Sunday Smile #2: Delaware State Troopers Volunteer To Be Pallbearers For Woman Who Died Alone


God bless them.

Via Delaware Online:

In this job we get to see the very worst of what goes on in our state on a daily basis.

Kids getting shot and killed in our cities.

Children suffering abuse at the hands of adults, sometimes fatal abuse and sometimes abuse that will scar them for years.

The devastating effects of drug abuse on our friends, our families and our communities.

And then there’s the other side of life that we get to see.

People showing concern for their fellow human beings in times of need. Feeding someone who’s hungry. Giving shelter to someone with none. Speaking a kind word to a broken soul. Sometimes it’s as simple as having the ability to see worth in others.

And that’s what happened here in our state on Friday as six members of the Delaware State Police Honor Guard showed up at the funeral for Valeria V. Mayer and acted as her pallbearers.

The same Valeria V. Mayer who just two weeks ago was the subject of a a two-sentence burial notice requesting relatives or friends come forward to claim her remains.

The same Valeria V. Mayer who was featured in this column a little over a week ago. It was then that I shared with you that some of the people involved in her medical care had seen the burial notice and took it upon themselves to find a place for Ms. Mayer. They were able to get a plot donated from All Saint’s Cemetery. In the column, I shared that the funeral was set for Friday, Jan. 23.

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Sunday Smile: America Sniper Continues To Break Box Office Records, Makes $247 Million So Far

Chris Kyle

The popularity of the movie says something very special about the American audience, a sign of the strength that is still there. And that is worth a Sunday smile…

Via Hollywood Reporter:

Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper remained a phenomenon in its second weekend, earning a stunning $64.4 million from 3,705 theaters and quickly becoming the No. 2 war film of all time at the North American box office, not accounting for inflation. Its domestic total through Sunday is $200.1 million for Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow.

In only 10 days in release, American Sniper has eclipsed the $198.5 million earned all in by Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor, and it will soon overtake the $216.5 million grossed by Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan in 1998. Taking inflation into account, Private Ryan would have earned more than $300 million by today’s terms; Sniper is sure to eclipse that number when all is said and done.

Overseas, the decidedly pro-American film earned another $17.6 million from 26 markets, bringing its foreign total to $47.5 million and global haul to $247.6 million. Sniper is a tough sell overseas, but is pulling in solid numbers in Europe and Australia (and it’s a blockbuster in Italy, where Eastwood is an icon).

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NJ Student Slams Teacher To Floor For Taking His Phone Away

We are dealing with a generation that doesn’t respect authority, rules and the law. The teacher violated his human and civil rights (sarcasm).

Via North Jersey

A ninth-grader at John F. Kennedy High School in Paterson was arrested Friday and charged with assaulting a teacher in a classroom.

The attack, captured on video, shows the teen slamming the 62-year-old educator to the floor in front of other students in an effort to get his cellphone back.

City school officials confirmed that criminal charges have been filed against the student, who has been suspended from school.

Someone in the classroom recorded the assault, which officials say took place at about 1 pm on Tuesday, and the video has been posted on YouTube.

The 23-second video shows the 16-year-old with his arms wrapped around the teacher, knocking him into an empty desk. The student then wrestles the teacher across the front of the classroom before slamming him to the floor. The teen then reaches down and wrests something from the teacher before breaking away when someone in the classroom yelled: “Security.”[…]

She said the student while on suspension will receive home instruction and a disciplinary hearing will determine “an appropriate, educational placement” for the rest of the school year.

“I’m disappointed I didn’t see any other kids in the classroom help [the teacher] out,” Tirri said about the events depicted in the short video. “Maybe they were afraid. I don’t know.”

“What strikes me is that the teacher never even defended himself,” said Lee McNulty, a retired JFK teacher who has been vocal recently with criticism about violence and disorder in the high school. “That just shows how much teachers are afraid of losing their job.”

“It’s troubling that in our society today students think that inside a school they can put their hands on each other and teachers as well,” said Jonathan Hodges, a veteran school board member. “I went online trying to find this video and I found numerous videos of teachers being attacked by their students.”

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Escapee: ISIS Wants To Plan An Attack “More Brutal” Than 9/11

Via Legal Insurrection:

A man named Ahmad Rashidi was interviewed on Meet the Press today and provided an alarming look into the goals of ISIS. He claims they want to be “better” than al-Qaeda and orchestrate an attack “more brutal” than the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.

