Carter Calls On Muslim Americans To Support Peace


Another protected hyphenated group. 35 years ago on this date Carter encountered a killer rabbit.


Former President Jimmy Carter has told a group of Muslim Americans in Detroit they should take a role in supporting peace and justice efforts.

Carter delivered the keynote at Saturday’s Islamic Society of North America convention at Cobo Center.

The society is among America’s leading Muslim groups. The Detroit area has one of the nation’s largest Muslim populations.

The Detroit News reports that Carter said he hopes Muslim Americans “will use the principals of Allah to bring peace and justice to all.”

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Obama On Labor Day: Don’t Take Rights For Granted


Obama giving a shout out to the Unions.

Via Washington Exminer

President Barack Obama is asking Americans this Labor Day to think about the rights and benefits that people often take for granted.

In his weekly radio and Internet address, Obama says he’s optimistic about the growing economy. He says decisions made now will determine whether the recovery will pick up speed.

Obama says workers and unions fought for things like Social Security, Medicare, workplace safety laws and the right to organize. He says those fights built a stronger middle class.

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2 Arrested In “Anti-White” Shooting In Central Park In NYC… Update: First Suspect, Charged With Hate Crimes

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 12.59.42 PM

Wouldn’t be surprised if they found out the other victims were white as well.

Via NY Post:

Cops arrested two alleged ‘anti-white’ thugs who shot a woman in Central Park with a pellet gun and police sources said they have been linked to a few other pellet gun shootings around the city.

The victim, 36, told police she was jogging near midnight in the far southern end of the park, on the West Drive near West 60th Street, when a pellet hit her in the back of the head August 23, cops said.

She turned and saw a group of five people — three men and two women — “laughing and making anti-white statements,” the police said. “The suspects then fled further into the park.”

“You white bitch,” one of the female suspects said, according to police sources. After the shooting, the suspects fled into the park, police said.

Investigators are still doing line-ups and seeking a third suspect who has not yet been identified, the sources said.

Details on the other shootings they were linked to were not immediately available so it wasn’t clear if they targeted white people in those incidents.

Charges are pending, cops said.


Told ya so…

First suspect arrested, charged with assault and reckless endangerment as a hate crime, in a pair of attacks, both attacks on white joggers.

The second attack we described above, the first was on a white male jogger, 34, at 9 p.m. on Sunday, August 17. He was shot in the head as he jogged on Central Park North and the East Drive.

Ted Cruz Brings Anti-Washington Schtick To Dallas

Golf Mexico

Obama could squeeze in a tee time after a fundraiser.


Ted Cruz brought his anti-Washington crusade to Americans for Prosperity’s Defending the Dream summit in Dallas on Saturday.

“I spent last week in Washington, D.C,” he said. “It’s great to be back in America.” Barry Goldwater, to whom Cruz has often been compared, couldn’t have said it better.

Cruz took jabs like that throughout his remarks, throwing the sharpest elbows at the commander in chief. Six months ago, Obamacare was the dominant issue shaping key Senate races, but in a sign of how the political ground has shifted Cruz predicted they would be a “national referendum on amnesty.” Though many have speculated about the brewing rivalry between Cruz and his fellow Texan, Governor Rick Perry, with both eyeing a presidential bid in 2016, Cruz offered praise for Perry’s decision to deploy National Guard troops to the secure the border.

And he invited the president to the Texas border — to play golf.

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Fox News Co-Host Refuses To Apologize For Saying ISIS Members Need “A Bullet In The Head”

The people that want her to apologize are the ones who truly need to apologize.

Via Biz Pac Review:

Harsh remarks concerning traditional Muslim brutality have led the Asian American Journalists Association to call for an apology from the the Fox News Network.

The organization was upset at comments made by “The Five” co-host Andrea Tantaros during a discussion of the bestial behavior of ISIS militants. Following previous comments that Muslim zealots had historically engaged in beheadings, and that James Foley’s murder was nothing uncommon, she said, “You can’t solve it with a dialogue. You can’t solve it with a summit. You solve it with a bullet to the head. It’s the only thing these people understand.”

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Her response to the furor?

Islamic State Vows To Reach ‘Palestine’ And ‘Kill The Barbaric Jews’


ISIS publishing their strategy.

Via JPost

The organization calling itself the Islamic State has risen from the fog of war in Syria and Iraq in recent months and drawn the attention of the world with major victories on both sides of the Euphrates River that have claimed swaths of territory for its declared caliphate, or Islamic State.

Now in the organization’s new English language publication, Dabiq, aimed at young Muslims in western states, the extremist organization declared, “Islamic State will do everything within its means to continue striking down every apostate who stands as an obstacle on its path towards Palestine.”

Denouncing the ineffectiveness of other Arab states and organizations in carrying out the “will of Allah,” the magazine vows that, “Its [Islamic State's] actions speak louder than its words and it is only a matter of time and patience before it reaches Palestine to fight the barbaric Jews and kill those of them hiding behind the gharqad trees – the trees of the jews.”

The Islamic State recently brought attention to the large and growing number of westerners in its ranks with the video of American journalist James Foley’s execution, at the hands of a masked IS militant speaking English in a British accent.

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Map Of ISIS Activity In “Infidel World”

This map records ISIS activity. Some of the pins reflect the locations where ISIS members may have come from such as Douglas MacArthur McCain, who gets a pin for San Diego, although his “activity” was in Iraq and Syria. It is important still to note the areas from whence they came as they could be helpful to revealing pockets of radicalism.

Click on the pins to see what kind of activity is related to that area. You can also click on the white key in the top left hand corner to scroll through all the possible activity.

HT: Fatwa On Islam

Tea Party Candidate Files Residency Challenge Against Landrieu

landrieu Smug

Quick and simple, the judge orders her to provide the same documents required for school enrollment, such as a utility bill. Update to a previous story.

