Italian Reporter After Leaving Gaza Confirms It Was A Hamas Rocket That Hit School Playground Killing 10 Kids…

Not like the media will report it.

Via INN:

An Italian journalist who until Tuesday was embedded in Gaza has backed the IDF’s account of a rocket strike on a school playground in central Gaza’s Shati refugee camp on Monday.

At least 10 people were killed in the attack – most of them children – and some sources claimed the death toll was as high as 30. Palestinian sources were quick to blame Israel, claiming that an Israeli fighter jet fired missiles directly at the playground and nearby hospital. Israel denied the accusations, saying that Hamas rockets aimed at Israel from the area misfired, and struck both the school and the hospital.

Verifying facts on the ground in Gaza is notoriously difficult for foreign reporters, and even for Palestinian journalists seen as aligned with the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority, as journalists are closely watched by Hamas security forces and can face interrogation and a permanent ban from Gaza for publishing material deemed unfavorable to the territory’s Islamist rulers. As such, little information has emerged on what exactly happened that day in Shati.

But returning from a stint in Gaza, and safe from what he ominously referred to as potential “Hamas retaliation”, Italian journalist Gabriele Barbati broke the media silence by tweeting the following message, confirming that Hamas terrorists rushed to cover up evidence of what was indeed errant rocket fire aimed at Israel.

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MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Tells Obama To “Bring It From Your Loins”…

Tingles nods in approval.

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House Dem: Stop “Whining” About Insurance Plans Cancelled Because Of Obamacare…


You heard her, quit your bitching.

Via NRO:

Representative Anna Eshoo (D., Calif.) wants Republicans to stop “whining” about the insurance policies cancelled due to Obamacare regulations.

“Your plan is whining. Your plan is suing the president and using taxpayer dollars,” Eshoo said to Republicans during a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing as lawmakers debated a proposal by Representative Bill Cassidy (R., La.) to allow people to keep purchasing group plans currently available.

Video: Obama Stutters And Stammers Through Speech in Kansas…

Teleprompter malfunction?


Dem Rep. Barbara Lee On Immigration Crisis: “I’m Ashamed Of America”…

Barbara Lee

Aren’t liberals like Lee always ashamed of America?

Via Breitbart:

Tuesday at the Congressional Progressive Caucus’ Ad-Hoc Hearing on the humanitarian crisis of unaccompanied minors flooding across the U.S.-Mexico border, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) said she “felt ashamed” her country has handled the influx of illegal immigrant children.

After hearing the stories of several children who made the journey alone across several countries and the chaos they were greeted with at the border holding facilities Lee said, “In listening to your testimony I felt ashamed and I ask my colleagues are you talking about America? Is this America, where you have fled and were treated as you were.

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UNREAL: Dem Rep. Jan Schakowsky Accuses Border Patrol Of “Deliberately” Torturing Illegal Minors…

Jan Schakowsky

A vile accusation from a vile troll.

Via Breitbart:

On Tuesday, members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus held a hearing on the humanitarian crisis on the ten of thousands of unaccompanied minors flooding across the U.S.-Mexico border. During that hearing, Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) likened the cold temperatures maintained inside the holding facilities to “torture.”

Despite temperatures having reached over 100 degrees in El Paso, TX, the location of a Border Patrol holding facility, the Illinois  Democrat insisted that the children were “deliberately held in really uncomfortable situations.”

Jessica Jones, with the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service agreed with the “torture” description and said it was a “way of subduing the people being held.”

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Nancy Pelosi To Boehner: I Double Dog Dare You To Take Impeachment Off The Table…

…and we’re all back in the fifth grade.

WASHINGTON — House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) may have said he has no plans to impeach President Barack Obama, but his Democratic counterpart, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) dared him Wednesday to go one better and declare that impeachment is “off the table” — which is what she did when George W. Bush was president.

“When I became Speaker and people clamored for the impeachment of the president, I said what I advise the speaker to say right now: Impeachment is off the table,” Pelosi said in a House floor speech as members debated suing Obama. “This isn’t about impeachment. That simple sentence will be a clear one. ‘Impeachment is off the table.’”

