Lib Mouthpiece Rosie O’Donnell Uses Canadian Terror Attack To Push Gun Control…



Via Newsbusters:

Liberal View co-host (and 9/11 truther) Rosie O’Donnell wasted no time on Thursday in taking the shooting in Canada and spinning it into a plea for gun control in America. The comedienne cited a comment from model Chrissy Teigan. On Wednesday, Teigan tweeted, “Active shooting in Canada or as we call it in America, Wednesday.” O’Donnell raved, “I thought it was brilliant.”

The co-host compared, “But 86 people are killed a day are killed in America with guns. And you know what, that is terrorism here.” O’Donnell has a long history of aggressively pushing gun control, going back to a 1999 attack on Tom Selleck. In 2006, she flatly declared that the Second Amendment is “not really a right.”

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CAIR Leaders Organize #Muslims4Ferguson Event Claiming There Has Been A “Criminalization Of Black And Brown Bodies”…

Screen shot 2014-10-23 at 1.50.30 PM

That’s some grade-A race baiting.

Via HuffPo:

The official autopsy report for Michael Brown came out on October 22 — the same day the Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation has observed a National Day of Protest since 1996. To mark this important day, hundreds of Muslims took to Twitter to show their solidarity using the hashtag #Muslims4Ferguson.

Organized by the Muslims for Ferguson Facebook group, which launched on August 21, the Twitter event invited Muslims everywhere to join in conversation with Imam Omar Suleiman, Imam Dawud Walid, Imam Suhaib Webb and civil rights activists Linda Sarsour and Mustafa Abdullah.

The group wrote on its Facebook page:

“Too many lives have been lost in communities of color because of the criminalization of black and brown bodies — who are being killed and imprisoned and abused because of their dark skin…

We are coming together to say no more Mike Browns, no more John Crawfords, no more Ramarley Grahams, no more Eric Garners, no more Renisha McBrides, no more Trayvon Martins. As Eric Garner said before he was murdered, “It ends today.”
Join the discussion to learn what Islam teaches us about justice and solidarity, and our role in standing up against injustice in our society.”

Clergy and other religious voices have played a prominent role in calling for peace and an end to police brutality throughout the Ferguson protests. On Wednesday #Muslims4Ferguson joined the movement, bringing Muslims together in “solidarity against discrimination and oppression.”

ISIS Raking In Millions From Black Market Oil Sales And Ransoms…

Cal Sun ISIS

The savages raised $20 mil off ransoms alone this year…

Via Washington Examiner:

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria makes $1 million a day from black market oil sales and has raised $20 million in ransom fees this year, according to a Treasury official who warned that the breadth of the terrorist group’s money-raising schemes makes cutting off its funding difficult.

The group “has amassed wealth at an unprecedented pace, and its revenue sources have a different composition from those of many other terrorist organizations,” said David Cohen, Treasury undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence.

Speaking at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Thursday, Cohen said that because the Islamic State does not rely on a few rich funders the way other terrorist groups have, the U.S. government will have to adjust its strategy for cutting off funds that support its military and terrorist activities.

“As with the rest of the campaign against [the Islamic State], our efforts to combat its financing will take time. We have no silver bullet, no secret weapon to empty [the Islamic State's] coffers overnight. This will be a sustained fight, and we are in the early stages,” said Cohen, adding that the Treasury will remain committed to degrading the group’s financing as long as it threatens Iraq and Syria.

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Ebola Lobbying Soars Amid Crisis…


Never let a crisis go to waste.

Via Capitol City Project:

Many health-related companies have kicked their lobbying efforts into high gear after Ebola fears have spread amid the current crisis.

The boost in lobbying by pharmaceutical companies, health professionals, and associations shouldn’t come as a surprise as drug companies have seen their stocks rise significantly after the Ebola virus hit the United States.

The Center for Responsive Politics reviewed the health-related industries lobbying disclosures and found that many companies have jumped all over the issue, with some nearly double their lobbying expenditures.

One such company who doubled the amount they spent on lobbying is Sarepta Therapeutics. Sarepta Therapeutics has been pushing its experimental Ebola treatment AVI-7537 for some time now. In the past, the group has never spent more than $40,000 annually on their lobbying tab. Now,in the third quarter alone, the company has poured $80,000 into lobbying efforts.

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Socialism Success Story: Venezuela Rationing Food Again To Citizens At Supermarkets


Venezuela is the socialist paradise it always wanted to be

Via Wall Street Journal:

Venezuela—Amid worsening shortages, Venezuela recently reached a milestone of dubious distinction: It has joined the ranks of North Korea and Cuba in rationing food for its citizens.

On a recent, muggy morning, Maria Varge stood in line outside a Centro 99 grocery store, ready to scour the shelves for scarce items like cooking oil and milk. But before entering, Ms. Varge had to scan her fingerprint to ensure she wouldn’t buy more than her share.

