John Kerry Kiteboards In Nantucket For Labor Day

kerry wind kiting

Do the Bermuda shorts reach to his arm pits?

Via The DC

Kerry spent Labor Day enjoying himself while the Obama administration still admittedly has no strategy for dealing with the threat of ISIS in Iraq. Kerry was last seen kiteboarding in mid-August in Nantucket.

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3 Dead, 33 Injured In Labor Day Weekend Violence In Chicago


Obama’s Chicago…

Via Breitbart:

Between Friday and Sunday night as the long Labor Day weekend began, three people were killed and 33 wounded — and the weekend still has one more day to go, since Labor Day falls on Monday this year.

The long weekend began with a flurry of shootings, 11 in all, on Friday night.

The weekend’s first homicide also happened Friday in the city’s Back Of The Yards near south side neighborhood when at 10:45 PM police found a 36-year-old man lying on a sidewalk — shot dead.

Less than five hours later, a 43-year-old man was shot and killed farther south.

By late Sunday night, a third man was shot and killed on the 7400 bock of North Ridge Avenue.

Some 33 others were wounded around the city during a 48-hour period. Most shootings happened near the south and south side of the city.

Chicago is still reeling over the death of nine-year-old Antonio Smith, a boy was shot six times near his apartment complex on August 21.
With the never-ending death toll mounting by the week, Little Antonio’s mother said this weekend that she is “praying for the whole city right now.”

Before: Holder Says Calls To “Take Back America” Are Racist – Now: Joe Biden Tells Unionists “It’s Time To Take Back America”…

What Holder meant is it’s racist when white Republicans say it.

Via NRO:

Vice President Joe Biden staked his claim to the labor vote by declaring that “it’s time to take back America” in order to ensure that the middle class gets an “equal share” of prosperity in the country.

“If we don’t, America’s in trouble,” Biden said in Detroit Monday.

Biden’s comments come shortly after Attorney General Eric Holder said that such language is racist.

“There’s a certain level of vehemence, it seems to me, that’s directed at me [and] directed at the president,” Holder told ABC last month, per the Hill. “You know, people talking about taking their country back. . . . There’s a certain racial component to this for some people. I don’t think this is the thing that is a main driver, but for some there’s a racial animus.”

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Police Have Made Second Arrest In Alleged Racial Beating Of Iraq War Vet Ralph Weems


Via Clarion Ledger:

Police have made a second arrest in the possibly racially-motivated Saturday morning beating of a man in West Point.

West Point Police Chief Tim Brinkley said in a release Thursday that Marquavious McMillian, 20, of Aberdeen, is charged with aggravated assault an incident that left 32-year-old Ralph Weems of West Point in the hospital.

Courtez McMillian, 22, was arrested earlier this week on the same charges. Both men are held on $250,000 bond. Brinkley’s release said police will not say if the two are related.

Weems, a former Marine and Iraq war veteran, was beaten severely in the parking lot of a West Point Huddle House. His friend David Knighten said they had gone to a Waffle House where they were told there were people inside who were angry about the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri, and the restaurant wasn’t “safe for whites.”

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Weem’s stepfather, Barry Reynolds, told TheBlaze:

doctors have said there’s a “possibility” he may be forced to live out his days in a vegetative state. That’s why, he said, it’s frustrating to read news reports indicating that his stepson is in “fair condition,” because the surgeon maintains his situation is still “critical.”

Reynolds also alleged that the media would be much more interested in getting to the truth of the story if the races were switched.

CNN is reporting that the FBI is looking at the case.

There is a GofundMe organized for Weems by his brother in law here. At that page, they noted 2 days ago that he was still in a medically induced coma. They’ve raised $4300, they’re trying to get to $10,000.

British Columbia To Start Daycare Payments To Parents

Teachers Dispute 20140604

Coming to an American city in the near future.

Via MaCleans

The British Columbia government said on Sunday it expects to be helping parents pay the costs of daycare because the first day of school appears to be delayed indefinitely by an ongoing teachers’ strike.

Education Minister Peter Fassbender said parents who start registering at the government’s website can expect to receive $40 a day as early as late September or early October, although the website says the payments will come after the strike is over.

“The registration process went live,” the minister said. “People are already registering for that $40.”
The Ministry of Education said the website experienced several glitches on Sunday, and investigations are underway to determine the cause.

