Jesse Jackson Complains Racist Supreme Court Is “Rolling Back Affirmative Action”…

Jesse Jackson

Like that’s a bad thing.

By Jesse Jackson (Chicago Sun-Times):

[T]oday, America is more unequal than ever. Our schools are segregated, by race and by class, separate and unequal. We rank second to the lowest among industrial nations in the assistance we provide to the poor. In LBJ’s time, we enjoyed a broad middle class — for many, there were good jobs and good benefits. Now the middle class is sinking; we suffer mass unemployment with the jobs that are being created too often low pay and part time. The millennial generation is graduating into the worst economic straits since the Great Depression.

And across the country, basic rights are under assault. State after state, particularly across the South, are passing measures to suppress voting — limiting voting days, ending Sunday voting, demanding voter ID, stripping the right to vote from nonviolent drug offenders who have served their time, and more. The Supreme Court has weakened the Voting Rights Act and is rolling back affirmative action. Republicans in the Congress want to turn Medicare into a voucher, gut Medicaid and turn it into a block grant, slash food stamps, Pell grants and other support for the vulnerable. A detailed analysis by the Center of Budget and Policy Proposals finds 69 percent of the cuts in the budget just passed by Republicans in the House come from programs from poor and low wage workers.

We do well to honor Lyndon Johnson. He understood the power of government to make America better. But it is not enough to honor his legacy. It is time to stir ourselves, as he pushed himself, to not simply defend his contributions, but to extend them to meet the challenges of our day.

Axeldouche Hired To Elect Socialist Next British PM…


He does have experience getting socialists elected.

Via Reason:

The British Labour Party has appointed David Axelrod as a strategic adviser to Ed Miliband’s 2015 campaign. Axelrod, who went on to serve as a senior adviser to President Obama after acting as an adviser on the president’s 2008 campaign, will reportedly be paid a six-figure sum for his work.

Miliband, the leader of Labour, will be prime minister if his party wins a majority in the next election. According to recent polling, 35 percent of British voters back Labour, compared to 33 percent who support the Conservatives, whose leader, David Cameron, is the current prime minister.

“Red Ed” Miliband is not shy about cheerleading for socialism or calling himself a socialist. According to Miliband, “Being a socialist for me is about being willing to criticise capitalism—and saying capitalism produces many injustices, which politics must tackle.”

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Poll: Pant Suits’ Approval Rating Plummets To Six Year Low…


Hmmm, can you say B-E-N-G-H-A-Z-I?

Via WaPo:

A  new poll shows former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s (D) numbers hitting their lowest point in six years.

Meanwhile, it finds that the Republican Party is experiencing something of a renaissance.

The Fox News poll, from Democratic pollster Anderson Robbins Research and GOP pollster Shaw & Company, shows Clinton’s favorable rating dropping to 49 percent, compared to 45 percent unfavorable.

The last time her numbers were in that ballpark was during the 2008 Democratic presidential primary race. After she ended her campaign, her favorable/unfavorable split was 47/46.

Other polls have shown Clinton’s numbers — which were stellar during her time as secretary of state — steadily dropping since she left her post last year.


Happy Good Friday!


Update: Midday bump.

FYI: College debate teams are racist because of “white privilege,” or something like that.

ABC News Touts Chelsea Clinton’s Pregnancy As America’s “Royal” Baby…

Oddly enough, no mention of a “royal” baby when George W. Bush’s daughter Jenna announced her pregnancy.

Via Newsbusters:

According to the liberal network journalists, being part of a Democratic family makes you “royalty.” Reporters on ABC, CBS and NBC gushed over the announcement that Chelsea Clinton is pregnant. Good Morning America’s Bianna Golodryga enthused, “Move over, Prince George, though. This morning, Americans have their own royal, or, rather, presidential baby, to look forward to.”

MSNBC’s Mike Barnicle: “Harry Reid Is Right” Cliven Bundy Is A “Domestic Terrorist”…

Says the guy who was fired by the Boston Globe for plagiarism and making up stories.

Via Newsbusters:

In the wake of the standoff between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the federal government, Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) jumped into the controversy and proclaimed that Bundy was “nothing better than domestic terrorists and I think that we are a country that people should follow the law.

Following Reid’s controversial comments, MSNBC’s Mike Barnicle jumped to support Reid on Morning Joe on Friday April 18. Barnicle maintained “Those people on the ground in Nevada are terrorists under that definition. Harry Reid is right. The prosecution rests.

