Sunday Smile: Toddler Without Feet Gets A Puppy Without A Paw

Sorry, the smile is a little late tonight. With all the riot coverage, perhaps a toddler and a puppy is good relief…

Via USA Today:

Lt. Dan might have met a different fate in other circumstances.

But his owner, Karen Riddle, knew the white German shepherd puppy born with just one front paw was meant for something special.

And on Monday, the nine-week-old found a new home with Sapphyre Johnson, a toddler who lost both feet.

“A lot of kids don’t see other children or animals that have issues like they have,” said the 3-year-old’s father, Matthew Johnson, beaming as he watched his little girl toss a squeaky toy to the pup.

“This was a really nice thing,” he said, “and a really good thing for Sapphyre.”

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CNN, Who Couldn’t Be Bothered To Cover #BaltimoreRiots In Real Time, Calls Them ‘Scuffles’

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 9.55.24 PM

CNN was too busy covering the White House Correspondent’s Dinner and told people to find out the news on Baltimore from Twitter.

Check the scuffles here and here.

Innocent Orioles Fans, Woman In Wheelchair Attacked By #Baltimore Rioters

We posted the beginning of this video yesterday, but in fact what happened after was worse. Here it is:

HT: Breitbart

Outstanding Afghan War Veteran Finds Nasty Note On His Car

Matt Zeller is an Afghan war veteran. He came back to his car today outside the Safeway, and noticed this note stuck to it.
Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 10.04.03 PM

This note would be unbelievably offensive to any Afghan war veteran. But perhaps it is even more so because of what Matt Zeller does. We’ve mentioned Zeller before, because he started “No One Left Behind”. The purpose of the organization is to assist those who are in danger of being killed by the Taliban for having the nerve to help Americans by being interpreters. The U.S. promised them visas in exchange but have been slow in coming though on the promise.

Many of the men are in danger of death. Zeller is working to save them, because of our promise made to them. Few people who after leaving war would still be working to try to save people left behind, that’s the kind of man Matt Zeller is.

Here’s Zeller talking about his fight to save his best friend Janis Shinwari, an interpreter for their unit who help saved their lives.

Video: Harrowing Moment The Avalanche From Earthquake Hit Base Camp On Everest

Warning for strong language:

Israeli Defense Force Medical Corps En Route To Assist Nepal Earthquake Victims …

IDF Medical Corps

Obama and the State Department dithering over whether to send a global warming response team.

Via Inquisitr

Following the tragic earthquake which shook Nepal yesterday claiming the lives of thousands and leaving many injured in a swathe of destruction, Israel is joining the international effort to offer relief to victims of the quake, as an Israeli Defense Force delegation heads out to Nepal.

Ahead of the team heading out for their mission, Brig. Gen. Dr. Dudu Dagan of the IDF Medical Corps spoke at a briefing about the field hospital his forces plan to build at the disaster site.

The Jewish State is world-renowned for dealing with emergencies, as well as for setting up small and effective field hospitals just about anywhere and fast.

As Dagan said, the field hospital the IDF intends to set up would be a tertiary hospital, “meaning we can operate, we can have intensive care, we can hospitalize, and even escort…the injured to Israel.”

At the same time, Col. Yoram Laredo, the commander of the Israeli delegation to Nepal said that even arriving safely to assist will be a challenge as Kathmandu airport was heavily damaged in the earthquake.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with Laredo on Sunday, telling him “you are being sent on an important mission. This is the true face of Israel – a country that offers aid over any distance at such moments. Good luck. We are counting on you.”

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Baltimore City Councilman Calls Out The “Pariah”, The Professional Traveling Protesters Trying To Exploit #FreddieGray

At ~11:50

No one in official leadership has called ‘the traveling protester show’ quite as correctly as Baltimore City Councilman Brandon Scott. A reporter asks if there were outside agitators behind the violence as there were in Ferguson. The mayor says that they are looking into that, then refers to Councilman Scott.

