Free Thinkers Anonymous Complaint Means Memorial To Sun Prairie, WI Crash Victim Must Go

Mengelt memorial

Time to start charging the free thinkers and the offended with the theft of oxygen.

Via Wisconsin State Journal

A professionally designed and installed memorial honoring a Sun Prairie woman killed by a drunken driver must be removed because an anonymous resident complained about it, the state said.

Department of Transportation guidelines say that if even one person complains about a roadside memorial, it must go.

The lead organizer of the memorial to Maureen Mengelt said he was made aware of the rule by a DOT official before embarking on the effort but never dreamed anyone would actually complain.

“We tried to put up the most respectful, beautiful memorial we could, and now one person gets to anonymously complain and all of those good intentions mean nothing? It’s a terrible rule,” said Matt Glowacki of Sun Prairie.

The elevated bronze plaque is anchored to a concrete pad. It is probably at least 20 feet from the road and does not pose a driving hazard, Glowacki said. The Sun Prairie City Council approved its installation following a community fundraising effort that collected about $2,800.

Mengelt, 52, a mother of three who was heavily involved in school and community events, was out for an afternoon run in Sun Prairie on April 7, 2013, when she was struck and killed by Bruce Burnside, a Lutheran bishop at the time. His blood alcohol level was 0.128 percent. The legal limit for driving in Wisconsin is 0.08 percent.[...]

One likely site is Orfan Community Park, Oppenheimer said. An annual 5K run in Mengelt’s honor is now held there.

Proceeds from that race benefit the Maureen Mengelt Memorial Fund, which has raised more than $90,000 in 18 months, said Kevin Mengelt, the victim’s husband. The largest chunk, $37,200, was donated toward the construction of the Sun Prairie Ice Arena. Other money has funded high school soccer shelters and music camp scholarships, among other things.

Such generosity and community spirit is one reason Glowacki said he got involved in the effort. He did not know the Mengelt family but approached Kevin Mengelt about a memorial after becoming increasingly impressed with everything he learned about Maureen Mengelt.

The thought of having to move the memorial far from the crash site gets Glowacki pretty steamed.

“Context is at least part of the story,” he said. “You don’t put a Pearl Harbor memorial in the middle of Afghanistan.”

Kevin Mengelt said he has nothing but high praise for everyone who worked so hard to install the memorial. “I’m frustrated someone would complain,” he said. “It just seems mean-spirited.”

He said he stops by the memorial on his daily runs and touches it.

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New York Man Charged With Trying To Recruit Fighters For ISIS…

Another confused Muslim, maybe we should have John Kerry explain to him what real Islam looks like.

Via Fox News:

An upstate New York man has been indicted for allegedly trying to recruit fighters for the Islamic State, paying for their travel and even buying guns, according to federal prosecutors.

Mufid Elfgeeh, 30, of Rochester, was indicted by a federal grand jury on three counts of attempting to provide material support and resources to the group widely known as ISIS that has been designated by the U.S. as a foreign terrorist organization, federal prosecutors said late Tuesday. Elfgeeh, who was born in Yemen and is a naturalized U.S. citizen, is one of the first people accused by the U.S. of recruiting on behalf of ISIS.

According to court documents seen by the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Elfgeeh tried to raise money to enable a Yemeni man to join ISIS. At one point, Elfgeeh allegedly sent the man $600 to travel from Yemen to Syria. An FBI affidavit alleges that this past April, Elfgeeh traveled to Buffalo with an FBI informant to get a passport for the latter man. Elfgeeh suggested that ISIS would use the informant to “operate a cannon, act as a sniper and/or build bombs,” the document claims.

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Rand Paul: Republicans Who Favor Voter ID Laws Make Party Look Racist…

Rand Paul

Rand auditioning for a role on MSNBC?

Via Politico:

Sen. Rand Paul on Thursday blasted his own party for making it tougher for minorities to vote.

