Baltimore Protest Leader: Looting Way To Get Justice “By Any Means Necessary”…

Via YouTube:

During a large rally in front of Baltimore’s City Hall, a young man introduced as “Brother Rose”, in winding and sometimes incoherent speech, praised the burning of a CVS store at the corner of Pennsylvania and North Avenues. “America didn’t care until we started affecting things they profit from…what we saying ‘let’s get you out of our communities.’”

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State Dept Official: Hillary’s Use Of Personal Email Server “Not Acceptable”


CNN’s Cuomo Doubles Down On Legality Of Insulting Islam: “Some People Are Saying It’s A First Amendment Issue… I’m Not So Sure”…

Move over Al Sharpton, you now have competition for the title of Dumbest Man on Cable News.

Update to an earlier post on this tweet from Cuomo.

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Egypt: Five Christian Children Charged With Blasphemy And Insulting Islam For Making Fun of ISIS…


Via Fox News:

… A recent incident saw Muslim mobs in the Minya village of Nasreya descend on the homes of five Coptic students, chanting they had “insulted” Islam in a video that was circulating showing the youths praying with their Coptic teacher.

In fact, the students had been making fun of ISIS, according to Coptic activists. While police arrested the teacher and detained him for questioning over four days, the Muslim mobs threw rocks at the homes of the youths in a bid to force their parents to hand their children over to the authorities, Coptic media reports say.

Blasphemy is a crime in Egypt, but human rights activists say the authorities have traditionally used the law to persecute minorities, among them Christians.

Thabet said the children remained detained by the authorities, as were other Christians who’d been victims of Muslim assaults.

“We have five Coptic children charged with blasphemy and insulting Islam,” he said. “We still have other open cases where Christians are charged with inciting violence as if they were the perpetrators, but where they were the victims.” reported last month how a Muslim mob attacked Christians in the Minya village of al Our, which had been home to 13 of the 21 Christians whose murder by ISIS in February was captured in a gruesome video appearing to show them being beheaded on a Libyan beach.

The Muslim protesters had opposed the Christians’ plan to build a new church to honor the 21, and had pelted them with rocks as they chanted they would never allow construction to begin.

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Aide To Obama Favorite, Kamala Harris, 2 Others Accused Of Running Rogue “Masonic” Police Force


This sounds like a movie…

via LA Times:

An aide to state Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris and two others are accused of operating a rogue police force that claimed to exist for more than 3,000 years and have jurisdiction in 33 states and Mexico, authorities said Tuesday.

Brandon Kiel, David Henry and Tonette Hayes were arrested last week on suspicion of impersonating a police officer through their roles in the Masonic Fraternal Police Department, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

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Southern Poverty Law Center To Add Cartoonist Who Won “Draw Mohammed” Contest In Garland To Its “Hate Group” List…


Gotta love Bosch Fawstin’s reaction to the SPLC: “Go for it.”

(Reuters) – For the cartoonist whose portrait of Mohammad won a Texas contest, the police killing of two gunmen outside the meeting place was justice.

“They came to kill us and died for it. Justice,” artist Bosch Fawstin tweeted on Monday.

Fawstin’s winning entry depicts a sword-wielding Prophet in a turban shouting, “You can’t draw me.” In reply, a cartoon bubble portrays the artist, his hand grasping a pencil, as saying, “That’s why I draw you.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which includes AFDI on its annual list of U.S. hate groups, plans to add Fawstin to its 2016 report, Heidi Beirich, director of the tracking effort, told Reuters on Monday.

She said he would have been listed previously, but the center did not know Fawstin’s location. The organization has since learned that his website is registered in New York City.

“He’s like the artist of the movement,” Beirich said. “His views, they are hate views.” She said his website is “virulently ugly” in its anti-Muslim views.

When reached by phone on Monday night, Fawstin said Sunday’s incident made him fear for his safety, but he would continue his work.

“It definitely is concerning. You do your work and people out there want to kill you for it,” he said. “I understand the threat, but I’m not going to be cowed by it. I still intend to go up there and I still intend to speak out.”

