U.S. Islamic Scholar Says Porn One Of Main Reasons Muslims Turn To Jihad…


Shockingly, he lives in Berkeley.

Via IPT:

Muslim scholar Hamza Yusuf, president of Zaytuna College in Berkeley, Calif., blamed pornography for the proliferation of jihadist violence during a Georgetown University panel discussion Monday about the status of Muslim minorities in non-Muslim countries.

Princeton University law professor Robert George moderated the panel, and Yusuf appeared onstage along with John Esposito, a Muslim Brotherhood defender who heads the Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Christian Muslim Understanding at the university.

After George noted that intelligence agents routinely find sexually explicit materials on laptops belonging to captured jihadists, Yusuf offered a theory in which young men “become deeply defiled” by the pornography habits and blame the West for providing the corrupting influences. They turn to jihad for religious purification and redemption.

“I really think that we underestimate the amount of people that have this experience of wanting to restore some kind of purity to themselves,” Yusuf said, “and the only restoration for them is blowing themselves up and get rid of the part that is the source of my defilement which is my body.”

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Students Given Common Core Vocabulary Lesson That Promoted Mohammed And Islamic Faith

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 7.03.43 PM

This came from a state-adopted workbook which means this isn’t the only school, and it was approved.

Via Fox News:

Parents in Farmville, North Carolina want to know why their children were given a Common Core vocabulary assignment in an English class that promoted the Prophet Muhammad and the Islamic faith.

“It really caught me off guard,” a Farmville Central High School student who was in the class told me. “If we are not allowed to talk about any other religions in school – how is this appropriate?”

The Islamic vocabulary worksheet was assigned to seniors.

“I was reading it and it caught me off guard,” the student told me. “I just looked at it and knew something was not right – so I emailed the pages to my mom.”

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White House Needs New Fence, Barrycades Aren’t Working Security Report Says

WH Short fence

Can’t have any unauthorized folks wandering around.

Via The Times-Picayune

The Secret Service is an “insular” agency that needs a new director hired from the outside, according to former government officials tasked with examining the embattled agency after a man with a knife stormed the White House.

An executive summary of the review released Thursday by the Homeland Security Department also concluded that the Secret Service needs more uniformed officers and plain clothes agents, better fencing at the White House and more training for officers.

“The next director will have to make difficult choices, identifying clear priorities for the organization and holding management accountable for any failure to achieve those priorities,” the group wrote after interviewing 50 Secret Service employees. “Only a director from outside the (Secret) Service, removed from organizational traditions and personal relationships, will be able to do the honest top-to-bottom reassessment this will require.”

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said in a statement that the recommendations are “astute, thorough and fair.”

Many of the proposed changes have been recommended before, including some that date to the Warren Commission Report, which detailed the government investigation into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Johnson said Thursday the recommendations can’t fall by the wayside this time.

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Toure: First Amendment Does Not Apply To Filmmakers Behind “The Interview”…

Yeah, no.

IDF Strikes Hamas Following Earlier Rocket Fire


Hamas celebrating its removal from the terror list by Europe.

Via JPost

The IDF struck a weapons cache belonging to Hamas in Southern Gaza early Saturday morning, following an earlier rocket attack from Gaza into Israel on Friday afternoon, which exploded in open territory near the Eshkol Regional Council.

The reports are of at least two strikes by the Israel Air Force, which was reportedly assisted by the Israel Navy.

Gaza residents in the south reported loud explosions in the region.

There are no reports of any injuries.

This is the first time the IDF has struck Gaza since the end of Operation Protective Edge this summer.

Friday afternoon’s rocket attack against Israel marks the third such attack since the end of the summer conflict with Hamas.

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Another Obama Lie? Sony: Obama Says We Did Not Contact WH For Help, But We Did

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 6.39.01 PM

He’s kidding, right? He is the the King of The Cavers.

Via Deadline:

“I think (Sony) made a mistake,” President Obama said earlier on Friday in a press conference addressing the Sony hacking attack, which the FBI said the North Korean government was responsible for. “That’s not what America is about… I wish they’d spoken to me first. I would have told them, ‘Do not get into a pattern in which you’re intimidated by these kinds of criminal attacks’.”

In his CNN interview set to air in full on Anderson Cooper’s AC360 at 5PM PT/8PM ET, Lynton made a point of contradicting Obama’s statement that Sony had not asked for his help.

