Hands Up – Don’t Serve: Chipotle In Brooklyn Refuses To Serve Cops Over #BlackLivesMatter

You know what to do Internet…


Sunday Smile: Evan Catches Santa Claus…Or Does Santa Catch Evan?

Yes, Evan, there IS a Santa Claus!

Via IJR:

Seven-year-old Evan thought he had found a way to outsmart Santa. He set up a surveillance camera set up to catch the big man’s arrival on Christmas Eve.

When the family gathered to watch the video the next day, Evan got what he had been waiting for. The sound of sleigh bells and Santa’s dramatic “poof” into the room were enough to cause wonder…even as the little tech wizard wondered why Santa hasn’t noticed his set-up.

But Evan spoke too soon. Because moments after delivering the presents, Santa looked into the camera and delivered a gentle reprimand.

Hearse Carjacked In Front Of Funeral Home, Chase Ensues


Safe bet it wasn’t a bait car.


Police responded to reports of a hearse being stolen from the Ebnezer Baptist Church, located at 4901 Avalon Blvd. (map), around 11 a.m., according to LAPD Sgt. Fillippo.

Witnesses said an older man climbed into the unoccupied hearse and drove off. The vehicle’s motor was running before he entered it.

Multiple funeral attendees then followed the hearse, managed to get the man to pull over, and a verbal and physical confrontation ensued.

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Imperial Edict: “Sorry, This Beach Has Been Reserved For The First Family”


You peons get lost, only the imperial family may swim.

Via Daily Mail:

President Obama, first lady Michelle and their two daughters hit the halfway point of their 17-day vacation in Hawaii as they went to the beach, which Secret Service agents on Jet Skis guarded the waters to keep away the hoi polloi.

“Sorry, this beach has been reserved for the First Family,” wrote the UK’s Daily Mail. The paper reported that “The main task of the agents seemed to focus on stopping any other people in kayaks getting to close to the president, his wife and their two daughters.

“The officers could be seen telling different groups at the popular spot to turn around, as they sectioned off part of the water.”

According to the pool report, written by a U.S. media reporter on site with the first family, “At 2:30 pool van was on the move leaving the Bellows AF station beach. But it was a false alarm. After following for less than two minutes the pool van learned we were following Flotus and the Obama daughters — but Potus had not yet departed. (The First Family had traveled together to the beach.) Pool van doubled back to clubhouse and waited for Potus motorcade to emerged from secluded area. At 2:45 pm the actual Potus motorcade emerged –with Secret Service shooing off the road a man walking along and holding a golf club–and we were on the move again to an undisclosed location.”

The Obamas later went out to dinner at the exclusive Alan Wong’s restaurant. The president did not attend the funerals of two New York Police Department officers murdered in the line of duty, instead sending his vice president.

Eerily Similar To NY Case: Durham Police Officer Targeted And Shot At By Two Black Men Who Came Up Behind His Police Car

Sounds a lot like the NYC case.

Via ABC11:

Durham police say a man fired shots at one of their officers Thursday night.

It happened in the area of Lakeland Street and Truman Street around 10 p.m.

A department spokesperson said Officer J.T. West was sitting in his marked patrol car working on a report when he saw two suspicious men coming up from behind his car near an abandoned apartment building.

West got out of his car to speak to the men, but before he could say a word, one of them pulled a handgun from his waistband and fired six shots at the officer. One of the bullets struck the police vehicle.

West returned fire, getting off two shots as he ran for cover across the street. West dove behind a staircase in the abandoned apartment complex, injuring his wrist as he fell.

ISIS Executed Nearly 2,000 People In Six Months

ISIS Execution deseert

Crickets from the UN Commission on Human Rights.

Via Reuters

The Islamic State militant group has killed 1,878 people in Syria during the past six months, the majority of them civilians, a British-based Syrian monitoring organization said on Sunday.

