Poll: Only 32% Of Dems Say U.S. Should “Destroy ISIS”…

Dems are still the party of gutless bed-wetters.


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Report: Feds Describe Threat Of Imminent Islamist Terrorist Attack On Southern Border…

Via NRO:

For those of us who’ve been raising alarms about both the jihadist threat and the national-security vulnerability created by the Obama administration’s non-enforcement of the immigration laws, this is not a surprise — particularly less than two weeks before September 11. But it is nonetheless jarring to read. Judicial Watch has just put out this statement:

Islamic terrorist groups are operating in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez and planning to attack the United States with car bombs or other vehicle born improvised explosive devices (VBIED). High-level federal law enforcement, intelligence and other sources have confirmed to Judicial Watch that a warning bulletin for an imminent terrorist attack on the border has been issued.  Agents across a number of Homeland Security, Justice and Defense agencies have all been placed on alert and instructed to aggressively work all possible leads and sources concerning this imminent terrorist threat.

Specifically, Judicial Watch sources reveal that the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) is confirmed to now be operating in Juarez, a famously crime-infested narcotics hotbed situated across from El Paso, Texas. Violent crimes are so rampant in Juarez that the U.S. State Department has issued a number of travel warnings for anyone planning to go there. The last one was issued just a few days ago.

Intelligence officials have picked up radio talk and chatter indicating that the terrorist groups are going to “carry out an attack on the border,” according to one JW source.  “It’s coming very soon,” according to this high-level source, who clearly identified the groups planning the plots as “ISIS and Al Qaeda.” An attack is so imminent that the commanding general at Ft. Bliss, the U.S. Army post in El Paso, is being briefed, another source confirms. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) did not respond to multiple inquiries from Judicial Watch, both telephonic and in writing, about this information.

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Report: ISIS Plotting To Assassinate Pope Francis For “Bearing False Witness” Against Islam…

Time for a new Crusade.

VATICAN CITY — As Pope Francis continues to straddle the fine line between calling for the end of persecution of Christians in Iraq and blessing American airstrikes against the Islamic State (also known as the “Caliphate,” ISIS, or ISIL), there is increasing concern for the pontiff’s—and the public’s—safety.

Earlier this week, the Roman newspaper Il Tempo published a disturbing report that Francis is “in the crosshairs” of ISIS for “bearing false witness” against Islam. Citing anonymous sources within Italy’s intelligence community and pointing to notable heightened security in Rome, the paper went on to say that ISIS plans to heat things up by “raising the level of confrontation” with Europe, Italy and very specifically Pope Francis, the “greatest exponent of the Christian religions.” [...]

The terrorism alert came the day after Italy’s parliament approved a measure to start shipping weapons to help arm Kurdish peshmerga troops fighting ISIS—a promise made by Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi on a state visit to Iraq earlier this month. Sicilian seaports that will facilitate the shipment have already stepped up security measures, especially on incoming vessels.

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White House Press Sec. Asked When Obama Will Have A Strategy To Deal With ISIS: Beats Me…

Barack Obama

No rush.

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U.S. Muslims Ask Lurch To Protect Them During Their Pilgrimage To Mecca…

CAIR approved.

(RNS) – Concerned for the safety of U.S. citizens soon headed to Mecca, 27 Muslim-American groups are asking the State Department to better protect them from violence that has plagued those who have made the pilgrimage in the past.

A letter from the group sent Tuesday (Aug. 26) to Secretary of State John Kerry was prompted in part by a 2013 incident in which a group of Sunni Muslims from Australia threatened to kill and rape a group of Shiites from Michigan.

The letter reads:

“We urge you to take immediate action to protect American citizens who travel overseas to perform one of the five mandatory acts of their faith and ensure that Saudi Arabia addresses this urgent security matter in preparation for the upcoming Hajj pilgrimage.”