The Kentucky Republican, a likely presidential candidate, has long argued that drug laws disproportionately affect minorities and has also championed restoring voting rights for some non-violent felons. He laid out those views in a speech at the Liberty PAC conference, a gathering tied to his father, libertarian icon Ron Paul.

“So many times, Republicans are seen as this party of, ‘We don’t want black people to vote because they’re voting Democrat, we don’t want Hispanic people to vote because they’re voting Democrat,’” he said. “We wonder why the Republican Party is so small. Why don’t we be the party that’s for people voting, for voting rights?”

He also skewered what he characterized as excessive use of force by police in Ferguson, Missouri, where an unarmed teenager was shot by a police officer, an incident that kicked off weeks of protests fueled by racial tensions.

Unkempt Yard In Akron, OH Causes Standoff And School Lockdown

Akron Police

Akron PD must not have an MRAP in their inventory.

Via Cleveland Plain Dealer

The man who caused a standoff with police and a nearby high school to go into lockdown did so because city inspectors asked the man to clean up his yard.

Akron Police Lt. Rick Edwards said police arrested no one and no charges are filed against the man.

Akron Department of Neighborhood inspectors went the man’s home in the 100 block of High Grove Boulevard Thursday morning with a nuisance abatement complaint that would require the man to clear his yard of litter, debris and junk vehicles on his property.

The man refused to allow inspectors on his property to remove the items. He also refused to come out of his home to speak with inspectors or police officers, police said.

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Lawmaker: Require Arizona Students To Pass Citizenship Test


Schools would have to change the curriculum.

Via Arizona Republic

All high-school students in Arizona would be required to pass the same 100-question civics test required for U.S. citizenship to graduate under a proposal from a state lawmaker.

State Rep. Steve Montenegro, R-Litchfield Park, announced the plan Wednesday that he said would ensure that all Arizona high-school graduates have a basic understanding of civics.

Montenegro is working with other state legislators and officials from the Civics Education Initiative, part of the Civics Proficiency Institute, to craft legislation for the requirement.

Every single student in Arizona and across the United States of America should have basic knowledge and understanding of American government. Civics is just common sense. So, this Civics Education Initiative … is a common-sense approach at achieving that goal,” Montenegrosaid at a press conference with supporters of the proposal,including Rep. John Allen, R-Scottsdale, and Jay Lawrence, representative-elect for District 23.

Lucian Spataro, president and CEO of the Joe Foss Institute, another civics organization affiliated with the initiative, cited a study from the Pew Research Center that found that only about a third of Americans can name the three branches of government.

Other studies, he said, found that less than a quarter of high-school students in Arizona and Oklahoma passed the U.S. Citizenship Civics Test.

The initiative is intended to bring a renewed focus on civics in education, said Sam Stone, national campaign manager for the Civics Education Initiative.

“This a first step to increasing civics education in schools, renewing the importance and focus on civics,” he said.

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Poll: 60% Of Americans Consider Obama A “Weak Leader”…

Via YouGov/Economist:

And calling Obama “weak” is being extremely generous.

Judge: Late-Jailed Ohio Voters May Vote Absentee

Ohio jail voting

A mugshot counts as a photo ID.


A federal judge has ruled that voters arrested and jailed the weekend before Election Day must be given a chance to cast an absentee ballot.

In a decision Tuesday, U.S. Senior District Judge S. Arthur Spiegel said Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted should treat the “very small subset” of voters arrested after 6 p.m. that last Friday, and not yet convicted by 3 p.m. on Election Day, as he would a voter who’s hospitalized. That includes sending a two-person, bipartisan team to deliver their ballot.

Husted’s spokesman said the elections chief sees sending two elections officials to the jail for “that person who’s broken the law” as a waste of taxpayer money.

Spiegel said Ohio law allows jailed citizens on pending charges to cast a vote.

Colleges To Give Students Academic Credit For Pushing Socialism On Campus…

Via College Fix:

College students can earn academic credit for promoting socialist causes on their campuses through a program run by the Young Democratic Socialists, a situation that has prompted concern among conservative and libertarian college students who do not receive credit for similar measures.

