Al Sharpton Declares Eric Holder The Greatest Race Baiting Attorney General Ever…

Race baiters never had is so good.

You can read Sharpton’s semi-coherent piece on Holder here.

Saudi King Awards Indian Cleric Who Backs ISIS Having Sex Slaves $200,000 For his Service To Islam…


Shockingly, he also thinks the Jews secretly control America and 9/11 was a conspiracy to hurt Muslims.

Via Daily Mail:

The king of Saudi Arabia has handed his country’s most-prestigious prize to a preacher who has previously said the Koran allows Muslims to have sex with female slaves.

Indian cleric Zakir Naik, who has also said 9/11 was an inside job, was handed the King Faisal International Prize for Services to Islam at a glittering ceremony in Riyadh.

A physician by training, the Mumbai-based 49-year-old has carved out a career as a charismatic television preacher, but his controversial views have led to him being banned from entering the UK.

Dr Naik was one of five winners presented a gold medal, a certificate hand written in Arabic calligraphy and an endowment of more than £130,000 by Saudi King Salman during a ceremony at a luxury hotel yesterday.

The president of the Islamic Research Foundation in India, Dr Naik was honoured for being one of the most renowned non-Arabic speaking promoters of Islam.

John Kerry Defends Idiotic Comments That He’s Made The World A Safer Place Despite Daily Jihadi Massacres…

John Kerry

Why is it so hard for people like Kerry and Obama to admit they said something wrong?

Via Mediaite:

On ABC’s This Week yesterday, Secretary of State John Kerry defended his remarks last week about the decrease in threats to Americans despite groups like ISIS killing many and threatening the United States. Many media outlets last week took note of two different testimonies to Congress: Kerry’s and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper‘s.

Clapper testified that 2014 was the “most lethal year for global terrorism in the 45 years such data has been compiled.” Just a day earlier, though, Kerry testified, “We are actually living in a period of less daily threat to Americans and to people in the world than normally. […]

However, he did not back down from his remarks:

“I still stand by what I said, which is in large terms, compared to the last century, there are, in fact, fewer people dying of the means — that you look at, by state war, violence, health, et cetera.”

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House Democrats Using Emojis In Their Fundraising Emails…

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 1.10.07 PM

I have no idea what kind of moonbat nutbags the DCCC is reaching out to . . . on second thought, I have an idea.

Take it away, Cher!

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 4.52.45 PM

Report: ISIS Tricks Mother Into Eating Her Own Son After They Kidnapped Him…

Hayat Boumeddiene 'appears in Islamic State film' - 06 Feb 2015

Grotesque even by ISIS’ standards.

Via NY Post:

Islamic State brutes fed a distraught woman searching for her kidnapped son some meat and rice – and then told her she had just eaten her son, according to a British man who joined the fight against ISIS.

Yasir Abdulla, 36, of Yorkshire left his wife and four kids to battle the maniacal extremists in his Kurdish homeland, The Sun reported.

“I hate IS because of what happened to an old Kurdish woman from a nearby tribe,” he said. “Her son was captured by IS fighters and taken as a prisoner to

Mosul. She was determined to find her son and went to IS headquarters and asked to see him.”

He said the thugs told her to rest after her long journey and offered her the food before taking her to her son.

“They brought her cups of tea and fed her a meal of cooked meat, rice and soup. She thought they were kind,” he said.“But they had killed him and chopped him up and after she finished the meal and asked to see her son they laughed and said, ‘You’ve just eaten him,’” Abdulla told The Sun.

Syrian Al-Qaeda Branch Shows Off U.S. Weapons Seized After Overrunning Base Of Obama-Backed Rebel Group…

The first Syrian rebel group to be declared “moderate” and receive U.S. weapons officially dissolved today after al-Nusra Front easily took over their base.

Al-Nusra Front showing off aid with U.S. logo on it:


Also seized a number of US-made BGM-71 TOW missiles:



Top Netanyahu Aide Suggests Obama Withholding Key Information From Congress On Iran Talks

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 3.48.49 PM

So is this why they didn’t want Netanyahu to speak to Congress, because he could spill the beans on how bad the Iran deal is going to be?

