Good News! Obama’s Top General Reads Book By Rachel Maddow For Advice On Military Matters…

That’s like reading a book by Barney Frank for advice on how to meet women.

Via Daily Caller:

If you’re concerned that President Barack Obama’s strategy to fight the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria might not be rock solid, rest assured: his top general reads Rachel Maddow for insight into military affairs.

Back in 2012, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey took to his official Facebook page to alert his followers that he had read the liberal MSNBC host’s latest tome and, what’s more, it really made him think.

“I saw from your comments on my post for ‘Swerve’ that many of you were reading Rachel Maddow’s ‘Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power,’” Dempsey wrote. “I read this too and it challenged my thinking on an issue that is central to our profession. The use of the military – in any capacity, conflict or otherwise – is always the decision of our civilian leaders.”

“Ms. Maddow pushes the reader to understand the history of the why and how civilian leaders choose the military option. I couldn’t agree more with her point that our military is ‘unrecognizably better’ since 9/11,” he continued.

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Sister Of Oklahoma Beheading Suspect: “I Don’t Believe It Was An Act Of Terrorism”…

ISIS begs to differ.


Oklahoma Muslim Who Beheaded Coworker Wanted To “Spread Message Of Islam” After Release From Prison…

And that’s exactly what he did.

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Alton Nolen told relatives after his release from prison on drug and assault charges last year that he wanted to focus on getting his life in order.

But postings on the Facebook page of the 30-year-old Nolen, suspected of beheading a woman at an Oklahoma food distribution center, suggest that shortly after his release in March 2013, he became more interested in spreading the message of his newfound Islamic faith.

“I spoke to him once he was released, and when we spoke, there was nothing of the sort,” said Nolen’s cousin, James Fulsom, 29, of Fort Worth, Texas. “I don’t believe he was converted (to Islam) in prison.”

Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn said he expects to charge Nolen on Tuesday with first-degree murder in Thursday’s killing of 54-year-old Colleen Hufford at the Vaughan Foods plant in Moore, an Oklahoma City suburb.

Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis said Nolen, who had just been fired from the company, walked into the facility’s administrative office and attacked Hufford with a large knife, eventually severing her head. Nolen then repeatedly stabbed 43-year-old Traci Johnson before he was shot by Mark Vaughan, a reserve sheriff’s deputy and the company’s chief operating officer, police said.

Savannah, GA NAACP Meeting: ‘We Are Not Ferguson, We Have A Black Mayor’

NAACP Savannah

Looting and rioting would disrespect the Mayor. Update to a previous story.


At an NAACP crime meeting Sunday night–one topic loomed large — the fatal shooting of a West Savannah man by a police officer on Sept. 18.
“We’re not Ferguson,” Assistant Metro Police Chief Terry Enoch told the crowd.

“This is not Ferguson,” Mayor Edna Jackson said.

“I can say to you,” NAACP President Al Scott said, ‘that Savannah is no Ferguson.”

Scott– who is also chairman of the Chatham County Commission — pointing out that unlike Ferguson, Mo., a predominantly African American Community with a nearly all-white police department and city government, “We’re on our third black mayor.”

Mayor Edna Jackson pointed out that she, Scott, Metro Police Chief Julie Tolbert and Savannah City Manager Stephanie Cutter all are African-American.[...]

Leadership of the Savannah State NAACP are skeptical that the GBI’s inquiry into the shooting will be truly impartial.

“Past GBI investigations, many of them have always come out in favor of the police,” SSU Chapter President Maurice Nelson said.

That’s why some have called for federal authorities to get involved.

But local FBI Agent Gene Kowell told the crowd that his agency, “currently has no investigation pending.”

Still, the NAACP is gathering a list of names, people who say they saw Jannot shoot Smith but don’t want to talk to local or state authorities. Their plan is to give that list to the FBI if federal authorities suspect police violated Smith’s constitutional rights.

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ISIS Overruns Iraqi Army Seizing Two More Towns…

By now even Obama has to realize these airstrikes are not going to stop ISIS, right?

Via Bloomberg:

Islamic State fighters seized two towns in western Iraq, after besieging hundreds of soldiers, according to a regional official.

The militant group has captured Albu Etha and al-Hamdhiya, Faleh al-Issawi, deputy head of Anbar provincial council, said by phone today. He said some Iraqi troops were killed and others deserted their posts, without giving details.