The Young Democratic Socialists work with administrators to help their campus student leaders secure academic credit, but declined to The College Fix to say which campuses have made such arrangements through the program.

“We do not have a standing list of schools which provide credit, rather, if a student expresses interest, we work with them to find out if their school would do so,” DSA National Director Maria Svart told The College Fix in an email.

“As you may be aware,” she added, “many schools have programs where a student finds an internship with a non-profit, for-profit, or advocacy organization and is supervised by an academic adviser. Our internship program helps develop a student’s leadership skills, such as critical thinking, writing, public speaking and project management.”

But this arrangement prompted controversy recently at the University of Southern California, where an undergraduate adviser sent students word of the opportunity via the official political science department listserv.

“Sick of politics as usual? Questioning capitalism? You are not alone! … We are currently looking for young, motivated democratic socialists to organize and lead active Young Democratic Socialists chapters at their colleges and universities,” the email stated.

ISIS Calls On Muslims In America To Go To Homes Of U.S. Soldiers And “Slaughter Them”…

And these people are evil enough to do it.

Via Fox News:

A law enforcement bulletin obtained by warned that Islamic State fighters have increased calls for “lone wolves” to attack U.S. soldiers in America in recent months, citing one tweet that called for jihadists to find service members’ addresses online and then “show up and slaughter them.”

There will be “a continued call – by Western fighters in Syria and terrorist organizations – for lone offender attacks against U.S. military facilities and personnel,” warned a July law enforcement intelligence bulletin from the Central Florida Intelligence Exchange, a state-run agency that gathers, assesses and shares threat information and works with the Department of Homeland Security. “These threats will most likely increase should the U.S. or its allies attack the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) in Syria or Iraq.”

In one example cited in the bulletin, a British jihadist encouraged radicals still living in the West to use Facebook and LinkedIn to find and target soldiers.

“You could literally search for soldiers, find their town, photos of them, look for address in Yellowbook or something,” the tweet read. “Then show up and slaughter them.” [...]

Killing U.S. troops on American soil is is an increasing focus of  jihadists, according to the bulletin, titled “Continued Threat to Military Personnel from Al-Qaida Inspired Homegrown Violent Extremists.” It was sent out on July 8, 2014 “in response to recent social media messaging from Western fighters in Syria calling for attacks against “soldiers in the West.” Instead of luring radicalized Americans to the Middle East, Islamic State will likely encourage them to stay home and kill U.S. soldiers here, the bulletin warned.

Nine Senate Dems Vote ‘No’ On Syria, Shocked That Dingy Scheduled A Vote.


This makes the mid terms interesting.

Via The Hill
Nine Democrats, 12 Republican and independent Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) voted against the government-spending measure that includes authority for the president to arm and train Syrian rebel groups.

The measure was approved in a 78-22 Senate vote.

Here is the list of “no” votes.


Tammy Baldwin (Wis.)

Mark Begich (Alaska)

Sherrod Brown (Ohio)

Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.)

Patrick Leahy (Vt.)

Joe Manchin (W.Va.)

Ed Markey (Mass.)

Chris Murphy (Conn.)

Elizabeth Warren (Mass.)


Bernie Sanders (Vt.) (caucuses with Democrats)


John Barrasso (Wyo.)

Tom Coburn (Okla.)

Mike Crapo (Idaho)

Ted Cruz (Texas)

Mike Enzi (Wyo.)

Dean Heller (Nev.)

Mike Lee (Utah)

Jerry Moran (Kan.)

Rand Paul (Ky.)

Jim Risch (Idaho)

Pat Roberts (Kan.)

Jeff Sessions (Ala.)

Chicago Won’t Name School After Obama Because Black Residents Complained The Location Is Too White…

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Obsessed with race.

Via Chicago Tribune:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel backed off Thursday from naming a new elite high school after President Barack Obama amid ongoing criticism from African-Americans who felt the honor inappropriate for a school slated for a wealthy, predominantly white part of the Near North Side. [...]

