Imam Kerry Cited For Not Shoveling Snow, Will Gladly Pay Fine And Wait For Global Warming To Melt The Snow


Shoveling snow is for the tax payers.

Via The Hill

Secretary of State John Kerry was ticketed Thursday for not shoveling the snow outside his Boston home.

About six inches of snow accumulated on the sidewalk outside Kerry’s primary residence in Louisburg Square on Wednesday. A city report posted Thursday said a ticket had been issued for the unshoveled powder after a citizen filed a complaint.

Boston saw more than two feet of snow this past week during Winter Storm Juno that pounded the Northeast. The city’s 24.6 inches was the sixth most ever recorded, according to the National Weather Service.

A State Department spokesperson told The Boston Herald that Kerry “will gladly pay the ticket.”

The pair bought the home in 1995 for $1.7 million, according to real estate site Zillow. The 8,000-plus-square-foot five-story brick rowhouse on Beacon Hill was built in 1899 and includes a private elevator. Property records peg the property’s worth at upwards of $11.5 million.

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Islamic State’s Egypt Wing Carries Out Wave Of Attacks On Military Targets In Sinai, 27 Killed…

Over the past three days Obama’s JV team has carried out deadly terror attacks in four countries, Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Iraq.

(Reuters) – Islamic State’s Egypt wing claimed responsibility for a series of attacks that killed at least 27 on Thursday in some of the worst anti-state violence in months, after commemorations around the anniversary of the 2011 uprising turned deadly this week.

Egypt’s government faces an Islamist insurgency based in Sinai and growing discontent with what critics perceive as heavy handed security tactics.

A series of tweets from the Sinai Province’s Twitter account claimed responsibility for each of the four attacks that took place in North Sinai and Suez provinces within hours of one another on Thursday night.

Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, Egypt’s most active militant group, changed its name to Sinai Province last year after swearing allegiance to Islamic State, the hardline Sunni militant group that has seized swathes of Iraq and Syria, drawing U.S.-led airstrikes.

Thursday’s first attack was a bombing targeting a military headquarters, base and hotel in the capital of North Sinai province that killed 25 and wounded at least 58, including nine civilians, security and medical sources said.

The flagship government newspaper, al-Ahram, said its office in the city of Al-Arish, which is situated opposite the military buildings, had been “completely destroyed,” although it was not clear if it had been a target.

Later, suspected militants killed an army major and wounded six others at a checkpoint in Rafah, followed by a roadside bomb in Suez city that killed a police officer, and an assault on a checkpoint south of Al-Arish that wounded four soldiers, security sources said.

Manhunt In Britain For Man Who Said Mean Things About Islam…


Screen shot 2015-01-29 at 7.43.48 PM

POLICE wish to speak to this man (right) after derogatory comments about Islam were made on a bus.

The incident, described as a public order offence by police, allegedly happened on the 576 Halifax to Bradford bus, between 10pm and 10.20pm on Thursday, January 8.

Entitled Squatters Slow Dem-Run Craphole Detroit’s Urban Renewal Plan To Bulldoze Thousands Of Homes

Det demo

Free water, free rent, a Democrats utopia.

Via FOX News

Chris Mathews’ crew showed up this month to demolish one of the thousands of vacant homes destined for demolition as part of Detroit’s grand plan to bulldoze its way to prosperity when a call from his office stopped them in their tracks: Someone was living there.

A middle-aged woman who watched the crew tear away the home’s warped wooden steps the day before had called their company, Adamo Demolition, to point out she was living on the second floor, despite no power, heat or gas and a flooded basement.

“It was like a swimming pool. We would never have thought anybody was upstairs,” said Mathews, noting that the incident cost his crew time because the demolition wasn’t called off until after they had shown up with their equipment.

As Detroit carries out its plan to tear down tens of thousands of homes to combat blight and tailor the city to fit its population, which has dwindled to about a third the size of its 1950s peak, it will have to deal with an unknown number of squatters. Since the city doesn’t allow occupied properties to be demolished, squatters who won’t leave voluntarily and who have no previous connection to the homes have to be removed by police for violating the city’s trespassing laws. That makes them a complication of sorts for the recovery of the city, which emerged in December from the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history.[…]

Michele McCray calls them “abandonminiums.” McCray, 58, has been homeless for much of her adult life, yet she has had her pick of vacant houses to live in over the years.