Nebraska School’s Moonbat Advice For Dealing With Bullies: Don’t Stand Up For Yourself, Agree With Their Putdowns, Do Not Attack…

It’s like they purposely tried to give the worst advice they could think of.

Via Daily Mail:

A Nebraska school principal has apologized for sending fifth-grade students home with a flier that advises those who are bullied to not tattle on their tormentors.

Some parents of the fifth-graders at Zeman Elementary in Lincoln complained and posted angry comments on Facebook, the Lincoln Journal Star reported Thursday.

Zeman principal Donna Williams apologized directly to the families on Wednesday for the wording of the flier, and the district posted the apology on its Facebook page.

‘The flier was sent home with good intentions,’ said Williams. ‘Unfortunately it contained advice that did not accurately reflect LPS best practices regarding response to bullying incidents.’

District student services director Russ Uhing said the LPS philosophy is: Ask the bully to stop. Walk away. If the bullying continues, tell a parent or teacher.

On the contrary, the flier advises that students should not tell on bullies because the No. 1 reason ‘bullies hate their victims is because the victims tell on them.

Obama Sits Next To Former Planned Parenthood Director At White House Easter Prayer Breakfast…

Then again, this is the same guy who once said “Gob bless” Planned Parenthood.

Via Life News:

Ordained Unitarian Universalist minister Debra Haffner was invited to President Obama’s White House Easter Prayer Breakfast.

Haffner is the co-founder and President of the Religious Institute. Founded in 2001, the Religious Institute has emerged as the national leadership organization working at the intersection of sexuality and religion.

The organization provides clergy, congregations, and denominational bodies with technical assistance on addressing sexuality and reproductive health, and assists sexual and reproductive health organizations to address religious issues and develop outreach to faith communities. [...]

Prior to joining SIECUS, she served as the director of education for Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington; and special assistant in the U.S. Public Health Service.

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Muslim Cab Drivers At Cleveland Airport Refuse To Drive Cabs With Advertisement For Gay Games…

If these cabbies were white Christians the Pink Mafia would be going ballistic.

CLEVELAND — Roughly 25 Muslim drivers dispatched to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport are refusing to drive cabs adorned with advertising for the region’s upcoming Gay Games, citing religious reasons.

Two of the three companies operating at Ohio’s largest airport were informed by the drivers — one-third of the airport’s total fleet — last week that they will no longer participate in the airport’s dedicated taxicab program. The companies, Ace and Yellow Taxi Cab, were told by the drivers that their decision was based on religious reasons, airport spokeswoman Jacqueline Mayo told

Ann Gynn, a spokeswoman for the Gay Games, said she believes the protest is an “isolated” case and not indicative of the beliefs held by most residents in Cleveland and Akron, where the Gay Games will be held on Aug. 9-16.

“What we’ve been seeing for the last couple of years is a lot of positive support and a welcome atmosphere within the community,” Gynn told “This was a decision by those individual cab drivers. It was a personal decision.”

Liberal Academia Study: Babies Are Racist…

Fun fact: Goo-goo, gaa-gaa is actually baby-speak for the N-word.

SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) – According to a study, babies tend to play with others that look more like them.

Researchers from the University of Washington noticed that babies were more willing to share their toys with others who shared their ethnicity.

“It’s not like one experimenter was nicer or friendlier to the babies – we control for factors like that,” Jessica Sommerville, a UW associate professor of psychology said in a press release put out by the university. “At the time, about half of the research assistants in my lab were Asian-American and the other half were Caucasian, and most of the babies in our experiments are Caucasian,” Sommerville said. “We know that by preschool, children show in-group bias concerning race, but results in infants have been mixed.”

Sommerville and her team came up with an experiment to test how race and fairness can influence a baby’s selection of playmate.

“It’s surprising to see these pro-social traits of valuing fairness so early on, but at the time, we’re also seeing that babies have self-motivated concerns too,” Sommerville said.

Forty white 15-month-old infants and their mothers participated in the study. The babies sat on their mother’s lap while watching toys being divided. One person divided the toys evenly, while another divided the toys unevenly.

The babies then were able to choose who to play with and 70 percent of the babies chose to play with the person who divided the toys evenly.

The researchers say that this showed that when people are the same race as the baby, the baby will choose their playmates based on fairness.

