Islamic Militants In Libya Steal Nearly A Dozen Commercial Jetliners As 9/11 Anniversary Looms…

WTC 9/11

Nah, nothing to worry about.

Via Free Beacon:

Islamist militias in Libya took control of nearly a dozen commercial jetliners last month, and western intelligence agencies recently issued a warning that the jets could be used in terrorist attacks across North Africa.

Intelligence reports of the stolen jetliners were distributed within the U.S. government over the past two weeks and included a warning that one or more of the aircraft could be used in an attack later this month on the date marking the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks against New York and Washington, said U.S. officials familiar with the reports.

“There are a number of commercial airliners in Libya that are missing,” said one official. “We found out on September 11 what can happen with hijacked planes.”

The official said the aircraft are a serious counterterrorism concern because reports of terrorist control over the Libyan airliners come three weeks before the 13th anniversary of 9/11 attacks and the second anniversary of the Libyan terrorist attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi.

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Horror! Actor Who Played Jew-Hating Genocidal Giant Bee “Nahoul” On Hamas TV Kids Show Killed By Israel…

Poor Nahoul, he was such a lovable character when he called for killing every Jew on Earth.


Child-host: We are now broadcasting this show from the studios of Al-Aqsa TV, which were destroyed by the enemy. They destroyed every stone and every tree, but they will never destroy our resolute will. We will continue to broadcast this show from here, until we move the studio to the courtyard of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. We appear before you today, after having lost our dearest beloved, who was loved by young and old alike – the famous puppet, who angered the enemy for many many years. He is the heroic martyr Muhammad Al-’Ar’ir, who would put a smile on the faces of children though the character of the puppet Nahoul.

We promise you, Muhammad, that the show will go on, despite the shelling and killing of over 500 children. The show will go on whether they all like it or not.

Child-host: What is your name?

Doha Sharaf: My name is Doha Sharaf, and I’m in the first grade. I’m six years old.

Child-host: Doha, today were are going to talk about the war, and what it was like for us during the war. Were you scared during the war, Doha? [...]

Doha Sharaf: I am a girl from Gaza, and I want to live in freedom and security, like the children in the rest of the world.

Child-host: Good. I hope that everybody is listening to you. And what do you want to say to the Jews?

Doha Sharaf: May Allah take them and gouge our their eyes, Allah willing.

Not News: Obama’s Approval Rating Hits New Low – News: In Commie California…

The land of moonbats losing hope?

Via The Hill

President Obama’s approval rating has fallen to a record low in California, with fewer than half of the voters in the Democratic stronghold approving of the way he has handled his job, for the first time since 2011.

Just 45 percent of California voters say they approve of the way the president is handling his job — down 5 percentage points from June, according to a Field Poll released Tuesday. Some 43 percent of those surveyed say they disapprove of the president’s job performance. Those numbers are actually better than the president’s national rating, with a Gallup poll taken late last month showing 42 percent approval for the president and 51 percent disapproval.

But the California poll might be an ominous sign. The president has been able to keep his approval ratings in the low 40s, largely thanks to a loyal Democratic base, which continues to support him at a steady clip.

Dillon Taylor Shooting: ‘Justice For Dillon Taylor’ After Unarmed Utah Man Is Fatally Shot By Police


Crickets from the national LSM, the shooting can’t be used for political or financial gain.

Via Epoch Times

A social media and protest campaign is demanding justice for Dillon Taylor, a white Utah man who was shot and killed by Salt Lake City police.

Some of the campaigners are linking Taylor’s death with the killing of Michael Brown earlier this month, which led to sometimes violent protests in Ferguson, Mo.

Taylor, 20, was shot two times near a 7-Eleven on Aug. 11 after getting into a confrontation with police officers.

According to the New York Times, his supporters have said he was unarmed and also said his death hasn’t received enough attention amid reports about Brown’s death.

Aaron Swanenberg, a longtime friend of Taylor, told the Times this week: “We want answers — we need them.”

The SLC Police Chief addressed criticism and the militarization of police in the wake of Taylor’s death.

Chief Chris Burbank said, “The officer involved in this circumstance had a camera on his body, and the entire incident has been captured.”

The officer, he added, was “not a white officer,” but he didn’t elaborate further, reported News Channel 9. ”Officers should be held to extremely high standards, but that cannot be an impossible standard,” Burbank continued.

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Dem Sen. Bob Casey Praises Obama’s Non-Existent ISIS Strategy…

Via Mediaite:

President Barack Obama has received a barrage of criticism from seemingly all sides since he said, during a press conference last week, “We don’t have a strategy yet” in reference to possible airstrikes in Syria against ISIS. But following the apparent beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff today by that group, one member of the president’s party is defending his “prudent” approach.

Asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper to respond to those comments by Obama Tuesday, Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) said that any notion that Obama has not been adequately combatting ISIS in Iraq is “not grounded in fact.”