“You look for one that’s decent, already fixed up,” McCray said from a homeless shelter where she stays when it’s too cold to hunker down in a house without heat and other utilities.

“The first thing you do is cut the grass … because the neighbors want to know who you are and what’s going on over here. You have to maintain the property. Paint the place up, keep it looking good.”

She sees it as a community service.

“A lot of people leave the door open because they want somebody to move in there,” McCray said. “When you got somebody that’s living in a place … that keeps people from coming in, tearing the place up, stealing the fixtures. It cuts down on people starting places on fires, stealing your furnace.”

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Al Sharpton Coming To Sarasota, FL For His State Of The Skittles Update


Al wants to relive his younger days from when his head was smaller.

Via Herald Tribune

One of the nation’s most well known, and controversial, civil rights activists the Rev. Al Sharpton Jr. is coming to Sarasota.

Sharpton, also a television and radio personality, is scheduled to give a keynote address to the Howard Club of Southwest Florida’s 10th annual scholarship luncheon on March 28.

“We’ve had some successful luncheons in the past, but we wanted to step out this year and get a real A-lister,” said Clarence Rogers, president of the Howard Club, which works to raise money to help high school students in southwest Florida attend Howard University in Washington, D.C.

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Republicans Plan To Kick Off February With A Vote To Repeal Obamacare…


Via Washington Times:

House Republicans will kick off February with a vote to repeal Obamacare, giving new members the chance to record their opposition to the law while the party pursues its own health plan.

“We will begin the month renewing our commitment to individual freedom and opportunity,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California said Thursday in a memo to the GOP caucus.

Republicans have voted dozens of times to repeal all or part of the Affordable Care Act since its passage in 2010, but this will be the first full-scale repeal vote of the new Congress.

The bill also directs relevant committees to work up GOP-driven health reforms that could replace Obamacare after repeal.

The latest bid for full repeal is sponsored by Rep. Bradley Byrne, Alabama Republican, and sets the table for Senate Republicans, now in the majority, to follow suit, although they’re unlikely to find 60 votes to overcome a Democratic filibuster and force President Obama to veto their efforts.

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McDonalds First Black CEO Steps Down Instead Of Being Fired, Replaced By A White Privilege CEO


Al “Shake Down” Sharpton fueling up Agitation One for a trip to McDonalds HQ.

Via Bloomberg

McDonald’s Corp., the world’s largest restaurant chain, will replace Chief Executive Officer Don Thompson with one of his top lieutenants following the company’s worst U.S. sales slump in more than a decade.

Chief Brand Officer Steve Easterbrook will take the reins when Thompson steps down on March 1, the Oak Brook, Illinois-based company said in a statement Wednesday. Easterbrook, currently a senior executive vice president, also will join the board, filling Thompson’s vacated seat, the company said. Thompson, 51, had been in the CEO job fewer than three years.

“With sales stagnant for this long, there’s been a lot of push for change,” said Will Slabaugh, an analyst at Stephens Inc. in Little Rock, Arkansas. “They had to show investors they’re serious about changing and improving sales.”

The shares jumped as much as 3.5 percent to $91.90 in late trading after the announcement. McDonald’s stock had slumped 3.4 percent last year, trailing an 11 percent gain by the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index.

McDonald’s, which has more than 36,000 locations worldwide, hasn’t posted U.S. growth since October 2013, hurt by competition from fast-casual chains such as Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. Sales at U.S. locations open at least 13 months fell 2.1 percent in 2014, the biggest yearly decline for the restaurant chain in its home market since at least 2001.

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HT JettieG and also Happy Birthday.

Lib Rag HuffPo Posts Anti-Semitic Screed On Holocaust Remembrance Day…


No shame.

Via Breitbart:

On Wednesday, the Huffington Post posted an article by self-described journalist Sophia Eribo that was nothing less than an anti-Semitic screed. The article itself overtly trafficked in Holocaust denial on Holocaust Remembrance Day. But since the Huffington Post routinely crosses over into anti-Semitism, that shouldn’t be any shock.

The piece begins by stating that January 27 was a “time to reflect on the horror that was the Holocaust.” But then it quickly descends into insanity:

But wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was such a day to commemorate the millions of black African victims of slavery? Unlike the “six million” figure that so often goes with statistic about the number of Jews killed during the Second World War, it’s not so easy to quantify when it comes to black slaves.