Many parents were concerned daycare bills would become a problem if school did not start on time and in July, the government proposed to give cash to parents with children aged 12 and under if that was the case.

However, Jim Iker of the BC Teachers’ Federation has been critical of the move, calling it an unhelpful bribe during a recent union conference.[...]

The B.C. Supreme Court ruled earlier this year the province had violated the union’s rights by stripping teachers of their ability to bargain for class size and support in 2002, but the government has launched an appeal of that decision.

The ruling prompted teachers to ask the government to set aside $225 million every five years to deal with grievances stemming from the court case, but Fassbender’s proposal would have put negotiations regarding those problems on hold.

Iker has said he is unwilling to back away from dealing with those issues, but after talks collapsed on Saturday, he said teachers were willing to reduce the grievance fund to $100 million.

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Malaysian Muslim Group Warns Ads Featuring “Sexy Women” Are “Inviting The Wrath Of Allah!”…

But it probably won’t.

Via Malay Online:

Muslim group Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) blasted the Kedah authorities today for installing billboard advertisements of “sexy” women muay thai fighters, claiming the pictures would invite the “wrath of Allah” on the state.

The group’s Kedah chapter said the billboards were considered sinful because they showed the fighters garbed in “indecent” wear.

“These are advertisements that would invite the wrath of Allah!” Kedah Isma chief Abdul Fisol Mohd Isa was quoted as saying in an interview with the group’s website

The billboards are promotional advertisements for the Z1 International 2014 Mentri Besar Muay Thai Tournament, which features pictures of both men and women fighters.

Men muay thai fighters are usually dressed only in shorts, while the women are dressed in shorts and a sports bra that fully covers the breasts.

The report said, however, that the advertisement is considered sinful because the women featured had not put on hijab (veil) or covered the “aurat”.

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89 Year Old Vet Fights Off And Shoots Robber

Arthur Lewis is a serious bad ass. A decorated World War II vet, not only did he manage to fight off a much younger man, but he plugged him multiple times. His girlfriend, Vivien Bresnahan, 54, says she doesn’t understand why anyone would think Arthur was frail, noting that he was the farthest thing from frail. No kidding, as the 54 year old girlfriend might indicate…

Here’s a picture of the perpetrator, Lennard Patrick Jervis, 43. He is a career criminal, having been arrested over 20 times in Florida since 1989.


Britain To Force Jihadis Returning Home To Undergo De-Radicalization Program…


Are the Brits naive enough to think this will work?  Saudi Arabia had a program like this, several of those who completed it went on to found al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Via Breitbart:

Britain’s governing coalition has agreed that potential Jihadis who return to Britain from abroad should be forced to undergo a de-radicalisation programme when they arrive back in the UK.

The proposal is one of a series of measures agreed by the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats who form Britain’s coalition government.

Also proposed is a new law to force airlines to share full passenger lists with police and security agencies, and plans to temporarily suspend to passports of UK citizens fighting for ISIS, preventing them from coming home.

According to the Sun, talks over the measures were “tense” and going on well into the night last night, ahead of the Prime Minister’s emergency statement in the House of Commons this afternoon.

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Man In Florida Threatens To “Kidnap American And Behead Him”

Click on for video:

Two men are facing charges after Volusia County deputies said they started a fight at a bar Wednesday night.

Staff at the Jus’ Beachy Bar on Ocean Shore Boulevard claimed they refused to serve alcohol to 54-year-old Faisal Albagdadi and 30-year-old Ahmed Hindi after they walked into the bar already drunk.

“I need cops at Jus’ Beachy Pecker’s Pub immediately. I got a huge fight going. I mean they’re tearing (expletive) up,” the caller told 911 dispatchers. “We wouldn’t even serve him when he came in, he was so drunk.”

Deputies said that’s when the men got angry and attacked the customers.

“They’re using chairs and everything else,” the caller told dispatchers.

Deputies said the men smashed six bar stools, threw several glasses that cut one woman in the eye and beat up a couple of men. At one point, the fight got so out of control, the dispatcher couldn’t get a hold of the caller.

The men took off before deputies arrived, but the caller was able to get their tag number and the description of their car. Ormond Beach police then quickly tracked down the car and arrested the men.

The arrest report showed that not only did Hindi deny initiating the bar fight, deputies said Albagdadi was uncooperative and threatened to “kidnap an American and behead him, once he’s released from jail.”

