Taxpayers Shell Out $700K So Obama Can Play Pool, Drink Beer, Raise Funds For Dems…

Only $700K? That’s cheap by Obama’s standards.

Via Washington Examiner:

Taxpayers had to cough up $1,159,823 in just one month to fly President Obama to New York and Denver to raise money for Democrats and attend an LGBT event, according to documents obtained by a taxpayer watchdog group.

Judicial Watch told Secrets that the Air Force just provided expense reports detailing the flight costs of Air Force One to the cities in July.

The documents show that president’s July 8-9 fundraising trip to Denver cost the taxpayers $695,894.10.

His July 17-18 fundraising trip to New York City cost taxpayers $463,929.40.

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Australian Muslim Who Displays ISIS Flag Stabs Two Counter-Terrorism Officers…

Isis Flag

Via Herald Sun:

A teen terror suspect under investigation for making threats against Prime Minister Tony Abbott was shot dead by police last night after stabbing a Victorian police officer and a federal police agent.

The injured officers, both from the Joint Counter Terrorism Team, are in hospital in a stable condition.

Senior intelligence sources confirmed that the terrorism suspect had been among a number of people whose passports were recently cancelled.

It is believed that the man was well known to police, and had displayed Islamic State flags in the local Dandenong shopping centre.

Obama’s Top Five Words To Avoid Calling Latest War A “War”…

Via Salon (yes, that Salon):

1) “Effort” Perhaps Obama’s favorite euphemism for what the U.S. is up to. In his September 10 address, Obama distinguished the “wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan from the “effort” against ISIS. “This counter-terrorism campaign will be waged through a steady, relentless effort to take out ISIL wherever they exist, using our air power and our support for partner forces on the ground,” Obama explained. In his weekly address on Saturday, the president said that “[t]his is an effort that America has the unique ability to lead.”

2) “Process” Asked in August 28 press conference whether he planned to seek congressional authorization for military action against ISIS, Obama sounded like the caricature of the professorial, technocratic president his critics purport him to be. “You know, I have consulted with Congress throughout this process,” Obama replied. “I am confident that as commander in chief I have the authorities to engage in the acts that we are conducting currently.”

3) “Fight” As close as Obama’s willing to get to saying the W-word. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday before departing for the United Nations, Obama said that U.S. air strikes in Iraq and Syria were “not America’s fight alone,” echoing his September 20 address in which he said that it was “a fight in which all countries have a stake.”

4) “Campaign” Not unlike a swing through Iowa and New Hampshire! Explaining his expansion of the war into Syria on Tuesday, the president noted, “I made clear that as part of this campaign the United States would take action against targets in both Iraq and Syria so that these terrorists can’t find safe haven anywhere.”

5) “A Moment of American Leadership.” Concluding his radio address on Saturday, Obama called this “a moment of American leadership … a moment we will meet.” Leadership. Exceptionalism. America.

Conspiracy To Destroy Rush Limbaugh Is Small, Organized, Deceptive…


This is how it always works…

Via Daily Caller:

The recent campaign to silence conservative radio legend Rush Limbaugh is led by ten liberal activists engaged in a more than four-year long effort to destroy Limbaugh by targeting his advertisers, including a Media Matters executive vice president.

A former Kent State university professor even targeted a small businessman advertising on Limbaugh’s show using her official university email account.

Information compiled by Limbaugh’s team — and first provided to The Daily Caller — demonstrates that nearly 70 percent of the tweets targeting Limbaugh’s advertisers come from the same ten Twitter users, all of whom are actively involved in the “Stop Rush” campaign, which keeps a database of all of Limbaugh’s advertisers.

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Hypocrisy: Obama Whines About Other Countries Stifling Dissent…

Eric Holder and Lois Lerner unavailable for comment.

NEW YORK — President Barack Obama denounced foreign governments that try to quash their citizens’ efforts to expand personal freedoms, saying it is in America’s national interest to oppose repression abroad.

Speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative’s annual conference on Tuesday, Mr. Obama unveiled a U.S. government directive aimed at strengthening citizen movements that push for freer, more open societies. [...]

Threatened by what he called “civil society”—community organizations, labor unions, charities and other nongovernmental groups—repressive governments “are doing everything in their power” to stifle dissent, Mr. Obama said.

“From Russia to China to Venezuela, you’re seeing relentless crackdowns,” he said, “vilifying legitimate dissent as subversive.”

Ben Carson: “Likelihood Is Strong” That I’ll Run For President In 2016…

How do you guys feel about this? Would you like to see him run?