“I did reach out,” said Lynton, who said Sony indeed sought assistance from the President. “We definitely spoke to a senior advisor in the White House to talk about the situation. The White House was certainly aware of the situation.”

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Kurdish Peshmerga Fighters Free Yazidis Trapped On Mountain By ISIS…


Via NBC News:

ZUMAR, Iraq — Kurdish peshmerga fighters have fought their way to Iraq’s Sinjar mountain and freed hundreds of Yazidis trapped there by ISIS fighters, a Kurdish leader said Thursday. “The peshmerga have managed to reach the mountain. A vast area has been liberated,” said Masrour Barzani, head of the Iraqi Kurdish region’s national security council, adding that 100 ISIS fighters had been killed. “Now a corridor is open and hopefully the rest of the [Sinjar] region will be freed.”

Backed by U.S. airstrikes, the assault ended the months-long ordeal of hundreds of people from Iraq’s Yazidi religious minority, who had been besieged on the mountain since ISIS stormed Sinjar and other Kurdish-controlled parts of northern Iraq in August.

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Obama Only Calls On Woman At Press Conference, Men On ‘Naughty List’

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 6.07.11 PM

More mistreatment of the press, but they will say “Please sir, may I have another?”

Via Washington Times:

In a first at the White House, President Obama called exclusively on female reporters Friday in his final news conference of the year.

Mr. Obama reached into his jacket pocket for his predetermined list of reporters to call on for questions, saying press secretary Josh Earnest had advised him “who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.” Apparently the male reporters have misbehaved, for the president proceeded to call on eight women in a row.

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Profs Want Kindergartners Taught About Racial Tolerance Using Picture Books To Stop “Another Ferguson”…


Al Sharpton to draft said picture books in between approving movies for Sony.

Via Campus Reform:

Three faculty members at the University of Texas at Austin claimed that the best way to prevent “another Ferguson” is to start teaching tolerance to kindergarteners.

In a December 17th editorial in the Washington Post, the three faculty members, led by Jennifer Keys Adair, a professor of early childhood education, argue that children as young as nine-years-old harbor prejudices that can last a lifetime. The professors imply that Officer Darren Wilson—who fatally shot black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.—killed because of his childhood prejudices.

“If we’d like to keep what happened in Ferguson from ever happening again, we have to stop the fear and damaging disconnect many white people have when in the presence of black males,” the academics write in their piece.

One of the ways to prevent this “fear,” they argue, is by “[influencing] young children’s racial attitudes” through “picture books [that are] about the everyday lives of black men so that racial diversity becomes normalized for young children.”

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Twitter Mocks Obama For Calling James Franco “James Flacco”

He loves James so much, he doesn’t even know his last name, and once again he looks like he is on heavy medication.

Via ABC:

The Internet is having a field day with President Obama’s slip-up in a news conference today during which he referred to “The Interview” actor James Franco as “James Flacco.”

A Twitter user immediately created a photo mixing Baltimore Ravens’ quarterback Joe Flacco with a photo of Franco, who stars in the embattled Sony Pictures comedy. The NFL’s Flacco even tweeted at President Obama.

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Obama Opposes Sony Censorship Yet Supported It For A Film Blamed For Benghazi…

President Obama Delivers Remarks On Executive Action Immigration Reform

It’s impossible for him to take a stand on anything without a drastic contradiction haunting him.

Via Daily Caller:

President Obama’s statement at a year-end press conference on Friday in which he said that Sony has set a bad precedent by caving in to North Korean hackers’ demands to pull its movie, “The Interview”, is at odds with his administration’s stance on another movie — “Innocence of Muslims.”

On Friday, Obama said:

“We cannot have a society in which some dictator some place can start imposing censorship here in the United States. Because if somebody is able to intimidate folks out of releasing a movie, imagine what they start doing when they see a documentary that they don’t like or news reports that they don’t like. Or even worse, imagine if producers and distributors and others start engaging in self-censorship because they don’t want to offend the sensibilities of somebody’s sensibilities who probably need to be offended.”

But in 2012, after a terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, the White House scrambled to get YouTube to remove “Innocence of Muslims”, a movie which the administration believed may have helped spark the uprising which killed four Americans, including Libyan ambassador Chris Stevens.