“I think if you look at what the president has been doing, all the elements are there — at least the initial elements — of a broader strategy, which may not be completely worked out yet,” Casey said. “But there’s no question that the president was very prudent and I think very effective at putting in place the airstrikes, based upon good intelligence.”

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State Department: We Are Not At War With ISIS Despite Fact Obama Using War Powers Act To Bomb Them…

Jen Psaki

Nope, no contradiction there.

Transcript via Daily Caller:

Rosen: What is the legal authority under which President Obama has launched the more than 100 air strikes that you just referenced?

Psaki: In Iraq? Well, the Iraqi government has invited the United States in to help them address this threat and that’s the legal authority.

Rosen: And he has reported to Congress on this subject, has he not?

Psaki: Yep.

Rosen: Under the aegis of what statute?

Psaki: He does War Powers Acts every time there’s a need to notify Congress.

Rosen: So we have a commander in chief that launched more than 100 air strikes at a given enemy who is reporting to the Congress under the aegis of the War Powers Act. Who is watching our people beheaded by this enemy, but who for some reason feels queasy about saying that we are in fact at war with this enemy?

Psaki: James, I think — I’m not going to put new words into the mouth of the President of the United States. My point is that his actions to authorize these strikes, his effort to send Secretary Kerry, Secretary Hagel, any resource we have in the United States to lead the building of a coalition speak to his commitment to his commitment to taking on this threat. And of course we want to see ISIL destroyed, but that is not an overnight effort.

CAIR Still Using Ferguson To Race Bait…

CAIR kissing liberal ass.

Obama: Republicans “Running The Okie-Doke On You, And Bamboozling You, And Hoodwinking You”…

I have to admit, I’m not sure what the “okie-doke” is, then again, I don’t think Obama does either.

Note how Obama is using one of his fake accents again.

Biden Aghast: GOP “Has Everybody Asking Questions Like – ‘Are Corporations Overtaxed?’”…

Joe Biden

Via CNS News:

During his Labor Day speech in Detroit Vice President Joe Biden was critical of Republicans for making people question the federal tax system.

“This new Republican Party has everybody asking questions like, ‘Are unions too strong?’” Biden told the crowd at the former Tigers Stadium.

“No, no think about this. Think about what you read and see in the paper you hear a question like, ‘Are corporations overtaxed?’ What the hell are we talking about?”

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Poll: 73% Concerned About Obama’s Lack Of A Strategy To Defeat ISIS…


When even the low information voters are worried, you know Obama is in trouble.

Via Rasmussen:

Voters regard the radical Islamic terrorist group ISIS as a major threat to the United States and are very worried that President Obama doesn’t have a strategy for dealing with the problem. They remain reluctant to send U.S. troops back to Iraq to take on ISIS, but support is growing.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 67% of Likely U.S. Voters consider the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) a serious threat to this country. Just 13% disagree, while another 20% are not sure.

The president said last week at a press conference that the United States doesn’t have a strategy yet for dealing with the group which threatens to defeat democratic forces in Iraq and send the messy civil war in Syria further out of control. Seventy-three percent (73%) of voters are concerned that the United States does not have a strategy for dealing with this military group, with 47% who are Very Concerned. Twenty-five percent (25%) are not concerned by this lack of a strategy, but that includes only four percent (4%) who are Not At All Concerned.

Expert: Amnesty Will Bring 500,000 More Illegals In First Year


Just what Americans struggling to find a job want to hear.

Via Washington Examiner:

The number of illegal immigrants crossing into the United States would surge more than five times the current wave of 90,000 if President Obama grants amnesty to up to 6 million undocumented people as many advocates expect, according to an immigration expert.

“It could hit nearly half a million people,” said Jessica M. Vaughan, director of policy studies with the Center for Immigration Studies. She said that the additional 500,000 would come in the first year following an amnesty plan.

Obama has hinted that he plans to wait until after the upcoming midterm elections before unveiling his executive order, an action that could move immigration out of the mix of big issues roiling House and Senate contests.

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DNC’s Donna Brazile: “Hate Is Not A Strategy For Victory” Over ISIS…

Donna Brazile

Time to unleash the rainbow beam cannon and drop our precision guided unicorn fart bombs on the Islamic State.

Screen shot 2014-09-02 at 3.59.01 PM

DOJ Hits Business For “Citizenship-Discrimination”

Attn. General Holder Testifies At Senate Judiciary Hearing On Justice Dept Oversight

Here we go again…

Via Daily Caller:

A Texas catering business will pay the United States $26,400 for engaging in “citizenship-discrimination,” as part of a settlement with the Justice Department announced Tuesday.

Culinaire International unlawfully discriminated against employees based on their citizenship status, the Justice Department claimed, because it required non-citizen employees to provide extra proof of their right to work in the United States.

Culinaire has agreed to pay the United States $20,460 in civil penalties, receive training in anti-discrimination rules of the Immigration and Nationality Act, revise its work eligibility verification process, and create a $40,000 back pay fund for “potential economic victims.”

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