Earlier the head of the Anbar council, Sabah Karhout, had said that at least two battalions of the Iraqi army, or 260 men, were trapped near Albu Etha, and that efforts were being made to send reinforcements and enable them to break the siege.

The clashes are taking place in a region where U.S.-led airstrikes are seeking to roll back the insurgents’ advance. Karhout and al-Issawi said that Islamic State controls at least half of the city of Ramadi, the provincial capital, though they said that elsewhere in Anbar the airstrikes have enabled security forces to recapture territory.

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House Intel Chair Rogers: Intel Officials Warned Obama About ISIS “For Over A Year”


You mean Obama was lying when he threw intel agencies under the bus? Why yes, yes he was…

Via The Hill:

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) said the intelligence community had warned President Obama about the threat from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria for “over a year.”

“This was not an Intelligence Community failure, but a failure by policy makers to confront the threat,” Rogers said in a statement Monday.

His statement comes after the president said that intelligence officers had underestimated ISIS in an interview that aired on “60 Minutes” Sunday.
“For over a year, U.S. intelligence agencies specifically warned that ISIL was taking advantage of the situation in Syria to recruit members and provoke violence that could spill into Iraq and the rest of the region,” Rogers said in a statement on Monday, using an alternate name for the group.

Rogers said his committee had formally pressed the administration to act against the terror threat in 2013.

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Canadian Police Told Not To Equate The “Noble Concept Of Jihad To Terrorism”…

Even dumber, RCMP officers are warned not to call Islamic terrorists “jihadis.”

Via CBC:

A handbook aimed at preventing young Canadians from being recruited by extremist groups has been released at a Winnipeg mosque today.

The handbook, titled United Against Terrorism: A Collaborative Effort Towards a Secure, Inclusive and Just Canada, was presented at the Winnipeg Central Mosque.

It’s a joint effort between Islamic Social Services, the National Council of Canadian Muslims and the RCMP.

All of us have one objective — we want to secure Canada. We want our youth safe. We do not want them recruited by these criminal gangs,” said Shahina Siddiqui, executive director with the Islamic Social Services Association of Canada, one of the groups behind the handbook.

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From the manual:


• Build relationships between the community and law enforcement.
• Encourage law enforcement as a career choice for youth and showcasing Muslims in
law enforcement as positive role models.
• See law enforcement as a stakeholder in securing law and order.
• Any discrimination at the hand of police, RCMP or CSIS should be reported and not

By uncritically applying the noble concept of Jihad to terrorism and using labeling
terrorist as ‘jihadis’, we are playing into the hands of violent extremists
• By equating terrorism with Jihad and by calling terrorist “jihadis,” the media, law
enforcement, intelligence agencies and politicians have confused the discourse, and
this has been counterproductive in challenging the extremist narrative in the minds of
the young and vulnerable
• Application of these terms and titles has inadvertently emboldened the terrorist — giving
them bragging rights to nobility
• As stated earlier, Jihad is not terrorism; terrorists are criminals, not martyrs.
• Clear and accurate use of the Islamic lexicon, terminologies and concepts is the surest
way to deconstruct the extremist violent narrative, and to de-program already
radicalized youth.

Perpetually Butt Hurt Freedom From Religious Foundation Fight Religious Statue At Georgia HS Football Field

GA Red Raiders

The group must have a finders fee for “offensive” religious statues.

Via NY Daily News

Football is religion in the Deep South, but one Georgia school district is accused of taking it to the extreme.

Madison County High School near Athens, Ga. is drawing biblical ire from two atheist groups after the district installed a granite monument inscribed with religious messages at a new football field.

The Freedom From Religious Foundation and the American Humanist Association have asked Madison County school officials to remove the two-ton sculpture based on the constitutional call for a separation between church and state.[...]

he monument, a gift from a donor, was placed between the field house and the football field in August and has already become part of the team’s game day ritual.

The monument cites the Bible’s Romans 8:31: “If God be for us, who can be against us?”

It also quotes Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things. Strengthen me.”

But the statue has already made a positive impression. Players touch the statue as they enter the field before games.

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White House Intruder Who Jumped Fence Overpowered Secret Service Person, Made It To East Room


Why are we finding out about this only now? We were told he made it “just inside the door”, and not told at all about overpowering an agent.

WASHINGTON — A man who scaled a White House fence this month and breached the mansion’s front door apparently rushed past a Secret Service agent inside and was stopped only after reaching the building’s East Room, a government official confirmed Monday.

