NY Times Executive Editor Denies paper Has Liberal Bias: Our Reporting Is “Very Cosmopolitan… Which Can Strike Some Readers As Liberal”…

Who does she think she’s fooling?

Via Newsbusters:

Jill Abramson of the New York Times denied that her newspaper has a liberal bias during a Monday interview with Marlo Thomas of Huffington Post. Abramson asserted that the Times “reflects a very cosmopolitan, inclusive outlook, which can strike some readers as liberal,” and later claimed that “the news pages are not ideological.”

Stanford Professor: Global Warming Could “Cause The Death of Billions”…

Paul Ehrlich

Yes, billions.

Via Paul R. Ehrlich (Standford.edu):

Is it ironic or predictable that Harvard’s President, Drew Faust, would enter into a Faustian bargain over climate change and the University’s investments in carbon-intensive companies?

Let’s suppose that, by pure chance, it turns out that there is a 90% probability that the climate denier campaign paid for or organized by those companies is correct – that human caused climate disruption is not occurring (or if it is it is inconsequential). History shows that the consensus of several thousand honest scientists working in any area can be dead wrong (near universal opposition to Wegener’s idea of continental drift was an example in my lifetime).

Suppose there were only a 10% probability that business as usual would bring about global climate disruption sufficient to cause the deaths of billions and misery for survivors. What, if anything, should or would society do about it?

Looking at how other risks are handled can give us a clue. Your odds of having a house fire are way under 1%, and those of having your house burn down entirely are less than one in a hundred thousand. Yet most people choose to have fire insurance. The lifetime odds of dying in an airplane accident are about one in five thousand, yet many people are afraid of flying and/or take out trip life insurance.

Feds Intervene After Violent Weekend In Chicago

Chicago shooting

Need to pursue RICO Charges against the gangs

Via MYFOX Chicago

The federal government is offering help to the city of Chicago in the fight to end violence in the streets. The special section of the U.S. Attorney’s Office will target drugs and guns.

The news was announced after an especially violent Easter weekend in the city. Police officials say at least 44 people were shot over the weekend in Chicago. Eight of those victims died.

Monday night, two teen boys were wounded — one critically — in a shooting in the South Shore neighborhood. The two boys, ages 14 and 16, were standing on the sidewalk in the 1600 block of East 69th Street about 9:35 p.m. when they heard shots ring out and felt pain, police said.

They were both taken to Comer Children’s Hospital. The 14-year-old was shot in the back and listed in critical condition, while the 16-year-old suffered a gunshot wound to the upper right thigh, police said.

Earlier this year, the federal government created a special violent crimes section as part of the restructuring of their office. That means 16 prosecutors from the narcotics and gang section will focus on how to use statutes and gun laws to go after people terrorizing the streets of Chicago.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he does not yet have all the details, but he is pleased they are coming in to help the situation in Chicago.

“I think it is a good thing, I welcome it,” Mayor Emanuel said.

The man who will head up the special division is a U.S. Attorney who used to be a Cook County prosecutor. He is very familiar with the Chicago Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies.

Report: Obama Considering Sending Jihadist Rebels In Syria Surface-To-Air Missiles…

One question for the White House: Can you name one group in Syria we could safely send anti-aircraft missiles to?


White House officials are weighing whether to send surface-to-air missiles to opposition factions at the risk of a possible terrorist “nightmare”

A former CIA director has called them “our worst nightmare.” A 2005 study found that just one could blow a $15 billion hole in the world economy. And the Obama Administration is thinking about sending them to Syria.

They are shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles, capable of knocking helicopters and low-flying planes out of the sky. Syria’s rebels and their Arab government backers insist those weapons could decisively reverse the momentum in Syria’s three-year civil war, which may recently have shifted in favor of Bashar Assad’s regime.

“The introduction of manpads could be a game changer in Syria, like it was in Afghanistan in the 1980s with Stinger missiles,” an Arab official tells TIME, adding that he believes the Obama Administration has begun discussing the idea more seriously. Other sources say the issue is being debated at the White House but that strong doubts remain about the wisdom of providing missiles to the rebels.

The issue is newly relevant amid recent reports that Syrian fighters are now using U.S.-made antitank weapons against Assad’s forces. Experts say it’s unlikely those weapons could have wound up in Syria without U.S. approval. Nor are they likely to shift the military balance in the conflict.