Pelosi noted that there are Republicans in Boehner’s caucus who think impeachment is on the table. She suggested that Boehner, in spite of his denial on Tuesday, is also leaving the possibility open to satisfy the more extreme elements in his party, and pushing a lawsuit against the president just before the August recess to keep them satisfied.

And if Boehner really believes there will be no impeachment, she emphasized, he should do what she did when she disappointed liberals who wanted to impeach Bush for misleading America into the Iraq war.

Top Hamas Official: “Israelis Concentrate On Killing Children,” “Slaughter Christians To Mix Their Blood In Matzos”…


In a recent TV interview, Osama Hamdan, top Hamas representative in Lebanon and a member of the Hamas political bureau, said: “We all remember how the Jews used to slaughter Christians, in order to mix their blood in their holy matzos.”

Following is an excerpt from the interview, which aired on the Lebanese Al-Quds TV channel on July 28, 2014.

Osama Hamdan: The Israelis concentrate on killing children. I believe that this is engraved in the historical Zionist and Jewish mentality, which has become addicted to the killing of women and children.

We all remember how the Jews used to slaughter Christians, in order to mix their blood in their holy matzos. This is not a figment of imagination or something taken from a film. It is a fact, acknowledged by their own books and by historical evidence. It happened everywhere, here and there.

California Dem Gov. Jerry Brown In Mexico: Send Us More Illegals…

Hey, it’s not his money.

(ABC News) – California Gov. Jerry Brown said Tuesday his state is willing to shelter more migrant children from Central America if needed but reiterated that the United States needs to find a long-term solution to the immigration crisis.

“I would do everything I could to make sure California will do its part to shelter any young children that are in need of protection,” Brown said after meeting with more than a dozen Central American religious leaders and Los Angeles Catholic Archbishop Jose Horacio Gomez in Mexico to discuss the surge of unaccompanied Central American youth and families illegally crossing into the United States.

“I would support additional shelters to deal with this particular immediate challenge we have,” Brown added.

A Naval Base in California’s Ventura County known as “Building 267″ is one of three shelters set up by federal government officials to house hundreds of Central American children. There are also shelters in Texas and Oklahoma.

While Brown’s three-day visit to Mexico was primarily aimed at business matters, the governor also took on the immigration issue.

MSNBC Mentions “Impeachment” Once Every 22 Minutes…

Obsess much?

Via 538 Blog:

House Speaker John Boehner said Tuesday that Republicans have no plans to impeach President Obama, and that all the impeachment talk was driven by Democrats hoping to stir up their base.

Boehner’s statement isn’t literally true: There have been mentions of impeachment around the edges of the GOP and by some Republican members of Congress. But on the whole, Democrats are spending a lot more time talking about impeachment than Republicans.

Consider, for example, the Sunlight Foundation’s Capitol Words database, which tracks words spoken in the House and Senate. So far in July, there have been 10 mentions of the term “impeachment” in Congress and four others of the term “impeach.” Eleven of the 14 mentions have been made by Democratic rather than Republican members of Congress, however.

Impeachment chatter has also become common on cable news. On Fox News this month, Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor, called for Obama’s impeachment, for instance. But for every mention of impeachment on Fox News in July, there have been five on liberal-leaning MSNBC.

This data comes from a Lexis-Nexis search of transcripts on each network. It counts each mention of the words “impeach” or “impeachment.” The terms were used 32 times in a single episode of MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” on Monday. (Ordinarily, I’d adjust for the overall volume of words spoken on each network, but I know from my previous research that MSNBC and Fox News have about the same number of words recorded in Lexis-Nexis.)

The scoreboard so far in July: Fox News has 95 mentions of impeachment, and MSNBC 448. That works out to about 2.7 mentions per hour of original programming on MSNBC, or once every 22 minutes.

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Geraldo: Matt Drudge Trying To “Stir Up A Civil War” With Border Crisis Coverage…

Sure thing, Geraldo.