New details of the incident involving Omar Gonzalez, who allegedly penetrated the mansion deeper than was previously known, were first reported Monday by The Washington Post.

The government official, who is not authorized to comment publicly about the incident, did not dispute the contents of the Post account.

Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan, citing an ongoing investigation, declined to comment on the report.

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Obama’s Own JV Team

Obama desk

Sad state of affairs when Hillary is part of the Varsity Team.

Via Weekly Standard

Last week brought a reminder of what the United States has lost since Bob Gates and Leon Panetta left the Obama cabinet. Both are straight shooters with a centrist, hardheaded sensibility.

Panetta has been making headlines with his criticism of Obama on 60 Minutes for pulling out of Iraq too soon (“I really thought that it was important for us to maintain a presence in Iraq”) and not doing more early on to aid the Syrian opposition (“we pay the price for not doing that in what we see happening with ISIS”).

Meanwhile, Gates has been critical of Obama for prohibiting U.S. “boots on the ground” to fight the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria: “The reality is, they’re not gonna be able to be successful against ISIS strictly from the air, or strictly depending on the Iraqi forces, or the Peshmerga, or the Sunni tribes acting on their own,” he told CBS This Morning. “So there will be boots on the ground if there’s to be any hope of success in the strategy. And I think that by continuing to repeat that [the United States won’t put boots on the ground], the president, in effect, traps himself.”

In retrospect, it is clear, the first Obama term—when Gates was at Defense (followed by Panetta), Panetta at CIA (followed by General David Petraeus), Hillary Clinton at State, Admiral Mike Mullen at the Joint Chiefs, and retired General Jim Jones at the National Security Council—was a golden age (by Obama standards) when there were grown-ups more or less in charge of U.S. foreign policy. [...]

Ah, for those good ol’ days. Today, by contrast, U.S. foreign policy is shaped by Joe Biden, Chuck Hagel, John Kerry, Susan Rice, and John Brennan, among others, with deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes the most frequently quoted spokesman. It tells you something that the most hawkish of the lot is Kerry, but he has dissipated much energy and credibility in futile efforts to jumpstart the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. His major achievement to date is to broker a power-sharing accord in Afghanistan between Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah that may or may not hold together.

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California First State In The Nation To Adopt ‘Yes Means Yes’ Rule On Sexual Consent…

Jerry Brown

Via The Guardian:

The governor of California, Jerry Brown, has signed a bill that makes the state the first in the United States to define when “yes means yes” and adopt requirements for colleges to follow when investigating sexual assault reports.

State lawmakers last month approved a bill by Senator Kevin de Leon, a Los Angeles Democrat, as states and universities across the US are under pressure to change how they handle rape allegations. Campus sexual assault victims and women’s advocacy groups delivered petitions to Brown’s office on 16 Sept urging him to sign the bill.

De Leon has said the legislation will begin a paradigm shift in how college campuses in California prevent and investigate sexual assaults. Rather than using the refrain “no means no,” the definition of consent under the bill requires “an affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity.”

“Every student deserves a learning environment that is safe and healthy,” De Leon said in a statement Sunday night. “The state of California will not allow schools to sweep rape cases under the rug. We’ve shifted the conversation regarding sexual assault to one of prevention, justice, and healing.”

The legislation says silence or lack of resistance does not constitute consent. Under the bill, someone who is drunk, drugged, unconscious or asleep cannot grant consent.

Lawmakers say consent can be nonverbal, and universities with similar policies have outlined examples as a nod of the head or moving in closer to the person.

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Vile: Leftists Perform “Blood Bucket Challenge” At Jerusalem’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial…

The “blood” is suppose to symbolize Israel’s “genocide” against the peace-loving Palestinians.

Via Legal Insurrection:

If you thought the “blood bucket challenge” performed by Megan Marzec, President of the Ohio University student senate, was a disgusting politicization of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, just wait.

A group calling itself “Jews Against Genocide” just performed the stunt at various locations in Israel, including at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial and Museum in Jerusalem.

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Jon Karl Grills Earnest: People Warned Of ISIS for Months, Did Obama Not Hear?

Josh Earnest

Like Obama listens to anyone…

Via Mediaite:

ABC’s Jonathan Karl put White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest on the hot spot today about how President Obama could say the U.S. “underestimated” ISIS when several high-ranking officials warned of the threat months ago.