Andrew Johnson of National Review has more:

Man Who Escaped ISIS: They Want to Plan an Attack ‘More Brutal’ than 9/11

The Islamic State is “happy” about the air strikes by the United States because it validates their efforts in emerging as a global threat, says a man who escaped after a month with the group.

Ahmad Rashidi was captured by the Islamic State when he went to Syria from London to retrieve the two daughters of a family friend; the teenage girls had fled England to marry Islamic State fighters. When Rashidi found one of the girls, her husband accused him of being a spy and he was taken prisoner and tortured. He later won the favor of his capturers by telling them he was a doctor; Rashidi is, in fact, a first-year medical student.

While embedded with the Islamic State for a month, Rashidi gained access to their computers and communications. He told NBC News’s Richard Engel that the group communicates with its contacts “every day” and is not worried about the West’s response to its attacks. In fact, the Islamic State was “happy” about the American military’s response of air strikes because it proved to the group’s leaders that they were considered as important a threat as al-Qaeda.

“They want to be more . . . better than al-Qaeda,” he told Engel. “This is why they need to do something more brutal than the World Trade Center.”

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Hackers Claiming To Be Part Of ISIS’s ‘Cyber Caliphate’ Break Into Website Of Malaysian Airlines


Busy cyber attacks today…

Via Malaysian Insider:

Hackers apparently linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) militant group today broke into the website of Malaysia Airlines.

“Plane not found,” said a message on the front page of the national airline’s website at this morning, signed off as “Cyber Caliphate”, as a rap song played in the background.

The website title was also changed to “Isis will prevail”.

It is understood that only those using Telekom Malaysia’s Unifi service are taken to the hacked page

Cutesy SOTU Speech Omitted Entitlement Crisis


Six years of carrying the Administrations water some in the media are realizing the hopey and changey mantra isn’t working.

Via Stars and Stripes

Unbelievable. President Barack Obama, among the most divisive presidents in our recent history, gives an also divisive State of the Union speech, taking credit for things he did not do, producing a laundry list of mostly bad things he plans and at the end sounding oh, so nice. This country of ours? We’re a “tight-knit family.” Republicans? He wants to get along with them. To repeat a question he asked, really?

If Republicans in control of Congress try to amend the Dodd-Frank financial fix-it law, a confused, micromanaging conglomeration that left even the bureaucratic cops on the beat confused, he will veto it, he said. Maybe you want to amend some of his unilateralist overreaching on immigration? Another veto, by golly! There are parts of Obamacare that are almost sure to cost Americans jobs, but no tinkering, folks. Just live and let live, OK? You hear me? OK!?[…]

In the final analysis, the State of the Union speech described the sad state of a White House that is ignoring something that could be as bad as anything America has faced since the Great Depression. There were some good ideas — free trade is a good idea — but cutesy talk of other problems that are no longer problems and proposed ways of making things better that would likely make things worse. And despite the sweet talk at the end, there was still no sign that this president has the least idea of how to negotiate with the political opposition, just cleverness in making them look like villains.

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Report: Freed Al Qaeda Agent Was Part Of Proposed Swap For Two Jailed Americans


Via Daily Beast:

Before he was released from a U.S. maximum-security prison last week, a confessed al Qaeda sleeper agent was offered up in a potential prisoner swap that would have freed two Americans held abroad.

The Daily Beast has learned that the proposal was floated in July 2014 to the then-U.S. ambassador in Qatar by an individual acting on behalf of that country’s attorney general. According to two individuals with direct knowledge of the case, the proposition was made shortly after the Obama administration traded five Taliban fighters for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Those fighters were also sent to Qatar, where they’re to remain under government watch until later this year. U.S. officials have said they’re at risk of plotting further attacks against the United States.

The proposed swap involving the al Qaeda agent, Ali Saleh Al-Marri, raises troubling questions about whether the Bergdahl trade opened a kind of Pandora’s box, signaling to foreign governments that they can pressure the United States to make concessions on terrorism by trading American prisoners abroad for dangerous extremists held in the United States.

“I believe we must examine the administration’s decision in the case of Al-Marri and determine if his release is connected to negotiations of any kind,” Rep. Duncan Hunter, a frequent critic of the Obama administration’s hostage negotiations, wrote Thursday in a letter to Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX), the House Armed Services Committee chairman, obtained by The Daily Beast.

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SOTU: “The President Has Spoke, And A Republican Has Spoke”, Now Group Gathered At Wallace’s Catfish Corner In Chicago Will Speak

Obama’s forgotten folks from Chicago.