Despite its technological twist on the old allotment booklet, Venezuela’s new program of rationing is infuriating consumers who say it creates tiresome waits, doesn’t relieve shortages and overlooks the far-reaching economic overhauls the country needs to resolve the problem.

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White House: Hey Guys, Don’t Read Anything Into Purchase Order For Up to 34M Green Cards…

Sure, now that they mentioned it…

Via CNS News:

( – Reporters tried again on Wednesday to find out if a DHS purchase order for millions of green cards signals the magnitude of President Obama’s intention to unilaterally grant legal status to illegal aliens after the midterm election.

The purchase order requests “an estimated 4 million cards annually” and up to 34 million total.

“What we’re talking about here is an order from the Department of Homeland Security to a contractor, related to ongoing operations at the Department of Homeland Security. They’re responsible for issuing green cards,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest told Fox News’s Ed Henry.

“I think those who are trying to read into those specific orders about what the president may decide are — are a little too cleverly trying to divine what the president’s ultimate conclusion might be.”

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Biden: “I Like Guys Because Of Their Moms”…

Whereas Obama just likes guys.*

*Nothing gets libs more fired up than Obama is gay jokes.

Video: Standing Ovation For Class Act, Kevin Vickers, Who Shot And Killed Ottawa Gunman Yesterday

Kevin Vickers is Parliament’s Sergeant-At-Arms, who saved lives by shooting the terrorist. They were just outside the caucus rooms where members of Parliament and PM Harper were meeting.

Here he is, gun in hand, minutes after taking out the shooter:

AP Poll: Just 9% Of Likely Midterm Voters Are “Enthusiastic” About Obama…

Even worse for the Dems, only 17% strongly approve of Obama versus 44% who strongly disapprove.

Via WaPo:

We’ve written plenty on this blog about Democrats’ enthusiasm deficit in the 2014 election. This gap was, is and will almost definitely continue to be real through Nov. 4.

But while it’s well understood that Obama’s unpopularity is driving GOP enthusiasm, we haven’t really studied the inverse — i.e. just how little Obama’s presidency is motivating Democrats to vote. [...]

The AP-GfK poll asked the approve/disapprove question, finding 17 percent of likely voters said they strongly approve of Obama and 44 percent strongly disapprove. But then it asked a separate — and we would argue, more enlightening — question about the Obama administration. It asked how people felt about it, and gave them four options: “enthusiastic,” “satisfied but not enthusiastic,” “dissatisfied but not angry,” and “angry.”

Biden To Supporters: “If You And I Were In A Room Right Now I’d Shake Your Hand… Then I’d Ask You For $3″…

Joe Biden

Too rich for my blood.

From: Joe Biden <>
To: Drew <>
Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2014 11:57 AM
Subject: Listen up, Drew:

If you and I were in a room right now, I’d shake your hand and I’d thank you for being a part of our team. I’d tell you that your commitment to our progress and potential is invaluable.

And then I’d ask you to give $3 to the Democratic Party. We need it because there’s so much we can do with it. I give you my personal guarantee that the team at Democratic Headquarters will stretch that $3 to cover as much ground as possible.

So if you and I were talking right now, Drew, this is where I’d be looking you in the eyes and asking you to come through. Can you give $3?

Here We Go: Hospitals Considering Ebola Death Panels…

Time to play the “white privilege” card.

(Reuters) – The Ebola crisis is forcing the American healthcare system to consider the previously unthinkable: withholding some medical interventions because they are too dangerous to doctors and nurses and unlikely to help a patient.

U.S. hospitals have over the years come under criticism for undertaking measures that prolong dying rather than improve patients’ quality of life.

But the care of the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States, who received dialysis and intubation and infected two nurses caring for him, is spurring hospitals and medical associations to develop the first guidelines for what can reasonably be done and what should be withheld.

Officials from at least three hospital systems interviewed by Reuters said they were considering whether to withhold individual procedures or leave it up to individual doctors to determine whether an intervention would be performed.

Ethics experts say they are also fielding more calls from doctors asking what their professional obligations are to patients if healthcare workers could be at risk.

Canadian Officials Say Shooter Was In Contact With Known ISIS Militants In Syria…


Paging Charlie Rangel.

Via CBS News:

As the investigation of Wednesday’s shooting rampage in Ottawa continues, CBS News can report that his passport was revoked by Canadian officials after he contacted known militants in Syria, possibly with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS.

Police swarmed the streets after a gunman shot dead a soldier guarding the National War Memorial, reports CBS News correspondent Jim Axelrod. Witnesses said the man then stormed Canada’s parliament, where he was killed.

On Thursday morning, Ottawa police said they were confident that only one gunman took part in the attack after previously saying that other shooters may have been involved.

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Day After Hamas Killed 3-Month-Old Baby, Palestinians Pelt Jewish Kindergarten With Rocks…

Ahh, those peace-loving Palestinians.