And what Karl asked is whether this was underestimation on the part of the intel community or on the part of the president.

Karl brought up congressional testimony last November from Assistant Secretary of State Brett McGurk. In his statements to the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee [PDF], McGurk spoke of multiple attacks ISIS had carried out last year, and explained how ISIS has been able to thrive:

AQ/ISIL has benefited from a permissive operating environment due to inherent weaknesses of Iraqi security forces, poor operational tactics, and popular grievances, which remain unaddressed, among the population in Anbar and Ninewa provinces. It has also benefited from a sanctuary across the porous border in Syria, control of lucrative facilities there, such as oil wells, and regular movement of weapons and fighters between Syria and Iraq.

Karl asked, “Did this message get to the president? Did he believe it? Did he not hear it? What happened?”

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Lib Troll Rosie O’Donnell: Outrage Over Obama Coffee Salute Due To “Racism”…

Like the rest of the intellectually bankrupt left, when they can’t make a coherent argument they scream “racism” and run away.

Via RCP:

View co-host Rosie O’Donnell concluded the outrage over President Obama saluting two Marines with a coffee cup in tow is due to “racism.” After a short panel discussion of what has been dubbed the “coffee salute,” O’Donnell said she wanted to “end this debate” and shouted “racism!”

O’Donnell received some mild blowback if not constructive criticism from her colleague Whoopi Goldberg about what true racism is.

“To even say that there’s some question that he’s not saluting them because he’s being disrespectful is ridiculous,” Goldberg said after the panel addressed Sarah Palin’s reaction the salute.

“Yes, and I want to end this debate so racism!” O’Donnell shouted.

“Oh, honey, you know, if you ever really met a racist, you wouldn’t throw that word around quite as lightly. Because racists don’t play. They’re not cute, they’re not cuddly. Nobody says racist just because. There is a history in the country that says, hey, maybe we’ve got to think about this. So if you don’t get it, I assure you the indigenous people of Alaska do. They know exactly what we’re talking about,” Goldberg said.

“Bravo,” O’Donnell said.

NC Democrat Overcome With White Guilt Says He’s Ashamed Of His “Whiteness”…

Moonbats are mentally ill.

CHAPEL HILL – A Democratic state lawmaker from North Carolina is raising eyebrows with comments indicating he’s ashamed of his own “whiteness.”

“Just when you thought Chapel Hill couldn’t get any kookier along comes THIS GUY,” wrote Brant Clifton of the Daily Haymaker blog in a column about lawmaker Graig Meyer.

Meyer, described on the blog as “um, ‘interesting,’” was quoted discussing “Whiteness, White Guilt, and um, ‘White Supremacy’” in “Courageous Conversations About Race” by Glenn E. Singleton.

Subtitled “A Field Guide for Achieving Equity in Schools,” it includes Meyer’s comments.

“The truly difficult work is looking deep within myself to recognize where my own reservoirs of whiteness reside and what value or burdens they present to me,” the excerpt states. “Every time I review Peggy McIntosh’s inventory of white privilege I learn something more about myself, and – through attentiveness to my own experience – I think I could add a few more forms of racial privilege to her list.”

He continued: “Frequently, I find myself examining my blind spots when a colleague of color expresses very different feelings about some experience we shared. This is fairly painless when it simply requires hearing about how they read between the lines of a presentation or caught a racist remark that sailed over my head. When the dissonance in our experience was in some way the result of my whiteness, it’s a little more painful but also more revealing.

“My white guilt tends to creep up most when I’m forced to reflect on the power I wield. For instance, I will spend weeks mentally reviewing an incident when one of my staff members bears the brunt of my ignorance or proclivity for dominance. I want them to trust me, I want them to like me, and I anger myself when I learn that I may have done something that makes it more difficult for them to do either. Perhaps even more important to our work are times when my power allows me to make decisions that negatively impact students of color.”

Radio host Rush Limbaugh on Monday referred to Meyer as a “loony tune” and said he would address the issue when he had more time on Tuesday’s program.

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HT: Stoopid Housewives

Dem Rep. Marcia Fudge To Black Voters: Stop “Complaining” So Much, The Black Caucus “Fights Everyday” For Your Food Stamps, Housing…

If I were black I’d be insulted by Fudge inferring the only thing black Americans care about is welfare.

