China Detains Activists For Supporting Hong-Kong Protest

Hong Kong Democracy Protest

Via Freebeacon:

Chinese authorities have detained or harassed dozens of activists this week who expressed support for the protests in Hong Kong, including some who simply posted messages of solidarity online.

The activist group Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD) reports that several Chinese dissidents were detained or questioned by police on Monday and Tuesday as the demonstrations in Hong Kong swelled.

Authorities seized as many as 20 activists and citizens who congregated on Tuesday at the Martyr Memorial Gardens in the southern city of Guangzhou to show support for the Hong Kong protesters.

Others were punished for discussing Hong Kong online. Several activists posted messages or photos of themselves referencing the protests on blogging sites such as Weibo, prompting threatening calls from officers and in some cases detention.

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Argentina’s President Says America Tried To Assassinate Her


Seems legit…

Via The Guardian:

Argentinian opposition politicians have accused the country’s president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, of being “completely out of touch with reality” after she gave a rambling televised address in which she claimed the US may be behind a plot to overthrow her government and possibly even assassinate her.

“If something should happen to me, don’t look to the Middle East, look to the North,” Fernández said during the address on Tuesday night, in which she alluded to an alleged plot against her by local bankers and businessmen “with foreign help”.

Fernández had previously claimed to have received death threats from Islamic State (Isis) because of her friendship with Pope Francis. In last night’s speech, however, she seemed to suggest the threats against her, received in three emails to Argentinian security officials, had come from the US.

Her claim comes in the wake of a rapid deterioration of Argentina’s already rocky relationship with the US after the country went into default in August.

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Age Old Question Of Paper Or Plastic Solved In California

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 2.37.38 PM

On top of all of this, now they’re going to charge you $0.10 for paper bags too.

Via Yahoo Finance:

Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed the nation’s first statewide ban on single-use plastic bags at grocery and convenience stores, driven to action by pollution in streets and waterways.

A national coalition of plastic bag manufacturers immediately said it would seek a voter referendum to repeal the law, which is scheduled to take effect in July 2015.

Under SB270, plastic bags will be phased out of checkout counters at large grocery stores and supermarkets such as Wal-Mart and Target starting next summer, and convenience stores and pharmacies in 2016. The law does not apply to bags used for fruits, vegetables or meats, or to shopping bags used at other retailers. It allows grocers to charge a fee of at least 10 cents for using paper bags.

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Hong Kong, It’s An Occupy Protest, But Not As You Know It …

Smells better too.

Via BBC:

Perhaps it isn’t actually anarchic but it is definitely one of the biggest protests in Hong Kong for years. And yet students – some of whom were at the vanguard of this movement – find time to sit down and do their homework.

An entrance to the Causeway Bay MTR station was barricaded and emblazoned with signs shouting out for democracy. In the middle was a small cardboard sign – also written by the protesters: “Sorry for the inconvenience.”

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MSNBC Ratings Implosion Continues: Sinks To Seven Year Lows, Rachel Maddow And Chris Hayes Put Up Worst Ever Demo Numbers…


Feel good story of the day.

Via Breitbart:

. . .MSNBC just had its worst three month stretch in nearly 7 years. For Q3 2014, MSNBC is down double digits in total day and primetime viewership. Among total day, A25-54 demo viewers, MSNBC placed fourth, behind FNC, CNN and HLN. In primetime, among total viewers MSNBC was second behind Fox News and ahead of CNN and HLN.

In the all-important, advertiser-coveted 25-54 demo, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, and Lawrence O’Donnell posted their worst showings… ever.

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CBS Medical Correspondent: “Climate Change” Partially To Blame Ebola And Enterovirus Breakouts…

(click image for video)

Screen shot 2014-10-01 at 4.19.55 PM

Via Breitbart:

In a report on a mysterious virus causing paralysis in children that aired on “CBS This Morning” earlier this week, Dr. David Agus, a medical contributor for CBS News and a University of Southern California medical professor, discussed a so-called enterovirus that is believed to behind paralysis and muscle weakness in nine Colorado children.

The virus, known as Enterovirus D68, had spread throughout the country. Agus urged parents that suspect their child may be infected with this virus to keep their children home from school. However, “CBS This Morning” co-anchor Charlie Rose asked how that particular virus, in addition to the Ebola virus, have been able to spread in recent weeks.

“Well, the world is flat,” Agus explained. “Right now, anybody can get on a plane and end up anywhere in this country and spread these viruses. And we have to be aware of it. We don’t know exactly why there was a dramatic spread this year. But something is happening now. We have multiple viruses. And together with global climate change, things are changing in the virus world and we have to pay attention.”

Secret Service Director Resigns …Man With Gun Allowed Feet From POTUS…

Quick to sack someone when the failure might get him killed.

Via Russia Today:

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigned from her post atop the security detail in charge of protecting United States President Barack Obama on Wednesday following several recent serious breaches.

