Obama: I’m Not Sure If Cuban Dictator Raul Castro Will Be Changing Significantly…

Well done, Barack.

Two Philadelphia Dem Lawmakers Charged In Sting Probe


Future CBC members in Washington, DC.

Via Philly Com

Philadelphia prosecutors announced criminal charges Tuesday against two more elected officials swept up in the undercover sting investigation that state Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane had argued could not be successfully prosecuted.

District Attorney Seth Williams announced conspiracy, bribery and conflict of interest charges against state Reps. Vanessa Lowery Brown and Ronald G. Waters, both Philadelphia Democrats, for accepting cash from an undercover operative.

In announcing the charges, Williams had harsh words for Kane, who he said had to be forced through “judicial intervention” to turn over key documents in the case.

As for Kane’s assertions that the sting investigation, begun by her predecessors, racially targeted elected officials, Williams said they were false, and that he was “disgusted” by them.[…]

According to sources, Waters is currently exploring a deal with prosecutors under which he would plead guilty to the felony charge of conflict of interest, but a bribery charge would be dropped.

While such a conviction would require Waters to step down from office, it would protect him from the loss of his state pension. A bribery conviction would cost him his pension.

It was unclear whether any negotiated plea would call for him to serve time behind bars.

Williams’ announcement brings to three the number of Philadelphia Democrats implicated in the sting to face charges. Two others – state Reps. Louise Williams Bishop and Michelle Brownlee – remain under the grand jury’s scrutiny.[…]

The plan to charge Waters and Brown will mark another professionally embarrassing moment for state Attorney General Kane, who earlier this year dared Williams, a fellow Democrat, to take on a case that she at one point characterized as “dead on arrival.”

Kane could not be reached for immediate comment.

Kane shuttered the sting in 2013, without bringing any charges and without informing the state Ethics Commission that the investigation had allegedly caught the four legislators, as well as a former city Traffic Court judge, Thomasine Tynes, on tape accepting cash or gifts.

The details of the case were buried in sealed court files.

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Couple Sue Whole Foods, Missouri-Based Ranch Over Contaminated Grass Fed Beef


They should have stuck with the free range chicken.


A Massachusetts husband and wife who blame their 8-year-old son’s death on the ground beef they bought at a Whole Foods Market have sued the supermarket chain and the ranch they say produced and processed the meat.

Melissa and Andrew Kaye, of Braintree, said in their suit filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Boston that the grass-fed beef they bought at the Weymouth store was contaminated with a powerful strain of E. coli. Their son, Joshua, died in July.

“This lawsuit is about bringing awareness to the issue of food safety and forcing change where it needs to be made,” Melissa Kaye told the Boston Herald.

The lawsuit said “Witnessing their child suffer for 13 days caused Melissa and Andrew Kaye near incalculable pain, anguish, physical harm and suffering, creating searing memories that will haunt them both forever.”

The suit seeks unspecified damages.

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Salon Shames Its Liberal Readers For “Expressing Their White Guilt” So They Can “Feel Free To Enjoy Their White Privilege”..

You have to be a moonbat to understand what this means.

What White Privilege Really Means – Salon

[I] wonder if the racial self-flagellation of #CrimingWhileWhite is like buying an indulgence. If you engage in ritualized expressions of white guilt, you are free to enjoy your white privilege, comfortable in the knowledge that you are nothing like those ignorant and presumably terrible white people who refuse to do so. I have little patience for this kind of privilege-checking. As Phoebe Maltz Bovy observed back in May, invocations of white privilege are more often than not a way for one privileged person to “win a sensitivity competition” with another privileged person.

What, then, is a useful way to think about what white privilege means and how it works? In my view, the key to understanding white privilege is in this question: How can you benefit from racial inequality without being a racist? It’s true, and important to understand, that white people often have the privilege of getting the benefit of the doubt from law enforcement. Or to put it in another, starker way: White people are less likely to be killed by police officers.

Shep Smith Wonders If The US Is Going To “Ruin” Cuba With Taco Bell And Lowe’s…


Yes, he’s an idiot. And yes, he actually wonders that…

Via Hot Air:

I first heard of this when John Podhoretz tweeted about it and I thought, “Nope, John’s exaggerating. I wonder what Shep really said.” Then a bunch of other people tweeted that Podhoretz was right, so I thought, “Okay, but obviously a joke.” Then I watched the clip.

Actual quote about an honest to goodness police state, no apparent irony intended: “The last thing they need is a Taco Bell and a Lowe’s.”

Two ways to read that, I guess. One is that he’s objecting to having the wrong priorities, not to American businesses invading the island. Cubans need basic necessities, not fast food. Get a couple of Charmin factories in there churning out TP and that’d be a corporate move worth applauding. But wait — if that’s his point, why’s he reminiscing at the start of the segment about the sweet-ass four-dollar Cuban rum he likes to bring back whenever he travels there? That’s not a necessity…

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People Magazine’s Worst Selling Issue This Year? The One With Hillary Clinton On The Cover…


Via WaPo:

In June, Hillary Rodham Clinton appeared on the cover of People magazine for the first time in more than a decade. Real people, not the magazine, talked about what the article might mean for 2016. They talked about whether Clinton was using a walker (she wasn’t). They talked about people talking about whether Clinton was using a walker (She still wasn’t).