Islamic State also killed 120 of its own members, most of them foreign fighters trying to return home, in the last two months, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The militant group has taken vast parts of Iraq and Syria and declared a caliphate in territory under its control in June. Since then it has fought the Syrian and Iraqi governments, other insurgents and Kurdish forces.

Rami Abdulrahman, the head of the Syrian monitoring group, told Reuters that Islamic State killed 1,175 civilians, including eight women and four children.[…]

Abdulrahman, who gathers information from all sides of the Syrian conflict, said that Islamic State had also executed 502 soldiers fighting for President Bashar al-Assad and 81 anti-Assad insurgents.

He said that 116 foreign fighters who had joined Islamic State but later wanted to return home, were executed in the Syrian provinces of Deir Al-Zor, Raqqa and Hassakeh since November. Four other Islamic State fighters were killed on other charges, Abdulrahman said.

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47 Inspector Generals Being Stonewalled In Their Investigations By Members Of Obama Regime


Fish stinks from the head down…

Via NRO:

Darrell Issa’s leading role in the IRS investigation may have come to a close — he lost his chairmanship of the House Oversight Committee to term limits — but there is plenty of work left for his successor, Jason Chaffetz of Utah. None of these criminals has been punished; the maddening fact is that Lois Lerner is enjoying a six-figure pension at the expense of the very taxpayers against whom she conducted a corrupt political jihad. And even if that happy day should come when Lerner et al. are given one-way bus tickets to Florence, Colo., or some other suitable destination, Chaffetz and his colleagues still would have a tremendous amount of work to do; if Issa’s time has taught us anything, it is that the federal agencies are in thrall to a culture of criminality, and that the most significant crime in the agencies’ repertoire is the obstruction of federal investigations.

Earlier this year, 47 inspectors general — the officials charged with fighting corruption, waste, and wrongdoing in federal agencies — sent a letter to Issa’s committee complaining that organizations ranging from the EPA to the Justice Department were impeding their investigations by withholding information — despite the fact that federal law specifically forbids withholding that information. These are not a bunch of Republican operatives trying to score a few political points: Those 47 inspectors general comprise more than half of all such officials, and many who signed the letter were appointed by President Barack Obama. Their complaint is that the federal agencies treat them more or less like they do . . . members of Congress: thwarting them, withholding documents, obstruction investigations.

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Giuliani: Obama Backing Police With Al Sharpton (CI 7) Next to Him Like Promising To Fight The Mafia Alongside Joe Colombo

CBS continues to carry water for the White House.

Via CNS News

President Obama might offer plenty of praise for American police at some times, but his friendly associations with Al Sharpton and comments at other times add up to contempt for police officers, Rudy Giuliani says.

Asked by CBS whether he’d recant some claims about President Obama’s anti-police rhetoric because the president has praised police often, Giuliani declined, and pointed first to the president’s frequent meetings with Sharpton.

“You make Al Sharpton a close adviser, you’re going to turn police against you,” Giuliani said. “I saw this man help cause riots in New York; I’ve heard his anti-police invective firsthand. To have a man who hasn’t paid $4 million in taxes, to have a man who’s spent his career helping to create riots and phony stories about police, to have that man sitting next to you speaks volumes. Actions speak louder than words.”

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1-Year-Old Boy Killed By Spray and Pray Shots Fired Into Milwaukee Home

Milwaukee spray and pray

Remind me again about the police killing young innocent black men. Per a previous story, an innocent kid is killed.

Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A 1-year-old boy was killed Saturday night when someone fired several dozen shots from the street into a home on Milwaukee’s northwest side.

The boy was conscious and breathing after the shooting but later died at the hospital, police said.

“I am extremely saddened to report that the 13-month-old little boy who was shot in the 6400 block of N. 73rd St. has died of his injuries. This is now a homicide investigation,” Deputy Inspector Terrence Gordon said in a statement about 10:20 p.m.

The boy and his mother were visiting relatives in a duplex when shots were fired into the home just before 6:30 p.m., police said.

At the scene, Gordon said the child was the only person in the home struck by the gunfire.

