Pentagon: U.S. Not Providing Air Support For Iraqi Offensive Against ISIS – Keeping The Battlefield Even…


No wings in the air to go along with no boots on the ground.

Via Military Times

The Pentagon says the U.S. is not providing airstrikes in support of Iraq’s ground offensive against Islamic State fighters in the northern city of Tikrit because the Iraqi government did not request it.

A Pentagon spokesman, Army Col. Steve Warren, said the U.S. was alerted to the offensive before it started Monday but was not asked to provide air power.

Warren said he could not comment on any Iranian military involvement, beyond saying Washington is aware of Iran’s interest in Iraq’s fight against the Islamic State group that controls key territory, including Tikrit and Mosul.

Warren said he could not provide an assessment of Iraqi progress in the Tikrit battle.

Disgusting Left-Wing Wacko Dan Savage Insults John Paul II As Child Molester…

Dan Savage

There’s something seriously wrong with this guy…

Via Newsbusters:

Radical LGBT activist Dan Savage plumbed new depths of lewd anti-Catholicism in a series of Twitter posts on Saturday. The hypocritical “anti-bullying” activist pointed out how a “‘repair’ on this statue of John Paul II makes him look like he just stuck 2 fingers in a squeaky clean altar boy.” (see screen cap below)

However, Savage (who comes from a Catholic family, but is now an atheist) revealed his own ignorance, as the statue, which has its hand stretched out in blessing and currently has two fingers wrapped in plastic, is actually of a pope who died six years before John Paul II was born – Pope Saint Pius X.

One of his Twitter followers actually pointed out the lack of resemblance between the statue and the Polish pontiff, but took his own disgusting shot at him: “That’s supposed to be John Paul II? Doesn’t even resemble him. Except the fingers.” The far-left personality re-Tweeted this barb with his own reaction: “Ha!”

Later, Savage disclosed that he found the supposed statue of John Paul II “when I slipped into a church to light a candle and say a prayer for my mom.” He also claimed to liberal writer Ana Marie Cox that his mom “would’ve found that pic hilarious. She had a sense of humor.”

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Harf: Netanyahu’s Proposals For Dealing With Iran Are ‘Wholly Unrealistic’, He Doesn’t Have A Job Plan Or Like No Catchy Hashtag…


We are BFF’s with Israel and will unfriend them if we don’t get our way.

Via Grabien

We heard from both Prime Minister Netanyahu and also Ambassador Power today that America’s support for Israel should be, always has been, and will continue to be bipartisan and non-partisan. And I think that’s why you heard Ambassador Power and you will hear other officials talk over the coming days about how we really have an unprecedented security relationship with Israel.

John Kerry stood up today in front of the Human Rights Council and defended Israel. And it’s also why we’re working very hard to see if we can get a negotiated agreement that prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapons, which of course is critical to Israel’s security …

We believe that it is in Israel’s security interest that we get a diplomatic agreement with Iran to prevent it from getting a nuclear weapon. I didn’t hear Prime Minister Netanyahu put forward any alternatives today and some of the alternatives we heard before to a negotiated agreement either put more sanctions on and they capitulate taking a military option. Many of those alternatives are wholly unrealistic – all experts agree on that. Or, they’d give us much less transparency and much less visibility into Iran’s nuclear program.

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Judge Tells EPA To Stop Discriminating Against Conservatives; Accuses Them Of Lying To The Court…


Much needed lambasting.

Via Washington Times:

A federal judge warned the Environmental Protection Agency on Monday not to discriminate against conservative groups in how it responds to open-records requests, issuing a legal spanking.

Judge Royce C. Lamberth concluded the agency may have lied to the court and showed “apathy and carelessness” in carrying out the law, though the judge was unable to determine if documents were intentionally destroyed.

Judge Lamberth described the “absurdity” of the way the EPA handled a Freedom of Information Act request from the Landmark Legal Foundation and then the court case stemming from it — including late last week admitting it lied to the court about how it went about searching for documents.