Antiaircraft missiles might. For a President unwilling to intervene directly in a conflict that has claimed upwards of 100,000 lives, they might seem an easy and inexpensive way to force out Assad. The Syrian dictator has employed his air supremacy to bomb rebel outposts, resupply isolated forces and force civilians to evacuate pro-rebel areas through terrorizing bombardments.

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Jeb Bush Still Pushing Amnesty…

Jeb Bush

We heard you the first 400 times you said it, Jeb.

Via Breitbart:

At a prominent conference of education innovators, Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who is considering a 2016 presidential run, called for more guest worker programs and a path to amnesty for all of the country’s illegal immigrants.

Speaking at what is known as the “Davos in the Desert” event in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Monday evening, Bush said the United States needed “robust guest worker programs” and an expansion of H1-B visas for the high-tech industry,” even though the notion that there is a shortage of American high-tech workers has been called a myth. He also called for a “tough but fair path to legalized status” for all of the country’s illegal immigrants and an end to immigration quotas for countries.

Bush said that it was not an “American value to have 12-13 million people living in the shadows” and spoke about the need to protect borders and sanction companies that may hire illegal immigrants.

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Russians Inspected Malmstrom’s AFB Demolished Missile Facilities

Launch Key Mech

Why are the Russians in our region?

Via GF Tribune

Russian inspectors visited Malmstrom Air Force Base earlier this month to verify that nuclear missile silos had been eliminated in accordance with the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.

The Russian inspectors verified April 9 that 18 Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile launch facilities had been eliminated.

Those launch facilities were part of the former 564th Missile Squadron, which was deactivated in 2008. All 50 of the squadron’s launch facilities will be demolished.

The initial phase of elimination began in January.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Air Force Civil Engineering Center selected Bryan Construction Inc. of Colorado Springs, Colo., as the demolition contractor. Current estimates call for eliminating the 50 launch facilities, located in Toole, Pondera, Teton and Chouteau counties, by early 2015.

The contractor will eliminate the launch facilities by filling them with earth and gravel. Gravel fill is a more effective and environmentally friendly method of elimination that’s also faster and more economical than those used in the past under the original START treaty. The work doesn’t pose any threat to public safety or the environment, according to Malmstrom officials.

The verification immediately reduces the number of ICBM launchers the U.S. is accountable for under New START requirements.

The New START treaty, ratified by the Senate in 2010, limits the United States and Russia to no more than 1,550 deployed warheads; 800 deployed and nondeployed ICBM launchers, submarine-launched ballistic missile launchers and heavy bombers; and to have reduced their deployed ICBMs, SLBMs and heavy bombers equipped for nuclear weapons to no more than 700. The treaty deadline is February 2018.

The Type Two inspection gives Russian inspectors 12 hours to visit the eliminated sites and confirm that each launcher closure door has been removed and that the launcher tube is filled with earth and gravel.

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Also reported by the Voice of Russia

Poll: Despite Obama’s Claims He Defeated Al-Qaeda, Only 35% of Americans Say U.S. Winning War On Terror, Lowest Level In 3 Years…

But… but… but… Bin Laden!

Via Rasmussen:

Belief that America is winning the War on Terror and is safer than before the 9/11 terrorist attacks have fallen to their lowest levels in three years.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 35% of Likely U.S. Voters now believe the United States and its allies are winning the War on Terror. But that’s down from 39% in January and is the most pessimistic assessment since April 2011. Fifty percent (50%) felt America and its allies were winning a year ago.

Twenty-seven percent (27%) say the terrorists are winning the War on Terror, down from a recent high of 30% in January. Just as many (28%) say neither side is winning.

Graph: Reagan’s Recovery Vs. Obama’s “Recovery”…

It’s almost like conservative economic policies work.

Via IJ Review:

. . . Consider these three important comparisons of economic indicators, then and now:

- Unemployment was at 10.8% versus 7.7%

- Inflation (Consumer Price Index) was at 13.5% versus 2.7%

- Interest rates (prime rate) was at 21.5% versus 3.25%

In other words, Reagan inherited a bigger mess.

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Happy Earth Day: U.S. Carbon Emissions At Lowest Level In 20 Years . . . Thanks To Fracking…

Filed under: News that should make libs happy, but doesn’t.