He said it’s not clear whether the house was targeted or whether a shooting occurred on the street and the house was sprayed with bullets in the process.[…]

The shooting follows two other recent incidents in which a child was injured or killed when someone shot into a house.

Milwaukee police are still trying to identify suspects or a motive in the fatal shooting of Laylah Petersen. The 5-year-old was killed while sitting on her grandfather’s lap Nov. 6 after bullets were shot into a home near the corner of N. 58th St. and W. Fairmount Ave.

At the time, Mayor Tom Barrett said: “The whole city is grieving with the family.” He called Laylah’s death “an unspeakable tragedy.”

Another 5-year-old girl was struck by debris after gunshots were fired into two homes on Christmas night, Milwaukee police said.

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Cops Shoot Armed Thug, Activists Swarm And Call It ‘Just Like Ferguson’

Click photo for video.

HTS Loung

Time to let community activists start policing their own communities.


Some people just won’t let facts get in the way of their hatred for cops.

That certainly seemed the case early Friday morning, when a man was shot and killed by a police officer outside a Texas bar.

The manager of H.T.’s Lounge in Texas City had called police to report a man firing a gun at customers as they left the bar.

When an officer arrived, Carlton Smith, 20, pointed his weapon at the cop, who then fired several shots at the man, killing him, police spokesman Cpt. Joe Stanton told the Houston Chronicle.

After more officers arrived on the scene, a crowd almost immediately began to form, with some cursing and throwing bottles at officers, Stanton told the Chronicle.

After reviewing security surveillance video, the bar’s owner, Harris Aldridge, confirmed Smith moved toward the officer with the weapon, according to KENS5 Eyewitness News.[…]

One witness said another woman who was at the scene had fired a gun in the air before the deadly shot.

“The girl had the gun,” the witness told ABC 13. “Why’d they kill him?”

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Video: U.S. Airstrike Pummels Islamic State Buildings Near Aleppo, Syria…

With any luck we vaporized a bunch of Islamic State rats.

Illinois Man Arrested After Threatening To “Kill Cops And Innocent White Kids”


So we get it straight, anarcho-communists are protesting on behalf of men who attack cops, men who point guns at and attempt to shoot cops, arsonists who are caught setting fire to buildings on video. Can this man who threatened to kill children be next? After all, ‘he was expressing what he felt” like everyone else…


An Illinois man was arrested after police officers investigated a Facebook post in which he allegedly threatened to “kill cops and innocent white kids.”

Police arrested Aries Woodfin, 33, at a suburban Illinois home Friday after they found a .45-caliber pistol, several rounds of ammunition and what police described as a homemade shooting range in the basement, reports TV Station ABC7 in Chicago.

A message sent to the Cook County Sheriff’s Office was not returned to the Daily News Sunday.

But the owner of the home told the station that gun belonged to her and that Woodfin does not pose a threat to the community.

His post on Dec. 8 on the social media website was merely him expressing his outrage over recent highly publicized incidents in which white police officers killed young black teenagers and were not charged, she said.

“He was speaking his mind,” Beatrice Franklin told the station. “He was expressing how he felt, which is what everyone else was doing on Facebook as well, expressing themselves. They were ranting and they were raving.”

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China Is Blocking Access To Gmail

Police States all getting their crack-down on. This usually proceeds a beat down.

Via Mashable:

China is blocking access to Google’s popular Gmail service, according to data from Google and analysis from Dyn Research.

Traffic has dropped to nearly zero, per Google’s transparency reports, which provides real-time information about usage of its services.

Dyn Research, an Internet analysis firm, said it confirmed that an “IP-level” block of Gmail had occurred.

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ISIS Kills Iranian Qods Force General In Central Iraq


Iran, part of the Middle East coalition built by SOS Heinz Kerry.