In a scorching 25-page opinion, the judge accused the agency of “insulting” him by first claiming it had done a full search for records, then years later retracting that claim without any explanation.

“The recurrent instances of disregard that EPA employees display for FOIA obligations should not be tolerated by the agency,” the judge said in a 25-page ruling. “This court would implore the executive branch to take greater responsibility in ensuring that all EPA FOIA requests — regardless of the political affiliation of the requester — are treated with equal respect and conscientiousness.”

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White House Defends Governments Definition Of ‘Common Sense’ AR-15 Ammunition Ban: ‘Everyone Should Agree’….


Bureaucrats ruling by caveat over the populace.

Via Breit Bart

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest is defending a proposal by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms to ban AR-15 ammunition. Earnest calls it a “common sense” approach.

“This seems to be an area where everyone should agree, that if there are armor piercing bullets available that can fit into easily concealed weapons, that it puts our law enforcement at considerable more risk,” Earnest explained when questioned about the ban by White House reporter Fred Lucas.

The proposed “framework” would ban the 5.56-millimeter “M855 green tip” rifle bullet to prevent the ammunition from being used in handguns. The ATF has requested public comment before making a decision.

Republican lawmakers have opposed the ban, submitting a letter to ATF director B. Todd Jones.

“Millions upon millions of M855 rounds have been sold and used in the U.S., yet the ATF has not even alleged, much less offered evidence, that even one such round has ever been fired from a handgun at a police officer,” the letter reads.

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Hilarious: King Of Untrue Statements Says Netanyahu “Made All Sorts Of Claims” That Are Untrue…

Obama Addresses The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Awards Dinner

The audacity of this guy…

Via Breitbart:

President Barack Obama took a stab at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an interview with Reuters on Monday, on the eve of Netanyahu’s controversial speech to a special joint session of Congress on Tuesday morning. Obama said that Netanyahu “made all sorts of claims” about the interim nuclear deal with Iran that turned out to be untrue. Yet Obama mischaracterized Netanyahu’s remarks, and misrepresented Iranian compliance with the terms of the interim deal.

Obama’s full comment on Monday was: “Netanyahu made all sorts of claims. This was going to be a terrible deal. This was going to result in Iran getting 50 billion dollars worth of relief. Iran would not abide by the agreement. None of that has come true. It has turned out that in fact, during this period we’ve seen Iran not advance its program. In many ways, it’s rolled back elements of its program.”

However, each element of that claim is untrue–and some are outright lies.

The deal is a “terrible” deal, by the standards of the international community when Obama came to office, when the UN Security Council had banned any nuclear enrichment at all by Iran.

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Homophobic Melissa Harris-Perry: Neil Patrick Harris Used Dog Whistle Racism At Oscars And May Be A Closet Racist…

Melissa forgot to wear her Aunt Jemima head scarf to make her point.

Via News Busters

As left-wing as weekday MSNBC hosts can be, weekend MSNBC anchors wander off into the land of bizarre, humorless scolds. Anchor Melissa Harris-Perry on Saturday chided two celebrity liberals for possible bigotry and for not being liberal enough. After relating a comedy bit Neil Patrick Harris performed at last Sunday’s Academy Awards, Harris-Perry lectured, “Not everyone appreciated the way that he did it.”

In the sketch, Harris jokingly asked African American actress Octavia Spencer to guard his Oscar picks. Somehow constructing potential racism, Perry connected, “Of course, he explained that the task required her diligence and undivided attention.” The cable host quoted the liberal professor/blogger Roxane Gay for the inevitable conclusion. Gay tweeted, “Typical. Octavia Spencer plays a maid, wins an Oscar and then is expected to work at the ceremony.”