No matter how rosy a picture President Obama paints of the American economy, Obamanomics isn’t working, according to a group of community leaders and organizers from Chicago — all of them African-American.

After Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday, the group gathered at Wallace’s Catfish Corner to offer their on-camera response to the “anti-establishment, citizen journalism” YouTube channel, Rebel Pundit.

“Tonight, the president has spoke, and a Republican has spoke,” grassroots activist Paul McKinley said on the video. “And now, we’re going to speak.”[…]

Activist Joseph Watkins said he hopes the 114th Congress, now firmly in Republican hands, will neutralize Obama’s signature programs, saying:

We hope the Congress defund Obamacare. We pray that Congress do away with your amnesty executive order, giving and providing illegal aliens and immigrants working permit to make sure the black man don’t get jobs in our own community.

McKinley wondered what all the excitement over Obama’s 2008 campaign was about.

“Was it all about using us?” he asked. “Was it all about getting all the people behind you to get you in the White House?”

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Breaking: Bomb Threat From Twitter Account Diverts Plane Traveling From LAX To Orlando…Update: Another Threat Against 2 Planes In SeaTac Airport….Update: All 3 Planes Evacuated

The account has been suspended. It is unclear yet as to whether there is any actual threat aboard the plane.

This follows a similar Twitter threat yesterday against two planes, including a Delta plane, from someone implying a connection to ‘Lizard Mafia’. NORAD was scrambled to escort the two planes to the ground at the airport in Atlanta. No bombs were found and no one was hurt.


Another security concern, police surrounding plane at Seattle-Tacoma (SeaTac):

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Dem NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver In Talks With Top Democrats To Step Aside As Leader


Corrupto-crat about to get the boot?

ALBANY — Embattled Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is in discussions with top Democrats in his house about possibly stepping aside as leader, the Daily News has learned.

“It’s very early in the conversation,” a source with firsthand knowledge of the talks said Sunday. “It could go in many different ways.”

The source said Silver, who is slated to meet privately with his Democratic members Monday at the Capitol, is part of the discussions.

“It could be something that is discussed (Monday) with members in conference,” the source said. “It’s in the early stages. It’s one of just several options being looked at.”

A Silver spokesman had no immediate comment.

If Silver, 70, were to step aside, there are various ways it can happen, the source said.

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Group Says ‘American Sniper’ Film Spurs Threats Against Muslims

Actress Sienna Miller, director Clint Eastwood and actor Bradley Cooper arrive for the premiere of the film "American Sniper" in New York

Another false flag operation from the Religion of the offended and peace.

Via Reuters

An Arab-American civil rights organization has asked “American Sniper” director Clint Eastwood and actor Bradley Cooper to denounce hateful language directed at U.S. Arabs and Muslims after the release of the film about a Navy marksman.

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) said in a letter to Eastwood and Cooper that its members had become targets of “violent threats” since early last week, before “American Sniper” went into general release. The letter said Eastwood and Cooper, the film’s producer and star, could bolster the ADC’s message of tolerance.

“It is our opinion that you could play a significant role in assisting us in alleviating the danger we are facing,” said the letter, dated Jan. 21. Reuters was provided a copy on Saturday.[…]

ADC President Samer Khalaf said on Saturday that it did not make sense to call for a boycott given the film’s box office success.

“If we boycott it, it will only cause people to want to see it more,” he said.

The Washington-based ADC asked Arabs and Muslims to send them copies of threatening messages they had received. More than 100 have been collected, all from social media.

“Nice to see a movie where the Arabs are portrayed for who they really are – vermin scum intent on destroying us,” said one Twitter post collected by the ADC.

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HT Theo Spark

Theaters receiving bomb threats same as the airlines?

Maher Confronts Howard Dean For Saying Paris Terrorists “Are About As Muslim As I Am”

Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”
Via Mediate:

Bill Maher confronted Howard Dean for saying earlier this month that the Paris terrorists are “about as Muslim as I am,” challenging him on the ideology of the terrorists and what many Muslims actually believe.

Dean told Maher that “the usual suspects distorted what I said,” arguing that calling these “subhuman… murderers” Islamic is giving them a victory. Maher and guest Bret Stephens shot back that it happens to be an accurate label.

Maher cited polls about certain beliefs in the Muslim community about marriage and told him he can’t possibly be “about as Muslim’ as extremism terrorists if he doesn’t believe those same things.

Dean just kept dismissing it, saying that would be like calling abortion bombers “Christian jihadists.”

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1,000 Paratroopers From The 82nd Airborne Panther Brigade Headed To Iraq This Week


Jump boots on the ground.