Fawstin, who said he is atheist, laughed when asked about the law center’s report: “So they want to put a cartoonist on there who doesn’t act out violently? Go for it.”

Fawstin’s winning cartoon:


Islamic State Opens Five-Star Resort For Jihadists In Iraq…


Five-star by the Islamic State’s 7th-century standards.

(RS) – It may look like any other top resort in Iraq, but the Ninawa International Hotel in Mosul has one major difference. It is the first 5-star hotel for Islamic State jihadists. It includes a swimming pool and tennis court… but no bar.

The battlefield is a place of few comforts, so the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) has decided to re-open a luxury hotel in conquered territory to give its jihadists a bit of R&R. The Ninawa International Hotel in Mosul used to be one of the most luxurious in Iraq, catering to foreign guests and local dignitaries. However, its 262 rooms will now be used by extremist terror group.

From a distance, it may look like any run-of-the-mill ritzy establishment, but a closer look reveals the terrorist organization’s black and white flags flying in multiple locations around the complex.

The hotel underwent a facelift ahead of its grand re-opening on May 1. Gone are the building’s decorative pieces of stone work, which have been destroyed by stone masons.

Twitter accounts linked to the IS promoted an event to mark the hotel’s opening night. The messages stated that all Muslims were told they could attend free of charge.

Men, without their rifles, as well as women dressed in line with the IS’s strict rules, attended the gathering.

However, unsurprisingly the hotel’s bar and ballroom have undergone massive changes. Coca Cola has replaced champagne and there’s plenty of water, but no wine. All alcohol is strictly forbidden.

Tweet Of The Day: Joe Biden Describes “College In Five Words”…

I can’t shake the feeling Joe doesn’t understand how money works.

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We can respond to Biden in five words:


Obama’s Personal Trainer: “He Likes To Be Pushed Hard, And I Push Him Hard”…


Double entendre headline of the day.

Via The Hill:

President Obama’s personal trainer says the commander in chief doesn’t mind breaking a sweat.

“He believes in raging against death at this point,” Cornell McClellan tells TMZ Sports of the 53-year-old Obama. Calling him “an overachiever,” McClellan added of the executive mansion resident, “He likes to be pushed hard, and I push him hard.”

According to McClellan, Obama’s not the only one at the White House who doesn’t have a hard time clocking in at the gym. He says the first family “love to work out so much,” making the fitness guru’s job “very easy.”

In case there’s any doubt about the status of Obama’s abs, McClellan adds with a smile, “the six-pack is intact.”

Feminist: Feminism Is Not About Personal Choice, It’s About Class Liberation Of Women

The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution. Her article is a window into why it’s never been about individual rights or choice…

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Baltimore Riots Beginning Of Black Uprising In America…


The DNC’s rapid response team reportedly in midst of purchasing a new machine to double output of EBT cards.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Baltimore Is Just the Beginning – TIME

The curfew has been lifted in Baltimore, and now all of God’s children are once again tucked back in the snug routine of their daily lives. The black temper tantrum is over, America. We can all go back to watching Castle boyishly charm his way through murder mysteries. Order is restored.

Except, as Sportin’ Life says in Porgy and Bess, “It ain’t necessarily so.”

What happened in Baltimore isn’t just a one-and-done situation. This wasn’t just a slight sprain in the ankle that we’ll be able to walk off by morning. This was a violently shattered bone that will have America limping forward on crutches for months to come, maybe even years.

One thing that history has taught us is that civil unrest is rarely just about what incites the incident. From what information the public has been given, Freddie Gray’s death seems like a malignant cocktail of negligence and abuse, and the charges brought against the six officers seem to confirm that. But we’ve seen this all before—many times. […]

America was born out of protest. We felt economically suppressed and politically repressed, and we changed things. Slaves weren’t freed by benevolent leaders wanting to do the right thing. No one gave the American worker better and safer conditions out of gratitude for a job well done. Vietnam veterans didn’t get their benefits from an Agent-Orange-denying government by sitting at home waiting patiently. Each time, Americans took to the streets to be heard.

I suggest we all pay attention to what’s happening in Baltimore, because it’s very likely that unless the economic and injustice issues raised there are addressed in a meaningful way across the country, we will be seeing many more Baltimores throughout the election season.