Pierson, who was appointed only last year to head the US Secret Service after the agency’s reputation was marred by events that preceded her tenure as director, testified on Capitol Hill earlier this week on Tuesday amidst recent revelations that have called into question the effectiveness of her office.

After Secret Service whistleblowers revealed to the press recently that the agency has suffered from several breaches, members of Congress called on Pierson to resign ahead of Wednesday’s announcement.

“The Secret Service has had its share of challenges in recent years,” Pierson wrote in her opening testimony prepared for Tuesday’s hearing.”I intend to lead the Secret Service through these challenges

Just a day later, however, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said Wednesday that he has accepted Pierson’s resignation and has already placed Joseph Clancy, the former special agent in charge of presidential detail, as acting director of the Secret Service.

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ISIS Put Heads Of Decapitated Yazidis In Cooking Pots…

Subhuman monsters.

Via Daily Mail:

Two Yazidi teenagers who escaped the clutches of Isis have revealed the full horror of their capture and captivity.

They have described being tortured and forced to watch videos of men from their community being beheaded. [...]

Her horrifying ordeal began in the Sinjar village of Tal Azir on August 3 when Isis fighters advanced towards them.

Along with her mother, her brother and his pregnant wife, they fled towards the mountains, but Isis caught up with them at a remote farmhouse.

The women were separated from the men – who were simply mown down by machine gun fire in one of the rooms.

Sara was bundled onto a pick-up truck and taken to Mosul, where she was held with hundreds of others prior to being sold off.

She added: ‘In some [videos] they put the heads into cooking pots. Sometimes they would stand on them. There were so many heads. And they would ask us, ‘Do you know this one?’ and laugh.’

Pop Quiz: How Do You Think Obama First Heard About The Secret Service Security Breach Scandal?


Answer beneath fold:

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NY Times: Hey, Why Don’t We Reach Out To The “Moderates” In Somalia’s Al-Qaeda Branch?…



Via NY Times:

… “A lot of people advised the international community to reach out to the moderates within the Shabab and arrive at an accommodation with them to isolate the extremists,” says Rashid Abdi, a specialist on the Horn of Africa. “Critics in the West said that would be a policy of appeasement, but the outcome of the failure to engage was the rise in the power of the hard-line, much more radicalized faction of Al Shabab.”

The death of Mr. Godane offers an opportunity. There are scant prospects of talks with Al Shabab’s core leadership, which is firmly aligned with Al Qaeda and must continue to be dealt with militarily. But these jihadists should be viewed separately from the thousands of young men who joined the movement mainly to earn a living. Reaching out to them and to more moderate mid-ranking members is essential.

Code Pink Protests “War Criminal” Netanyahu During WH Visit, Claims He Committed “Genocide”…

Netanyahu met with Obama today at the White House and the Pinkos are out in full force protesting.

Do any of these people have jobs?

Obama Cancels Trip To Mecca After Islamic Clerics Forbid Selfies During Hajj…


Via Daily Mail:

They have been taken by Hollywood’s biggest stars and even caused a stir during Nelson Mandela’s memorial service.

Now selfie fever is taking one of the most important events in the Islamic calendar by storm – much to the anger of hardline Muslims.

The annual Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, which begins today, has seen a rise in the number of pictures being taken on camera phones during the rite of passage in Saudi Arabia as followers share their experiences with family and friends back home.

But some scholars have taken issue with the practice, which they see as a ‘touristy’ distraction from the prayers and rituals that form one of the five pillars of Islam.

It came as around two million Muslims from all corners of the globe arrived in Mecca today for the start of the pilgrimage at the city’s Grand Mosque.

Jeddah-based scholar Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem told Arab News: ‘Photography without a legitimate reason is an issue of dispute among scholars.

‘However, despite this difference of opinion, there shouldn’t be any dispute when it comes to the real meaning of Haj and the essence behind it.

‘It is based on sincerity and following the sunnah. The Prophet (peace be upon him) when he went for Hajj, he said: “O Allah, I ask of you a pilgrimage that contains no boasting or showing of”. Taking such selfies and videos defy the wish of our Prophet.’

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State Department Buys More Reset Buttons…

Via Weekly Standard:

In what might possibly be an attempt to relive the success of Hillary Clinton’s “Russian reset,” the State Department recently awarded a $22,116 contract for “Red Switch Equipment.” Which sounds a lot like the device Clinton famously presented to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in 2009 to “reset” relations with Russia.

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Hapless Iraqi Air Force Accidentally Drops Food And Ammunition Meant For Besieged Iraqi Troops On ISIS Fighters…

Calling the Iraqis incompetent is being kind.

WASHINGTON — Iraqi pilots mistakenly delivered food, water and ammunition to Islamic State militants on a recent mission that was meant to supply their own service members with the supplies, NBC News reported.

“Some pilots, instead of dropping these supplies over the area of the Iraqi army, threw it over the area that is controlled by ISIS fighters,” Hakim Al-Zamili, a member of the Iraqi parliament and a senior security official, told NBC. “Those soldiers were in deadly need of these supplies, but because of the wrong plans of the commanders in the Iraqi army and lack of experience of the pilots, we in a way or another helped ISIS fighters to kill our soldiers.”