Via Hot Air:

“Unless,” the neurosurgeon and conservative activist adds in a caveat during his interview with Hugh Hewitt, “the American people indicate in November that they like big government intervention in every part of their lives.” What are the odds of that happening? Bernie Sanders isn’t running for re-election to the Senate, and neither is Harry Reid, who looks more likely than not to become the Minority Leader in January. So yeah, Ben Carson is running for President, QED.

Video Shows Mexican Drug Lord Paying Journalists For ‘Good Press’…

Via Fusion:

A new video showing two influential Mexican reporters taking wads of cash from a notorious drug lord suggests the long tendrils of cartel influence have established a grip in the country’s journalism industry, as has been rumored for years.

The video, which was published yesterday by Mexican news site MVS, shows two reporters from Mexico’s troubled Michoacan state appearing to accept money from one of the country’s most wanted drug lords, Servando Gomez, leader of the Knights Templar Cartel. The men then discuss a “communication strategy” to improve the cartel’s image and are heard asking for trucks and cameras.

The handoff occurs at the: 22:56 mark.

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Minnesota Muslims Demand The Free Food They Get From Food Bank Be Halal…

How about a “thank you” first?

Via BPR:

Muslim activists in Minnesota – that’s the heartland state that’s sent at least two men to fight on the side of Islamic fascists in Iraq – are demanding their own section in the local food bank so illiterate families can pick up free food that lives up to their expectations.

According to WCCO, the CBS affiliate in the Twin Cities, a group of first-generation Somali-Americans marched into Hennepin County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin’s office last week to demand he do something about the pork and beans and other free foodstuffs that are contaminating the provender.

“It’s about human rights also, basic human rights to get the proper food and also healthy food,” said Hassan Mohamud, the protesters’ imam.

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Federal Employees Using Government Credit Cards At Casinos, Racetracks…


An audit found poor oversight at a government agency? You don’t say…

Via Washington Free Beacon:

Department of Transportation (DOT) employees use government credit cards for cash advances at casinos and racetracks, according to a report by the Office of Inspector General (OIG).

Employees misused their government-issued travel cards in 2012, racking up $2.1 million in charges for personal items, and more than $180,000 in unauthorized cash advances while they were not on business trips.

The audit, released last week, examined the travel card program, which employees are authorized to use on hotels, transportation, and meals during government travel. The OIG found that the DOT does not have effective policies in place to prevent the government credit cards from being misused. In fact, the agency has no policy prohibiting employees from taking cash advances out at casinos.

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UN Climate Summit Speakers Fly 1 Million Miles to Vilify Air Travel, Carbon Output…

gore world

Guys, they swear it’s not hypocrisy. It’s raising awareness or something like that. Meanwhile, Obama’s travel there emits more CO2 than 22 people combined over an entire year

Via CNS News:

The UN Climate Summit 2014 is a glaring example of hypocrisy. Just the speakers alone, not the attendees or notable guests for the summit, traveled a grand total of 1,036,537 miles from locations as distant as China, India and Peru. That’s enough miles to circle the equator 41.6 times.

According to the UN itself, in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, “more than 95 percent of our total carbon footprint resulted from air travel.”

This isn’t the first time that climate alarmists have demonstrated their hypocrisy with a “do what we say, not what we do” message.

Al Gore has been criticized for flying to events in a private plane. Naomi Klein, a registered participant of the event (though not one of the speakers), is very critical of air travelers, even though she flies frequently. The Guardian reported on Sept. 14, that Klein actually flies “a lot more than most people, and is set to rack up enough air miles to make her, by her own admission, a ‘climate criminal.’

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Bill Clinton Wants The Corporate Tax Rate That He Signed Into Law Cut…


Admitting he was wrong or posturing for Hillary?

Via Washington Examiner:

Former President Bill Clinton, who signed into law budget measures that led to the developed world’s highest corporate rate of 35 percent, wants it cut to encourage U.S. business to stop fleeing overseas.

What’s more, the husband of the leading 2016 Democratic presidential hopeful also called on Washington to stop elevating the tax charged on overseas earnings of U.S. corporations.

Clinton, in an interview with CNBC’s Becky Quick during his Clinton Global Initiative event, said when he raised taxes, the agreement was that the U.S. corporate tax rate would be about equal to the “average rate” of developed countries, not the top as it is now.

“We need tax reform,” he told Quick.

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Lawmakers Went On $766,000 Worth of Trips During Month Away From Congress…


Must be nice…

Via Capitol City Project:

During the month of August, members of Congress and their staffers took over 200 trips which cost $766,000.

August recess is typically a period in which congressional members spend time meeting with constituents or fundraising, especially during an election year. This year, however, many members took trips around the world — as far as the Philippines and Senegal — and the overall costs of the trips have increased substantially since 2012, according to newly released data from LegiStorm.

