Canadian Terror Attack Thread II: Shooter Confirmed Dead…

Developing Story: Shooting At Canadian Parliament In Ottawa… Gunman On Roof Of Building Near Parliament – Update Guman Reportedly Dead…

A Canadian soldier has been shot across the street from Canada’s Parliament building in Ottawa and his status is unknown at this time. The shooting comes less than a week after an islamist with connections to ISIS hit and killed a Canadian soldier with a vehicle.

The shooter is presently on the run and it’s unclear at this time where he or she may be. Reports of a second shooting are unconfirmed but RCMP has now locking down an eight block radius of Parliament and is searching the Parliament building itself now.

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Obamacare Website Down For “Weekend” Scheduled Maintenance . . . On A Wednesday…

Via Weekly Standard: continues to prepare for open enrollment beginning on November 15, hoping to avoid a repeat of the disastrous launch in 2013. Apparently the preparations include extra “scheduled” maintenance. Wednesday morning, the site displayed a message reading, “The system isn’t available right now. We’re performing scheduled maintenance. Learn more.” The message was posted on the site some time Tuesday evening:

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Shocker! Video Purportedly Showing NYPD Officer Profiling Muslim Men In Islamic Clothing Is A Hoax…


CAIR leader Hussam Ayloush took the bait.

OCTOBER 21 — In a cynical and duplicitous attempt to capitalize on New York City’s documented racial profiling problems, a pair of bloggers have created a video purporting to show an NYPD officer stopping and frisking a pair of Muslim men for the crime of wearing traditional Islamic garments.

But the viral video is a sham, a staged production aimed to go viral and pile up views and YouTube channel subscriptions for its young creators, Brooklynites Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar, who get a piece of the revenue generated by ads that run before their videos play. [...]

The video opens with Saleh and Akbar loudly arguing as they walk down a Queens street. The men, dressed in jeans and t-shirts, shove each other and appear on the verge of exchanging blows. While this is transpiring, a purported NYPD officer stands just feet away. With his arms folded, the impassive cop–whose face has been blurred–does nothing as the pair seems on the verge of fighting. The scene is apparently being filmed from a parked car by a friend of Saleh and Akbar.

The video then jumps ahead 20 minutes, when Saleh and Akbar are again seen arguing on the same sidewalk. This time, however, Saleh is wearing a headdress and a white robe. Akbar has on a keffiyeh scarf and an abaya, a long shirt. In their YouTube description of the video, the men describe these garments as their “cultural clothes.”

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Mass School Teaching Kids “There Is No God But Allah”…

Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 9.25.28 AM

Shockingly, parents have a problem with this. Note: I lived in Revere a few years ago and it is not your stereotypical lib elitist Mass city.

REVERE, Mass. (WHDH) – Some parents in Revere were angry when they learned students were being taught about Islam and the Muslim religion.

“No religion should be taught at school. In their paper it says Allah is their only God. That’s insulting to me as a Christian who believes in just Jesus only,” said Anthony Giannino.

A section of the textbook describing the beliefs of Muslims says, “I bear witness that there is no God but Allah.”

Giannino immediately pulled his son out of the classroom.

“We don’t believe in Allah. I don’t believe in my son learning about this here,” he said. “If my son was from another country and came here, he would have been catered to. But where he’s not being catered to, they give him an F.”

The superintendent of Revere Public Schools wrote the parents a letter explaining that it is simply part of the history in that section of the curriculum, and stated, “I want to be very clear that no religion is taught with the purpose of converting students to that religion…”

Other parents said they had no issue with the assignment.

“What is Muslim about, what is Christianity about. That’s what I teach at home. Everybody should respect everybody else’s religion,” said Idalia Garcia.

“When you’re talking about a specific region in the world, there’s going to be traditions and there’s gonna be religions that children should learn about,” said Ovidio Raffa.

Report: U.S. Embassy In Baghdad’s Green Zone Shelled, Islamic State Takes Credit…

Video released by ISIS:

Via Inquisitr:

ISIS has reportedly struck the U.S. embassy in Baghdad in what could be the furthest incursion yet into Iraq’s capital.

On Tuesday the Islamist militant group took credit for a mortar attack against the embassy in Baghdad. The group bragged about the attack on social media, claiming that there were likely casualties.

“Four rockets strike Green Zone in #Baghdad; helicopters hovering over the Green Zone; ambulances heading that way after strikes!!” one ISIS militant noted on Twitter.

Others noted that the mortars fell short of the U.S. embassy, leaving no one killed or injured.

Just one day before the alleged attack, retired Lt. Col. Oliver North claimed that sources in Iraq believed ISIS was planning a “major attack” against the embassy in Baghdad.

“They know Baghdad. They’ve lived in Baghdad,” North said of the militants reportedly planning the attack.

“They are at the gates of Baghdad. They’re coming for us,” he added.

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DNC Chief Wasserman Schultz Changes Her Tune, Now Refusing To Predict Dems Will Win The House Back…

Then again, nobody took her endless claims of a Dem takeover of the House seriously.