Another offense came from liberal actress Patricia Arquette, who used her Oscar acceptance speech to argue for equal pay for women. This was “heartfelt,” according to the MSNBC host. But Arquette’s crime came in a later comment when she said that it’s time for “all the gay people and all the people of color that we’ve fought for to fight for us now.”

Harris-Perry fumed:

MELISSA HARRIS-PERRY: [Arquette’s] post-show elaboration revealed showed a fundamental misunderstanding of a key feminist concept that marginal identities like gender, race, sexual orientation and class are not separate. They are fundamentally intersecting.

Of course, this is the same person who famously wore tampon earrings in 2013 to make a point about abortion rights.

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Obama Calls Netanyahu Speech A “Distraction” From His Plans To Cut Nuke Deal With Iran…

And nobody distracts from Chicago Jesus.

Via Mediaite:

President Obama today downplayed Susan Rice saying Benjamin Netanyahu‘s speech to Congress is “destructive” to the U.S.-Israel relationship. He said, “I don’t think it’s permanently destructive. I think it’s a distraction from what should be our focus, and our focus should be how do we stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.”

The White House and Congress have been at odds over the address ever since John Boehner invited Netanyahu to speak weeks ago, circumventing the White House. Based on a statement from Josh Earnest today, the president may not even watch Netanyahu’s speech when it’s on.

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Fitting: Legally Blind IRS Employee Searched Lois Lerner’s Hard Drive…

Lois Lerner

What the….

Via Daily Caller:

The first IT specialist to inspect the computer hard drive of former IRS exemptions director Lois Lerner was legally blind, according to an affidavit filed last year by Stephen Manning, deputy chief information officer for strategy and modernization at the IRS.

Manning’s July 18, 2014, affidavit pertained to a lawsuit filed by True the Vote against the IRS alleging that Lerner led an effort to target it and similar conservative groups by refusing to grant them tax-exempt status.

J. Christian Adams, a former Department of Justice attorney writing for PJ Media, flagged the affidavit which provided the educational background of the IT specialist.

“According to the Specialist, prior to joining the Internal Revenue Service, from 2004 to 2005, formal Microsoft training was completed through Lions World Services for the Blind, a certified Microsoft training and testing center,” Manning stated.

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Climate Zealots: Global Warming Reason For Syria’s Raging Civil War …


A global carbon tax is the solution.

Via The Big Story

The conflict that has torn Syria apart can be traced, in part, to a record drought worsened by global warming, a new study says.

In what scientists say is one of the most detailed and strongest connections between violence and human-caused climate change, researchers from Columbia University and the University of California Santa Barbara trace the effects of Syria’s drought from the collapse of farming, to the migration of 1.5 million farmers to the cities, and then to poverty and civil unrest. Syria’s drought started in 2007 and continued until at least 2010 — and perhaps longer. Weather records are more difficult to get in wartime.

“There are various things going on, but you’re talking about 1.5 million people migrating from the rural north to the cities,” said climate scientist Richard Seager at Columbia, a co-author of the study published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. “It was a contributing factor to the social unravelling that occurred that eventually led to the civil war.”[…]
Kelley and Seager do statistical and computer simulation analysis to connect global warming to the multi-year drought, finding that such dry spells are two to three times more likely because of human-caused heat-trapping carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than under natural conditions. The connection between climate change and drought in the eastern Mediterranean is one of the most robust in science, said Seager and other scientists.

They also show that Syria’s temperature has risen by nearly 2 degrees Fahrenheit since 1900, which adds to drying through evaporation, and winter rainfall has dropped, too. Three of the four worst multi-year droughts in Syria’s history have occurred in the last 30 years, Kelley said.

Martin Hoerling, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration meteorologist, praised the study and the arguments as “quite compelling.” Hoerling, who has produced studies dismissing global warming’s role in some U.S. droughts including California’s, said the Kelley paper makes a strong case for the Syrian drought and the violence being connected to climate change.