Via The Blaze:

A senior aide to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel knows more than Congress does about the elements in the emerging U.S-negotiated deal over Iran’s nuclear program.

“We know many details from the agreement being put together, details that we feel members of Congress are unaware of,” the official told reporters aboard Netanyahu’s plane en route to Washington Sunday, according to multiple Israeli media outlets.

“According to the information we have, the deal currently taking shape will leave Iran with the capability to build a nuclear weapon, if [Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali] Khamenei make a decision to do so,” said the official, who was not named.

While in Washington, Netanyahu will speak to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s annual conference on Monday before his address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday. Before leaving Israel, he described his trip as “fateful” and “historic.”

Ynet reported that the Israeli official said Netanyahu would disclose some of the elements of the emerging agreement with Iran in his address to Congress.

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White House: Obama Is “Very Interested” In Raising Taxes Via Executive Orders…

Barack Obama


Via Townhall:

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed Monday that President Obama is “very interested” in the idea of raising taxes through unitlateral executive action.

“The president certainly has not indicated any reticence in using his executive authority to try and advance an agenda that benefits middle class Americans,” Earnest said in response to a question about Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) calling on Obama to raise more than $100 billion in taxes through IRS executive action.

“Now I don’t want to leave you with the impression that there is some imminent announcement, there is not, at least that I know of,” Earnest continued. “But the president has asked his team to examine the array of executive authorities that are available to him to try to make progress on his goals. So I am not in a position to talk in any detail at this point, but the president is very interested in this avenue generally,” Earnest finished.

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Secret Service Arrests Two In Separate Incidents For Trying To Enter White House

SS at white house

Sounds like they’re still having difficulties with security.

Via WFB:

The Secret Service arrested two individuals for attempting to enter the White House in separate, back-to-back incidents on Sunday and Monday that highlight continued security threats at the president’s residence.

One suspect attempted to hop over a bicycle rack on the White House’s south side on Sunday around 11:30 p.m., according to a Secret Service official. A second individual was arrested Monday around 6:45 a.m. after he tried to slip through an entrance gate to the White House as a construction worker left.

Both incidents set the White House on lockdown.

The two suspects were “immediately arrested” by the Secret Service’s uniformed division and “charged with unlawful entry” to the White House, according to the official. Neither of the individuals was armed, the official said.

Details about the suspects remain sparse.

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Barack Obama Def Comedy Jam: White House Insists Obama Has ‘”Strengthened” America’s Relationship With Israel…

Oh boy.

Via NBC News:

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest tells the media Monday that President Obama has strengthened relations between the U.S. and Israel amid Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial visit to Washington, D.C.

Netanyahu Takes On Obama… Approval Rating In America Soars…

Obama’s massive ego takes another direct hit.

Via INN:

Nearly twice as many Americans view Israel’s leader favorably as unfavorably. Over age 50, support has risen by 20 percentage points.

A Gallup poll has found that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s “favorable” rating among Americans has risen 10 points in the past three years. The poll was taken on Feb. 8-11, just as the controversy over Netanyahu’s speech in Congress was heating up.

The poll shows that 45% of the public see Netanyahu favorably, a statistical tie with his highest Gallup rating, back in 1998. Just over half that amount, 24%, view him unfavorably. Approval for him among Republicans, and in general, improved by 10 percentage points since 2012.

While Netanyahu’s favorable score has varied slightly over the years, his unfavorable score has been relatively stable, ranging from 20% to 28%.

Another Gallup finding from the same poll shows that Americans in all age groups have grown more partial to Israel in the Israel-Arab conflict over the past 15 years, but those aged 50 and older have grown particularly likely to sympathize with the Jewish state. Support for Israel among Americans aged 18-29 has grown only from 50% to 56%, while support among the over-50 group has soared from some 50% to nearly 70%.

Michelle Obama Asks NASA To “Beam Me Up To The Space Station” So She Can Do “Zero-Gravity Somersaults”…

I swear Mooch is begging us to make fun of her.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 2.26.01 PM

Palestinian Peace-Lovers To File “War Crimes” Charges Against Israel At The ICC…

The Hague NL International criminal court.