Via CNS News:

Something to celebrate this Earth Day: carbon dioxide emissions in the United States are at their lowest level in twenty years, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) credits shale development and fracking technologies with this positive development.

“[The] rapid deployment of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling technologies, which has increased and diversified the gas supply… is an important reason for a reduction of GHG emissions in the United States,” the IPCC said in a report.

“The decline in energy-related CO2 emissions in the United States in recent years has been one of the bright spots in the global picture,” the International Energy Agency says in a report. “One of the key reasons has been the increased availability of natural gas, linked to the shale gas revolution.”

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Showtime’s Hollywood Moonbat-Filled Global Warming Disaster Series “Years of Living Dangerously” Beaten In TV Ratings By “Bob’s Burgers” Reruns…

Too funny.


Showtime’s “Years of Living Dangerously” aired Sun, Apr 20, at 10:00 PM and didn’t even make the top 100 cable TV shows this week and was beaten in its time slot by a re-run episode of the animated cartoon Bob’s Burgers. Ouch!

According to the producer, this docudrama got the “big budget” treatment to the tune of $20 million. Looks like nobody cares.

Maybe it was the “journalists”. Matt Damon, Harrison Ford, Jessica Alba, Ian Somerhalder, Thomas Friedman, and many more celebrities and journalists participated in the documentary event series.

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Oopsie: Al-Qaeda Meeting Video From Yemen Gave CIA “Goldmine” of Info That Led To Weekend’s Strikes That Killed 65 AQAP Fighters…

Al-Qaeda’s failure to blur out license plates and faces proved deadly.

Via Free Beacon:

Fox News national security reporter Catherine Herridge reported Tuesday last week’s Al Qaeda propaganda video released by militants in Yemen was an intelligence “goldmine” and led to the massive drone strikes over the weekend.

According to Herridge, an unnamed Yemeni official confirmed to Fox News the video played a large role in the strikes and was a grave miscalculation by Al Qaeda operatives. Details such as license plate numbers, faces, and the terrain all enabled intelligence agencies to identify and eliminate the terrorist enclaves. Up to 65 fighters were killed in the attack.

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MSNBC’s Michael Eric Dyson: Whites Benefited From Affirmative Action . . . Like The G.I. Bill…

Wait, this idiot thinks the G.I. Bill is affirmative action?

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON: So for me, it’s very simple. Many white people are not asked to talk about their own privilege. …We’re pretending as if white Americans have not been the recipients of Affirmative Action from the beginning of this nation on down to the 20th century.

When we talk about the G.I. bill which in majority strokes went to white Americans — there were a few other exceptions — it created the middle class, it provided opportunities for them to buy homes, to get educated and to get employment. That is an extraordinary degree of Affirmative Action. …

So my point is simply we don’t ask white people to ask questions about their privilege, we don’t ask the degree in which they’ve been recipients of Affirmative Action in the negative, in terms of preferential treatment.

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Holocaust Memorial Vandalized With Soviet Graffiti In Russian-Annexed Crimea…

Via Times of Israel:

A Holocaust memorial and the grave of the brother of the late Lubavitch rabbi were vandalized in Ukraine, amid a string of anti-Semitic attacks in the country.

The Holocaust Memorial in Sevastopol in the Crimean Peninsula was spray painted in red with a hammer and sickle and the letters USSR, and with what appeared to be other pro-Russian graffiti, according to the Sevastopolskaya Gazeta.

The Sevastopol Jewish Welfare Center, Hesed Shahar, reported the vandalism to local police, according to Sevastopolskaya Gazeta.

The memorial was erected in Sevastopol in 2003 at the site where 4,200 Jews were murdered by the Nazis on July 12, 1942.

The monument has been vandalized by neo-Nazis in the past.

Also on Tuesday it was reported that, in Dnepropetrovsk, swastikas were sprayed on the tomb of Dov Ber Schneerson, brother of the late Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menahem Mendel Schneerson, who headed the Chabad movement.

Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Suggests Michigan Voters Racist For Banning Affirmative Action…

On the plus side, Scalia ripper her for it in his opinion on the case.

Via Washington Examiner:

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia faulted Justice Sonia Sotomayor for making what he regards as a “shameful” suggestion that the Michigan voters who decided to ban affirmative action in college admissions were motivated by racism.