Michael Brown Autopsy Results Support Officer Wilson’s Story, Did Not Have Hands Up, Shot At Close Range…

Ferguson’s forecast calls for a 90% chance of heavy rioting along with torrential race baiting.

Via Business Insider:

Michael Brown’s official autopsy report does not seem to support the narrative that he had his hands up and was running away when he was shot dead by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, according to experts who spoke to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The newspaper obtained a copy of the autopsy report, which details Brown’s wounds. A white police officer shot Brown, an unarmed black teenager, in August after stopping him and a friend for walking in the street.

The police officer, Darren Wilson, reportedly told investigators that there was an altercation in his police vehicle before he shot Brown. Wilson claimed Brown was reaching for Wilson’s gun.

Brown’s wounds seem to support that — according to the autopsy, he was shot in the hand at a very close range. A forensic pathologist told the Post-Dispatch that “if he has his hand near the gun when it goes off, he’s going for the officer’s gun.”

The report also seems to suggest that Brown was facing Wilson when Wilson fired the fatal shots, not running away as some witnesses have said.

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Dem Sen. Jeanne Shaheen: I’m “Absolutely” Proud Of Obamacare…

Does she want to lose?

Al Nusra Front Stones Man To Death For Adultery In Syria…

Nusra Front

You don’t hear much about al-Qaeda’s official Syrian branch al Nusra Front these days thanks to ISIS, but they still have thousands of fighters, control a lot of territory and are just as brutal.

Via Reuters:

A man and a woman have been stoned to death for adultery in separate executions in jihadist-controlled areas of Syria, a monitoring group reported on Tuesday.

The man was executed in Idlib province in an area controlled by Islamist groups including the Nusra Front, al-Qaida’s official affiliate in Syria, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which tracks violence on all sides of Syria’s civil war.

It is the first documented case of a man being stoned to death for adultery since Syria descended into civil war in 2011 and hardline Islamic groups emerged as powerful players in areas that slipped from government control, the Observatory said.

Vulnerable Dem Senator Kay Hagan Skips Televised Debate After New Reports Of Corruption Surface…

Even worse for Hagan, they left an empty chair in her place.

Via America Rising:

Facing new reports of corruption and insider deals, Kay Hagan skipped tonight’s North Carolina Senate debate, leaving an empty chair to represent her campaign.  After the last debate, America Rising trackers caught Hagan skipping the post-debate press conference because of her inability to answer questions about missing Armed Services hearings on ISIS.

Saudi Arabia’s Top Islamic Cleric Says Twitter Is “The Source Of All Evil”…

Really? … Twitter?

Riyadh (AFP) – Twitter is nothing more than “a source of lies” and evil, Saudi Arabia’s top Muslim cleric said, in comments that sparked lively debate Tuesday on the microblogging site.

“If it were used correctly, it could be of real benefit, but unfortunately it’s exploited for trivial matters,” Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh said on his “Fatwa” television show broadcast late Monday.

Twitter is “the source of all evil and devastation”, the mufti said.

“People are rushing to it thinking it’s a source of credible information but it’s a source of lies and falsehood.”

The social media platform is popular among both men and women in ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia, where some supported the mufti’s views but many others objected.

“This is why I will repent, and close my account to distance myself from this great evil,” one Twitter user wrote with apparent sarcasm.

Video: Debate Audience Laughs At Dem Sen. Jeanne Shaheen Over Refusal To Answer If She Approves Of Obama…

Obama didn’t do her any favors with his “support my agenda” comment.

The Streak Continues: Obama’s Ebola Czar Skipping House Hearing On Friday…


Off to a great start. He’s already missed the first two White House meetings since being appointed

Via Fox News:

America’s newly appointed Ebola ‘czar’ is not yet in the House — at least not the ones on Pennsylvania Avenue or Capitol Hill.

Ron Klain, appointed last Friday by President Obama to direct the nation’s response to the Ebola crisis, sent his regrets Monday to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which had invited him to testify this Friday, a committee aide told Fox News.

Klain was invited to join Defense and Health and Human Services department officials also slated to testify at the hearing.

“The White House has informed us that he has not yet officially started and will not be able to attend Friday,” the committee aide told Fox News.

Klain, a former chief of staff to vice presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden, has yet to formally start his new assignment — though he was spotted on the White House campus on Saturday. Fox News was told, however, that he did not meet with the president – and was not part of an all-hands-on-deck Ebola meeting that same day.

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AP Poll: Obama’s Approval Rating Among Whites Is Just 34%…


Via AP:

An Associated Press-GfK poll out Tuesday found Obama has an 85 percent approval rating among black voters, versus 34 percent of whites. The White House said the president and first lady Michelle Obama plan to do more radio interviews aimed at black listeners in the final two weeks of the campaign. Obama also has been doing web videos, mailings and recorded calls targeted at black voters in key races, although the White House declined to reveal which candidates are requesting them.

WaPo Editor Who Oversaw Watergate Coverage Dead At The Age Of 93…


Via Washington Post:

Benjamin C. Bradlee, who presided over The Washington Post newsroom for 26 years and guided The Post’s transformation into one of the world’s leading newspapers, died Oct. 21 at his home in Washington of natural causes. He was 93.

