California Proposing To Ban Judges Affiliated With Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts stand on stage with a U.S. flag during the Pledge of Allegiance to begin the inaugural Freedom Summit meeting for conservative speakers in Manchester

Everyone must walk in lockstep with the radical left or you will be targeted and punished.

Via Daily Caller:

California is proposing to ban members of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) from serving as judges because the Boy Scouts do not allow gay troop leaders, The Daily Caller has learned.

In a move with major legal implications, The California Supreme Court Advisory Committee on The Code of Judicial Ethics has proposed to classify the Boy Scouts as practicing “invidious discrimination” against gays, which would end the group’s exemption to anti-discriminatory ethics rules and would prohibit judges from being affiliated with the group.

“The Committee’s invitation ignores the fact that the change also encompasses other youth organizations whose membership is limited on the basis of gender, e.g., the Girl Scouts, as well as the military, which continues to practice ‘discrimination’ on the basis of gender,” wrote Catherine Short, legal director of the pro-life group Life Legal Defense Foundation, in a letter to the Committee obtained by TheDC that predicts possible implications for pro-life judges in the future.

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Video Uncovered of Planned Parenthood Founder Calling For Ban On Childbirth, “No More Babies”…

“God bless” Planned Parenthood – Barack Obama

Via Daily Caller:

In what can only be called a gracious historical act, a newsreel archive company called British Pathé has uploaded 85,000 historic films on YouTube—in high resolution, no less.

The collection spans from 1896 to 1976 and there’s obviously a lot of great stuff to comb through that ranges from politics to art to culture to sports.

One video that has caught The Daily Caller’s eye is the one below, in which American birth control activist Margaret Sanger (here called Margaret Slee, which was her second husband’s name) sternly demands that the women of the world have “no more babies.” [...]

As the text below the YouTube clip explains, Sanger was specifically arguing that people in developing countries shouldn’t have babies until 1957.

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Democratic Ally of Obama Laments: “He’s Just Not a Natural Leader”…

Just realizing this now?

Via National Journal:

President Obama came to office nursing dreams “of forging a new partnership” with a stubborn rival. When times got tough, he abandoned the relationship and adopted dusty zero-sum gain policies of his predecessors. To allies and rivals alike, he looks naïve, weak, and disconnected.

This is the portrait presented Sunday by Peter Baker in his front-page New York Times story titled, “In Cold War Echo, Obama Strategy Writes Off Putin.” What struck me about the piece is the unstated parallel between Obama’s handling of Russia and Republicans, and how in both cases the gap between promise and performance illustrates a fundamental failure of leadership. [...]

That last paragraph reminds me of Democrats who privately gripe about Obama’s lack of engagement with Congress, his unwillingness to build meaningful relationships, his allegiance to polls and focus groups, and his cautious nature that, in their minds, holds him back from greatness. “He can’t handle Putin. He can’t handle Republicans,” said a veteran Democratic consultant and part-time adviser to both of Obama’s presidential campaigns. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the Democrat added, “He just is not a natural leader.”

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Send In The Clown: Biden Arrives In Ukraine…

Odds he makes the situation worse: 50-50

Via Belfast Telegraph:

Vice president Joe Biden hopes to demonstrate the US commitment to Ukraine by meeting with its leaders as they deal with their confrontation with Russia.

Mr Biden arrived on Monday for a two-day visit to the capital Kiev.

He has meetings on Tuesday with the acting Ukrainian prime minister and president.

Mr Biden is also scheduled to meet with legislators and democracy activists before returning to Washington on Tuesday night.

Undercover FBI Agents Used Millions Of Dollars To Wine And Dine Alleged Gangster Kingpin ‘Shrimp Boy’ Chow

Free Shrimp Boy

Shrimp Boy was providing a community service.

Via The Daily Mail

The FBI used millions of dollars, liquor and cigarettes seized in other cases and more than a dozen undercover operatives in an elaborate, seven-year sting operation targeting a San Francisco Chinatown association thought to be a front for a notorious organized crime syndicate.

The agents, posing as honest businessmen and a Mafia figure, spent freely and aggressively offered their targets criminal schemes, leading to the indictment of 29 people – including state Senator Leland Yee – on charges that included money laundering, public corruption and gun trafficking.

J. Tony Serra, a long-time defense attorney, is representing Raymond ‘Shrimp Boy’ Chow, the head of a Chinatown tong, which the FBI says became a front for organized crime.

Serra said much of the government’s case against Chow, Yee and the others is being driven by FBI operatives who were loaded with millions of dollars, were ‘wining and dining’ their targets with $250 shots of liquor at high-end restaurants and were making persistent offers to break the law.