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Imperial President: I Will Use Executive Actions To Improve Race Relations…

First up: Obama issues a proclamation declaring January “White Privilege Month.”

Via RCP:

At his end of the year press conference on Friday, President Obama addressed the task force on race relations he put together following the grand jury decisions of the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases. The president says the report will not be “abstract musings” but instead “concrete, practical things” that law enforcement agencies can “begin implementing right now to rebuild trust between communities of color and the police department.”

“The task force that I formed is supposed to report back to me in 90 days,” President Obama said. “My intention is to, as soon as I get those recommendations, to start implementing them. Some of them I’ll be able to do through executive actions, some of them will require Congressional action, some of them will require action on the part of states and local jurisdictions.

Obama Apologizes To Communist Dictator Raul Castro…

Obama apologizes like it’s a natural body function when it has to do with foreign countries (usually involving our foes and/or dictators), but has never apologized to Republicans

Screen shot 2014-12-19 at 2.50.26 PM

Divider-In-Chief: “The Gap Between White And Black America Persists”…

It’s been a good week for the race hustlers…bad week for America.

Lib Rag Salon: Elf On The Shelf An “Evil Orwellian Spy,” “Nightmarish Voyeur,” “Insidious Tradition”…

I’ve never been a fan of  Elf on The Shelf, but this year my youngest absolutely loves it, and watching how it makes him smile makes me happy.

Now, how should I break the bad news to him that the Elf is really an “evil Orwellian spy” (I doubt a six-year-old knows what “Orwellian” means)?

Via Salon:

I hate the Elf on the Shelf. I hate his evil, dead-eyed sidelong smile. I hate that he invades innocent children’s homes without compunction. I even hate his full name: “The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition.” I hate how it sounds like it’s a threat, like, “I’m not just the Elf: I’m the Elf who will return every goddamn Christmas of your life, everybody. So GIVE ME A NAME AND DEAL WITH IT.” I hate how he seems to become more powerful with each passing year.

Have I mentioned I hate the Elf on the Shelf?

Once upon a time, long ago in 2005, a lady named Carol Aebersold self-published a book about her innocuous holiday tradition. It was the story of an elf who would appear in your home after Thanksgiving to quietly observe how well the family was behaving, report back to Santa at the North Pole each night and reappear somewhere else in the household the next day. Whimsical!

Today, the Elf is a best-selling, full-blown industry. He floated triumphantly this year at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and he’s been all up in our faces ever since. And why not? He’s eminently marketable. Like American Girl dolls, or Cabbage Patch Kids in days of yore, part of the Elf’s allure is his customizable nature. There are girl elves and boy elves, blue-eyed elves and dark-skinned elves, all waiting to be “adopted.” Right, like I’m going to adopt a narc.

Part of why I dislike the Elf is the same reason I dislike Facebook’s privacy settings — he’s an Orwellian nightmare. Let’s teach our children that privacy is meaningless! I may have grown up with a Santa who sees you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake, but my Santa was never lurking around in my house, keeping tabs on me for weeks at a time. I don’t know, I just find the whole concept of an advent-long period of intense scrutiny by some judgmental little voyeur in a pointy hat creepy. Better than a Krampus, I guess, but still. Furthermore, the notion that the generosity of the season is not just contingent upon a child’s behavior, but that said behavior is being studied and judged by an independent auditor, is bizarre. And it reinforces the message to even very young children that the only reason to be good to each other is to get stuff. Isn’t teaching morality about teaching children to be nice even when no one is looking?

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Desperate Much? Dems Build Fundraising List Out Of Colbert Thank You Petition…


Pathetic? Yes. Surprising? Absolutely not.

Via Newsbusters:

Just how liberal is fake conservative Stephen Colbert? Politico’s Hadas Gold reports the Democrats are raising money off his retirement from Comedy Central.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is taking advantage of “The Colbert Report’s” final few days, with an email blast asking people to sign a ‘Thank you’ card for host Stephen Colbert.

“After nine great years, the Colbert Report is going off the air,” the email reads. “Thank you Stephen Colbert for an amazing ride!”

The link leads to a DCCC page for people to add their emails, names, and zip codes to the card. Thus far more than 20,000 people have signed the card, per DCCC’s count.