“Over the last few months, my team has listened to questions and concerns from the community, ranging from location of the building to the naming of the school. We take that community input seriously, which is why – as we continue to look for a thoughtful way to honor President Obama – we will look for other possible names for this future school,” Emanuel said in a statement. [...]

Powerful far South Side Ald. Carrie Austin, who represents part of the Roseland neighborhood where Obama worked as a community organizer before getting into politics, said she told Emanuel shortly after the announcement that the name was a problem given where it would be built.

“If they’re going to name a school after President Obama they should put it somewhere else,” Austin said Thursday. “Either in Roseland, where he got his start, or in the Hyde Park area, where he lived and has a home. To put it (on the near North Side), that just doesn’t look right.”


GBI Investigating After 1 Man Killed In West Savannah, GA Officer Involved Shooting

Shooting GA

*Forty witnesses have come forward that he was shot in the back while surrendering to the police.

* – Sarcasm


Police have cleared the scene in the area of Augusta Avenue in west Savannah after an officer involved shooting early Thursday afternoon. GBI has been brought in to investigate the incident.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, SCMPD officers arrested Charles Smith, 29, on outstanding warrants. Police placed Smith under arrest and he was handcuffed behind his back and placed in a patrol car.

After being placed into the patrol car, Smith was able to move his hands to the front of his body and kicked out the window of the patrol car.

Officers said Smith attempted to exit the patrol car and saw they he had a firearm. Smith was then shot and killed at the scene. During the crime scene investigation, a firearm was found under Smith’s body.

The coroner arrived at the scene around 2:30 p.m. and the body has been removed.

Mayor Edna Jackson and Police Chief Julie Tolbert addressed the crowd that gathered around the scene saying this is a sad day in the community and they are doing everything to make sure the truth comes out.[...]

Police have asked people to avoid the area.

Jackson and Tolbert promised the crowd that the situation will be handled correctly and they plan to keep the family and community informed on what’s going on.

“This will be cleared up, this will be cleared up,” Jackson said. “As I said, I did talk to the mother. We don’t need anything to happen and we are going to keep the family and the community informed about everything that is going on.”

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Inspector General: Oh, Maybe VA Fraud In Phoenix Did Result In Deaths After All…


Ya think? Fresh on the heels of a VA whistleblower saying the IG “Softened” the report on Veteran deaths

Via Townhall:

Remember the VA scandal? You might be forgiven for letting it slip your mind, given that (a) its series of disgraceful revelations was several crises ago, and (b) that Congress has passed decent (but not permanent) legislation to “fix” the system. But there’s a reason why the CNN correspondent who’s covered this story most closely bluntly questioned the feasibility of righting the VA ship without “throwing out” vast numbers of its managers: An endemic culture of corruption and accountability-dodging. Drew Griffin’s skepticism was no doubt reinforced when the department’s Inspector General released its findings in late August, concluding that it could not definitively link the VA’s pervasive and deliberate manipulation of wait times and care lists to any deaths. Critics immediately questioned the methodology behind that verdict, complaining that the IG’s standards of proof made were “virtually impossible” to meet. Whistleblowers had previously alleged that VA corruption had resulted in at least 40 deaths in the Phoenix area alone. Sources told CBS News that agency officials successfully pressured the IG to “water down” its findings.

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Former ISIS Member Says Group Trains New Recruits On How To Behead People Using Animals To Practice On…

Beheaded Syrian Soldiers


(YME) – Islamic State (IS) member “Sherko Omer” would now be a dead jihadist hadn’t he surrendered to the pro-Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in northeast Syria earlier this year. Journalist Rozh Ahmad met him to learn more about the experience.

In this interview “Omer” explains how he left his hometown in Iraqi Kurdistan to join the Syrian opposition and eventually became an IS member, what he witnessed and the reasons for which he risked his life to exit the extremist Islamic organisation.

Why and how did you join the Islamic State (IS) in Syria?