Both men face criminal mischief and battery charges. The other customers were not seriously injured. However, the men allegedly caused more than $1,200 in damage.

Albagdadi was previously arrested on Aug. 23 for drunk driving charges.

Faisal Baghdadi is from Saudi Arabia and looking at his Facebook reveals that he is very pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel, with numerous posts and videos advocating that position.

According to News Daytona Beach, Baghdadi said he hated living in America and made other unspecified threats of violence as well. Ahmed Hindi lives at the same address as Baghdadi.

HT: American Mom

Report: Netanyahu Balks As Kerry Tries To Revive Fruitless Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks…

Because it was such a smashing success the first time?

Via Times of Israel:

Palestinian sources claimed US Secretary of State John Kerry and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had spoken on the phone about the possibility of restarting Israeli-Palestinian peace talks alongside a number of gestures to the Palestinians, including a previously canceled prisoner release.

Israel Radio, citing the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, said on Monday that Netanyahu did not accede to the proposal.

The sources also revealed that Palestinian officials Saeb Erekat and Majid Faraj were due to travel to Washington on Tuesday to present Kerry with a new Palestinian proposal.

The proposal likely calls for the Palestinian Authority to delay a bid to have the United Nations Security Council define a timetable for an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank, as well as moves to join international bodies, according to Israel Radio, citing Arab media reports. Instead, the sides would spend four months in negotiations defining borders.

Over the past week, there has been increased talk of reviving talks between Israel and the Palestinians after a previous round of negotiations fell apart in April with no results. During the nine months of talks, Israel released three rounds of Palestinian prisoners but balked at a fourth and last release.

Teacher Placed On Leave, Investigated By Police For Authoring Fictional Book About School Massacre


I’m hoping they had some reason for doing all this other than just that he wrote a book. But given the “zero tolerance” thing, maybe not.

CAMBRIDGE, Md. (WNEW) – A Maryland middle school teacher has been placed on administrative leave after he allegedly authored two fiction books using a pseudonym, with one depicting a “futuristic school shooting.”

Members of the Dorchester Sheriff’s Office, the Cambridge Police Department and the Dorchester County Public School board have removed Mace’s Lane Middle School teacher Patrick McLaw for allegedly penning two books under the alias, “Dr. K.S. Voltaer.” One of the books, “The Insurrectionist,” depicts “the largest school massacre” in history, WBOC-TV reports. A second book from 2013, Lilith’s Heir, is also available on Amazon and is described as a sequel penned by “K Voltaer.”
A press release published on Monday by the Dorchester County superintendent of schools says Patrick McLaw, 23, has been placed on a leave of absence pending an ongoing investigation “due to significant matters of concern brought forth by law enforcement.”

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Virginia Democrat Asks God To Kill NRA “Terrorists” With The Ebola Virus…


How delightful.

Via Examiner:

Mike Dickinson, the unhinged Virginia Democrat who once sought the House seat formerly held by Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., issued a tweet Sunday asking God to kill everyone in the NRA with the Ebola virus. The tweet was sent after he issued another message saying he would lead a prayer asking God to murder everyone in the NRA during the debut of his alleged radio program.

“Dear god (sic),” he began. “Please use Ebola to infect the @NRA and it’s various members. For they are A (sic) true virus and true terrorists in America.”

He followed that up with another tweet, telling the world he thinks “there would be no funnier thing then (sic) to see the @NRA s (sic) members in a death clutch of their gun while dealing w Ebola.” Dickinson’s tweets didn’t go over well with anyone.

“I doubt hate speech will help out your campaign…..especially since your (sic) running in Virginia,” one person said. Dickinson, however, is not on the ballot as he elected to not file papers.

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Death Panels? Medicare May Start Covering “End-Of-Life” Discussions


Via Fox Nation:

DUNDEE, N.Y. — Five years after it exploded into a political conflagration over “death panels,” the issue of paying doctors to talk to patients about end-of-life care is making a comeback, and such sessions may be covered for the 50 million Americans on Medicare as early as next year.

Bypassing the political process, private insurers have begun reimbursing doctors for these “advance care planning” conversations as interest in them rises along with the number of aging Americans. People are living longer with illnesses, and many want more input into how they will spend their final days, including whether they want to die at home or in the hospital, and whether they want full-fledged life-sustaining treatment, just pain relief or something in between. Some states, including Colorado and Oregon, recently began covering the sessions for Medicaid patients.

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