The pilgrimage to Islam’s most sacred place is required of all Muslims who are physically and financially able to make the journey to Mecca. The hajj takes place during the 12th month of the Islamic year and typically attracts 2 million or more faithful annually. This year it falls during the first week of October.

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Harry Reid’s Alma Matter Removes His Name From Building After Citizens And Alumni Complain…


Via Daily Caller:

Harry Reid’s alma matter is removing his name from a school building after citizens and alumni lobbied the school president and pledged more than $40,000 to the cause.

Concerned citizens lobbied Southern Utah University president Scott Wyatt months ago for the change, but he has only now decided to remove the name out of respect for the Senate majority leader, Utah’s The Spectrum reports. “I didn’t want to offend him in any way,” he explained.

Cedar City Councilman Paul Cozzens told The Specter he received $40,000 in pledges to remove the Nevada senator’s name in just five days.

“These people in Nevada do not espouse to Reid’s political philosophies,” he said, “and they told me they would not support the university or send any more of their children there … so long as Harry Reid’s name remained.”

The school attached Reid’s name to the Outdoor Center expecting donations from Reid and his friends, The Specter reports, but those donations have not materialized.

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New Black Panther Racist Malik Shabazz Files $40 Million Lawsuit Against Ferguson Police…

Shabazz using the patented “Al Sharpton Racial Shakedown” strategy.

ST. LOUIS – Five people filed a multi-million dollar federal lawsuit Thursday against the Ferguson and St. Louis County police departments.

The plaintiffs claim their rights were violated during protest marches in the weeks following the death of Michael Brown. A group called Black Lawyers for Justice, led by a man named Malik Shabazz and based in Washington D.C., filed the lawsuit at the Eagleton Federal Courthouse in downtown St. Louis.

According to the suit, police used excessive force, made false arrests, illegal search and seizures and violated their civil rights during protests in Ferguson.

The lawsuit seeks $40 million for the people.

Despite Shabazz’s militant anti-white rhetoric, local black pastors in the Ferguson area now say they now support him.

Shabazz, whom the Southern Poverty Law Center calls a racist, black nationalist, was a familiar sight with his bullhorn at protests. Just last week, local pastors accused Shabazz of inciting violence.

Now the same group says they’ve come to an understanding with Shabazz; agreeing with his message, if not always his methods.

Iraqi Christians Begin Taking Up Arms Against ISIS…



Of all the many ancient peoples who once lived in the land between the Tigris and the Euphrates, Iraq’s Assyrian Christians pride themselves on having persisted in their traditional homeland for millennia, even as other civilizations thrived then disappeared, as languages and cultures died out, as ethnic groups melted into the ways and genetic pools of their conquerors.

But today Iraq’s Assyrians, and its Christians in general, fear that their place in this multiethnic, multisectarian mosaic society is shrinking, under severe threat from the ultraconservative Islamist group the Islamic State (IS).

It isn’t the first time that Iraq’s Christians have faced such a foe. The IS’s earlier incarnation, al Qaeda in Iraq–a group that formed after the U.S.-led invasion in 2003–also menaced Christians, and others, prompting tens of thousands to flee into exile.

Now, the particularly harsh nature of the IS’s assault on Christians, Yazidis, Shiite Muslims, and others who do not share allegiance to the IS’s brand of ultraconservative Sunni Islam has led some of Iraq’s Christians to take the unusual step of shedding their historical passivity and consider taking up arms to defend and eventually govern themselves.

The Assyrian Patriotic Party, one of several Assyrian political organizations, has armed and dispatched a symbolic, rather than an active, force of some 40 members to join the Kurdish Peshmerga fighting the IS in the northwest of Iraq, according to party official Henry Sarkis.

The 40 men constitute what Sarkis calls the “first wave,” and the unit has adopted the name Dukha, an Assyrian word that means “sacrifice.”

The party bought weapons with money donated by members in the diaspora, Sarkis said, and is looking to raise more funds through donations to increase its stockpile.