A brigadier-general in Iraq’s Defense Ministry also confirmed the news to NBC, attributing it to pilots who were “young and new.” The incident reportedly occurred on Sept. 19.

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Ebola Patient In Dallas Had Contact With School Kids?

Via Russia Today:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has confirmed that the first US diagnosed Ebola patient, who is now in serious but stable condition in Dallas, had contact with children before he showed symptoms of the virus.

At a Wednesday news conference, Texas officials and doctors said they do not believe the children have contracted the virus, but all involved will be monitored for any signs of infection.

The patient, a male according to reports, was admitted on Sunday to an isolation unit at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital after seeking medical care there just two days prior. A spokeswoman for the hospital said Wednesday that the patient is now in serious condition, Reuters reported.

Edward Goodman, an infectious disease specialist at Texas Health Presbyterian hospital, said the patient’s symptoms were not clear at the time he initially sought care, National Public Radio reported.

“He was evaluated for his illness, which was very nondescript. He had some laboratory tests, which were not very impressive, and he was dismissed with some antibiotics,” Goodman said.

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Feminists Outraged Over “Sexist” Jeopardy Category “What Women Want”…

Screen shot 2014-10-01 at 1.53.10 PM


It’s almost like feminazis are perpetually miserable.

Via Salon:

What is sexist and relies on tired stereotypes? That would be Monday night’s “Jeopardy!” category “What Women Want.”

The category name itself reduces half the population into a very ridiculous “Jeopardy!” category, full of trite stereotypes. Yet, somehow this category slipped through the censors, and it was allowed out of the 1950s and into 2014.

“A pair of jeans that fit well, like the 525s from this brand,” was one of the clues. It came came in toe with the answer, “What is Levi’s?” Other clues would lead viewers to believe that all women want is to sip tea, attend Pilates classes and to have our husbands help us with the vacuuming. Yep, this happened.

CNN: Ambulance Used To Transport Ebola Patient Was In Use For Two Days After He Was Transported To Hospital…

Not good.

Screen shot 2014-10-01 at 1.46.42 PM


California Dem Gov. Signs Bill Allowing Authorities To Confiscate Guns If Family Members Report Danger…

If libs get their way one day all guns will be confiscated.

Via Bloomberg News:

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill creating a new type of restraining order aimed at curbing gun violence in the most populous U.S. state, part of a package of firearms measures approved by the 76-year-old Democrat.

Under the new law, families in California concerned that the mental health of a loved one pose a danger can now seek a restraining order that would allow police to search for and seize any firearms the person may have. The bill was introduced after a mentally unstable man shot and killed six people and wounded another 13 near the University of California’s Santa Barbara campus in May.

Brown vetoed a bill that would have required anyone who makes or owns a homemade gun to obtain a serial number and engrave it on the weapon, including plastic weapons made from 3-D printers. Gun owners opposed the measure, saying it would deface antique weapons.

Another measure Brown signed requires that BB and pellet guns be painted bright fluorescent colors. Proponents say it will help prevent accidental shootings such as the killing of a 13-year-old boy in Sonoma County last year by a police officer who said he mistook toy for a real weapon.

Arizona High School Won’t Allow Lesbian Girls To Run For Homecoming “Queen And Queen”… Standard Outrage Ensues…

We need to tell this school that “celebrating diversity” is now mandatory.

Via AZ Central:

Students at Willow Canyon High School in Surprise are banding together behind a lesbian couple who has been denied the opportunity to be nominated as homecoming queen and queen due to a school practice where homecoming royalty must be made up of a male and female pair.

Supporters of the couple say any ballots nominating the couple for homecoming royalty were discounted in a recent poll of students.

“We’re tired of the social normality that the king and queen have to be male and female,” said junior Kody Jiles, who added that it was unfair for the school to void student ballots.

Senior Samantha Breedveld said she supports the couple and is discouraged by her school’s opposition to having a same-sex king and queen.

“You’re our school, you’re meant to support your students, not shut them down saying you’re only supposed to do this,” Breedveld said. “It’s just wrong.” Breedveld said Monday just hours before homecoming week kicked off with a powder puff game later that night.

The Dysart Unified School District responded with a statement, saying the high school’s homecoming traditions have been in place for years and that they work with students on the planning for these events.

“The Willow Canyon High School students do not elect a couple as Homecoming Queen and King, rather individual students self -nominate or are nominated to run for Homecoming Queen or for Homecoming King,” the statement said. “Students can nominate themselves or another student. One person is voted in by fellow students to represent female students at Homecoming and one male student is voted in by the students to represent the boys. Who that female and male student is, is up to the student vote.”

The same-sex couple whose ballots were deemed invalid by administrators were not available for comment.

Common Core Math Problem Of The Day…

And this is for a 9-year-old.