What they didn’t do was buy the magazine. According to a report from AdWeek on Monday, the June 16 issue of People featuring the former first lady and senator was the magazine’s worst selling of 2014 with 503,890 copies sold. The magazine’s best-selling issue –1,169,800 copies — was the one featuring Robin Williams after his death in late August. AdWeek said that celebrity weeklies saw poor performances with issues that featured the Kardashians and Beyonce on the cover.

It has not been a good year for Hillary Clinton and print media. Her book, “Hard Choices,” also failed to sell as many copies as initial estimates assumed it would.

DNC Donna Brazile Compares U.S. Embargo On Cuba To The Berlin Wall…

There are so many things wrong with this statement, I don’t know where to begin.

Screen shot 2014-12-17 at 3.55.39 PM

Obese Troll Michael Moore Congratulates Cuba For “Winning” Against The US…


Screen shot 2014-12-17 at 7.01.43 PM
Screen shot 2014-12-17 at 7.03.46 PM

Obama Admin Debating Whether To Attack North Korea With Its Most Fearsome Weapon . . . The Sternly Worded Letter…

The mere mention of the sternly worded letter is enough to make our enemies cower in fear.

Screen shot 2014-12-17 at 6.49.41 PM

University Of Michigan Professor: “It’s Okay To Hate Republicans”…


Liberals: Overflowing with acceptance so long as you agree with them.

Via Truth Revolt:

“It’s Okay To Hate Republicans,” writes University of Michigan professor Susan Douglas in an article published Monday, saying that innocent, inquisitive Democrats have fallen victim to the GOP’s mean-spirited rhetoric for the past 30 years.

“I hate Republicans,” Douglass’ article begins. “I can’t stand the thought of spending the next two years watching Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Ted Cruz, Darrell Issa or any of the legions of other blowhards denying climate change, thwarting immigration reform or championing fetal ‘personhood.'”

She goes on to write that she used to have respect for Republicans back in the 1970’s when they were “fiscally conservative but progressive about women’s rights, racial justice and environmental preservation.” Douglas makes no mention that Democrats spent the first half of the 20th century defending and enforcing Jim Crow laws.

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Networks Make Big Deal Out Of Bush “Dynasty” — Silent On The Clinton’s…


Just what everyone expects.

Via Newsbusters:

NBC, CBS and ABC on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning worried if yet another addition to the Bush “dynasty” will be good for the country. Yet, these same networks were excited earlier this year about the continuation of the Clinton brand. If, as many expect, Hillary Clinton announces a presidential run early next year, will journalists worry about the impact of a Democratic dynasty?

On Good Morning America, Jon Karl featured Donald Trump declaring, “The last thing we need right now is another Bush.” Karl underlined, “And you know, a lot of folks agree with that. Just think about it…This would be the third president named Bush in 25 years.”

It wasn’t until the very end of the segment that co-host George Stephanopoulos made the obvious point: “And the possibility of a Bush/Clinton race already having people’s starting positions saying shouldn’t happen, we shouldn’t have these kinds of dynasties.”

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College Students Sign Petition To Make Jonathan Gruber Secretary Of Defense…

The future of America is doomed. Just watch this video as proof.


By now, most of us know how Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber feels about the American voter. He thinks that a lot of them are pretty stupid. At least, the ones who bought into the sales pitch that he created in order to convince the American people Obamacare was a terrific idea.

But, was he right? Are American voters really as dim-witted as Gruber thinks they are?

In order to test that theory, I traveled to a college campus to see if I could get students to sign a petition that would ask President Obama to withdraw his current nominee for the position of Secretary of Defense and replace him with……..Jonathan Gruber!

Sony Cancels Release Of ‘The Interview’ On Christmas…


Sony has waived the white flag.

Via Variety:

With theater chains defecting en masse, Sony Pictures Entertainment has pulled the planned Christmas release of “The Interview.”

In announcing the decision to cancel the holiday debut, Sony hit back at the hackers who threatened movie theaters and moviegoers and who have terrorized the studio and its employees for weeks.

“Those who attacked us stole our intellectual property, private emails, and sensitive and proprietary material, and sought to destroy our spirit and our morale – all apparently to thwart the release of a movie they did not like,” the statement reads.

“We are deeply saddened at this brazen effort to suppress the distribution of a movie, and in the process do damage to our company, our employees, and the American public,” it continues. “We stand by our filmmakers and their right to free expression and are extremely disappointed by this outcome.”

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WH Won’t Rule Out Obama Visit To Communist Cuba After Relations “Breakthrough”…

Via The Guardian:

The diplomatic overhaul after decades of estrangement and embargo will restore an American embassy in Havana, ease travel, commerce and internet restrictions, and review the US position that Cuba sponsors terror. The White House refused to rule out a visit by President Obama to Havana.

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Rosie O’Donnell: Yeah, I’m Not Going To See ‘The Interview’ Due To Those Terror Threats…


Such a loss.