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Gun Control Activist Busted For Illegally Carrying Gun At School Gets Slap On Wrist…


I think we all know what would’ve happened if this guy were pro-gun…

Via Daily Caller:

Back in February, a Buffalo, N.Y. community activist who pushed for a highly restrictive 2013 gun control law was arrested for — wait for it — carrying a gun illegally at a public elementary school.

The wheels of criminal justice have now slowly, slowly churned to completion. And wouldn’t you know it? The judge in the case has now found it in his heart to give the heat-packing activist, Dwayne Ferguson, a generously light sentence.

On Monday, Judge John L. Michalek sentenced Ferguson to 100 hours of community service and a conditional discharge, according to local CBS affiliate WIVB. Michalek also sternly ordered Ferguson to keep his nose clean.

If Ferguson completes the service requirements and stays out of trouble, he won’t have to answer for the substantially more serious charge initially levied against him: Possessing a firearm on schools grounds. (He initially was looking at two felony charges of criminal gun possession.)

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Moonbat Actress Emma Thompson: Climate Change Skeptics Are “Bonkers”…

Speaking of bonkers

Via Telegraph:

The Oscar-winning actress marched alongside designer Vivienne Westwood, musician Peter Gabriel and an estimated 40,000 other people at Sunday’s rally.

The march was one of 2,000 events taking place in 150 countries around the world ahead of a UN climate summit in New York tomorrow, which more than 120 leaders including David Cameron and US president Barack Obama are expected to attend. [...]

Ms Thompson said that there could now be no excuse for denying that man-made climate change exists, and that ignoring it was tantamount to “a form of collective suicide”.

“We didn’t realise what they were doing but now we do know – you’ve got 97 per cent of climatologists, the science is all there.

“Anyone who tries to deny it now looks a little bit bonkers,” she said.

“We have to get all our governments, including the UN, who have been making a lot of noise about it but actually there are so many vested interests and they have to be challenged, which is why this has to be the greatest grass roots activist movement of all time,” she added.


Video: Obama Snubs Marines With Disrespectful Salute…

Obama has been in office since January of 2009 and he still can’t salute properly?

Joe Biden In 2012: Can You Believe Romney Wants To Go To War With Syria?…

Literally everything Biden attacks Romney for in this video came true.

HT: Hot Air

ISIS Hasn’t Lost Any Ground Since Obama Began Airstrikes Six Weeks Ago…

Worst Commander-in-Chief ever.

BAGHDAD — After six weeks of American airstrikes, the Iraqi government’s forces have scarcely budged the Sunni extremists of the Islamic State from their hold on more than a quarter of the country, in part because many critical Sunni tribes remain on the sidelines.

Although the airstrikes appear to have stopped the extremists’ march toward Baghdad, the Islamic State is still dealing humiliating blows to the Iraqi Army. On Monday, the government acknowledged that it had lost control of the small town of Sichar and lost contact with several hundred of its soldiers who had been besieged for nearly a week at a camp north of the Islamic State stronghold of Falluja, in Anbar Province.

By midday, there were reports that hundreds of soldiers had been killed there in battle or mass executions. Ali Bedairi, a lawmaker from the governing alliance, said more than 300 soldiers had died after the loss of the base, Camp Saqlawiya. The prime minister ordered the arrest of the responsible officers, although a military spokesman put the death toll at just 40 and said 68 were missing.

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Obama’s Travel To U.N. Climate Summit Emits More CO2 Than 22 People Combined Over An Entire Year…

Barack Obama

I was apparently wrong, Obama’s Air Force One doesn’t run on unicorn farts.

Via Daily Caller:

President Obama is racking up a massive carbon dioxide tab traveling to a United Nations climate summit being held in New York City this week.

All told, the president’s entourage could emit nearly 22 times more carbon dioxide in his trip to New York than the average American emits in an entire year, according to calculations by the free-market American Energy Alliance (AEA).

How could one person’s travel emit so much carbon dioxide? Well, this is the president we are talking about, and he doesn’t roll alone. When Obama travels he requires his presidential jet, massive amounts of security and a motorcade to haul his staffers around town.

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Video: U.S. Airstrike Takes Out ISIS Compound In Syria…


Venezuela’s Socialist President Plans To Disarm Civilians…

Nicolas Maduro

Hmm, just a coincidence Obama is trying to do the same thing here?

Via BBC:

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced he is expanding a plan to disarm civilians.

Speaking on the International Day of Peace, Mr Maduro said his government would invest $47m (£29m) and create 60 new disarmament centres.

According to United Nations figures, Venezuela has the second highest peacetime murder rate in the world after Honduras.

Most of the murders in Venezuela are committed using firearms.

“We are building peace from within, and for that, you need disarmament,” the president said at an event in the capital, Caracas.

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