From the moment he took over The Post newsroom in 1965, Mr. Bradlee sought to create an important newspaper that would go far beyond the traditional model of a metropolitan daily. He achieved that goal by combining compelling news stories based on aggressive reporting with engaging feature pieces of a kind previously associated with the best magazines. His charm and gift for leadership helped him hire and inspire a talented staff and eventually made him the most celebrated newspaper editor of his era.

The most compelling story of Bradlee’s tenure, almost certainly the one of greatest consequence, was Watergate, a political scandal touched off by The Post’s reporting that ended in the only resignation of a president in U.S. history.

But Mr. Bradlee’s most important decision, made with Katharine Graham, The Post’s publisher, may have been to print stories based on the Pentagon Papers, a secret Pentagon history of the Vietnam War. The Nixon administration went to court to try to quash those stories, but the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the decision of the New York Times and The Post to publish them.

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Six Times Our Amazing Leader Declared Crisis, Then Did Nothing…

Barack Obama

He’s got far more important things to do, like golf.

Via Breitbart:

Last week, President Obama finally began taking Ebola seriously – so seriously that he cancelled a campaign trip in order to hold an emergency meeting on Ebola. He then appointed a new Ebola czar, Ron Klain, whose stellar qualifications for handling a possible Ebola outbreak include flacking for Janet Reno, Al Gore, and Joe Biden. Finally, Obama held another Ebola meeting after going golfing. Klain skipped the meeting. It was the second such meeting Klain skipped.

Don’t worry. The Obama administration has top men on the job. Top. Men.

This makes the 1,297th crisis the Obama administration has initially ignored, then declared a crisis, then ignored again. Which doesn’t mean that the crises disappear – far from it. They accelerate, grow, metastasize. But since prestidigitator Obama has busily misdirected to the next pseudocrisis – Global warming! Sexual assault on college campuses! Fat kiddies shoving fast food down their drooling pieholes! – the media never return to the scene of the continuing crime.

Here are the top crises declared by the Obama administration – and the unreported-upon aftermath:

IRS Scandal. In the aftermath of the IRS admitting that it had targeted conservative non-profit applicants, President Obama said, “Americans are right to be angry about it, and I am angry about it.” He then said that there was no need for a special prosecutor – Eric Holder would clearly clean up this mess. Today, conservatives are still being targeted, and the Obama administration continues to obstruct any attempt to find the wrongdoers.

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IRONY ALERT: Ferguson Agitator And Anti-Gun Missouri State Senator Arrested Carrying Loaded 9MM…Update: Pic Of Nasheed With Gun


It sure seems a ton of anti-gun politicians get arrested carrying firearms…

Via The Blaze:

Missouri state Senator Jamilah Nasheed, a Democrat who was sponsored several “anti-gun” bills in her state, was arrested Monday night during a protest outside of the Ferguson Police Department. However, it’s what police officers found on her that is raising eyebrows.

Nasheed was carrying a loaded 9mm handgun and extra rounds of ammunition, according to Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson. She also refused to take a breathalyzer test after officers determined she “smelled strongly of intoxicants,” sources told KMOV-TV.

Nasheed claimed on Tuesday that she was not intoxicated at the time of her arrest and emphasized that she is a legal concealed carry permit holder.

Police arrested and charged the state senator with failure to obey lawful order of police and manner of walking in the roadway after she and other protesters refused to get out of the street.

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Nick note:

Here’s a picture of Ms. Nasheed apparently playing around with a gun:

Nasheed has said that if the prosecutor refuses to indict Darren Wilson, that past riots would look like a ‘picnic’ compared to the havoc that would occur:

According to one of her fellow Ferguson activist/lawmakers, Sen. Maria Chapelle-Nadal, Nasheed when she was young was in a gang called the Switchblade Sistas during which time Nasheed stabbed someone.

It will be interesting to see if other charges are pursued against Nasheed. It is illegal to conceal carry while intoxicated. She was not carrying her permit which could subject her to a fine. If she had a permit, how was she able to obtain it, given that she has a prior violent past history?

Feds Getting Ready To Take Executive Action on Immigration…


They won’t touch it until after the elections, but anything is possible from that point on…

Via NBC News:

León Rodríguez, the new head of Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), recalled how he was put on the “wait list” and eventually denied admission to Georgetown Law School, where he spoke Tuesday.

He tried to persuade the school’s officials to let him in and was told he was lucky to be on a wait list. The story is a metaphor for immigration policy, he said.

“What we do in immigration policy is decide who we want to admit to the U.S. and who we don’t,” he said.

Now Rodríguez is heading Citizenship and Immigration Services, a part of the Department of Homeland Security.

“Looking back Georgetown, would you have admitted me? Would you have had different policies?” he said to chuckles from an audience attending an immigration law and policy conference.

Rodríguez’s agency will be front and center once President Barack Obama announces the executive action he’ll take on immigration. Obama said he would take executive action after the elections but before the end of the year.

“We’re going to be ready,” Rodríguez said. “Our agency will be shouldering the primary responsibility for executing whatever it is.”

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Ebola Stricken NBC Cameraman Now Free Of Virus…

Finally some good news on the Ebola front.