Weird Satanist Group Set Up A “Holiday” Display At Michigan Capitol…


Via Truth Revolt:

There are two versions of the nativity scene on display at the Michigan capitol.

The Detroit Chapter of the Satanic Temple has set up its “Snaketivity Scene” featuring ” a snake offering a book called Revolt of the Angels as a symbolic gift….The snake is wrapped around the Satanic cross on the 3-feet-by-3-feet display.”

The temple’s spokesman Jex Blackmore said the group does not worship Satan, but “promotes individuality, compassion and views outside Christian and many conservative beliefs.”

“I think that this holiday season is a time of year that is celebrated in many different ways. Having our government endorse one singular viewpoint or method of celebrating the season is problematic when we have a diverse community of people in Michigan,” said Blackmore, who wore an upside-down Christian cross necklace. “We wanted to add to that conversation by having our representation of how we may celebrate this time of year.”

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Bitter Atheist Salon Writer: Would Anyone Really Mourn The Loss Of Christmas If We Did Without It?


Any person who pens a column like this should be banned from all Christmas functions.

Via Newsbusters:

With Christmas three days away, one liberal atheist took to the far-left website Salon to dismiss the existence of a “war on Christmas” spotlighted annually by conservatives and news pundits, led by the Fox News Channel’s (FNC) Bill O’Reilly. At the same time, however, the author seemed perfectly fine waging war on Christmas himself, claiming that Jesus Christ never existed and wondered if “anyone” would “truly mourn the holiday if we did without it.”

In a piece entitled “Let’s Make Bill O’Reilly’s Head Explode: We Desperately Need a War on Christmas Lies,” Atlantic magazine contributing editor Jeffrey Tayler began by summarizing one of O’Reilly’s latest segments regarding the “war on Christmas” that discussed into a series of billboards being sponsored by the American Atheists.

Reacting to the segment, during which the group’s public relations director said the billboards came about as a result of “atheists feeling alienated as this time of the year,” Tayler lamented: “How tragic and telling it is that in 21st-century America those who stand by reason and abjure myth should need consolation and encouragement.”

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National Guard On Alert If Needed For Dontre Hamilton Protests In Milwaukee


Don’t want a repeat of Ferguson. Previous story.

Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The Wisconsin National Guard began calling up members over the weekend to respond, if needed, to protests in Milwaukee related to the fatal shooting of Dontre Hamilton by a Milwaukee police officer.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. made the request, which was approved by Gov. Scott Walker, Maj. Paul Rickert, the Guard’s director of communications, said Sunday.

“We are currently making preparations to stage National Guard members and will be ready to respond rapidly if needed,” Rickert said. “We don’t have a mission yet but should we be needed, we will be able to send those forces.”

Clarke’s request Saturday came one day after protesters blocked traffic on I-43, an action that resulted in the arrest of 74 people.

Hamilton’s death has prompted a series of protests in downtown Milwaukee. Demonstrators have called for Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm to issue charges against former officer Christopher Manney in the fatal shooting of Hamilton on April 30 in Red Arrow Park.[…]

Those who participated in the rally and march on Friday gathered at All Peoples Church in Riverwest on Sunday evening to share their experiences, exchange information and formulate a plan to fight the citations.

Protesters are facing costs of roughly $40,000 in tickets and bail from the arrests, Jennifer Epps Addison of the nonprofit group Wisconsin Jobs Now said Saturday.

Flynn said of the 69 adults who he knew were arrested in connection with Friday’s protest, about 25% were from “out of town.”

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So Sad: The 10 People In North Korea With Internet Access Are Experiencing Severe Outages…

Most people in North Korea don’t even know what the internet is.

Via AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) — North Korea experienced sweeping and progressively worse Internet outages extending into Monday, with one computer expert saying the country’s online access is “totally down.” The White House and the State Department declined to say whether the U.S. government was responsible.

President Barack Obama said Friday the U.S. government expected to respond to the hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., which he described as an expensive act of “cyber vandalism” that he blamed on North Korea. Obama did not say how the U.S. might respond, and it was not immediately clear if the Internet connectivity problems represented the retribution. The U.S. government regards its offensive cyber operations as highly classified.

“We aren’t going to discuss, you know, publicly operational details about the possible response options or comment on those kind of reports in anyway except to say that as we implement our responses, some will be seen, some may not be seen,” State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said.

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Coal Industry Slammed With Massive New Regulation Right Before Christmas….