Via Times of Israel:

Less than a day after a terrorist attack on a light rail station in Jerusalem in which a three-month-old baby was killed, tensions flared in the capital.

Early Thursday morning, a Jewish kindergarten in East Jerusalem was pelted with rocks. No casualties were reported in the incident, which took place in the Ma’ale Hazeitim neighborhood on the Mount of Olives, near Ras el-Amud.

Police were searching for the perpetrators, who fled the scene.

Charlie Rangel: ISIS Is “Not A Threat To Our National Security”…


Apparently he is this dumb.

Via Grabien:

HOST: Meanwhile, we are seeing a battle in Kobani, seeing Baghdad being surrounded, seeing threats on the green zone in Baghdad by isis. What do you think we as a government should be doing and are we doing enough?

RANGEL: Well, one thing, I don’t see where that’s a threat to our national security.

HOST: ISIS in Syria and Iraq?

RANGEL: No, I don’t see it as a threat to our national — this is a cancer in this part of the world and it is true that America and probably Europe — not with standing that, it appears as though there could be overall a threat, not directly to us.

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Terrorist Runs Over American Baby In Israel, Obama Regime Urges Israel To Show Restraint In Response

ShowImage (1)

Update to this story where a Hamas terrorist drove car into crowd at train station in Israel.

The family, Americans who were there because of the father’s studies, had great difficulty having a baby, and for that reason, cherished this child even more.

Via Jewish Press:

The Obama administration pledged its “full support” for Canada to “to hold those responsible” for Wednesday’s terrorist attack but told Israel “to maintain calm and avoid escalating tensions.”

The different reactions say in a nutshell everything you need to know how the United States is feeding what Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman called a “worldwide epidemic” of terrorism.

The Obama administration constantly maintains that if Israel simply would stop trying to survive as a Jewish state and hand over more than half of the country to the Palestinian Authority on an Islamic platter, there will no longer be a reason for Arab terrorists to exist.

When a terrorist attacks in Ottawa, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says, “We will continue to work closely with our Canadian colleagues to ensure the safety of all our people, and together to counter violent extremism in North America and elsewhere around the world.”

When a terrorist attacks in Jerusalem, Kerry does not even bother to put his name on the press release. He dictates to Spokeswoman Jen Psaki to say, “We urge all sides to maintain calm and avoid escalating tensions in the wake of this incident.”

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Dem Rep. Jim McDermott Mocks People Worried About Islamic Terrorism After Canada Attacks: “There’s No Evidence” They’re Coming After Us…

Major douche.

Via PJ Media:

A Democratic congressman decried reactions to this week’s terrorist attacks in Canada, arguing people shouldn’t get worked up about “Muslim hordes” coming to get the U.S.

Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) told MSNBC yesterday that President Obama was “very measured in his response.” Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper called the killing of a soldier at the National War Memorial in Ottawa followed by shots fired at the parliament building the work of a “terrorist” in his address to the nation. Obama stressed “we don’t yet have all the information about what motivated the shooting,” adding “it emphasizes the degree to which we have to remain vigilant when it comes to dealing with these kinds of acts of senseless violence or terrorism.” [...]

“You know, we’ve just gone through the Ebola virus. That was the crisis of last week. Everybody’s hair was on fire about Ebola and suddenly a shooting occurs in Canada and suddenly our hair is on fire that somehow the Muslim hordes are going to come and get us; there’s no evidence for that,” he said.

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Poll: Greg Abbott Absolutely Crushing Wendy Davis, Leads By 16-Points…

Abortion Barbie is running one of the worst campaigns I’ve ever seen.

Via Texas Tribune/University of Texas poll:

Screen shot 2014-10-23 at 10.09.06 AM

HT: Phil Kerpen

Touching Cartoon On Canadian Terror Attack

Malaysian Islamists Want Man Stoned To Death For Organizing Dog-Petting Event For Muslims…

Stoned to death for petting a dog? Seems a tad excessive.


A Malaysian social activist has received death threats and torrents of online abuse for organizing a dog-familiarization event that religious conservatives claim insults Islam.

More than 1,000 people attended the “I Want to Touch a Dog” event in the affluent Bandar Utama neighborhood on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur on Sunday to learn about Islam’s views on canines and become familiar with the animals, which are a source of fear for many Malaysians.

But the event’s planner, Syed Azmi Alhabshi, has now been forced into hiding after hard-liners insisted he “should be stoned to death.”

Traditionally, dogs are considered haram, or forbidden, in Islam as they are thought of as dirty. But while conservatives advocate complete avoidance, moderates simply say Muslims should not touch the animal’s mucous membranes — such as the nose or mouth — which are considered especially impure. Even if that happens, they say, there is a special cleansing ritual that can be followed.

Dem Rep. Steve Cohen: GOP Opposition to Obamacare “Will Cause Much Greater Ebola Epidemic”…


The fact that the far-left Steve Cohen said this will come as a surprise to zero WZ readers.