From being outside there today, and actually talking to local organizers on the ground, they were telling me, saying, yes, these folks that were inciting this, maybe there were people from Baltimore participating, but the folks inciting this response, the incorrect response, were definitely from the outside. Again as the mayor said you can see some of the young guys from Baltimore saying on video, “Stop, stop, stop”, because this is not what they wanted. But we have to point out these pariah who will go from town to town, ruining people’s protests, ruining-using people’s emotions for their own benefit and their own agenda.

So Councilman Scott, here are some of those traveling protesters of whom you spoke, seeking to use Baltimore for their own agendas.
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Palestinian Activist Attacks Israel’s Effort To Help Nepal, “Maybe Israel Is Going…To Learn To Kill Better”

After the earthquake in Nepal yesterday, Israel was one of the first to send help.
Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 8.02.07 PM

That of course didn’t sit well with the Israel haters, including Palestinian #BlackLivesMatter crazy Rania Khalek.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 7.06.34 PM

Ex-Gitmo Detainees In Uruguay Protest At US Embassy, Want A Monthly Allowance And Housing…

gitmo urugay

Get a job.

Via Stars and Stripes

Four freed Guantanamo Bay detainees protested in front of the U.S. Embassy on Friday night, saying they were angry about being asked to leave a Uruguayan hotel that had been housing them and demanding Washington help them financially.

Adel bin Muhammad El Ouerghi said he had been asked to leave the Metro hotel, a budget inn where he and some of the other five former detainees periodically stayed.

The four Syrians, one Tunisian and one Palestinian have been housed in a four-bedroom house in Uruguay’s capital since the government took them in after their release in December. But “we are too many to stay in the house,” said El Ouerghi, who spent much of the last few months at the hotel.

As a humanitarian gesture, the men were invited to resettle in this poor South American country of 3.3 million people by President Jose Mujica, who has since left office.[…]

El Ouerghi said the men wanted to speak with the U.S. ambassador to Uruguay. He said the United States should help the men financially, an argument he and a few of the other former detainees have made repeatedly.

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Rand Paul Supporter Attacked For Being A Black Female…

Rand Paul Supporter

The herd can’t have any free thinkers.

Via The Blaze

“Last night a Facebook notification showed up on my screen. A friend had posted a picture to my wall. What I saw disgusted me.”

That’s how Zuri Davis, 19, describes the moment she saw a Facebook post targeting her for being a black, female supporter of Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.).[…]

The post was later deleted and the individual later deactivated his Facebook page.

Davis told TheBlaze Friday that it was likely prompted by her commenting on a friend’s post about why taxes should be voluntary.

“I have a very obvious ‘Stand With Rand’ on my cover picture and my public posts indicate my preference,” she said. “He made the comment on his own timeline. It was screenshot by my friend and he sent it to me.”

The 19-year-old became “determined to set the record straight.”

‘[I] am really tired of people assuming they can make comments like that and think that they are acceptable,” she told TheBlaze. “That was not the first time I had received a comment like that. I get a lot of people that ask me how I can be black and a conservative.”

After some thought, the D.C.-area resident decided to pen a column in response. In it, she wrote that she has researched the 2016 candidates and concluded Paul is “the most liberty minded.” For that, she supports him.

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#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Protesting At Wake Of #FreddieGray, After Family Asked Them Not To

They came with signs, honking and creating a traffic jam outside the wake, despite the family begging to be able to have the services in peace.

Miami Assistant Police Chief Refuses To Pledge Allegiance To The Flag, Claims Exemption As Member Of The Honor Guard…


A Miami assistant police chief is getting the attention of Americans for seemingly refusing to salute the flag of the United States in a video.

Anita Najiy, who is believed by some to be a Muslim American, stands flatly while her brothers and sisters in blue recite The Pledge of Allegiance.

The Miami New Times reported:

Fraternal Order of Police President Javier Ortiz was in the front row at a promotional event last week at Miami Police College to film Najiy, a 32-year-veteran of the agency, during the pledge. As other members placed their hands over their hearts, Najiy kept her arms by her sides.

In doing so, Ortiz says, she failed to exhibit courtesy and etiquette that “must be exercised when wearing a law enforcement uniform.”