Merry Christmas from the EPA, coal industry!

Via Daily Caller:

While millions of Americans began their holiday travels last Friday, the Environmental Protection Agency had an early Christmas gift for the coal industry: a new regulation on coal ash from power plants.

“EPA is taking action to protect our communities from the risk of mismanaged coal ash disposal units, and putting in place safeguards to help prevent the next catastrophic coal ash impoundment failure, which can cost millions for local businesses, communities and states,” EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said in a statement.

After years of delays, the EPA finalized the nation’s first federal coal ash rule just in time for Christmas, which has got coal-fired power plant operators fuming. The coal ash rule not only comes with a hefty $735 million per year price tag, but the coal industry also argues it creates lots of uncertainty for plant operators.

“We still have concerns with the self-implementing nature of the rule and the way in which EPA has left the door open to one day regulate coal ash as a hazardous waste, creating additional uncertainty for electric utilities,” said Tom Kuhn, president of the Edison Electric Institute.

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Hillary ’08 Backer Now Ready For Warren: ‘Clinton Is More Of A 20th Century Candidate’


Hillary is at her expiration date.


Former Hillary Clinton supporter and Connecticut attorney Audrey Blondin has thrown her support behind Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) to challenge Clinton for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.

During a ‘Face the State’ broadcast on Connecticut’s WFSB Sunday, Blondin explained why she soured on the idea of a Clinton candidacy.

“I would like to say that Elizabeth, Senator Warren, is a 21st century candidate. Senator Clinton, Secretary Clinton, is more of a 20th century candidate,” Blondin said.

Blondin noted that in past Democratic primaries, both Hillary and Bill Clinton had failed to win Connecticut, making the “progressive” state more partial to a Warren candidacy.

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Holder: I Have Regrets About Smearing Conservatives As Racists Because It’s The “Truth”…

Eric Holder

His last day can’t come soon enough.

Via Breitbart:

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Reid Report,” in part two of series, Attorney General Eric Holder showed no remorse for being a polarizing figure while in office when asked by host Joy Reid.

Reid was referring specifically to a February 2009 speech, in which Holder was upfront about the issue of race in America.

“No, you see, I think that people have to be prepared to deal with the truth, with the facts,” he said. “And not be defensive about that. If people look at the entirety of that speech, I talk about the fact that people have to be in a position to feel safe to express opinions. The other side has to be able to hear them in a way that, you know, they’re not necessarily being critical but to take it in a thoughtful way. It’s a painful process to go through. This is a nation, after all, that had to deal with slavery and then legalized segregation. We still have a lot we have to get through. We’re still suffering the impacts of, you know, a racial system was inconsistent with our founding documents. So, race is still a hard, hard thing for people to talk about and to deal with.”

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Anti-Gun Group’s PSA Encourages Kids To Bring Their Parents Guns To School So They Can Hand Them Over To Teachers…

Via NRO:

…One can only imagine that the spot’s producers consider their set up to be inordinately clever. “Hey,” you can almost hear them say, “we’ll make it look as if there’s going to be a school shooting, and then he’ll hand it over to his teacher and all will be well!” In fact, it is difficult to imagine a more irresponsible storyline. We’re talking about children here, remember – impressionable, easily led, ignorant children. (Adults are an entirely separate question.) As a rule, we teach our kids that they if they see a firearm they should refrain from touching it, and go and tell an adult. In the commercial, however, the child is shown doing the exact opposite. “If you see a gun,” the ad suggests, “pick it up, put it in a bag, and then jostle it around in front of other children.” One can only wonder at how many kids will now need to be told that they must not, under any circumstances, do this.

Video: Comrade De Blasio Rips Into Media Claiming They Are The Ones Pushing Racial Strife…

Says nothing about Al Sharpton and his recent march in NYC where protesters chanted about killing cops.

George Clooney Just Uttered The Single Most Ironic Thing Possible About The Media


Not so fast, the hacking of Sony is affecting his career.


Hollywood heavyweight and pompous left wing stalwart George Clooney just uttered one of the most ironic lines of his career.

“A good portion of the press abdicated its real duty. They played the fiddle while Rome burned,” he told “There was a real story going on. With just a little bit of work, you could have found out . . .”

. . . that the Obama administration lies to us just about every time they open their mouths? Nope.

In Clooney’s world, they could have found out “that it wasn’t just probably North Korea; it was North Korea.”