Via Rebel Pundit:

“I hope you will spend this much time with your local elected officials. I guarantee you most people in this room have not done that. With your school board, with your city council, and so then you won’t be calling me talking about somebody didn’t come and pick up your trash. You need to call your city council person for that. [...]

The black caucus fights for you everyday. Even when you won’t fight for yourself. We fight for you. Whether it’s immigration or eduction, whether it’s food stamps or housing, we fight for you everyday. So my message to you is to contain your complaining.”

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Obama: Ferguson Demands Change In “How Justice Is Applied – Perceived – Experienced”…

ferguson looting

Shorter Obama: Stop arresting black people.

Via CNS News:

With Michael Brown’s parents in attendance at the Congressional Black Caucus Awards Sunday, Pres. Obama declared that America needs to change how justice is perceived.

Obama said Attorney General Eric Holder understands the need to both “close the justice gap” and change the experience of justice in light of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri:

… “But we still have to close these opportunity gaps. And we have to close the justice gap — how justice is applied, but also how it is perceived, how it is experienced. (Applause.) Eric Holder understands this. (Applause.) That’s what we saw in Ferguson this summer, when Michael Brown was killed and a community was divided. We know that the unrest continues. And Eric spent some time with the residents and police of Ferguson, and the Department of Justice has indicated that its civil rights investigation is ongoing.

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Chuck Schumer: There Isn’t A Single Global Warming Skeptic In The State Of New York…


Who knew?

Via CNS News:

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) says there are no doubters of the effects of climate change in New York.

“Well, I’ve been a leader on these things in Congress for a long time. But anybody in New York who doubted the effects of climate change changed their minds after Sandy,” Schumer is seen saying in a YouTube video posted by

Schumer made the statements about climate change to a reporter during the climate change march over a week ago but the clip was just posted over the weekend.

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Univ. Of Oklahoma Paper Whines: Weasel Zippers Helped Make Us The Laughingstock Of The Internet When We Wrote Nude-Colored Bras Are Racist

Sorry, but when you make the absurd claim nude-colored bras are “an example of white privilege” you are calling them racist.

The Oklahoma Daily doesn’t think bras are racist – Oklahoma Daily

No, we don’t think bras are racist.

Our September 8editorial, “Replacing the fashion industry’s definition of ‘nude,'” encouraged readers to actively redefine the color “nude,” as it’s commonly limited to describe the light-tan color associated with Caucasian skin.

Three days after we published the editorial, Fox Nation, a web forum operated by Fox News, published an article called “Bras Are Now Racist…,” which was an aggregated post from National Review Online called“Bras Are Now Racist Because They Come in ‘Nude.’”

The post begins by stating our editorial board “declared that bras are racist because they come in colors named ‘nude,’ since non-white people’s skin isn’t that color when they’re nude.”

That same day, a website called Weasel Zippers posted six paragraphs of our editorial with no additional commentary besides its title, “University of Oklahoma Op-Ed: ‘Nude-Colored’ Bras Are Racist, An Example Of ‘White Privilege’…” and an introduction of sorts that states, “Also deemed racist: Band-Aids (no, not making that up).” [...]

Just to be clear, we never declared bras are racist because they come in colors named “nude,” and in no way did we say the color of your bra might make you a racist.

Our editorial explained how limiting nude-colored bras to one color, in this case light-tan, shows how the fashion industry and society at large has based its ideal of nude on Caucasian people. We then commended a lingerie company called Nubian Skin for designing nude-colored clothing in different shades.

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The Odds Of Republicans Winning The Senate Are Growing…


Still plenty of time for either party to royally screw something up and alter everything…

Via Washington Post:

All three major election forecasting models saw an uptick in the likelihood of Republicans winning the six seats they need to retake the Senate majority over the past week, movement largely due to the party’s strengthened chances in Alaska, Colorado and Iowa.

The most bullish model for Republicans is Washington Post’s Election Lab, which, as of Monday morning, gives the GOP a 76 percent chance of winning the majority. Leo, the New York Times model, pegs it at 67 percent while FiveThirtyEight shows Republicans with a 60 percent probability. A week ago, Election Lab gave Republicans a 65 percent chance of winning the majority, Leo put it a 55 percent and FiveThirtyEight had it just under 55 percent.

All three models give Republicans very strong odds of winning the open seats in Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia as well as beating Sens. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) and Mary Landrieu (D-La.). That would net Republicans five seats, one short of the number they need for the majority.

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