David Titley, a Pennsylvania State University scientist and retired Navy admiral, said the paper does a good job linking climate change and drought to “varsity-level instability.”[…]

But the link between climate change and conflict has been suggested often in recent years. Last October, then-Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel unveiled a Pentagon report that made exactly that point. “Droughts and crop failures can leave millions of people without any lifeline, and trigger waves of mass migration,” Hagel said.

Also last year the Nobel Peace Prize winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded: “Human security will be progressively threatened as the climate changes.”

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White House Says Obama Has No Plans To Watch Netanyahu Address To Congress…


EARNEST: “Well, what is true in any context is that the release of this information that was provided to Israel, our allies, in the context of regular detailed classified briefings — that releasing that information would betray the trust that exist between two allies. And that would be —again, that would be true even if the Israelis were to claim that they had obtained that information from somewhere else.”

JANSING: “Will president watch the speech tomorrow?”

EARNEST: “I haven’t looked at the president’s schedule for tomorrow. I doubt that he will spend his whole time watching this speech.”

Sexist Warren Buffett Goes On The War Path Against Liz Warren (Socialist – MA) – She Is Too ‘Angry’ And ‘Violent’ With Rich People


Liz sure as heck isn’t friendly with the middle class either.

Via Think Progress

In an interview Monday morning with CNBC, Berkshire Hathaway CEO and billionaire Warren Buffett was asked what he thinks of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and her views of Wall Street.

“I think that she would do better if she was less angry and demonized less,” he responded. “I believe in hate the sin, love the sinner, and I also believe in praising by name and criticizing by category.”

He continued that while there are “plenty of other candidates” whose political style he doesn’t agree with, “I do think it’s — I think it’s a mistake to get angry with your, with people that disagree with you,” he said of her. “In the end we do have to work together… And it does not help when you demonize or get too violent with the people you’re talking to.”[…]

But Buffett’s use of the emotional word “angry” may be a sign of some subtle sexism. Women are far more likely to be described with negative words describing personal attributes. News articles are far more likely to refer to women as bossy and pushy. College students are much more likely to call their female professors bossy and annoying and more likely to call male professors brilliant and knowledgable.

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Al Sharpton Declares Eric Holder The Greatest Race Baiting Attorney General Ever…

Race baiters never had is so good.

You can read Sharpton’s semi-coherent piece on Holder here.

Saudi King Awards Indian Cleric Who Backs ISIS Having Sex Slaves $200,000 For his Service To Islam…


Shockingly, he also thinks the Jews secretly control America and 9/11 was a conspiracy to hurt Muslims.

Via Daily Mail:

The king of Saudi Arabia has handed his country’s most-prestigious prize to a preacher who has previously said the Koran allows Muslims to have sex with female slaves.

Indian cleric Zakir Naik, who has also said 9/11 was an inside job, was handed the King Faisal International Prize for Services to Islam at a glittering ceremony in Riyadh.

A physician by training, the Mumbai-based 49-year-old has carved out a career as a charismatic television preacher, but his controversial views have led to him being banned from entering the UK.

Dr Naik was one of five winners presented a gold medal, a certificate hand written in Arabic calligraphy and an endowment of more than £130,000 by Saudi King Salman during a ceremony at a luxury hotel yesterday.

The president of the Islamic Research Foundation in India, Dr Naik was honoured for being one of the most renowned non-Arabic speaking promoters of Islam.

John Kerry Defends Idiotic Comments That He’s Made The World A Safer Place Despite Daily Jihadi Massacres…

John Kerry

Why is it so hard for people like Kerry and Obama to admit they said something wrong?

Via Mediaite:

On ABC’s This Week yesterday, Secretary of State John Kerry defended his remarks last week about the decrease in threats to Americans despite groups like ISIS killing many and threatening the United States. Many media outlets last week took note of two different testimonies to Congress: Kerry’s and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper‘s.