Via Fayobserver

The 82nd Airborne, and more specifically its 3rd Brigade Combat Team, are no strangers to Iraq.

Since 2003, parts of the brigade have deployed in support of U.S. efforts there on at least three occasions.

Now, more than three years after the U.S. military presence in Iraq was thought over, about a quarter of the Panther Brigade will return with a new mission to help train Iraqi forces to fight IS.

About 1,000 paratroopers from the brigade will deploy this week as part of the Operation Inherent Resolve mission.

The deployment was officially announced in December and is expected to last nine months.

As his paratroopers prepared for the mission, the brigade commander, Col. Curtis A. Buzzard, has watched tensions boil in the Middle East – and Iraq in particular – as forces have fought against the Islamic State group, also known by the acronym DAESH based on the group’s Arabic name, ad-Dawlah al-Islamiyah fi al-Iraq wash-Sham.

“We’ve seen the impact of DAESH over the last year and a half, not just on Iraq, but on the region,” Buzzard said. “It’s clearly an existential threat.

“It’s an absolutely brutal element that has impacts all across the region and instability in the region and you can see that clearly in Syria, Iraq, potentially Libya and Yemen,” he said. “The world can’t stand by and watch.”

Starting this week, Buzzard’s troops are done watching.

They’ll join about 250 paratroopers from the brigade already deployed to provide security to U.S. personnel.

But these latest troops will instead advise and assist Iraqi forces with the planning and execution of the counter offensive against ISIS.

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Graphic Video Shows Police Shooting In Oklahoma

Warning: video shows shooting of man

A critical element that Buzzfeed leaves out of the story is that this was outside the wedding of the man’s ex-girlfriend, and that he had told her “there’s a bullet with your name on it” here. Fortunately also at 5:30, you hear the pastor who called for the police originally confirming the officer ‘followed procedure’. I’m sure that wouldn’t matter for the people who will see Terence Walker as just another excuse for their protests.

Via Buzzfeed:

The shooting happened Jan. 17 when Officer Chansey McMillin tried to search Terence Walker, 21, outside a church, according to KOTV. Police had been called to the scene due to reports of a disturbance between Walker and a woman identified as either his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend. Pastor Andre Jones made the 911 call, and told police “he’s here with a gun,” The Oklahoman reported.

McMillin reportedly felt a weapon during the pat down.

As he was being patted down, Walker took off running. McMillian, who was wearing a body camera, chased him.

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Obama, Modi Declare Era Of ‘New Trust’ In US-India Nuclear And Climate Change Relations


Nukes for all


President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday declared an era of “new trust” in the often fraught relationship between their nations as the U.S. leader opened a three-day visit to New Delhi.

Standing side by side at the stately Hyderabad House, Obama and Modi cited progress toward putting in place a landmark civil nuclear agreement, as well as advances on climate change and defense ties.

But from the start, the day was more about putting their personal bond on display. Modi broke with protocol and wrapped Obama in an enthusiastic hug after Obama got off Air Force One.

Obama later told reporters that Modi’s “strong personal commitment to the U.S.-India relationship gives us an opportunity to further energize these efforts.”

Modi was as effusive. He called Obama by his first name and said “the chemistry that has brought Barack and me closer has also brought Washington and Delhi closer.”

Obama was to be the chief guest Monday at the annual Republic Day festivities, which mark the anniversary of India’s democratic constitution coming into force. Obama is the first U.S. leader to attend the celebrations that are part Soviet-style display of India’s military hardware, part Macy’s Thanksgiving Day-type parade with floats highlighting India’s cultural diversity.

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WH Mentions First Name Of American Female Hostage Held By ISIS Despite Specifically Being Asked Not To By Family


Incompetence rides again…

Via Foreign Policy:

White House officials routinely ask media outlets to keep the identity of the 26-year old American woman held hostage by Islamic State a secret. White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough mistakenly ignored the administration’s own policy Sunday morning when he mentioned her first name on national television.

Speaking on ABC News’s “This Week With George Stephanopoulos” following the beheading of Haruna Yukawa, one of the two Japanese hostages held by the Islamic State, McDonough used her first name while outlining efforts to get her home.

“And as it relates to our hostages, we are obviously continuing to work those matters very, very aggressively. We are sparing no expense, and sparing no effort, both in trying to make sure that we know where they are and make sure that we’re prepared to do anything we must to try to get them home.”