Scalia wrote a concurring opinion upholding a 2006 ballot initiative that amended Michigan’s constitution to ban affirmative action.

“As Justice Harlan observed over a century ago, ‘[o]ur Constitution is color-blind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens,’” Scalia concluded, quoting the dissent in Plessy v. Ferguson. “The people of Michigan wish the same for their governing charter. It would be shameful for us to stand in their way.”

And then, the Parthian shot: “And doubly shameful to equate ‘the majority’ behind [the constitutional amendment] with ‘the majority’ responsible for Jim Crow,” he added in a final footnote, citing the first two pages of Sotomayor’s dissent.

Sotomayor, in her dissent, opened by describing three stages of “the majority” discriminating against racial minorities in the political process, beginning with the Jim Crow laws that flouted the 15th Amendment.

“This time, although it allowed the minority access to the political process, the majority changed the ground rules of the process so as to make it more difficult for the minority, and the minority alone, to obtain policies designed to foster racial integration,” she wrote. “Although these political restructurings may not have been discriminatory in purpose, the Court reaffirmed the right of minority members of our society to participate meaningfully and equally in the political process. This case involves this last chapter of discrimination.”

Sotomayor offered her own footnote, cutting against Scalia’s charge. “I of course do not mean to suggest that Michigan’s voters acted with anything like the invidious intent of those who historically stymied the rights of racial minorities,” she countered. “But like earlier chapters of political restructuring, the Michigan amendment at issue in this case changed the rules of the political process to the disadvantage of minority members of our society.”

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Ex-RINO Turned Dem Charlie Crist Denies He Was Ever Pro-Life…

Whoa, Charlie Crist lying? Shocker!

Via National Review:

There are a lot of Florida Democrats who will probably tell you they care about abortion – er, “abortion rights” or “reproductive rights.” The vast majority of them will, this fall, vote for a man who, during his 2006 race for governor, told a priest in Pensacola that he would sign a bill outlawing abortions except when the mother’s life was at stake. But then he told an AP reporter that he would only sign such a bill if it included exceptions for rape and incest. Also during that race, Charlie Crist attacked his GOP rival for being pro-choice. And as recently as January 2010, “Crist’s Republican U.S. Senate campaign released a statement saying he would ‘fight for pro-life legislative efforts.’”

And now he can come along and say, “even though I am pro-life, which I mean, for life, doesn’t mean I want to tell a woman what to do with her body, and I never have,” and almost every self-proclaimed pro-choice Florida Democrat will nod approvingly.

Because they don’t give a [insert your colorful metaphor here] what the heck Charlie Crist did in the past. They only care that he has a “D” after his name.

WH Tells Americans To “Do Our Part To Protect Planet” As Obama Spews Hundreds of Tons of CO2 Traveling The Globe On Earth Day…

The hypocrisy is mind-numbing.

See: Obama Marking Earth Day By Spewing 868 Tons of Carbon Into The Atmosphere

Pelosi: Republicans “Take Food Out of The Mouths” of People of Color…

Nobody demonizes with more zeal than the Democrats.

Lib Environmental Activist Compares Fracking To Slavery…

Oh yeah, the similarities are striking.

Via Revealing Politics:

During a fracking debate at Colorado Christian University, anti-fracking activist, and former EPA employee, Wes Wilson, compared fracking to slavery. This was filmed on April 21, 2014.

NYC Comptroller Tries To Bully Texas Company Over NRA Donations….


Via Daily Caller:

The New York City comptroller has questions for a Texas energy company about donations it made to the National Rifle Association and American Crossroads.

American Crossroads is a conservative political action committee.

Scott Stringer, who oversees $150 billion in city pension funds as the city’s comptroller, sent a letter to Clayton Williams Energy Inc. seeking information about the donations.

“Corporate political spending poses legal, reputational and operational risks,” wrote Stringer in the letter first reported by the Associated Press. “It also raises serious concerns regarding the proper use of corporate assets.”

“Put bluntly,” Stringer wrote, “I find it difficult to comprehend how a small company like CWEI could be the largest and second largest public company contributor, respectively, to the NRA and to super PACs.”

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Pelosi Calls Supreme Court Ruling Against Affirmative Action In College Admissions A “Step To Rig The Political Process Against Diversity”…

Whatever the hell that means.

Update to this story.

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