Clapper testified that 2014 was the “most lethal year for global terrorism in the 45 years such data has been compiled.” Just a day earlier, though, Kerry testified, “We are actually living in a period of less daily threat to Americans and to people in the world than normally. […]

However, he did not back down from his remarks:

“I still stand by what I said, which is in large terms, compared to the last century, there are, in fact, fewer people dying of the means — that you look at, by state war, violence, health, et cetera.”

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House Democrats Using Emojis In Their Fundraising Emails…

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 1.10.07 PM

I have no idea what kind of moonbat nutbags the DCCC is reaching out to . . . on second thought, I have an idea.

Take it away, Cher!

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 4.52.45 PM

Report: ISIS Tricks Mother Into Eating Her Own Son After They Kidnapped Him…

Hayat Boumeddiene 'appears in Islamic State film' - 06 Feb 2015

Grotesque even by ISIS’ standards.

Via NY Post:

Islamic State brutes fed a distraught woman searching for her kidnapped son some meat and rice – and then told her she had just eaten her son, according to a British man who joined the fight against ISIS.

Yasir Abdulla, 36, of Yorkshire left his wife and four kids to battle the maniacal extremists in his Kurdish homeland, The Sun reported.

“I hate IS because of what happened to an old Kurdish woman from a nearby tribe,” he said. “Her son was captured by IS fighters and taken as a prisoner to

Mosul. She was determined to find her son and went to IS headquarters and asked to see him.”

He said the thugs told her to rest after her long journey and offered her the food before taking her to her son.

“They brought her cups of tea and fed her a meal of cooked meat, rice and soup. She thought they were kind,” he said.“But they had killed him and chopped him up and after she finished the meal and asked to see her son they laughed and said, ‘You’ve just eaten him,’” Abdulla told The Sun.

Syrian Al-Qaeda Branch Shows Off U.S. Weapons Seized After Overrunning Base Of Obama-Backed Rebel Group…

The first Syrian rebel group to be declared “moderate” and receive U.S. weapons officially dissolved today after al-Nusra Front easily took over their base.

Al-Nusra Front showing off aid with U.S. logo on it:


Also seized a number of US-made BGM-71 TOW missiles:



Top Netanyahu Aide Suggests Obama Withholding Key Information From Congress On Iran Talks

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 3.48.49 PM

So is this why they didn’t want Netanyahu to speak to Congress, because he could spill the beans on how bad the Iran deal is going to be?

Via The Blaze:

A senior aide to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel knows more than Congress does about the elements in the emerging U.S-negotiated deal over Iran’s nuclear program.

“We know many details from the agreement being put together, details that we feel members of Congress are unaware of,” the official told reporters aboard Netanyahu’s plane en route to Washington Sunday, according to multiple Israeli media outlets.

“According to the information we have, the deal currently taking shape will leave Iran with the capability to build a nuclear weapon, if [Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali] Khamenei make a decision to do so,” said the official, who was not named.

While in Washington, Netanyahu will speak to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s annual conference on Monday before his address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday. Before leaving Israel, he described his trip as “fateful” and “historic.”

Ynet reported that the Israeli official said Netanyahu would disclose some of the elements of the emerging agreement with Iran in his address to Congress.

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White House: Obama Is “Very Interested” In Raising Taxes Via Executive Orders…

Barack Obama


Via Townhall:

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed Monday that President Obama is “very interested” in the idea of raising taxes through unitlateral executive action.

“The president certainly has not indicated any reticence in using his executive authority to try and advance an agenda that benefits middle class Americans,” Earnest said in response to a question about Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) calling on Obama to raise more than $100 billion in taxes through IRS executive action.

“Now I don’t want to leave you with the impression that there is some imminent announcement, there is not, at least that I know of,” Earnest continued. “But the president has asked his team to examine the array of executive authorities that are available to him to try to make progress on his goals. So I am not in a position to talk in any detail at this point, but the president is very interested in this avenue generally,” Earnest finished.

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