Serra said the $58,000 Chow received from undercover agents were legal gratuities, not kickbacks for illegal activity. Chow has pleaded not guilty.

‘The undercover agents sought to induce him, sought to involve him, sought to catch him in some overt act that represented criminal activity,’ Serra said.

Garrick Lew, who represents another defendant in the San Francisco case, complained in court that FBI agents significantly overpaid thousands of dollars each for guns worth a few hundred dollars apiece allegedly sold by his client, Rinn Rouen, who has pleaded not guilty to gun trafficking and murder for hire charges.

‘The FBI was throwing money at people,’ said Lew.

FBI spokesman Peter Lee declined to comment.

The agents’ behavior has already become a central issue in the month-old case, with defense lawyers arguing that the FBI entrapped otherwise honest people by luring them into criminal schemes hatched by the government.

It’s an argument numerous suspected terrorists, politicians and others have made when caught in a government sting.

But legal experts say the entrapment defense rarely works. Sting targets have to prove much more than simply the government made them do it. They have to show they weren’t predisposed to committing the criminal acts proposed by undercover agents.

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Ukraine Truce Collapses, Three Dead After Gunfight At Pro-Russian Separatist Checkpoint…

Via WaPo:

Just hours after Ukraine’s government declared an Easter truce, a gunfight erupted early Sunday, leaving three people dead at a checkpoint manned by a pro-Russia militia outside this restive city in eastern Ukraine.

It was the worst violence since diplomats from the United States, the European Union, Russia and Ukraine signed an agreement last week in Genevathat sought to de-escalate tension in the region.

The Russian Foreign Ministry quickly seized on the Easter Sunday clash as evidence that the new Ukrainian government could not keep order.

The new mayor of Slovyansk, meanwhile, begged Russian President Vladimir Putin to send “peacekeepers” to protect the people.

Ukraine’s leaders fear that Putin is looking for any excuse to take more direct action in the nation’s east, where many residents speak Russian and distrust the central authorities in Kiev. The Security Service of Ukraine called Sunday’s attack a “cynical provocation” staged by pro-Russia elements.

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MSNBC Token RINO Joe Scarborough Calls Kansas Families Opposed To Mooch Giving HS Graduation Speech “Asinine”…

More on this story.

Via Newsbusters:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: In the Washington Post, high school students and their families are protesting Michelle Obama’s involvement in some Kansas graduation ceremonies. There are now concerns for the First Lady’s participation stealing the spotlight from the kids and limiting the amount of seats available for family members. The speech is tied to the 60st anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision on Brown v. Board of Education, which ended school segregation –

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Wow, that’s lame.

SCARBOROUGH: — and I have got to say if you have the opportunity to have the First Lady of the United States come out and speak at your high school graduation, keep those concerns to yourself. That is asinine.

Is There An Ethics Investigation In Rep. Cummings’ Future Over IRS Emails With Lerner?

It will take the efforts of a private citizen while the House kicks the can down the road

Via The Daily Caller

Congressman Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, could be facing an ethics investigation if Cleta Mitchell has her way.

Mitchell — a partner at Foley & Lardner and the legal counsel for True the Vote in its case against the IRS for its targeting of conservative groups — is pursuing Cummings over his conduct in the wider investigation.

“[Cummings] announced within 30 days after the IRS scandal that “Whoops, all this investigation is over, and we don’t need to be doing anything more on that,’ and he has done everything he can do to thwart and obstruct this investigation,” Mitchell said. “And has just been adamant that the investigation needs to end, that this is just a witch hunt, that there’s nothing there, that nobody did anything wrong.”

Mitchell believes that Cummings’s actions, including what he described as ”his investigation of True the Vote” is outside of his jurisdiction and that it is a gross abuse of power to investigate private citizens.

“In the fall of 2012, True the Vote received a series of letters — eight, nine, 10 page letters from Elijah Cummings out of the blue, conducting what he claimed was ‘his investigation of True the Vote,’” she continued. “Now mind you, the jurisdiction of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee is federal agencies. It is not private citizens’ groups in Houston, Texas.

“Congressman Cummings sent this series of letters demanding all this material and information from True the Vote. This went on for several months, and then he would get on national TV, MSNBC of course, and before the letters had been received by True the Vote he’d be waving these letters around and that he’s conducting an investigation, which of course he has no authority under the House rules to do.”

Mitchell believes that Cummings actions are nothing more than the latest step in a wider attempt by Democratic left to stifle discussion and opposition by the conservatives.