Via The Wrap:

Threats of terrorism at theaters that show the upcoming movie “The Interview” have scared Rosie O’Donnell enough to make her not want to see the film, she admitted on Wednesday’s “The View.” As TheWrap previously reported, hackers behind the Sony cyberattack promised to carry out 9/11-style attacks on theaters that show the James Franco and Seth Rogen comedy.

“How many people would not got to see it because of this threat?” O’Donnell asked the live studio audience. “Because I wouldn’t go. Truthfully. I wouldn’t … It’s not worth it to me to see a movie that’s supposedly not even that funny.”
While not stating whether or not they would see it in theaters, each of O’Donnell’s co-hosts expressed their anger at those responsible for the threats.

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Flashback: Valerie Jarrett Once Mistook A 4-Star General For A Waiter…


Earlier today we posted the story of Mooch telling the horrific racist tale of Barack being mistaken for a waiter. A member of the Obama admin did the same to a 4-star general.

Via Daily Caller:

President Barack Obama isn’t the only powerful man in Washington who was once confused for a waiter when wearing his evening best. So was a top general in the U.S. Army — by Valerie Jarrett!

As The Daily Caller first reported back in 2011, Obama’s top adviser mistook a four-star general for a waiter during a fancy dinner hosted by the Alfalfa Club. According to a Daily Caller source, as the general walked by Jarrett’s table, she signaled to him that she wanted more libation.

“I’d like another glass of wine,” she reportedly said.

Like a gentleman, the career military man didn’t make a fuss of the matter, according to the source.

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It’s Official: Republican Takes Over Seat Formerly Occupied By Gabby Giffords…


Republicans now have their largest House majority in over 80 years.

Via Reuters:

(Reuters) – U.S. Representative Ron Barber, an Arizona Democrat and former aide to Gabrielle Giffords, has officially lost his re-election bid to the Republican challenger in November’s congressional elections, a judge certified on Wednesday.

A superior court judge declared Martha McSally, a retired Air Force colonel and a pioneer of women’s combat aviation in the 1990s, the winner after a state-mandated recount showed she won by 167 votes in the Nov. 4 election.

“There’s no getting around that this was an incredibly close and hard-fought race. After what’s been a long campaign season, it’s time to come together and heal our community,” McSally said in a statement.

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Obamacare Fines Right Around The Corner For The Uninsured…


There’s gonna be a whole lot of pissed off people come February 15.

Via The Hill:

People without insurance are running out of time to avoid the hefty ObamaCare penalties that the IRS will be handing down in 2016.

Consumers face a Feb. 15, 2015, deadline to buy insurance, after which those without coverage could be hit with fines of $325 per adult or 2 percent of family income, whichever is higher.

Uninsured people looking to escape the penalties are turning to the exchanges before they close, while insurance companies and tax preparers are seizing on the looming tax hit as a business opportunity.
One recent mass mailer from CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield obtained by The Hill warned potential customers in the Washington, D.C., region that going without health insurance coverage would come with a steep cost.

“When you don’t have health insurance … you put your financial security at risk,” the mailer states. “That’s because under the new Affordable Care Act legislation, millions of Americans will have to pay an increased penalty tax of at least 2 percent of their income in 2015 if they go uninsured.”

The “good news,” the letter said, is that CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield has “solutions” to help people avoid the penalty, including coverage that is “compatible with financial assistance or free money from the government that will help qualifying individuals pay for insurance.”

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Thousands Of People Flocked To Arlington National Cemetery To Lay Wreaths For The Fallen…


Great story.

Via Washington Free Beacon:

“Remember. Honor. Teach.”

That’s the message Wreaths Across America wanted to impart through this weekend’s wreath laying event at Arlington National Cemetery. If the thousands of volunteers who gave up their Saturday morning were any indication, the organization was successful.

Caroline Nicholson participated to honor her father and those he served with. “My dad’s in the Army, he’s overseas right now so he couldn’t be here,” she said choking back tears. “We’re actually going to go and see where members of his brigade was buried.”

“They gave their lives for our country and there’s no better way to give back than put a wreath on their grave and honor their memory.”

Amy Johnson, Caroline’s friend, came to support her. “I’m so grateful for their service,” she said. “This is a nice way that I can give back.”

Eugene Lau told the Free Beacon he was there to honor a veteran who had helped his family when they first arrived in America. “I had a family friend who passed away a few years ago,” he said. “He was an Air Force pilot in World War II. He helped my family out so much when my parents immigrated here.”

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Price of Ground Beef Climbs To Another Record; Increased 20% In One Year…


PETA rejoices.

Via CNS News:

(CNSNews.com) – The average price of a pound of ground beef climbed to another record high — $4.201 per pound — in the United States in November, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

In August 2014, the average price for a pound of all types of ground beef topped $4 for the first time, hitting $4.013, according to the BLS. In September, the average price jumped to $4.096 per pound, and in October, the average price climbed to $4.154 per pound. In November, the average price hit the highest price ever recorded — $4.201 per pound.

A year ago, in November 2013, the average price for a pound of ground beef was $3.477 per pound. Since then, the average price has increased 20.8 percent in one year.

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