UK: Politico Reporter Attacked By Muslim Men In Britain’s Islamic Majority City Of West Bradford: “Get Out, You Fucking Jew”…

Vile Jew-hater George Galloway (who represents West Bradford) reacts exactly as you’d expect him to:

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 12.28.47 PM

Via Politico:

… George Galloway has turned the constituency of Bradford West into his own world, catapulting into parliament as a Muslim-grievance politician from Britain’s most Islamic city.

Galloway, a former Labour Party MP, has got his seat by using anti-Zionist rhetoric, whilst suing critics who say he is anti-Semitic. His political genius is to have twigged that Bradford’s multiculturalism is a mirage: He now plays the city’s Pakistani clan politics, of family controlled votes, for power.

British civility has collapsed in Bradford’s elections.

The Labour Party is reported to have struggled to choose a candidate without the acquiescence of the Kashmiri clan dominating its local branch, and supporters of its eventual candidate Naz Shah have received menacing threats — like the dead crow, its mouth stuffed with grass, she found on her doorstep.

Bradford has also earned a reputation in Britain as unfriendly to Jews — a place where a journalist who walked the streets in a skullcap in March was almost immediately abused. […]

The press officer — whose name I miss — says she has called Bradford HQ and they now “know who I am”: I must leave immediately.

I walk out and onto the sidewalk, and take a picture of the Respect activists and the seven Asian men milling about outside the Church. They have come to see Galloway: The event is described on social media as a rally for supporters.

A burly Asian man in a black suit and sunglasses rushes up and grabs me round the neck, pinning me to low perimeter wall. “Get out, you fucking Jew,” he shouts. I am being throttled as around ten Asian men surround me. My teeth chatter as a man in a tracksuit punches me in the head.

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CNN’s Marc Lamont-Hill: It’s “Baseless” To Say Muslims Are “More Violent, More Prone To Terrorism Than Other Religions”…

In sad but related news, Marc Lamont-Hill will be entering rehab for his addiction to bath salts.

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Bill Clinton On The Clinton Foundation’s Troubles: “I Just Work Here. I Don’t Know.”…

He just works at the foundation bearing his name that he founded… making $100 million per speech. No biggie.

USA Today Op-Ed: Latina Student Says Shortening The Word Guacamole To “Guac” Is Offensive To Mexicans…


Even better, she uses the derogatory term “gringos” to describe Americans.

Via Daily Caller:

Another Cinco de Mayo has already come and gone this week, but not without a Mexican student instructing Americans in USA Today not to celebrate by engaging in racially-offensive activities, such as shortening the word guacamole and purchasing ponchos.

The self-appointed authority on how Americans should conduct themselves while celebrating the highly Americanized Cinco de Mayo holiday is Dani Marrero, a Mexican student who grew up in Texas and currently attends college in Boston. […]

Instead of buying this “racist garment,” Marrero suggests going “to the nearest bookstore” for “books by Chicano/as, memoirs by Mexican-Americans.” “Find out who Gloria Anzaldúa is,” she further commands. (Gloria Anzaldúa was an obscure feminist and queer theorist who believed learning a country’s language is “linguistic terrorism.”) […]

Marrero’s third politically-correct demand is her most bizarre: “Stop calling guacamole ‘guac.’” Her argument is that guacamole, as a word, “has significance as it comes from indigenous Nahuatl language, so please make the effort to pronounce it in its entirety.”

Less than two percent of Mexico’s population speaks Nahuatl (once known as Aztec). People who do tend to be extremely poor and live in rural areas. For almost the entire 20th century, the Mexican government mandated Spanish language education in schools and strongly discouraged Nahuatl and other indigenous languages.

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Baltimore’s Incompetent Mayor Asks DOJ To Do Ferguson-Style Sham Investigation Of City’s Police Department…



Via The Hill:

Baltimore’s mayor announced Wednesday that she had asked the Department of Justice to investigate whether the city’s police department has acted unconstitutionally.

“Throughout my administration, we have taken a number of steps to change the culture and practices of the Baltimore Police Department,” Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (D) said.