An Islamic State sniper gunned down a general in Iran’s Qods Force who was advising Iraqi troops and Shiite militias in the battleground city of Samarra in central Iraq.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) announced that Brigadier General Hamid Taqavi was “martyred” while serving in Samara, close to the “shrine of Imam Hassan Askari” on Dec. 27, 2014, Jahan News, a hard-line Iranian media outlet reported. Taqavi was killed by an Islamic State “sniper,” ABNA noted.

Taqavi served as an “adviser to the [Iraqi] Army and the popular mobilization of the Iraqi people,” a reference to the Shiite militias that fight alongside the Iraqi military. Iran’s Qods Force, the expeditionary special operations arm of the IRGC, is tasked with supporting the Iraqi military and Shiite militias, including the Badr Brigade, Hezbollah Brigades, Asaib al Haq (League of the Righteous), and Muqtada al Sadr’s Promised Day Brigade (or Peace Brigade). The Shiite militias have been instrumental in reinforcing beleaguered and demoralized Iraqi forces, and have helped retake some areas in Iraq, including Jurf al Sakhar and Amerli.

The IRGC said that Taqavi was “one of the commanders of the Ramazan Base, during the sacred defense,” of Iran during the Iran-Iraqi war from 1980-88. The Ramazan Base “was important” to the the Iranians, said Ali Alfoneh, a Senior Fellow at Foundation for Defense of Democracies who specializes on Iran.

“During the war with Iraq, they [the Iranians] directed operations behind enemy lines” in Iraq from the Ramazan Base, Alfoneh said.

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Pic Of The Day: Obama Wears A Tiara (No, Seriously!)


Pete Souza, the White House photographer was sorting out his pictures for the year and posted this one he took of Obama in May with Girl Scouts.

Iran’s Army Testing Suicide Drone To Be Used As ‘Mobile Bomb’

Iran suicide drone

To reach the places that the suicide vest or anal bombers can’t reach.

Via Stars and Stripes

Iran’s army said Saturday it has deployed a suicide drone for the first time in massive ongoing military drills near the strategic Strait of Hormuz at the entrance to the Persian Gulf.

Gen. Ahmad Reza Pourdastan, the army’s chief commander of ground forces, described the unmanned aircraft as a “mobile bomb,” according to state media, which said the aerial device is designed to strike air, ground and naval targets.

He did not provide the name of the drone. The conservative Kayhan daily referred to it as the Yasir, while an online news website called it the Raad. Officials could not be reached for comment.

The Yasir drone, first unveiled last year, can fly for up to 10 hours and carry out 360-degree imaging, officials said at the time. Western military analysts say the Yasir is a modified version of the American ScanEagle drone. Iran said in December 2012 that it had seized at least three Boeing-designed ScanEagle drones after they allegedly violated its airspace over the Persian Gulf.

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Secret Dead Of Russia’s Undeclared War


Mothers aren’t even allowed to know how their sons died.

Via Telegraph:

Anton Tumanov gave up his life for his country – but his country won’t say where, and it won’t say how.

His mother knows. She knows that Mr Tumanov, a 20 year-old junior sergeant in the Russian army, was killed in eastern Ukraine, torn apart in a rocket attack on August 13.

Yelena Tumanova, 41, learned these bare facts about her son’s death from one of his comrades, who saw him get hit and scooped up his body.

“What I don’t understand is what he died for,” she says. “Why couldn’t we let people in Ukraine sort things out for themselves? And seeing as our powers sent Anton there, why can’t they admit it and tell us exactly what happened to him.”

As the year draws to a close, the Kremlin continues to insist that not a single Russian soldier has entered Ukraine to join pro-Moscow separatist militia who have been fighting government forces there since April. During his annual press conference earlier this month, Vladimir Putin, the president, said that all Russian combatants in Ukraine’s Donbas region were volunteers answering “a call of the heart”.

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US And NATO Mark End Of Afghan Combat Mission With Kabul Ceremony

Afghanistan mission over dec8

All hail, Obama has ended the good war. Aw hell.


A symbolic ceremony at NATO headquarters on Sunday marked the official end to the US-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) combat mission in Afghanistan.