And they’re funding it using American taxpayer dollars.

Via Times of Israel:

The Palestinians are set to lodge their first complaint against Israel for alleged war crimes at the International Criminal Court on April 1, a senior official told AFP on Monday.

“One of the first important steps will be filing a complaint against Israel at the ICC on April 1 over the [2014] Gaza war, and settlement activity,” said Mohammed Shtayyeh, a member of the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

On January 2, the Palestinians moved to formally join the Hague-based court in a process which is due to take effect on April 1, setting the scene for potential legal action against Israeli officials for alleged war crimes.

Video: Anti-Israel Protesters Wave Hezbollah Flag Outside AIPAC…

Scary to think these are the people who helped elect Barack Obama.

Via Legal Insurrection:

Read there post here…

Report: DOJ To Accuse Ferguson Police Of Funding Their Department With Racist Traffic Stops…


Holder last seen grinning ear to ear.

Via The Hill:

The Justice Department will soon release a report condemning the Ferguson, Mo., police department for actions that helped to foster bitterness within the city’s black community ahead of last year’s high-profile shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a police officer, according to The New York Times.

The report will point a finger at police for targeting black residents during traffic stops and using those fines to make up a significant portion of the budget, the newspaper reported. The Times reports that the Justice Department could release those findings this week. If the department doesn’t make clear strides to change its policies, it could face a federal civil rights lawsuit.

Racial tension in Ferguson came to a head last summer after then-officer Darren Wilson shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown in an altercation. A grand jury declined to charge Wilson, finding his use of force was justified. But many civil rights activists and others in the black community believe Wilson overreacted and that Brown didn’t pose a true threat to him.

Pic Of The Day: John Kerry Meets With Russian FM, Has A Case Of The Sads…

Horse face having a bad day.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.34.51 PM

Leftist Protesters Call For Genocide Against Israel Outside AIPAC, Scream “Baby Killers!”…

The woman you see wearing pink and holding a banner in the first four seconds of this video is the founder of Code Pink, Medea Benjamin.

HT: Jorge Bonilla

Dem Sen. Barbara Mikulski To Retire…

You won’t be missed, Barbara.


Oops, used wrong picture.

Via CNN:

Sen. Barbara Mikulski, the longest serving female senator in history, will retire at the end of her term, CNN has learned.

The Democrat will make the announcement Monday morning in her hometown of Baltimore.

Mikulski is known as the “Dean” of the Senate women — helping forge bipartisan relationships for decades that often result in compromise.

Until Democrats lost control of the Senate, she was the chairman of the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee.

Code Pink Claims Dems Boycotting Netanyahu Speech Will Lead To “Demise” Of Israel, Or Something…

Code Pink still living in an Israel-free fantasy land.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.50.25 AM

Artist Who Painted Bill Clinton’s Official Portrait Says He Included Secret Monica Lewinsky Reference…


Odds are Bubba doesn’t care.

Via WaPo:

A cursory glance at the official painting of President Bill Clinton that hangs in the National Portrait Gallery would easily miss an ode to the lowest point of his presidency — Monica Lewinsky.

But it’s there, the artist revealed in an interview with the Philadelphia Daily News. Philadelphia area painter Nelson Shanks cunningly included a shadow over the fireplace cast from a blue dress on a mannequin.

Shanks said painting Clinton was his hardest assignment because “he is probably the most famous liar of all time.” So he added the nod to the Lewinsky scandal because it had cast a shadow over Clinton’s presidency.

“He and his administration did some very good things, of course,” Shanks said, “but I could never get this Monica thing completely out of my mind, and it is subtly incorporated in the painting.” He told the Daily News:

“If you look at the left-hand side of it there’s a mantle in the Oval Office and I put a shadow coming into the painting and it does two things. t actually literally represents a shadow from a blue dress that I had on a mannequin, that I had there while I was painting it, but not when he was there. It is also a bit of a metaphor in that it represents a shadow on the office he held, or on him.”