Sarkis’s men are mainly behind the front line, around the town of Sharfiyah, not so much fighting alongside the Peshmerga as holding territory the Kurdish forces have gained or are pushing forward from.

Still, it marks a significant shift in the attitude of Iraq’s Christians, a shift that’s fraught with peril.

Since 2003, Iraq’s Christian community has been viewed by other Iraqis as a passive victim of the country’s many conflicts, not an active aggressor.

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Holder DOJ To Supervise Ferguson Police Department On How To Not Be Racist…


Maybe he can appoint Al Sharpton temporary chief of police.

FERGUSON, Mo. — The head of the Justice Department’s Community Oriented Policing Services is planning to return to St. Louis in the next few weeks with the goal of helping to ease the tensions between police and black residents in the greater St. Louis area.

COPS Director Ronald Davis said in an interview with The Huffington Post this week that his office will offer training not only to police in the small town of Ferguson, where unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot by a white officer earlier this month, but also to various other law enforcement agencies in the region.

“The community voice has been loud and clear, and I heard the same thing on the ground as far as the community having little to no trust in the police in general in that area. And in talking to the police leaders, I think there was an acknowledgement that that is the feeling of a section of the community,” Davis said. He explained that his office’s assistance would be “more long-term” and that it would address the “strained relationship between law enforcement and the community.”

White House Doubles Down, Says Obama Still Has No Strategy To Deal With ISIS In Syria…

Because yesterday’s “I have no strategy” comment by Obama went over so well.


Check out this disgraceful (and grammatically incorrect) t-shirt people are wearing in Ferguson:

Update: Lunch time bump.

Talentless offspring of “dead broke” Bill and Hillary Clinton quits her $600,000 “job” at NBC News.

Also, check out our friend Stephen Gutowski’s latest edition of Games And Guns.

Jihadi High USA: Two Dead American Jihadists Went To Same Minnesota High School…

And always, everyone is shocked they became jihadists.

Via ABC News:

With the news that an American was among those killed recently while fighting on the side of the terror group ISIS in Syria came the revelation that he was classmates and close friends with another U.S. citizen who died in battle alongside a different anti-American extremist group on a different front line five years before.

Douglas McAuthur McCain, a 33-year-old rapper, was identified by the White House Tuesday as having been killed in the bloody conflict in Syria. The Free Syrian Army, an opposition group that fights the government of President Bashar al-Assad as well as competing rebel groups, claimed on social media McCain had been fighting with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a brutal al Qaeda breakaway organization.

A public records search traced McCain’s youth back to the Twin Cities in Minnesota and to Robbinsdale Cooper High School, which is the same school attended in the same time period by Troy Kastigar. Kastigar’s image appeared in news reports around the world in 2009 after he was killed fighting with jihadist group in Somalia, this one an al Qaeda affiliate called al-Shabab.

Prior to both their fatal trips halfway across the world, McCain and Kastigar briefly shared an address after high school, records show, and news reports today said the two were close friends.

David Brom, who was principal at the high school when the young men attended, told ABC News there was “no indication whatsoever that these two students would eventually end up fighting for al-Shabab or ISIS.”

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CAIR Holds Training Workshop For Law Enforcement To “Dispel Myths About Islam”…

Nihad Awad

Repeat after me: “Islam is a religion of peace”

(SAN DIEGO, CA, 8/29/14) — The San Diego chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-San Diego) recently held a one-of-a-kind cultural competency training workshop for law enforcement personnel.

The day-long workshop, titled “The Muslim Community and Law Enforcement,” attracted more than 60 law enforcement personnel and featured sessions on dispelling myths about Islam and Muslims. A portion of the training emphasized community engagement.

The workshop was designed to promote and enhance understanding between law enforcement and the Muslim community. This training comes at a critical time, amid reports of widespread spying of American Muslims by the New York Police Department and the use of anti-Islam materials in law enforcement training.