“On behalf of True the Vote, we filed a complaint against Rep. Cummings on February 6 with the Office of Congressional Ethics asking the Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate whether Rep. Cummings or any member of his staff had played any role in getting any of the agencies that went after Catherine Engelbrecht and her family after she became involved with True the Vote. Two IRS audits about the business, her personal tax returns, two visits from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, a surprise visit from OSHA, seven visits from the FBI. I mean, these are not coincidences. And so we wanted to know what role Rep. Cummings or any of his staff had played in any of that and why Rep. Cummings undertook to misrepresent that he was conducting an investigation of True the Vote, which we think was in violation of House rules.”

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Islamists At Jihadist Training Camp In Oregon Taught How To Properly Slice Someone’s Throat…


Via LA Times:

On a ranch in rural Oregon, a radical Muslim holding a dagger with a curved blade yanked back the head of a kneeling young man and brought the metal to his neck.

“He said he was going to show us how to properly slice someone’s throat,” the kneeling man’s sister testified Thursday as prosecutors began presenting their case against an Egyptian-born imam known as Abu Hamza Masri, the latest terrorism case to unfold in a New York federal court.

Masri, who also goes by Mustafa Kamel Mustafa, was not the man holding the knife, but a government indictment alleges that he sent the knife-wielding man from London to Oregon to establish a terrorist training camp.

It is one of 11 charges against Abu Hamza Masri, a naturalized British citizen who gained fame for his radical sermons in London’s Finsbury Park mosque and who was extradited to the United States in October 2012.

The defendant, who says he lost both arms fighting in Afghanistan, faces life in prison if convicted on the most serious charges of hostage-taking and conspiracy to take hostages, stemming from the December 1998 abduction of 16 tourists in Yemen.

Other charges include providing material support to terrorists and conspiring to support terrorists by sending men and money to set up the camp outside Bly, Ore., a remote hamlet about 300 miles southeast of Portland.

Masri, 55, pleaded not guilty, and in opening statements Thursday, defense attorney Joshua Lewis Dratel said Masri was being prosecuted not for his actions but for voicing controversial opinions.

“He wasn’t in Yemen, wasn’t in Oregon, never harmed Americans or anyone else,” Dratel said as Masri sat quietly, his short-sleeved tunic revealing arms cut off just below the elbows.

MSNBC: “10,000 People A Year Will Die Because Republicans Are Blocking Medicaid”…

Why do I get the feeling Zerlina Maxwell of The Grio is making numbers up?

Via Newsbusters:

On the Saturday, April 19, Disrupt, as MSNBC’s Karen Finney hosted a discussion of ObamaCare noting that President Obama has started encouraging Democrats to brag about the program, guest Dana Milbank of the Washington Post blamed Republican governors for hurting Democratic Senators in red states as he charged that in some states “ObamaCare isn’t going very well because of those Republican governors.”

A bit later, Zerlina Maxwell of The Grio asserted that 10,000 people a year will die because of Republican governors who have refused to expand Medicare. [...]

Maxwell responded:

Right, and we’re talking about 10,000 people a year that will die because Republicans are blocking Medicaid. So we’re talking life and death, and this is beyond the politics of it.

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A Trojan Horse On Amnesty In The Defense Bill?


Back door amnesty using the military

Via Hot Air

I’m not sure if this is one of the things that John Boehner was talking about when he said he was hell bent on passing some immigration legislation, but there is more controversy surrounding the upcoming defense authorization bill on a related subject. Over at The Corner, Mark Krikorian raises the alarm over a meeting which just took place between two unlikely figures in the immigration debate.

In related news, President Obama is meeting with the National Commander of the American Legion this morning. Ordinarily, that would mean little, but the meeting comes just days after the Legion came out against a plan to amnesty illegal aliens who join the military. The number of people who would benefit from such an amnesty is miniscule (and there’s already a statutory means of allowing them to enlist), so why would the president take time out to summon the head of the Legion for a tiny, redundant immigration provision?

Here’s the article where the American Legion comes out against this policy. It’s fairly obvious that the Legion’s leadership isn’t trying to step on the fingers of anyone who serves, but simply wants to keep the two issues each in their own space.

“The NDAA needs to stand alone, and I think attaching an issue as contentious and complex as immigration and recruitment policy would only stall the NDAA,” said John Stovall, director of the American Legion’s national security division. “Immigration policy needs to be debated on its own outside the debate of NDAA.”