Two friends and I decided to leave Iraqi Kurdistan to join the Syrian opposition and its fight against the regime. In October 2013 we got contacts from several people close to the Kurdistan Islamic Group (Komal) in my hometown, Halabja. We were told that the contacts were members of the Free Syria Army (FSA). We met the contacts in Turkey and they took us to a hotel for few days. Afterward, they took us to a training camp on the Turkey-Syria border and we found ourselves at an ISIS (or IS) camp instead of FSA.

Is it true that IS trains new recruits for beheadings on dead bodies at the camps?

Not true for the camp I was at, where beheading training was practiced with chickens and other animals. I did not do it because when we arrived they asked for my skills and qualifications and because I am a technical professional and I had qualifications, I was assigned to technical works and trained with pistols and lightweight weapons. This is because my main duty was to learn the communication equipment, interception of enemy phone and radio lines as well as rescuing digital gadgets and archives during attacks. I never engaged in a firefight and this was the precise reason why Kurdish YPG fighters agreed to hand me back to my family after months of investigations.

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Liberal Activists Blast Hillary In Secret Emails…


Yet everything they despise about her will be forgiven later.

Via The Hill:

Emails sent by liberal activists and obtained by The Hill reveal significant dissatisfaction with Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016.

The critical messages about the former first lady show that she has a long way to go to assuage skepticism from influential voices on the left.

The Hill reviewed hundreds of emails from a progressive members only Google group called the “Gamechanger Salon,” a forum where nearly 1,500 activists, strategists and journalists debate issues and craft messaging campaigns.

The group includes prominent Democrats, Sierra Club officials, journalists who work for The Huffington Post and The Nation magazine, senior union representatives, leaders at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and the president of NARAL.

In the emails spanning over a year — starting in June 2013 through July of this year — frustration with Clinton is evident.

Clinton’s too much of a hawk, too cozy with Wall Street, hasn’t spoken out enough on climate change, and will be subject to personal questions and criticisms, members of the group stated in the emails.

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Australian Terror Raids Called A “Plot Against Islam”…

Via Yahoo News:

Self-proclaimed sheikh Junaid Thorne has condemned the counter-terrorism raids in Sydney and Brisbane as an attack on Islam and Muslims.

The 25-year-old has attracted a following since he was deported from Saudi Arabia in July 2013 after protesting against his brother Shayden’s imprisonment for terrorism-related offences.

Junaid hit the headlines over social media posts in which he appeared in front of the flag of terrorist organisation Islamic State, and for lecturing in Brisbane under the banner of the Millatu Ibrahim group, which is banned in Germany.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, Junaid said the Australian government was practising institutional terrorism by arresting and abusing the rights of his “innocent Muslim brothers”.

“The Australian government along with its authorities are clearly attacking Islam and Muslims,” he wrote.

“They fool us with raising the terror alert to high only to justify their arrest and oppression of Muslims.

“They use the excuse of terrorism to launch a crazy, indiscriminating assault against harmless youth who have done nothing wrong.

Immigration Caseworkers Union: ISIS Will Exploit Our Loose Visa Policies To Gain Entry Into The US…


Via CNS News:

The U.S. is letting terrorists in “right through our front door,” Kenneth Palinkas, president of the 12,000-member union of government immigration caseworkers and adjudicators warned today.

In a statement concerning the planned administrative amnesty, ISIS, and the threat of terrorism, National Citizenship and Immigration Services Council (NCISC) Pres. Palinkas warns also warns that “ISIS will exploit our loose and lax visa policies to gain entry into United States”:

“The National Citizenship and Immigration Services Council represents 12,000 dedicated immigration caseworkers and adjudicators who are on the front lines in the fight to keep terrorists out of the United States. In addition to the extremely real and serious threat that ISIS has already or will soon slip across our porous southern border, it is also essential to warn the public about the threat that ISIS will exploit our loose and lax visa policies to gain entry to the United States.

“Indeed, as we know from the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, from the 9/11 terrorist attacks, from the Boston Bombing, from the recent plot to bomb a school and courthouse in Connecticut, and many other lesser-known terror incidents, we are letting terrorists into the United States right through our front door.”