Wow George really? Where were you when conservatives were screaming about the media “fiddling while Rome burned,” as you put it, for the past six years?

Where were you when the media buried stories like Benghazi, IRS targeting of conservatives, Fast & Furious, NSA spying on the AP and the Solyndra debacle just to name a few? America could’ve used your voice to call attention to the lack of journalism then.

So why the sudden change of heart?

Oh! Because it affects you and your livelihood.

Clooney was speaking out, of course, about the Sony Pictures hacking scandal that forced the movie giant to cancel the release of its film “The Interview” Wednesday amid threats of a 9/11 style attack and after troves of emails, financial statements, movies and scripts we’re leaked online by, who the FBI now confirms was the, North Korean government.

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Obamabot Rap Mogul Russell Simmons Tweets “FUCK THE POLICE”…

Promptly deletes it.

HT: Media Circus

White House: Obama’s “Year Of Action” Executive Order Bonanza A Success…

Obama signed act

Even though it made a mockery out of the Constitution.

Via Washington Times:

Two top aides to President Obama hailed his “year of action” as a success Monday, saying the president took more than 80 executive actions without Congress to help the middle class.

National Economic Council Director Jeffrey Zients and Domestic Policy Council Director Cecilia Munoz said in a blog post that Mr. Obama will try to work the the new Republican Congress next year, but will also “continue to use every authority available to make progress through executive actions” in 2015.

In a year-end report, they detailed Mr. Obama’s unilateral actions on everything from raising the minimum wage for federal contractors, to granting deportation amnesty to nearly 5 million illegal immigrants, to reaching an agreement with China to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Flashback: TIME Warns Right-Wing “Extremist Militias” May Kill Cops, Ambush Them In Their Patrol Cars…


They were half right.

Via Daily Caller

Time Magazine warned of a growing threat to cops nationwide in September 2010. The nationally renowned publication argued that sinister individuals would launch targeted attacks against police officers and even ambush them in their patrol cars.

Time alerted readers that these groups and individuals have a disturbing hatred of cops and that there was a real threat of “lone-wolf” attacks.

Who are these groups that present such a threat to police? Right-wing militias, according to Time.

In a lengthy six-page article entitled “The Secret World of Extremist Militias,” then-Time Contributing Editor-at-Large Barton Gellman made the case that America should be deeply worried about private citizens forming militias.

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Obama: “I’m Impatient” With Slow Progress In Soothing Race Relations… But I Need To Wait 3 Months For Task Forces Findings…

Waiting 90 days doesn’t exactly strike me as someone who’s impatient.

Via NRO:

President Obama responded to black activists who deny that racial progress has been made in the United States by arguing that they are preempting the possibility of further progress.

“There’s no reason for folks to be patient. I’m impatient. That’s why in the wake of what happened in Ferguson and what happened in New York, we’ve initiated task forces that in 90 days, are going to be providing very specific recommendations,” he told CNN’s Candy Crowley. “On the other hand, I think an unwillingness to acknowledge that progress has been made cuts off the possibility of further progress. If — if critics want to suggest that America is inherently and irreducibly racist, then why bother even working on it? I’ve seen change in my own life. So has this country. And those who would deny that, I think, actually foreclose the possibility of further progress rather than advancing it.”

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John Kerry Exploits 10th Anniversary Of Devastating 2004 Tsunami To Push Obama’s Climate Change Agenda…


In the bizarre world of John Kerry earthquakes and tsunamis are caused by global warming.

Via Weekly Standard:

Secretary of State John Kerry used the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami in the Indian Ocean region as a reminder about climate change. The earthquake released huge walls of water that inundated a number of coastal regions in both Asia and Africa just before Christmas in 2004. […]

However, Kerry went on to say that the tsunami “sounded a warning” about climate change as well:

“It also sounded a warning. We know that many regions are already suffering historic floods and rising sea levels. And scientists have been saying for years that climate change could mean more frequent and disastrous storms, unless we stop and reverse course. Last year I visited the Philippines and saw the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan. It is incomprehensible that that kind of storm – or worse – could become the norm. The time to act on climate change is now – before it’s too late to heed the warning.

On this day of reflection, we mourn with our friends in Asia and Africa who were affected by this terrible disaster. We commit to the hard work still ahead to help the region build safer, more resilient communities. And we pledge our best efforts to leave our children and grandchildren a safer and more sustainable planet. Future generations are counting on us.”