“If you’re not pledging allegiance to the United States, my question is what country are you pledging allegiance to?” Ortiz says. “Anyone who isn’t offended by that is not American, because when you become a U.S. citizen, you pledge allegiance to the U.S.”[…]

Furthermore, the Miami Herald states the view of Police Maj. Delrish Moss, who claims Najiy was just following military code:

Police Maj. Delrish Moss produced a section of the conduct code for U.S. military personnel, which he says supercedes police code. It reads: “When in uniform, indoors, stand at attention, remain silent, and face the flag.”

“That’s exactly what she did,” Moss said. “The Honor Guard follows U.S. military code. She was following U.S. military code. It had nothing to do with personal beliefs.”

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Mayor Of Baltimore On #FreddieGray Riot Destruction: “We Also Gave Those Who Wished To Destroy, Space As Well”

I’m hoping that maybe she was trying to say she didn’t want cops to be hurt trying to stop the madness, which is a valid consideration. On the other hand, that really isn’t the way you should express it and you have to let them do their job.

Madame Mayor, here’s a little bit of that destruction you gave ‘space’ to:

Man threatened with knife by Black Lives Matter protester, knife is in his right hand:
Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 5.17.26 PM

More violence, theft and destruction here, here , here and here.

She just gave fodder for lawsuits against the city(and out of the pockets of the taxpayers) for damage for failure to protect the businesses and people. Because, space…

HT: Bill at Polititainment

Somali Families Chant ‘We Are Not ISIS’ At MN State Capitol Over Terror Arrests Of The Somali Six…

Somali 6

They were going as a peace delegation.


Dozens of local Somali families gathered at the State Capitol Saturday afternoon, calling for the release of six terror suspects.

They’re calling for the government to stop what they see as attacks against them, and say the suspects were set up.

Six local Somalis were charged this week with trying to leave the country to join the terrorist group. These four men were taken into custody in Minneapolis a week ago. Two others were arrested in San Diego.

Federal agents also arrested Mahamed Said for allegedly making threats on Twitter in response to the arrests. One tweet from his account said if the men weren’t freed, there would be a “massacre.” Another message said “Best believe I’m gonna kill for those guys if they don’t free my brothers.”

The leadership and families at Saturday’s rally denounced any retaliation because of the arrests and asked for the public to hold judgment until their sons are found guilty or not guilty.

About 100 people turned out at the State Capitol, including three mothers of four of the men arrested. One of them made remarks saying she doesn’t believe her sons are terrorists.

A Somali community advocate says the community has agreed to peacefully protest the government and the confidential informant prosecutors built much of their case around.

Abdullahi Salim helped lead the protest. He says he’s a friend of all the arrested suspects, and can’t believe they could be involved.[…]

Salim also says the suspects’ character was never in question for him.

“These guys are really, really, really helpful guys,” he said. “Whenever you need help, they’re the first guys you call for help.”

Community organizers say they want to sit down with lawmakers and talk about programs to help Somali youth prosper and not be drawn into recruiting.

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Exploitation! Seattle Socialist City Council Member Evades Payroll Taxes, Insurance For Workers

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 4.36.16 PM

Do as I say, not as I do…

Via Daily Caller:

Khasama Sawant, a socialist and a member of the Seattle, Wash. City Council, is paying no fewer than five campaign staff employees as independent contractors — thus evading the payment of payroll taxes, overtime, social security and other insurance.

The avowed protector of workers from the evils of capitalist exploitation has spent $12,000 paying her employees so far as she fights for reelection, according to KIRO Radio.

“Sawant has been skirting the rules by not paying into the public workers’ safety net,” Josh Feit of state political blog PubliCola explained, according to KIRO.

The socialist does not appear to have provided any benefits to her five employees beyond cash payments for services provided.

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Parents Blow A Gasket Over Use Of Confederate Flag In Promotion Of ‘Romeo & Juliet’ School Play…


The parents are all in when it comes to Cinco De Mayo.


A banner promoting the play “Romeo & Juliet” has been taken down after some parents of students at Westlake High School shared concerns over the use of a Confederate flag.

Parents Sedrick Blount and Angelina Sanchez couldn’t believe the school allowed the Confederate flag to be used in a banner. They were told the flag represented the theme “Romeo & Juliet” post-Civil war.