Via Mediaite:

Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera sniped at conservative blogger Matt Drudge over his website The Drudge Report’s emphasis on news regarding the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Shame on Drudge,” Geraldo tweeted Wednesday. “His authoritative website has gone hysterical on issue of immigrant children. 14 stories like ‘Could Ebola sneak across?’” [...]

“This is exactly what they did to the Irish in the 19th Century,” Rivera said of Drudge’s headlines, “and to the Chinese… and to the Jews and to the Italians. … ‘They bring disease.’”

He said Drudge is “doing his best to stir up a civil war.”

Geraldo continued, “We have to reject this hysterical jingoistic rhetoric, this inflamed hysteria hyped by irresponsible political ideologues.”

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Three Israeli Soldiers Killed In Booby-Trapped U.N. Health Clinic…

Via Times of Israel:

Three IDF soldiers were killed on Wednesday in Gaza in an explosion at a booby-trapped UNRWA health clinic that housed the opening of a tunnel, the IDF’s Gaza Division commander, Brig. Gen. Micky Edelstein, said.

Two of the three were named as Staff Sgt. Matan Gotlib, 21, of Rishon Lezion, and Staff Sgt. Omer Chai, 21, of Savion.

The three troops, part of the elite Maglan unit, were taking precautionary measures in efforts to limit damage to the structure before eliminating the tunnel, when the explosives detonated in the small building.

The troops had sent in sniffing dogs and a small robot to minimize damage to the structure, located in Khan Yunis, but explosives rigged to the building detonated, toppling part of the building on top of the soldiers.

Jihadi Work Accident: Three Egyptian Jihadists Killed When Bombs They Were Moving Detonate Prematurely…


(AFP) – Three people were killed when two bombs they were carrying in a pick-up truck went off prematurely south of Cairo, Egyptian government and security forces announced on Wednesday.

The three, who were allegedly planning an attack, were killed outright when the truck was completely blown apart in the village of Shurafa.

Ali Abderrahmane, governor of Giza province, spoke of “a powerful explosion” which destroyed the truck and said the dead “were preparing an attack on a security services control point”.

Since the fall of President Mohamed Morsi in July last year and a subsequent army crackdown, Egypt has seen a series of bombings targeting security forces and claimed by jihadists, particularly in the Sinai peninsula.

Poll: 87% Of Israelis Approve Of How Netanyahu Is Handling War In Gaza…


JERUSALEM — The airwaves are filled with images of death and destruction in the Gaza Strip. President Obama is pressing for an immediate cease-fire. More than 50 Israeli soldiers have been killed.

But at home, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is riding a massive wave of popularity.

Domestic support for the Israeli leader’s prosecution of the war in Gaza, which has left more than 1,200 Palestinians dead, has only grown over the past three weeks, as the Israeli public and political class rally behind an aggressive, definitive campaign against Hamas and its rockets and tunnels. The deep support among Israelis, from left to right, for the military’s Gaza offensive and Netanyahu’s leadership is almost unprecedented, political analysts say.

A poll this week for Israel’s Channel 10 news, conducted by the Sarid Institute, found that 87 percent of Jewish Israelis support continuing the Gaza operation. A survey by the Israel Democracy Institute found that 95 percent of Israeli Jews think the operation in Gaza is just, and 4 of 5 oppose a unilateral withdrawal. Just 4 percent said the Israeli military has used excessive force.

Obama To Republicans: “Stop Just Hatin’ All The Time”…

More childish taunts from the Campaigner-in-Chief.

KANSAS CITY Mo (Reuters) – President Barack Obama took his criticism of congressional Republicans for confounding his agenda to a higher pitch on Wednesday, appealing to them to “stop just hatin’ all the time.”

Republicans in the House of Representatives are expected to vote on Wednesday to sue Obama on grounds that he overstepped his authority while implementing the Affordable Care Act, his signature health care law commonly called Obamacare.

“Stop being mad all the time. Stop. Stop. Stop just hatin’ all the time,” he said of Republicans, drawing loud cheers from a raucous crowd of about 1,500 in an ornate theater in Kansas City.

