college football player for his alma mater — Delaware University — and had played against Ohio University in a 1963 football game.

His words contradicted his own memoir, in which he wrote he gave up playing football while at Delaware, and Internet records of past Delaware football team rosters, on which he is not listed.

In addition, an almunus interview with Joe Biden in the 1984 University of Delaware yearbook suggests that he may have only played intramural football, as he describes himself as having played “football and baseball intramurals.”

On, a site that archives college football rosters, Biden is not listed on Delaware’s 196119621963, or 1964 football rosters. Biden attended Delaware University from 1961 to 1965 and graduated in 1965 with a double major in history and political science.

In his September 8 speech, Biden, to set up a story about how he was almost arrested on Ohio University’s campus in 1963, said he came to Ohio University then because “my football team, the University of Delaware, came to avenge a loss” from 1961.

“I came … I was a football player … I came here in 1963 … and we beat you Bobcats, 29-12,” Biden said.

Clearly, Biden was making the audience believe he had played football against Ohio University in 1963. [...]

The only reference to Biden ever having played college football in any formal capacity is a September 5, 2008 article in the University of Delaware’s online news service, UDaily, in which Biden is the lone source:

“Joe Biden once said he came to the University of Delaware in 1961 as a “half-baked halfback,” playing on the freshman football team that year under the late Scotty Duncan, and the Democratic vice presidential candidate remains a big fan of the Fightin’ Blue Hens.”

But even this account is doubtful, because on page 162 in the sports section of Delaware University’s 1961 yearbook, Biden is not listed on the freshman football team’s roster. 

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