Yes, the article contained scare quotes around the number six million. Because it’s not like we’re certain that there were that many dead Jews, right? The awkwardness of this open Holocaust pooh-poohing led the Post to issue a rare editor’s note:

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Clemson Professors Demand Criminal Prosecution Of “Defamatory” Social Media Posts…


And for good measure a new multi-cultural center and more funding for “under-represented” groups (like LGBTQA) was thrown in.

Via Campus Reform:

More than 100 Clemson University faculty and staff publicly endorsed the criminal prosecution of “predatory behaviors and defamatory speech” by any member of the Clemson community— including social media posts—in an advertisement in the school paper.

One hundred and ten faculty members signed their name in a full page ad on the second page of the The Tiger Thursday morning, declaring support of a list of demands from the Coalition of Concerned Students, a group of students who are actively protesting what they perceive to be racial injustice and inequality across Clemson’s campus.

The faculty are asking for a “public commitment” by Clemson’s administration to “prosecute criminally predatory behaviors and defamatory speech committed by members of the Clemson University community (including, but not limited to, those facilitated by usage of social media).”

The demands also include the construction of a new multi-cultural center, more funding for “under-represented groups” such as LGBTQA and “students of color” student groups, an increase in the percentage of minority faculty members, and diversity training for Clemson’s administration and staff.

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Top Obama Adviser John Podesta Caught Up In Major Ethics Violation…

John Podesta

Via Daily Caller:

In 2013, John Podesta was paid $87,000 by a shadowy foreign billionaire whose passion is preventing energy exploration on American land.

Just two years later, Podesta is a member of President Obama’s inner circle, and the driving force inside the White House to block 12 million acres of land in Alaska’s Artic National Wildlife Refuge from oil drilling.

The circumstances suggest Podesta may have run afoul of Obama’s highly-touted ethics pledge, which requires political appointees to disqualify themselves in matters relating to the interests of a former employer or client.

Podesta — who is preparing to leave the White House to take a top position with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign — has largely avoided public scrutiny during his time as a White House Counselor.

But his work came into fuller view earlier this week when he emerged as one of the architects of the new White House policy that seeks to end any future drilling for oil on Alaska’s coastal plain.

In fact, Podesta personally announced the policy in a White House blog post Sunday, waxing poetic that the move would ensure “this wild, free, beautiful, and bountiful place remains in trust for Alaska Natives and for all Americans.”

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Keystone XL Pipeline Passes Senate On 62-36 Vote…WH Promptly Declares Obama Will Veto…

President Obama Speaks At Southern Site Of The Keystone Oil Pipeline

Anyone have a count of how many times the WH has used the word “veto” this month?

Via Townhall:

After years of lobbying for its passage — and significant setbacks along the way — the Keystone XL Pipeline has finally passed the upper chamber:

The bill needed 60 votes to pass. It is now heading to the White House. Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE: This victory will be short-lived:

The White House promptly declared that Mr. Obama would veto the measure — which would force the approval of a proposed 1,179-mile oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico — in a stroke of the pen that is expected to be the opening shot in a series of vetoes of Republican measures.

UPDATE: The legislation earned bipartisan support:

Nine Democrats joined with Republicans to support the bill despite President Barack Obama’s promise to veto it because he thinks the decision should remain up to the executive branch.

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Iran Is Encouraging Terror Allies To Assassinate Netanyahu’s Children…



Via WFB:

Iran is encouraging its terror allies to pursue the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s children by publishing personal information about them, including photographs of the kids lined up in crosshairs, and declaring, “We must await the hunt of Hezbollah.”

The publication of the personal information and biographies of Netanyahu’s children follows an Israeli airstrike last week that killed several key Hezbollah leaders and an Iranian commander affiliated with the country’s hardline Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Iranian military leaders affiliated with the IRGC threatened in recent days harsh retaliation for the strike and promised to amp up support for Hezbollah as well as Palestinian terrorist organizations.

The information was originally published in Farsi by an Iranian website affiliated with the IRGC and quickly republished by Iran’s state-controlled Fars News Agency.