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Holder Announces $4.75 Million Plan To Make Police Officers Less Racist In Response To Ferguson…

Here’s a better idea, use that money to try and stop the cycle of poverty and violence in the black community.

Via DOJ website:

Attorney General Eric Holder announced today the launch of the Justice Department’s National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice.  Funded through a $4.75 million grant, the initiative will create a  substantial investment in training, evidence-based strategies, policy development and research to combat distrust and hostility between law enforcement and the communities they serve.  Recent protests in Ferguson, Missouri, following an officer-involved shooting have brought national attention to the importance of strong police-community relationships, which has been a priority for the Justice Department under Attorney General Holder.

“The events in Ferguson reminded us that we cannot allow tensions, which are present in so many neighborhoods across America, to go unresolved,” said Attorney General Holder.  “As law enforcement leaders, each of us has an essential obligation – and a unique opportunity – to ensure fairness, eliminate bias, and build community engagement.  The National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice represents a major step forward in resolving long standing tensions in many of America’s communities and it will allow us to build on the pioneering work that the Justice Department and our law enforcement partners across the country are already doing to strengthen some of our nation’s most challenged areas.”

The initiative, which will be an ongoing partnership with the Justice Department, will provide training to law enforcement and communities on bias reduction and procedural fairness and will apply evidence-based strategies in five pilot sites around the country.  It will also establish a clearinghouse where information, research, and technical assistance are readily accessible for law enforcement, criminal justice practitioners and community leaders.

Dem. Senator Blocks Ted Cruz Bill To Seize Passports From ISIS Fighters Who Return To The US…


Ballsy move.

Via Daily Mail:

A showdown over the passports of so called ‘foreign fighters’ – Americans and other westerners who have joined the ISIS terror army in Iraq and Syria – came to a head on Thursday when a U.S. senator killed legislation aiming to strip them of their citizenship.

Democrat Mazie Hirono, a freshman senator from Hawaii, objected on the Senate floor when Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas tried to fast-track his ‘Expatriate Terrorists Act.’

Cruz bypassed the Senate’s committee process in order to rush the legislation to a vote, meaning that any single senator could block it.

Since the Senate is sprinting through its final days in session this year, he said, putting the bill through committee ‘would mean that it could not pass in time to prevent Americans fighting right now with ISIS from coming back and murdering other Americans.’

‘There is an urgency and an exigency to this situation,’ Cruz said on the Senate floor.
Hirono said she chose to throw up a road block because ‘legislation that grants the government the ability to strip citizenship from Americans is a serious matter raising significant constitutional issues.’

She also cited letters of objection from the Constitution Project and the American Civil Liberties Union.

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Top Australian Anglican Leader Blames Islam For Rise Of ISIS, Hits Obama For Claiming Islam Has Nothing To Do With It

Via Sydney Morning Herald:

The Anglican Dean of Sydney, Phillip Jensen, has described Islam as “false” and attacked the religion for the rise of Islamic State.

“It’s time to face the truth that Islam itself is part to blame,” Dean Jensen wrote last week in his blog titled “From the Dean”.

“Islam is false.”

Despite the possibly inflammatory comments, the Sydney Anglican Church has stood behind the 70-year-old minister’s comments.

“The Dean was at pains to point out that Australia does not want the religious diversity of our own nation to be inflamed into conflict,” a spokesman said.

“There is nothing remarkable in stating the fact that the ISIS militants claim to be Islamic.”

The article in the blog, which is published as part of Dean Jensen’s role at St Andrews Cathedral, also criticised US President Barack Obama.

Dean Jensen’s criticism centred on Mr Obama’s decision to separate his criticism of the Islamic State from a critique of Islam.

“They are waging war in the name of Islam and in accordance with their Islamic beliefs,” Dean Jensen said.

“They wish to create the Caliphate. Their commitment is more than a power grab for land – it is a religious zeal and if we ignore it, we will seriously underestimate them.”