Then, in what administration officials conceded was a gaffe, McDonough used the woman’s first name before adding that her “family knows how strongly the president feels about this. And we will continue to work this.”

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Breaking: Shooter Opens Fire At Home Depot In Manhattan, 2 Killed, Including Shooter


I’ve been into this store multiple times.

Via NY Post:

A disgruntled Home Depot employee shot a manager to death before killing himself in a crowded Chelsea store Sunday afternoon, sending droves of shoppers — stocking up for the impending snow storm — fleeing for their lives, law-enforcement sources said.

The store manager, 38, was pronounced dead at Bellevue Hospital, where he was rushed after the shooting.

The shooter, 31, fatally shot himself in the head after pumping at least one bullet into the chest of his victim, a witness said.

A store employee said the victim had just returned from a vacation trip to France, where he was visiting his wife and child.

“I heard about some shots towards the back of the store. It sounded like 4 or 5 shots,” said the employee.

“I heard someone yell, ‘Oh, my God, he’s dead! It was on the main floor near the lighting department.

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Wait What? Chief Of Staff: Obama ‘Not Surprised’ By Yemen Collapse


Via Washington Examiner:

President Obama was “not surprised” the Yemeni government fell into the hands of rebels backed by Iran, White House chief of staff Denis McDonough said Sunday.

The senior Obama aide said the president has had concerns about the Middle Eastern country since the early days of his administration.

“Governance in Yemen has always been difficult,” McDonough said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

McDonough touted counterterrorism efforts in Yemen that he said were designed to keep Arabian Peninsula terrorists “off-kilter.”

“But the government fell,” host Bob Schieffer said. “I mean, the strategy obviously didn’t work.”

The president’s chief of staff continued to defend the policies that led to the overthrow of the U.S.-backed Yemeni government this week.

“We were not surprised that this government collapsed,” McDonough said. “We knew this was an ongoing challenge over the course of the last several months.”

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“We knew it was an ongoing challenge over the course of the last several months”. I thought you said it was a success. So were you lying when you said it was a success?

Let’s roll back the tape:

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Health Care Lobby Comes Out Swinging On North Dakota Concealed Carry Reform

Gun owners will end up paying higher premiums under Obamacare.

Via Guns

A North Dakota bill to expand where concealed carry permit holders can go while prohibiting physicians from asking questions on guns is facing opposition from health care lobbyists.

In addition to opening places such as churches, concerts, public parks and political rallies, which are currently off limits to permit holders, it also bars doctors and other healthcare workers from asking their patients about firearms ownership.

The House Energy and Natural Resources Committee were debating the measure Thursday, when member organizations representing the health care lobby in the state spoke out solidly against its passage as written.

“Not asking about firearms sets up a physician for malpractice while violating their First Amendment right to free speech,” Courtney Koebele, executive director of the North Dakota Medical Association told the committee, the Associated Press reported. “Simply stated, imposing this provision puts physicians in a perilous position and patients at risk.”

The legislation, HB1241, is sponsored by Minot Republican Rep. Roscoe Streyle.

It aims to modify no less than six sections of the state code to allow for numerous pro-gun reforms. Among these would allow hunters with otherwise legal National Firearms Act-complaint short-barreled rifles to use their guns to harvest game, and authorizing the carry of a loaded firearm in a vehicle.[…]

Extending to Washington, gun rights groups and the health care lobby squared off over President Obama’s nomination for Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy for more than a year due to that candidate’s political activism, which included gun control. However, a lame duck Senate eventually confirmed Murthy last month in a 51-43 vote largely along party lines.

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Obama’s Proposed Tax Hike On College Savings Plans Breaks His No Tax On Middle Class Pledge


You can keep those savings for your children, just like your doctor and your plan…

Via ATR:

Under Obama’s plan, earnings in “Section 529” (named for its location in the Internal Revenue Code) college savings plans will face full income taxation upon withdrawal.

Under current law, earnings growth in 529 plans is tax-free if account distributions are used to pay for college tuition and fees. The Obama plan will tax earnings in these accounts even if they are used to pay for college tuition and fees.

These accounts are commonly used by middle class families. There are about 12 million 529 accounts open today, and they have an average account balance of approximately $21,000. Most 529 plans permit monthly contributions as low as $25 per month.

This middle class income tax increase is a clear violation of President Obama’s “firm pledge” against “any form of tax increase” on any family making less than $250,000. This promise to the American people is documented below:

Speaking in Dover, New Hampshire on Sept. 12, 2008, candidate Obama said:

“I can make a firm pledge. Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.”

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