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German Carnival Drops Charlie Hebdo-Inspired Float Over Fears It Could Provoke A Terror Attack…



(Reuters) – A German carnival has dropped plans to build a “Charlie Hebdo” float with a cartoonist forcing a pencil into the barrel of a terrorist’s gun, after receiving messages from locals worried about safety if the float went on show.

Jitters about public displays of words or images that might anger some Muslims have risen in Europe since Islamist gunmen attacked the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket in Paris on Jan. 7-9, killing 17 people.

Charlie Hebdo had long specialized in ridiculing Islam and other religions and vowed no change in approach after the attack, which prompted marches by millions of people throughout France in tribute to the journal and free expression in general.

Explaining its decision, the carnival committee in Cologne said they wanted to preserve the event’s lighthearted mood in the west German city and make sure no one felt afraid — even though they had been assured by police that displaying the figures would not pose a security risk.

“We want all visitors, locals and participants in Rose Monday’s carnival parade to freely experience a joyful carnival without any worries. We don’t want a satirical float, which weighs on the freedom and lighthearted mood of carnival,” the organizers said in a statement on Thursday.

Ted Cruz Calls For Investigation Into Taxpayer-Funded State Department Group Trying To Oust Netanyahu…

Well done as always. Update to this story.

Screen shot 2015-01-29 at 5.09.46 PM

Full document here…

Politico Labor Reporter Trying To Unionize Politico: “I Can’t Work The Kind Of Hours I Did When I Was 24″ . . . He’s 28-Years-Old…

To give you an idea of what kind of entitled lazy slug Politico labor reporter Mike Elk is [seen above], last year he ran a GoFundMe campaign so little people like us could pay for his vacation.

Via WaPo:

… Precisely what news he was breaking remains to be determined. The Washington Free Beacon reported that “employees” at Politico are pushing to unionize the Rosslyn, Va.-based shop. However, it named only Elk as supporting whatever is afoot here.

As to Elk’s suggestion that he’s running into “almost no opposition” from Politico management, the reason for that could be that there’s little to oppose. In an interview yesterday, Elk told the Erik Wemple Blog that he’s strategizing with Bruce Jett, an organizing consultant at the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild. Jett told the Erik Wemple Blog that “There’s nothing to report” in terms of Politico activity.

Overwork is a problem that Elk plans on addressing in his union drive. “I can’t work the kind of hours I did when I was 24,” says Elk, who is 28. Putting in too many work hours, he says, is a problem of journalism as an industry and not exclusive to Politico. “Everyone works so much, it’s almost tough to get people to get together to talk about” forming a union, he says.

Bodies Of Dead Islamic State Foreign Fighters Piling Up In Iraqi Hospitals As Home Countries Refuse To Take Them…


Feed them to the pigs.

Via Fox News:

Dozens of dead bodies of foreign ISIS recruits are piling up in Iraqi hospitals because their home countries don’t want them and local cemeteries won’t take them either, according to a high official in the nation’s Interior Ministry.

Arabic-language newspaper Akhbar Al Iraq cited an unnamed, high-ranking ministry official who said more than 100 bodies of jihadists from 13 different nations are scattered around in various hospitals in Iraq while the government tries to figure out where and how they will be disposed of. Nations refusing to take back dead fighters’ bodies were not named, but said to include Arab, European and Asian countries.

“Burn them or drown them, we don’t want them,” the official quoted the countries as telling Iraq. “We took away their citizenship.”

Most of the fallen fighters were killed in combat with the Kurdish Peshmerga forces or by coalition air strikes. Some are jihadists who were executed for committing acts of terrorism. Several nations have moved to revoke citizenship of residents known to have left to join Islamic State.

The highest numbers of Islamic State fighters come from the Arab world. Tunisia and Saudi Arabia have each documented more than 1,500 citizens who have joined Islamic State. Western Europe accounted 4,000 fighters, with France leading the rank with nearly 1,200 militants. There have been an estimated few hundred from the United States and Canada.

BREAKING: Feds Believe One Of The Gitmo Detainees Exchanged For Bergdahl Has Returned To Waging Jihad…


All together now. . . S-H-O-C-K-E-R!