Isn’t it instructive that the nation’s newspapers are saying “Thank you for an amazing ride” exactly like the Democrat? We mentioned The New York Times. The front of USA Today’s Life section on Thursday carried the large bold headline “Stephen Colbert, you served us well.” Underneath that was a montage of photos with the headline “THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!”

They said Colbert’s run was “marked by the marvelous (President Obama took over his show last week).” Only a Democrat would approve that concept.

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Ridiculous: Al Sharpton Now Going To Have Say Over How Sony Makes Movies…

**Warning** This article will make you headdesk…hard.

Via NY Post:

Coming to a theater near you: Al Sharpton.​

Hollywood ​came to the Rev. Al Thursday as embattled Sony exec Amy Pascal ​met ​privately with the ​black leader for 90 minutes ​in a bid to fix the fallout from the ​cyberhacking ​leak of embarrassing, racially charged emails.

Pascal agreed to let Sharpton have a say in how Sony makes motion pictures, in an effort to combat what he called “inflexible and immovable racial exclusion in Hollywood.”

“We have agreed to having a working group deal with the racial bias and lack of diversity in Hollywood,” said Sharpton.

He said Sony would work closely with his National Action Network, ​the ​National Urban League, ​the ​NAACP and the Black Women’s Round Table to “see if we can come up with an immediate plan to deal with it.”

The meeting, held behind closed doors at the Greenwich Hotel, also included National Urban League president Marc Morial.

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Saudi Cleric Who Once Headed Mecca’s Religious Police Receiving Death Threats After Wife Appears On TV With Her Face Showing…


And she wore makeup!

Via Daily Mail:

 A Saudi cleric who once headed Mecca’s religious police has received death threats after his wife appeared with him on TV wearing make-up without a veil.

Sheikh Ahmed al-Ghamdi and his wife told the audience of a chat show that Islam does not require women to hide their faces behind a niqab in public.

However his ‘radical’ views have created a storm of controversy after his smiling wife, Jawaher bint Al-Sheikh Ali, was seen uncovered, even wearing nail varnish. […]

l-Ghamdi told local paper, Al-Watan, that he had received several death threats with one radical cleric allegedly calling for him to be ‘tortured.’

Saudi Arabia’s most senior cleric, the Grand Mufti, Sheikh Abdulaziz al-Sheikh joined the chorus of condemnation against him and urged him to ‘ask repentance from God, and back away from this mistake.’

Obama Senior Adviser Mocks Republicans For Failing To Repeal Obamacare…


Via Breitbart:

Ahead of President Obama’s press conference on Friday, Dan Pfeiffer, his senior political adviser, mocked Republicans for failing to repeal Obamacare.

“We just finished a debate on how funding the government for next year and the Republicans didn’t even have the heart to suggest repealing it,” he wrote in a post on Medium, “There’s a first time for everything.”

In 2014, congressional Republican leaders shied away from a debate on repealing Obamacare, after shutting down the government last year to try to defund the law.

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I thought the Sony executives were the most gutless wimps in Hollywood, that is until Paramount dethroned them by banning Team America, a movie released 10 years ago.

Language warning: NSFW X 100.

Midday bump: New Christmas card features an armed Santa Claus defending Baby Jesus from knife wielding Islamic terrorist.

WASHINGTON, Dec. 18, 2014 – An armed Santa Claus on an original Christmas card sent to recipients this year by John M. Snyder protects Baby Jesus from a masked, knife-wielding terrorist.

Santa aims a semiautomatic handgun at the terrorist near Baby Jesus in His crib. The contemporary drawing shows Santa Claus using the gun to save the Infant from the throat-cutter.

“The Christmas card reflects current reality,” Snyder said. “According to numerous news reports, Islamist terrorists behead innocent victims around the world, even here in the United States. These murderers persecute Christians, especially Catholics, who worship Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.

“At Christmas, we commemorate the coming of Jesus Christ as true God and true Man, the Divine Person who assumed our human nature through his mother Mary.”

Snyder added that, “Santa Claus for many represents the Christmas spirit, the spirit of giving. On this message, Santa uses force of arms to rescue Baby Jesus from a terrorist, to give the Infant protection and freedom from the terrorist. Governments and other entities worthy of respect appreciate the right and ability of individuals to use firearms to protect the innocent.”