I’ve written about the pros and cons of granting citizenship to those who serve in the military here before, and it’s clearly a topic which generates some controversy. But whether you support it or not, Krikorian raises the point that perhaps the “must pass” defense spending authorization bill isn’t the place to ram it through. And he’s already hearing from some insiders on the hill that plans are afoot which could turn it into a larger headache.

Because it’s a Trojan Horse — if it’s included in the must-pass defense authorization bill when it’s sent to the Senate, Harry Reid can expand it into a larger amnesty confident in the knowledge that it would have to be passed. I’ve been told by a Republican House member that the Democrat (and, presumably, “hellbent” House leadership) plan is to add the entire DREAM Act to the defense bill once it gets to the Senate

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The Death Of The Academic Debate


Who can best use the race card

Via College Insurrection

Debate has always been an important aspect of academia, but logic has been replaced with emotion in some cases. In other words, debate is no longer debate.

John Hinderaker of Powerline reports.

The War On Standards Comes to College Debate

Paul has been writing about the war on standards in various aspects of our society, generally as a means of advancing the interests of minorities (or purporting to advance them, anyway). Now it appears that the decline of standards–indeed, the abolition of any standards at all–has come to the world of college debate. The Atlantic reports:

These days, an increasingly diverse group of participants has transformed debate competitions, mounting challenges to traditional form and content by incorporating personal experience, performance, and radical politics. These “alternative-style” debaters have achieved success, too, taking top honors at national collegiate tournaments over the past few years. …

On March 24, 2014 at the Cross Examination Debate Association (CEDA) Championships at Indiana University, two Towson University students, Ameena Ruffin and Korey Johnson, became the first African-American women to win a national college debate tournament, for which the resolution asked whether the U.S. president’s war powers should be restricted. Rather than address the resolution straight on, Ruffin and Johnson, along with other teams of African-Americans, attacked its premise. The more pressing issue, they argued, is how the U.S. government is at war with poor black communities.

In the final round, Ruffin and Johnson squared off against Rashid Campbell and George Lee from the University of Oklahoma, two highly accomplished African-American debaters with distinctive dreadlocks and dashikis. Over four hours, the two teams engaged in a heated discussion of concepts like “nigga authenticity” and performed hip-hop and spoken-word poetry in the traditional timed format. At one point during Lee’s rebuttal, the clock ran out but he refused to yield the floor. “F*** the time!” he yelled.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Republicans Being “Strangled” By Tea Party “Extremists”…


And Wasserman Schultz calls Republicans “extremists” for the 5,329,987th time.

Via Washington Times:

Vulnerable Senate Democrats are increasingly running against the White House when it comes to issues like Obamacare and the Keystone XL pipeline, but Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said Sunday that she isn’t concerned.

“What’s the case is that each of these candidates have to run their own race,” Mrs. Wasserman Schultz, who heads the Democratic National Committee, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “They have to talk about and focus on the issues that are important to their constituents.”

History shows that the president’s party typically loses seats in mid-term elections, but Mrs. Wasserman Schultz argued Republicans are being bogged down by contested primaries featuring conservative challengers.

“You have the Republican Party who is strangled by the tea party,” she said. “They are weighed down by Republican primaries in which the tea party candidates are the likely winners. And we have countless elections now that Democrats have won because the Republicans have nominated extremists that their voters reject.”

Barack Obama Marks Easter With A Picture of . . . Barack Obama…

Did anyone not see this post coming?

Navy Dad Dresses Up As Easter Bunny To Surprise Daughter

Via IJR:

This is just a perfect story for Easter. Fox News Insider reports:

A little girl got the Easter surprise of a lifetime when her dad, deployed to Afghanistan, returned home.

Navy petty officer Steve Philipps says his daughter, Avery, gave him a heart before he left for Afghanistan, and he carried it with him the whole time. She has a “daddy doll” with his picture on it that she sleeps with every night.

The surprise homecoming had been planned for months. Friday, Philipps dressed up as the Easter bunny at the Ohio Valley Mall.

When Avery walked up to the bunny with her “daddy doll” and wish list in hand, the bunny showed her the heart. That’s when Avery realized it was her dad behind that bunny suit.

Surely, this little girl will remember this Easter her whole life. Life is full of surprises.

Rapist’s Painting of Barack Obama Hung In White House…

How delightful.

Via Daily Caller:

A painting of President Barack Obama by a shock artist with a rape fetish hung in the White House for at least two years.