Screen shot 2015-01-29 at 4.04.20 PM


Washington (CNN) – The U.S. military and intelligence community now suspect that one of the five Taliban detainees released from Guantanamo Bay in return for Sgt Bowe Bergdahl in May of last year has attempted to return to militant activity from his current location in Qatar, CNN has learned exclusively. The development has led to an ongoing debate inside the administration about whether there is a new threat from this man, and potentially the other four.

This is the first known suggestion that any of the detainees involved in the exchange may be trying to engage again in militant activity. It comes at a politically sensitive time as the administration has quickened the pace of prisoner release in an effort to encourage the closure of the facility, and the Army must decide in the coming weeks whether and how to punish Bergdahl for leaving his post.

Several U.S. officials across different agencies and branches of the U.S. government have confirmed key details to CNN. The White House referred CNN to the Pentagon, and the Pentagon has declined to comment on the matter.

Libertarian Rag: Chris Kyle “Was No Hero,” He Was A “Competent Government-Hired Killer”…


If I said this was from Salon would anyone have thought twice about it?

The American Sniper Was No Hero
– Reason

Despite what some people think, hero is not a synonym for competent government-hired killer.

If Clint Eastwood’s record-breaking movie, American Sniper, launches a frank public conversation about war and heroism, the great director will have performed a badly needed service for the country and the world.

This is neither a movie review nor a review of the late Chris Kyle’s autobiographical book on which the movie is based. My interest is in the popular evaluation of Kyle, America’s most prolific sniper, a title he earned through four tours in Iraq.

Let’s recall some facts, which perhaps Eastwood thought were too obvious to need mention: Kyle was part of an invasion force: Americans went to Iraq. Iraq did not invade America or attack Americans. Dictator Saddam Hussein never even threatened to attack Americans. Contrary to what the George W. Bush administration suggested, Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Before Americans invaded Iraq, al-Qaeda was not there. Nor was it in Syria, Yemen, and Libya.

The only reason Kyle went to Iraq was that Bush/Cheney & Co. launched a war of aggression against the Iraqi people. Wars of aggression, let’s remember, are illegal under international law. Nazis were executed at Nuremberg for waging wars of aggression. With this perspective, we can ask if Kyle was a hero.

Defenders of Kyle and the Bush foreign policy will say, “Of course, he was a hero. He saved American lives.”

What American lives? The lives of American military personnel who invaded other people’s country, one that was no threat to them or their fellow Americans back home. If an invader kills someone who is trying to resist the invasion, that does not count as heroic self-defense. The invader is the aggressor. The “invadee” is the defender. If anyone’s a hero, it’s the latter.

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Communist Party USA Chairman Vows To Work With Democratic Party To Advance Shared Communist Goals…


Via Daily Caller:

The chairman of the National Committee of the Communist Party USA has penned a 2,023-word manifesto making the critical point that American Communists are eager to work with the Democratic Party to advance the modern communist agenda and achieve communist goals.

Communist Party chairman John Bachtell published his essay last week at People’s World, a “daily news website of, for and by the 99% and the direct descendant of the Daily Worker.”

“[L]abor and other key social forces are not about to leave the Democratic Party anytime soon,” Bachtell promised. “They still see Democrats as the most realistic electoral vehicle” to fight against perceived class enemies.

Bachtell, 58, is playing the long political game and he has a strategy, he said.

“First, we are part of building the broadest anti-ultra right alliance possible, uniting the widest array of class (including a section of monopoly), social and democratic forces. This necessarily means working with the Democratic Party,” the communist leader explained.

“Second, our objective is not to build the Democratic Party. At this stage we are about building the broad people’s movement led by labor that utilizes the vehicle of the Democratic Party to advance its agenda,” Bachtell further expounded. “We are about building the movements around the issues roiling wide sections of people that can help shape election contours and debates.”

“[W]e are for building movements in the electoral arena and see engagement in the electoral arena and democratic governance as a vital means to further build movements,” Bachtell also said.

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RINO Lindsey Graham: Advocating Partial-Birth Abortion Doesn’t Disqualify Loretta Lynch From Serving As Attorney General…

Via CNS News:

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch at a confirmation hearing today that the fact that, in support of Planned Parenthood, she had advocated for partial-birth abortion did not “disqualify” her from serving as attorney general of the United States.

“In 2006, you signed an amicus brief supporting Planned Parenthood’s opposition to partial-birth abortion ban; is that correct?” said Graham at Lynch’s confirmation hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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