Report: Boehner Says He Is “Hellbent” On Passing Amnesty This Year…


Brilliant idea, let’s rip the party apart before the midterm elections.

WASHINGTON (WSJ) —Speaker John Boehner and other senior House Republicans are telling donors and industry groups that they aim to pass immigration legislation this year, despite the reluctance of many Republicans to tackle the divisive issue before the November elections.

Many lawmakers and activists have assumed the issue was off the table in an election year. But Mr. Boehner said at a Las Vegas fundraiser last month he was “hellbent on getting this done this year,” according to two people in the room.

A spokesman for Mr. Boehner didn’t dispute the account but said no action is possible until President Barack Obama proves himself a trustworthy partner to Republicans.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R., Va.), chairman of the HouseJudiciary Committee, delivered an upbeat message about legislative prospects during a recent trip to Silicon Valley, said Carl Guardino, chief executive of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, who hosted his visit.

He said Mr. Goodlatte told him action in 2014 was “entirely possible,” likely in the form of votes this summer on five to seven immigration bills. A spokeswoman for Mr. Goodlatte declined to comment on the exchange.

New Poll Finds Greg Abbott Crushing Abortion Barbie, 54 To 25 Percent…

It’s almost like Wendy Davis’ extremist views on abortion aren’t popular in Texas.


The results of a wide-ranging survey conducted by students in Texas Tech’s political science department was released today. The survey, conducted after the 2014 Primary Election, featured questions about various politicians and national issues.

The first question in the survey was: ‘Who would you vote for in the Texas Gubernatorial election this November?’ 54% of respondents said Greg Abbott, 25% for Wendy Davis and 15% were undecided and 6% would vote for a third-party candidate.

In the survey, President Barack Obama was given a 73% disapproval rating, Obamacare was given the same 73% disapproval rating.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz received a 51% approval rating, while Senator John Cornyn received a 46% approval rating.

Six Canadian CF-18s Headed To Europe To Bolster NATO Forces Response To Ukraine


Hey, don’t outshine Barry, he is sending “comfort items”

Via Calgary Herald

Canada announced Thursday it will contribute six CF-18 jet fighters to a NATO air-policing mission in response to the crisis in Ukraine, just as top diplomats from the troubled east European country, the U.S. and Russia announced steps that could ease tensions.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the military contribution, which included the dispatch of up to 20 staff officers to bolster the Canadian presence at NATO headquarters.

NATO requested Canadian participation, the prime minister said.

“This is in response to the situation that is developing there and frankly more generally to the concern that we have on what really is expansionism and militarism on the part of Russia under the presidency of Mr. (Vladimir) Putin,” Harper said.

“I believe this to be a long-term, serious threat to global peace and security and we’re always prepared to work with our allies in NATO and elsewhere.”

At the same time, an intense round of diplomacy in Geveva has produced a tentative agreement that puts on hold — at least temporarily — additional economic sanctions the West had prepared to impose on Russia if the talks were fruitless.

It’s unclear where the fighters will be based.

It was earlier reported early Thursday that the jets and their ground support staff will be based in Lask, Poland, where the U.S. is planning a major military exercise later this year. The air base, located southwest of Warsaw, is central and would allow the fighters to participate in a variety of missions.

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Finally: Scientists Unveil Latest Weapon Against Global Warming, Cow “Fartpacks”…

We’re saved!

Via Daily Mail:

On Friday, the Obama administration stated that it would make a multi-pronged attack on cow flatulence, in an attempt to cut methane emissions.

As a result, windy cows have come under renewed scrutiny by scientists, who plan to capture their harmful emissions and convert them into ‘green’ energy.

But scientists in Argentina believe they have come up with a solution – cow backpacks that can be used to trap the animal’s natural gas.

The ‘fartpacks’ extract 300 litres of methane a day from a tube inserted into the cow’s digestive tract and convert it into enough energy to run a car for 24 hours.

The tube running to the animals’ stomachs collects the gas inside the backpacks, which are then hung from the roof of the corral for analysis.

The systems have been under development by Argentina’s National Institute for Agricultural Technology (INTA) for a number of years and are still at proof-of-concept stage.

Video: Airstrike On Taliban Mortar Team…

Nice new clip.

Beau Biden Plans 2016 Run For Governor

Beau Biden

Beau is a legacy

Via The Daily Mail

Vice President Joe Biden’s eldest son, Beau Biden, said Thursday that he has decided not to seek reelection as Delaware attorney general this year and instead plans to run for governor in 2016.