“Together… we have lifted the Afghan people out of the darkness of despair and given them hope for the future,” the US commander of ISAF, General John Campbell, told the NATO soldiers assembled at the ceremony at military headquarters.

“You’ve made Afghanistan stronger and our countries safer,” he said in the speech, released by ISAF on Twitter, as live broadcasts were banned for security reasons.

“The road before us remains challenging, but we will triumph,” he added.

Handover complete

The ceremony completed the step-by-step handover of responsibility to Afghan forces, who have nominally been in charge of security since the middle of last year. The ISAF combat mission will now transition to a “training and suppport” mission under NATO leadership starting on January 1.

The “Resolute Support” mission will see 13,500 soldiers, mostly American, provide training and aid to Afghan army, paramilitary and police forces as they try to put down a deadly insurgency by the Taliban that has caused almost 10,000 casualties this year alone – the highest figure since the United Nations began keeping records in 2008.[…]

Altogether some 3,500 foreign troops were killed in 13 years of fighting, 2,224 of them American.

At its peak, the force counted 140,000 troops as Obama boosted numbers in 2010 in a bid to drive insurgents out of strategically important regions such as the southern provicnes of Helmand and Kandahar.

Many Afghans fear that the withdrawal of NATO combat troops will contribute to a deteriorating security situation, with Afghan officials complaining of a lack of assets such as air support, medical evacuation and intelligence.

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Supreme Irony: That Awkward Moment When Anti-Police Protesters Call Police…Update: Big Surprise, Video Proves Protesters Lying About Being Hit By Car

As with most things that comes from the anarchist protesters, this too was a lie:

Here’s the video of the horrible event of the car that “plowed through them” and “knocked down one of our protesters”. Notice how not only do they try to stop the car, which is moving slowly, but no one is actually hit, no one appears to have been knocked down or hurt. On the contrary, if you watch it slowly, you can see them rushing at the car from the sidewalk. No wonder the driver sped up to get away. But they’re still screaming about how the horrible police ignored this injustice.

*By the way, Julie Bush, one of the folks propagating this lie, has written fiction for Sons of Anarchy. How appropriate…

**Prior to this horrific incident, these lovely young folks were burning an American flag.

HT: @Matthops82

Cruise Missile-Spotting Balloon Rises Over Maryland


Back in the 80’s the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) was proposed by President Reagan. SDI was called Star Wars in the mainstream media. Obama is taking us back to 1930’s/1940’s technology with the Hindenburg Coastal Defense Boondoggle. Any reports of missing cruise missiles from the Benghazi Arms Depot?

Via Baltimore Sun

When the weather’s good, a strange speck will be visible on the Baltimore skyline: a giant balloon the Army is floating high above Middle River to scan for cruise missiles.

The balloon — technically an aerostat because it’s tethered to the ground — is expected to launch Saturday. It’s one of a pair planned for the skies over Maryland to test sensors that can detect and train fire on cruise missiles from hundreds of miles away.

They’re aimed at filling what some military officials see as a gap in U.S. air defenses. But the program has been beleaguered by shrinking budgets and opposition from privacy advocates, who warn that the balloons could be transformed into ever-present eyes in the sky, watching the movements of everyone for miles around.

Aberdeen is hosting the balloons for a three-year test. Officials stress they will not carry cameras.

The Army showed off the first helium-filled balloon last week at an Aberdeen Proving Ground annex. The gleaming white, 80-yard-long inflatable hovered just above a wide patch of gravel, where it was free to swing about in the breeze.

At the briefing, Capt. Matt Villa, a planning officer with the Army, attempted to assuage concerns.

“I can’t stress enough there are absolutely no cameras or video equipment on board … the system,” Villa said. “Its radars cannot detect people, it does not store information … it has no weapons on board.”[…]

Defense officials originally wanted to field as many as 16 of the balloon pairs. But after costs spiked, the program was scaled back, and the pair above Maryland now look to be the only ones in operation.

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