“They’re not happy that I’m president, but that’s OK. Come on!” he said, gesturing as if to welcome lawmakers to a table.

“I’ve only got a couple of years left, come on, let’s get some work done. Then you can be mad at the next president,” he said, chuckling.

Al-Shabaab Jihadists Kill Somali Woman For Refusing To Wear A Veil…

Via BBC:

Militant Islamists in Somalia have shot dead a Muslim woman for refusing to wear a veil, her relatives say.

Ruqiya Farah Yarow was killed outside her hut near the southern Somali town of Hosingow by gunmen belonging to the al-Shabab group, they say.

The militants had ordered her to put on a veil, and then killed her after returning and finding she was still not wearing one, the relatives said.

An al-Shabab spokesman denied the group had killed the woman.

Al-Shabab does not fully control the area where she was living, he added.

Bangladesh: Mob Beats Man To Death For Not Fasting During Ramadan…


Then again, I remember the time I saw a Catholic man beaten to death for eating meat on a Friday during Lent… wait, that never happened.

Dhaka, July 29 (IANS) – At least one person was killed and over a hundred were injured Tuesday in clashes at Eid prayers over not fasting during Ramadan in Bangladesh.

The clashes occurred in five upazilas (sub-districts) of Habiganj district in the Sylhet division, reported.

A man identified as Shamim, 50, was beaten to death in Begunai, a village in Lakhai upazila, when followers of the Union Parisad’s former chairman Morshed Kamal Moshahid and a former member clashed because someone who did not keep fast came to attend Eid prayers.

“We later recovered the body,” said Mozammel Haque, Habiganj assistant superintendant of police.

More sporadic clashes were reported in Lakhai, Bahubal, Ajmiriganj, Shayestaganj and Sadar upazilas over “not fasting in Ramadan” or “delay in Eid prayers”.

Over a hundred people were admitted to various hospitals in Habiganj.

WaPo/ABC Poll: Only 39% Approve Of How Obama’s Handling Israel-Hamas Conflict…

I’m sure Obama’s pro-Palestinian bias isn’t helping him.

Via The Hill:

A majority disapprove of President Obama’s handling of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, according to a new poll.

A Washington Post-ABC News released Wednesday finds 39 percent approve of his handling of the issue, with 52 percent disapproving.

The president is also underwater overall on international affairs, with 46 percent approval and 50 percent disapproval.

The poll attributed the comparatively lower marks on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to Democrats and younger people aged 18 to 39.

Hamas Asks Hezbollah To Join Fight Against Israel…


Hezbollah is too busy fighting Sunni jihadists in Syria (on behalf of their Iranian overlords) to mount an effective campaign.

Via Times of Israel:

As Operation Protection Edge continues into its fourth week, Hamas has asked Hezbollah to join the fight against Israel.

Moussa Abu Marzouk, the Cairo-based deputy head of Hamas’s political bureau, told Russian news agency RIA Novosti, “We hope the Lebanese front will open and together we will fight against this formation [Israel],” The Daily Star reported.

“There’s no arguing that Lebanese resistance could mean a lot,” he declared.

Since the outset of Operation Protective on July 8, several rockets have been fired upon northern Israel from Lebanon, though Palestinian groups, not Hezbollah, have been suspected in those cases.

On Wednesday morning, an IDF patrol was fired upon in the northern Galilee.

Poll: Majority of Americans Say Illegal Minors Should Not Be Treated As Refugees, No Moral Obligation To Offer Asylum…

Damn you nativists! (shakes fist in air).

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Americans are wary of granting refugee status to children crossing the U.S. border to flee strife-torn countries in Central America, and most in an Associated Press-GfK poll say the U.S. does not have a moral obligation to accept asylum seekers generally.

The new poll found 53 percent of Americans believe the United States has no moral obligation to offer asylum to people who escape violence or political persecution, while 44 percent believe it has that responsibility.

And more than half, 52 percent, say children who say they are fleeing gang violence in Central America should not be treated as refugees, while 46 percent say they should.

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