‘Over the past few months, as I’ve been planning to run for re-election, I have also been giving a great deal of thought to running for governor in 2016,’ Biden said in an e-mail to supporters Thursday morning.

‘What started as a thought — a very persistent thought — has now become a course of action that I wish to pursue.’

Biden, who underwent surgery at a Texas cancer center last year, had said previously that he would seek a third term as attorney general.

‘After careful consideration, I have concluded that it is not right to ask for your support in 2014, knowing that my focus would be divided between doing my job as attorney general while at the same time running as a candidate for governor,’ he said in the statement.

‘Therefore, I am announcing today that I will not seek re-election as your attorney general this November.’

The announcement by Biden, 45, caught Delaware’s political establishment off guard. He was seen as a virtual shoo-in for re-election.

‘I don’t want to use the word disappointed. I’m surprised, as everybody else is,’ John Daniello, chairman of the Delaware Democratic Party, said in a phone interview.

‘But on the other hand, I truly believe that he’s an honest young man in terms of just telling everybody what his ambitions are,” Daniello added. “I just admire the hell out of him for looking at the situation and saying ‘I’m going to play this thing straight up.”

Molly Magarik, a campaign spokeswoman for Biden, said the attorney general was not available for comment Thursday.

Magarik said Biden had been planning to run for a third term until recently but that he also has been mulling a run for governor.

‘He talked to his family, and they came to the decision that yes, that’s what they want to do,’ she said.

Biden, who suffered a mild stroke in 2010, was hospitalized last August after becoming weak and disoriented during an Indiana vacation. He was later flown to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas, where doctors removed what was described as a small lesion.

Biden has refused to discuss his latest health scare, but the Texas center’s head of neuro-oncology gave him ‘a clean bill of health’ in November.

Pelosi Pushes Amnesty By Washing Feet of Immigrants…


HT: Twitchy

Internet Gets Serious: Police Raid Woman’s Home For Impersonating Politician On Twitter


What? I gotta delete @B4R4cK0b4m4 now too?!

Via ArsTechnica:

Illinois police seized computers and mobile phones while raiding a house whose owner was suspected of parodying the town mayor on Twitter.

In all, five people following the Tuesday evening raid were taken to the Peoria Police Department station for questioning, local media report.

“They just asked me about the Twitter account, if I knew anything about it,” Michelle Pratt, 27, told theJournal Star.

She said she was in the shower when officers arrived.

“They brought me in like I was a criminal,” she added. “They said they had a search warrant and took all the electronic devices that had Internet access. They said there had been an Internet crime that occurred at this residence.”

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Assploding Hypocrite: NYT’s Paul Krugman, Who Makes $25K Month To Do Nothing, Whines About “Extreme Inequality”…


And that $25,000 per month is on top of his NYT salary.

Via Raw Story:

Americans may be living in the most unequal society that has ever existed, said economist Paul Krugman.

The New York Times columnist and Princeton University professor said Thursday there is zero evidence to suggest extreme inequality is good for economic growth but plenty to suggest it’s not.

“Nobody wants us to become Cuba (but) the question is, do we have to have levels of inequality that are getting close to being the highest levels anywhere, ever,” Krugman told Bloomberg News. “We’re really starting to set new records here. Is that a good thing for anybody?”

The Nobel Prize winner said this troubling trend began around 1980, when President Ronald Reagan was elected and began implementing supply-side economic policies that promised more wealth for everyone if tax burdens were lifted for the rich.

“The fact of the matter is, since inequality began soaring, around 1980, the bottom half of America has pretty much been left behind,” Krugman said. “There has not been a rising tide that raised all boats.”

But he said American political leadership had throughout history set corrective paths whenever wealth became too unbalanced.

“If we could have modern politicians speaking forthrightly about the danger of high concentration of wealth, as Teddy Roosevelt did in 1910, we would be a long toward a good solution for this,” Krugman said, “and I guess I believe that America has a tremendous redemptive capacity and ability to take a look and say, ‘OK, in the end, what are our ideals? What do we want our society to look like?’”

Pic Of Day: Obama The Third Grader

President Obama Welcomes the Wounded Warrior Project’s Soldier Ride to the White House in Washington, D.C.

At least he was at a Wounded Warrior event, although he didn’t have to go far as it was held at the White House.

This is our President…Save us all.

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