BREAKING: Hundreds of Ferguson Protesters Overturn Barricades, Storm Courthouse – Update: Protesters Shut Down Highways, Throwing Objects At Police…

Ferguson PD station

Round 2.

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Protesters angry about the grand jury decision to not indict Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson have overturned barricades and swarmed the steps of the federal courthouse in downtown St. Louis.

About 300 people marched from a park to the courthouse during the lunch hour Tuesday and remained there for about 30 minutes before heading elsewhere. Organizers gave tips beforehand to anyone who was planning to be intentionally arrested.

Those who swarmed the courthouse steps chanted “You didn’t indict. We shall fight.”

It was one of several protests in the St. Louis area Tuesday over Monday’s grand jury decision not to indict Wilson for killing 18-year-old Michael Brown on Aug. 9.

Update: More mayhem.

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Rosie O’Donnell: Ferguson Prosecutor Deliberately Incited Riots…

Even better, Blimpy then claims the people rioting were “righteous.”

Al Sharpton On Ferguson: “Before You Think This Is Over, Remember What Happened In Rodney King”…


The scummiest of all scumbags is in Ferguson today.

Via Washington Examiner:

MSNBC host Al Sharpton slammed Wednesday the prosecution’s handling of the grand jury. “I’ve never seen a prosecutor hold a press conference to discredit the victim,” he said during a Brown family press conference.

Sharpton described the prosecution’s decision to release the grand jury’s decision at 8 pm as “irresponsible” and “provocative.”

He also said that he and other civil rights leaders have called an emergency meeting in Washington, D.C. next week to discuss boycotts, marches and demonstrations.

Sharpton likened the follow-up to the case to Rodney King.

“Before you think this is over, remember what happened in Rodney King,” he said, vowing not to give up in the face of a defeat in the legal system.

Islamic State Supporters Say Ferguson Riots Show America Needs Sharia Law…

Yeah, no.

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Mike Brown Supporters In Agreement: Obama Is A “Bitch Ass N*gga”…

U.S. President Obama gestures during a joint news conference with his Estonian counterpart Ilves, at the Bank of Estonia in Tallinn

Alternate headline: Obama’s base turns on him.

Via Soopermexican:

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Mike Brown’s Stepfather Urged #Ferguson Mob To “Burn This Bitch Down” After Decision


Via The Smoking Gun:

Michael Brown’s stepfather last night repeatedly urged protesters to “Burn this bitch down” after a prosecutor announced that no criminal charges would be filed against the Ferguson, Missouri police officer who killed the unarmed teenager.

Louis Head, an ex-con who is married to Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, was with McSpadden outside the Ferguson Police Department headquarters Monday evening as prosecutor Robert McCulloch disclosed that a grand jury declined to vote an indictment against Officer Darren Wilson in the August 9 shooting.

After consoling a weeping McSpadden, the 38-year-old Head–who was standing atop a platform in the middle of the agitated crowd of several hundred protesters–began screaming “Burn this bitch down!” He did this at least ten times, and at one point yelled for a microphone so that he could broadcast his message beyond the range of his unamplified voice.

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Is This ‘Justice’? Natalie Dubose’s Cake Store Is Attacked In #Ferguson, Along With Many Other Businesses…Update: Damaged, But Natalie’s Cakes Soldiers On

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Justice, Ferguson style…

From Cheechakos:

Looted / Burned
St.Louis Fish & Chicken Grill
Family Dollar
Dollar Tree
O’Reilly’s Auto Parts
Beauty Mart
A.J. & R. Pawn Shop
Cakes and More [Natalie DuBose’s store]
JC Wireless
STL Bread Company
Auto Buy Credit
Phillips 66
Red’s Barbecue
Taco Bell
Beauty Town
Little Caesar’s
Ferguson Liquor
Public Storage
Sam’s Meat Market
Medicine Shop
Commerce Bank
Auto Zone
Toys R Us
Dellwood Market
Chop Suey restaurant
Antonio French’s Heal Stl Community Center

Here’s Natalie Dubose’s Facebook so you can see the cakes she made which are reportedly quite good.


Good news, while damaged, Cakes and More was not burnt out and is still in operation, trying to get orders out for Thanksgiving. They are cleaning up and trying to deal with the damage.

“I’m baking today,” Dubose told CNNMoney, as the sound of broken glass being swept up can be heard over the phone. “We have orders to go out for Thanksgiving. I can’t tell the people — I won’t tell the people — that I’m canceling.”

Like many other small businesses, her bakery Natalie’s Cakes and More was vandalized Monday night in the wake of the grand jury decision not to charge Officer Darren Wilson with killing Michael Brown.

The shop’s main window is “busted out completely. They threw a chair in it to bust it out … It’s a big mess,” said Dubose, who opened Natalie’s Cakes as recently as June.

Despite the mess, however, Dubose says she will continue to bake. She can’t afford to give up now, having invested all she had into a business that was funded through bake sales at flea markets.

“I am a single mom, a mother of two,” she said. “This is everything that I own. I can’t walk away from it. I just got to start up and start baking again.”

UN Human Rights Chief: Ferguson Proof There Is “Institutional” Racism In America…

The dreaded sternly worded letter.