Via The Hill

Louisiana GOP Senate candidate Rob Maness filed legal complaints against incumbent Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu on Friday, saying questions about her residency should disqualify her from the ballot.

A week ago, Maness, a Tea Party-backed retired Air Force colonel, informed the Louisiana secretary of state of inconsistencies in Landrieu’s residency status. The Washington Post looked into the issue and found she listed her parents’ home in New Orleans to qualify for the ballot, but listed her home on Capitol Hill in Washington as her home address.

“The Constitution, Louisiana law and common sense say candidates for Senate have to live here when they qualify — all of the evidence shows that Mary Landrieu doesn’t live here,” Maness said in a statement.

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Next Great Republican Hope For 2016…Mitt Romney?

Mitt Romney

Via NY Post:

The most likely Republican presidential candidate for 2016 is . . . Mitt Romney?

The former Massachusetts governor has run and lost two bids for the White House — in the 2008 Republican primaries and again in the 2012 general election. What’s more, he proved to be a foot-in-mouth candidate who blew his chances of winning in 2012 by writing off 47% of the electorate and suggesting that illegal immigrants “self-deport.”

And yet, establishment insiders in the GOP tell me that the third time may be the charm.

“The smart folks in the party are not committed to any presidential candidate this early,” said Scott Reed, the senior political strategist for the US Chamber of Commerce, the powerful business lobby that has scored a string of establishment victories over Tea Party candidates in this year’s Republican primaries. “But Romney can’t be dismissed as the guy who lost last time.

“You watch him on TV these days, and he’s a new guy with total command of the issues and a real presence,” Reed added. “He could throw an organization together and get the money.”

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Unusual Respiratory Virus Strikes Hundreds Of Metro Kids In Missouri

Entrovirus 68

The unaccompanied minors apparently were accompanied.


An unusual respiratory virus is striking children in the metro in big numbers. Children’s Mercy Hospital is hospitalizing 20 to 30 kids a day with the virus. The hospital is as full now as it is at the height of flu season.

This is not the same virus we told you about several weeks ago that can cause meningitis. This one can cause severe breathing trouble. Children’s Mercy has seen more than 300 cases in recent days in kids of all ages.

Preston Sheldon’s mom says he seemed fine when she took him to pre-school Tuesday. But minutes later, the Grain Valley mom got the call. Her three-year-old son was having trouble breathing.

“You could see his ribs, and his stomach was pushing out really hard… I thought it was an asthma attack,” said Pam Sheldon.

But it was a virus that is inundating Children’s Mercy with patients.

“To be at winter census is quite unusual in August obviously. To see a virus we’ve not seen before is unusual, too,” said Dr. Mary Anne Jackson, an infectious disease specialist.

It is enterovirus 68. The doctor says it’s well-known around the world, but cases have not been seen in Kansas City before.

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Not Fabulous: Lib Darling Michael Sam Cut St. Louis Rams…


I’m sure libs will understand it’s because of his shortcomings as a player and not because he’s gay… yeah, they’re going to be howling “homophobia” for the next few days.

Via LA Times:

The St. Louis Rams have pushed the pause button on the football career of rookie linebacker Michael Sam.

Sam, the NFL’s first openly gay player, was released Saturday in the final round of cuts, just missing a spot on the team’s 53-man roster.

There’s still a possibility Sam could wind up with the Rams. In order to place him on their practice squad, they would need to place him on the waiver wire for a day, thus making him available to the league’s other 31 teams.

Much like the draft, Sam’s football future hinged on a down-to-the-wire decision.

Before the Rams’ last exhibition game, against Miami on Thursday, Sam tweeted that the game was his final exam. In a game almost exclusively featuring reserves, Sam played defensive end and led the Rams with six tackles. He and Westbrooks got plenty of snaps while the first- and second-string players watched from the sideline.

Asked how he would grade himself, Sam told reporters: “I did good. I give myself a B-plus. I’m very proud of myself, like I said, of how I fought the run.”

Hundreds Of Protesters March In Ferguson, Demanding Justice In Michael Brown Killing

Ferguson rally

Wait until the sun comes down.

Via St.Louis Post Dispatch

Hundreds of people gathered Saturday morning for a march in Ferguson to demand justice for Michael Brown, the unarmed man shot by a police officer Aug. 9.

The marchers gathered at 10 a.m. on the parking lot of Red’s B-B-Q on West Florissant Avenue, not far from the place on Canfield Drive where Brown was shot. The rapidly growing crowd then marched down Canfield toward the shooting scene, where organizers spoke and ministers prayed as the chanting crowd grew quiet.

Later, as rain began to pour, the group headed to the city’s Forestwood Park. Some broke out umbrellas but others just trudged on in the hard rain.

At the park, Brown family members and organizers of the rally spoke. The group planned to march to the Ferguson Police Department later.

Maxine Davis, 28, a Washington University student who is studying social work, graduated from Normandy High School in 2004 and was there to march Saturday with a friend.

“I’m a black Ph.D. student and I fear police brutality on me,” she said. She has participated in several protests. She said she came Saturday to stand in solidarity with the Michael Brown family.

“We need people to have discussions with children about what systematic oppression is,” she said.

Capt. Ronald S. Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol said authorities closed West Florissant Avenue between Canfield Drive and Ferguson Road for the march.

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Have A Happy Labor Day Weekend!

If you have the good fortune to be off this weekend for the holiday, hope you are enjoying it and have a great time with your families!

Here’s a fun video, courtesy of one of our readers, Roland:

We’ll try to keep this post bumped occasionally during the weekend, similar to the Friday post, for people to have discussions.

We have to report a lot of negative sometimes, so we’ll try to insert a bit of fun here.