Artist David Choe, known for his graffiti and shock art, rose to minor fame after drawing the murals in Facebook’s first offices. He hosts a Vice show centered on hitchhiking, has shown Anthony Bourdain around Los Angeles on Bourdain’s CNN show, “Parts Unknown,” and one of his paintings graced the walls of the White House from at least 2008-2010.

But Choe also has a rape fetish. On the podcast that he co-hosts with porn star Asa Akira, he recounted the story of forcing a female masseuse to perform oral sex on him after she repeatedly said no. He described the scene to listeners: “I take the back of her head and push it down on my dick and she doesn’t do it and I go, ‘Open your mouth, open your mouth.’”

His female co-host immediately said, “You raped.” After Choe laughed, Akira continued, “Eww, you’re basically telling us that you’re a rapist now and the only way to get your dick really hard is rape,” to which Choe responded, “Yeah.”

Choe painted a portrait of Obama entitled “Hussein” during the 2008 race. According to Choe’s site, it was part of a “grassroots street art campaign.” When Obama won the presidency, the painting was hung in the White House. In a 2010 interview with Ion magazine, Choe was asked about his painting, which was still hanging in the building.

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Ukraine Synagogue Firebombed Just Days After Distribution Of Anti-Semitic Flyers

Targeted to take attention away from the other events in the Ukraine?

Via Algemeiner

The Nikolayev Synagogue in Ukraine was reportedly firebombed by vandals at approximate 2 AM on Saturday morning, according to Chabad blog Shturem and closed-circuit footage of the attack, uploaded to YouTube at the weekend.

The footage was posted by Yisroel Gotlieb, son of the city’s chief rabbi, Sholom Gotlieb.

One firebomb was thrown at the door of the synagogue, which was unoccupied at the time, and another was lobbed at a window, according to the blog.

The junior Gotleib told Shturem that “miraculously a person passing by the shul was equipped with a fire extinguisher, and immediately put out the fire that had erupted, preventing massive damage.”

In February, the Giymat Rosa Synagogue, in Zaporizhia, southeast of Kiev, was also firebombed.

Reports of rising anti-Semitism in the Ukraine after Russia’s recent occupation of Crimea were highlighted last week when fliers, reminiscent of the pogroms of a century ago, were distributed outside of a synagogue on Passover. The origin of the fliers is yet unknown, and debate has focused on whether they were from Russian or Ukrainian groups, from officials or designed to appear so, or if they were intended as some kind of a KGB-style subterfuge created to use anti-Semitism as a lever in the conflict.

The fliers, distributed in Donetsk, were addressed to “Ukraine nationals of Jewish nationality,” alerting Jews to pay a fee to register their names on a list and to show documentation of property ownership, or face deportation.

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Ouch! David Brooks: Obama Has A “Manhood Problem” In The Middle East

Not just in the Middle East…


DNC Chief Wasserman Schultz: Obama Delaying Keystone Decision Until After Midterm Elections Not Political…


Safe to say even she doesn’t believe this.

Via Washington Examiner:

Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Sunday dismissed the potential political impact of a delayed decision on the Keystone XL pipeline, calling it a “complex” decision that will need to be carefully weighed.

The State Department, which has been reviewing the environmental impact of a proposal to build an oil pipeline from Canada to refineries along the Gulf Coast, announced this week that it would postpone its decision on whether to approve the project.

Some Republicans who support the project accused Democrats and the White House of purposefully pushing back a ruling until after this year’s midterm elections — but Wasserman Schultz attempted Sunday to dismiss such a notion.

“The decision over the Keystone pipeline is complex and it has to be examined very carefully,” Wasserman Schultz said on NBC’s “Meet The Press.” “It affects multiple states.”

Because of the weight of the issue, Wasserman Schultz said, she wants “to make sure the right decision is arrived at and the president makes that decision carefully and doesn’t put politics in his decision.”

“[President Obama] has to continue to take a close look at it,” she added. “The environmental concerns are legitimate.”

Horrible: Woman To Get Abortion To Improve Her Chances To Be On Reality Show

Via IJR:

British celebrity-wannabe was interviewed about her decision to abort her child in order to improve her chances to appear on a reality show.
From the Mirror:
Wannabe celebrity Josie Cunningham last night confessed the chance of appearing on TV’s Big Brother was worth more than her unborn child’s life.

Puffing on a cigarette and rubbing her baby bump, the controversial model and call girl – who will have her abortion at a clinic this week – said: “I’m finally on the verge of becoming famous and I’m not going to ruin it now.

“An abortion will further my career. This time next year I won’t have a baby. Instead, I’ll be famous, driving a bright pink Range Rover and buying a big house. Nothing will get in my way.”

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