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Cleveland Gang Tells Members To Kill White Police Officers In Retaliation For Tamir Rice Shooting…

I blame white privilege.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Heartless Felons gang gave its members orders to kill white police officers to avenge black lives taken by white police officers, including the Nov. 21 Tamir Rice shooting, officials said.

Detectives determined the threat was unsubstantiated after they investigated a screen shot of an email that spread through social media.

The Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office received the tip and deemed it credible enough to reach out to local police departments to make them aware of the threat.

Sheriff’s office spokesman John O’Brien would not say where or when they got the tip.

O’Brien said the sheriff’s office declined to give specific information about the threat for fear that it would benefit the gang.

Akron Police Chief James Nice said his department received notification of the Heartless Felons’ threat about a week ago via a police bulletin. Nice said the threat was among the reasons he decided to have patrol cars staffed with two officers, instead of one.

“It was in the mix,” Nice said. “We knew there are people like the Heartless Felons who are angry and yell to kill cops.”

North Korea Demands America “Apologize To Mankind” For Making “The Interview” Movie…

Kim Jong Un

Obama would never apologize to an enemy of the United States… no, wait?

Via Raw Story:

North Korea’s National Defense Commission (NDC) released an official statement Sunday concerning both the Sony Pictures hack and the release of the film The Interview, Variety reports.

In the statement — titled “U.S. Urged to Honestly Apologize to Mankind for Its Evil Doing before Groundlessly Pulling up Others” — the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) wrote that a “[s]trange thing that happened in the heart of the U.S., the ill-famed cesspool of injustice, is now afloat in the world as shocking news.”

“The Sony Pictures Entertainment, the biggest movie producer in the U.S., which produced the undesirable reactionary film The Interview daring hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and agitating even terrorism and had a plan to distribute it, was exposed to surprisingly sophisticated, destructive and threatening cyber warfare and has been thrown into a bottomless quagmire after suffering property losses worth hundreds of millions of dollars,” it continued.

The NDC claimed that it had “clear evidence that the U.S. administration was deeply involved in the making of such dishonest reactionary movie.” Moreover, “the U.S. is the chief culprit of terrorism as it has loudly called for combating terrorism everywhere in the world but schemed behind the scene to produce and distribute movies inciting it in various countries of the world.”

Moonbat Psychologists No Fans Of Elf On The Shelf, “He’s Basically A Steroid Shot For The Santa Lie”…


In case anyone wanted to know how the mentally ill view Elf on the Shelf.

Via The Blaze:

Elf on the Shelf has become a cultural phenomenon and a Christmas fixture for a great many families, with parents typically telling their children that the doll is Santa’s little helper who monitors and reports kids’ behavior during the holiday season.

But psychologists are warning that the cute tradition might actually be a bad influence on kids, specifically when it comes to reinforcing positive and negative behaviors.

“This is really not the way kids need to be told what to do and what not to do,” Dr. Bilal Ghandour, a psychologist in Charlotte, North Carolina, told Time Warner Cable News. “It seems to undermine what the parents do. Here are the parents taking care of the kids for 50 weeks a year, and then for a couple of weeks you listen to Santa.”

And he isn’t alone in his critiques. Dr. David Kyle Johnson penned a piece in 2012 for Psychology Today titled, “Let’s Bench The Elf on the Shelf,” during which he, too, discussed the potential pitfalls of the children’s tradition.

Johnson, who has also vocally argued against lying about Santa in the past, believes that the “Elf on the Shelf is basically a steroid shot for the Santa Lie.”

“Your children rely on you to give them accurate information about the way the world is, and you should want them to trust and believe what you say,” he wrote. “But finding out that you have been lying to them – and even been playing an elaborate joke on them … has the possibility of significantly eroding their ability to trust you.”

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DNC Offers Obamabot Drones A Propaganda Guide To Deal With Their “Republican Uncle”…

Via DNC:

The holiday season is filled with food, traveling, and lively discussions with Republican relatives about politics — sometimes laced with statements that are just not true.

Here are the most common myths spouted by your family members who spend too much time listening to Rush Limbaugh — and the perfect response to each of them:

Rest here…

Tweet of The Day: “Arrest White Babies Before They Become Child Molesting, Dog Raping, Racist White Supremacist Terrorist Thugs”…

I get the feeling this guy doesn’t like white people.

Screen shot 2014-12-22 at 11.36.06 AM

Screen shot 2014-12-22 at 11.35.37 AM