“Despite this progress, we all know that Baltimore continues to have a fractured relationship between the police and the community.”

The announcement comes one day after new Attorney General Loretta Lynch visited the city and met with Rawlings-Blake.

Dem Rep. Elijah Cummings On Democrats Running Baltimore Since 1967: My Party Did Not Cause The Problems In This City…


Talking about living in denial.

Via The Hill:

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) rejected the idea that Democratic political leaders were responsible for problems in Baltimore on Wednesday

“Chris, come on Chris,” he told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “New Day.” “You know, it’s not about personalities, it’s about policy. And you know, and I know, that a lot of the policies coming down from Washington, coming down from the state actually too, but coming from Washington are not necessarily kind to urban areas, but particularly lately.”

Some conservatives have suggested that Baltimore, where riots broke out last week over police mistreatment of minorities, is the result of failed liberal policies. Baltimore last had a Republican mayor in 1967.

CNN Dolt Chris Cuomo: “Hate Speech Is Excluded From” From Constitutional Protection…

Wait, what did he say?

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ACLU Pushes Uprising: “Black Spring Has Begun”…

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 9.54.30 AM

The radical leftist ACLU and professional race protesters teaming up for a doomed from the start revolution.

BALTIMORE (CBSDC/AP) — At a grassy plaza across from Baltimore’s City Hall filled with thousands of people on Saturday, speakers praised the city’s young top prosecutor for quickly moving forward with charges against the police officers they see as responsible for the death of a 25-year-old black man who suffered a fatal spinal injury in their custody.

The peaceful scene was a striking contrast to demonstrations the past two weeks at the same plaza. Crowds of angry protesters demanded that the city’s leaders heed their cries for justice, and one night, the protests gave way to looting, rioting and arson.

On Friday morning, four days after the most violent civil unrest since the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King in 1968, State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby had stood nearby before a bank of television cameras beaming her words live around the world. She announced criminal charges against the officers ranging from assault to murder in the death of Freddie Gray, whose name has become a rallying point against police brutality and socio-economic inequality in American cities.

“To the youth of the city,” Mosby, 35, said as she announced the charges. “This is a moment. This is your moment. … You’re at the forefront of this cause and as young people, our time is now.”

Organizers billed the big Saturday afternoon demonstration not as a protest of Gray’s death, but a “victory rally” that city leaders have perhaps listened to their cries. Smaller groups of what looked to be several hundred gathered all around the city and made their way through the streets to join the thousands at the main rally.

Chants of “no justice, no peace, no racist police” echoed and crowds of people, black and white, young and old, carried homemade signs calling for peace, as well as printed ones asking for justice. Others wore T-shirts that read, “Black Lives Matter,” a slogan many have taken up in the fight.

The American Civil Liberties Union tweeted Friday that “Black Spring has begun” and called on the protesters to know their rights.

Witness In Mike Brown Case, Dorian Johnson, Sues Ferguson And Darren Wilson

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 9.54.48 AM

Love this story by NBC. They conflate the DOJ findings about the police department in general with the Mike Brown case in particular and never mention that the DOJ could not find any charges to bring against Wilson.

Via NBC:

A witness to a police officer’s fatal shooting of Michael Brown last summer in Ferguson, Missouri, has filed a lawsuit alleging that he was wrongly stopped and fired on during the encounter on a city street.

The lawsuit, filed last week by Dorian Johnson, claims that the officer, Darren Wilson, fired at him and Brown as they ran away from him on Aug. 9. The lawsuit claims Wilson targeted him without probable cause.

“Officer Wilson acted with either deliberate indifference and/or reckless disregard toward” Johnson, the lawsuit says.

The suit also cited many of the Departmet of Justice findings, arguing that the city and former Police Chief Thomas Jackson “facilitated, encouraged and/or instigated” biased police behavior, including the “excessive force” used against Brown and Johnson.

The lawsuit seeks $25,000 in damages.

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Dorian Wilson’s chances of recovery if the town holds out and doesn’t settle? Not a legal snowball’s chance in hell, in fact the town should counterclaim for false reports and inciting a riot.