“That represents hatred, racism and just pure evil,” Blount said, while Sanchez said: “The Confederate flag is just not a good advertisement.”

Parents say the banner had been up for a few days but it was taken down Friday afternoon after they took their concerns to school administrators and the superintendent.

They say the banner was offensive and shouldn’t have gone up in the first place.

“It can leave a confusing message to children who are vulnerable. It’s like, ‘What are we saying to them?’ ” Sanchez said.

But Stella Mandell, who came to see her niece perform in the play, said they banner was symbolic of what the play was about.

“I’m just looking at it from an artistic point of view because we are supporting the arts. This is symbolic of what the play is about. Bottom line,” she said.

Jacquelyn Aguilera, a Westlake High School senior, said: “I think the school should try to be a little more culturally conscientious.”

“I have full faith that they will going forward not make these types of mistakes,” Blount added.

CBSLA reached out to the superintendent’s office for comment Friday during business hours but that call wasn’t returned. However, concerned parents said they received an apology from administrators.

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Liberals Come Up With A Way To Solve Black Unemployment

Oliver Willis is a “research fellow” at Media Matters (which I think means he trolls Twitter all day long):
Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 3.15.08 PM

Hollywood Moonbat Actors Are All In For Hillary 2016…


Hillary should run as the ‘Vagina Monologue’ candidate.

Via The Hill

A number of notable celebrities are already throwing their support behind 2016 presidential contenders.

Most of the famous faces are solidly in Hillary Clinton’s camp, with a host of celebs, including actress Lena Dunham and NBA icon Magic Johnson, taking to Twitter to show their support for the Democratic front-runner after she entered the race.

But a few stars, including Willie Robertson from A&E’s “Duck Dynasty,” have favorites on the GOP side as well. The CEO of Duck Commander is a big supporter of his home-state Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.), a potential contender.

The Hill is keeping a list of prominent stars and the 2016 hopefuls they are supporting.


Uzo Aduba — The actress from Netflix’s hit “Orange is the New Black” tweeted her support for Clinton.

Clay Aiken — The “American Idol” who fell short in his own bid for Congress last year initially panned Clinton’s announcement video on Twitter. “Hillary, I love you. But why are you the stiffest and most scripted looking person in this video,” he wrote. He confirmed his support for Clinton in a later tweet.

Kat Dennings — The “2 Broke Girls” actress tweeted “Hillary” after Clinton’s announcement.

Lena Dunham — The “Girls” creator and star took to Instagram to post the famous picture of Clinton reading her BlackBerry. Dunham’s caption read: “This is Hillary reading a text from me that says, ‘With you every step of the way, gurl’ #mypresident.”

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Surprise! Woman Caught Using Phone During National Anthem Before #WHCD Was WaPo Reporter

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 1.55.57 PM

Via Polititainment:

In possibly the most disrespectful display I’ve ever seen, a woman who writes for the Washington Post was spotted last night by millions of viewers using her cell phone (presumably to text) while the National Anthem played at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Helena Andrews, a woman who writes an online column for The Washington Post entitled “The Reliable Source” took to Twitter to dismiss the rumors she was texting during the National Anthem:

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 1.58.42 PM

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Rand Paul Accepts Award, Goes After Lindsey Graham Again…


Is Rand afraid to go after Hillary?

Via The State

Just a few hours after Lindsey Graham finished arguing (in absentia) with Rand Paul, the Kentucky senator walked to a podium not far from the Capitol, to receive an award. Paul was one of three recipients of The Constitution Project’s Constitutional Champion prize, recognized for his work on criminal justice reform, NSA reform, and the separation of powers. When he took the mic, Paul spent 12 minutes discussing crime, calling for an end to mandatory minimums and all sentencing disparities.

Then he swung back at Graham – in absentia, and not by name.

“One unapologetic senator, who I’ve had a few rounds with, said if you’re not talking to terrorists, why are you worried?” Paul said. “He goes on to say that he (would) censor the mail, if he could. Really? This senator goes on to say that if you’re an American citizen, and you ask for a lawyer, you just tell ‘im to shut up. Really? Have we stooped so low that that is our standard? If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear? It’s a long way from innocent until proven guilty.”[…]

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