The following statement was issued by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, in Geneva on 25 November 2014

“The Grand Jury’s decision not to charge a police officer who fatally shoot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, has led to violent protests, including looting and arson.  I urge all protestors to avoid violence and destruction in the wake of this decision, in accordance with the expressed wishes of Mr. Brown’s parents and with the law.  People have the right to express their dismay and their disagreement with the Grand Jury’s verdict, but not to cause harm to others, or to their property, in the process.

Without knowing the details of the evidence laid before the Missouri Grand Jury – which in turn depends on the quality of the investigation into the killing of Michael Brown – I am not, at this point, able to comment on whether or not the verdict conforms with international human rights law.

Nevertheless, I am deeply concerned at the disproportionate number of young African Americans who die in encounters with police officers, as well as the disproportionate number of African Americans in United States prisons and the disproportionate number of African Americans on Death Row.

It is clear that, at least among some sectors of the population, there is a deep and festering lack of confidence in the fairness of the justice and law enforcement systems.  I urge the United States authorities to conduct in-depth examinations into how race-related issues are affecting law enforcement and the administration of justice, both at the federal and state levels.

Concerns about institutionalized discrimination in the United States have repeatedly been raised, by respected national bodies and by United Nations bodies monitoring the implementation of international human rights treaties, ratified by the United States.  These include, this year alone, the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, and the Human Rights Committee.*  In addition, just two weeks ago, Michael Brown’s parents addressed the Committee against Torture** which is currently reviewing the United States’ application of its obligations under the Convention against Torture.  That committee will deliver its conclusions on Friday.

Chuck Schumer: Democrats Must Embrace Big Government To Win In 2016…

Elizabeth Warren nods in approval.

NY Times Photographer Unwittingly Advertises Revolutionary Communist Group In Ferguson Photo

Or he did it on purpose…


Planned Parenthood Condemns Ferguson Decision, “Black Lives Matter”…

Except for the black lives that are still inside their mother’s womb.

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Leftist “Reverend” Osagyefo Sekou: Ferguson Protests Part Of “Black Freedom Struggle In America”…

Screen shot 2014-11-25 at 11.22.30 AM

Wait, blacks aren’t free?

What we saw last night was an indictment of American democracy and we saw democracy on fire. Young people who have been betrayed at every level, angry at the strong history of oppression, heavy policing, Decrypted school, no access to jobs. primarily nonviolent in their protests for over 100 days. Mind you, this is a second longest consistent protest in the history of the black freedom struggle in America.

Storeowner Robbed By Mike Brown, Robbed Again Last Night

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Moonbat Professor Advises People To Apologize To Native-Americans On Thanksgiving Instead Of Traditional Dinner…


Another perpetually miserable lib.

Via Campus Reform:

The modern portrayal of Thanksgiving is filled with historical inaccuracies based on a consumer culture, according to a professor at Portland State University.

Speaking at California State University at Fresno last week, Dr. Cornel Pewewardy gave a lecture to students titled “How the Grinch Stole Thanksgiving.” Pewewardy spoke about the historical and cultural implications of the holiday. […]

Pewewardy suggested that the typical image of pilgrims and Native Americans dining together is merely a construct that is meant to reinforce extravagant consumer culture. He insisted that this image is a social construct, meant to distract from guilt from the extensive history of violence and suppression perpetrated upon the Native American people.

“There is truth in reconciliation, just like anything else,” Pewewardy said. “Sitting down with people and saying I’m sorry, that is the spirit of Thanksgiving.”

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Taliban Tells Ferguson Protesters They “Must Resist,” Calls Obama A “House Negro”…

Ferguson riots now Taliban-approved.

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Lib Rag Salon Calls America A “White Supremacist State” Over Ferguson Decision…

These people are deranged.

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WaPo’s Eugene Robinson: Now Whites Can Now Shoot Blacks And “Worry About Consequences Later”…

If some deranged lunatic believed him, could Robinson be charged as an accessory to murder?

Media Whore Al Sharpton Holding Press Conference With Mike Brown’s Parents…

African American Activists Call For Justice In Shooting Deaths In Ferguson And NYC

Any time there are news cameras and race baiting you know Al Sharpton can’t be far away.

Via Mediaite:

MSNBC host Al Sharpton reacted tonight to the Ferguson grand jury verdict by calling it an “absolute blow to those of us that wanted to see a fair and open trial.” And, as he lamented, “even when you see a blow coming that you expected, it still hurts nonetheless.” […]

Sharpton said he’ll be in Ferguson in the morning to speak publicly with Michael Brown’s parents and will then “rally around the country.”

Rapper During Ferguson Riots: “I Might Have To Kill One Of These Crackers In Their Sleep”…

Screen shot 2014-11-25 at 9.25.46 AM

How delightful.

Via The Blaze:

Rapper Azealia Banks made it clear that she’s anything but happy over the grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson, the police officer who fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown.

Banks took to her Twitter account Monday night to proclaim that she hates “when these police violence things happen,” saying in a subsequent message that, though it’s “so f***ed up,” it makes her feel “such a general hatred for all straight white men.”

She went on to admit to thinking “racist” thoughts about white people in the wake of events like what unfolded in Ferguson before cracking a joke about killing a “cracker” in his sleep.

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Former Obama Aide: Ferguson Decision Has “Given A License To Pull Out Your Gun” And Shoot A Black Person…

It did what?