Army Spox: No Decision Made Yet On Bergdahl

Can you imagine the effort behind the scenes and the pressure being brought to bear?

Via Right Scoop:

DAILY MAIL – No actions or decisions have been made in the investigation of Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, who was released last year in a prisoner swap with the Taliban after disappearing from his base in Afghanistan in 2009, a U.S. Army spokesman said on Tuesday.

Major General Ronald Lewis, head of public affairs for the U.S. Army, also said in the statement that media reports published earlier on Tuesday about the case “patently false.”

NBC News earlier reported that Bergdahl would be charged with desertion, citing senior defense officials.

Saudi Arabia’s State-Run TV Blurs Out Michelle Obama’s Face For Not Wearing Islamic Headscarf…

I’ve seen a few libs claiming she made some kind of statement by not wearing a hijab… she wasn’t.


Nigeria’s Sharia Police Arrest 12 Men For Planning “Gay Wedding”…


Not fabulous.

Kano (AFP) – Twelve young men were arrested in the north Nigerian city of Kano for allegedly planning a gay wedding, the Islamic law-enforcement agency, the Hisbah, said on Tuesday.

The suspects, most of them teenagers, were detained on Monday at a popular resort on the outskirts of the city, said the head of the Hisbah, Aminu Daurawa.

Homosexuality is banned under federal law in Nigeria, where last year new legislation was passed outlawing same-sex marriages and the promotion of civil unions.

In northern states, where Sharia runs parallel to the state and federal justice system, homosexuality is punishable by death, although the sentence is rarely, if ever, enforced.

“We have 12 men in custody, including the bride. We arrested them at the venue of a planned gay wedding,” Daurawa told AFP.

“We got information of the wedding four days earlier and our men stormed the venue while the wedding was about to start.”


Paving a way for my youngest to play with his friend next door.

Screen shot 2015-01-27 at 2.51.07 PM

FLASHBACK: Obama Admin Defends Bergdahl Against Claims He Was A Deserter…


Auschwitz Victor, Fr. Maximilian Kolbe

On this International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and the commemoration of the 70 anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, I wanted to bring you the story of Fr. Maximilian Kolbe.

Fr. Kolbe was born in 1894, in what today is Poland, of an ethnic German father and a Polish mother.

Kolbe described an apparition of the Virgin Mary that he had as a child of nine, an apparition which strongly influenced him all of his life:

That night I asked the Mother of God what was to become of me. Then she came to me holding two crowns, one white, the other red. She asked me if I was willing to accept either of these crowns. The white one meant that I should persevere in purity, and the red that I should become a martyr. I said that I would accept them both.

He became a Franciscan priest, and achieved two doctorates, one in philosophy and one in theology. He had a brilliant mind, was interested in astrophysics and even designing the concept of an spacecraft that looked like an airplane, long before the Space shuttle. He founded an order inspired by Mary and spreading the word through media. At one point he had over 700 Franciscan friars at his monastery working to put out a newspaper, a magazine and a radio program. He also went to Nagasaki and started a monastery there, built on the backside of the mountain away from the city, contrary to Shinto tradition. When asked about why he did that, he said, essentially, “what I have done, I have done”. The monastery continued and was one of the few structures to survive the bomb drop in 1945 because it was built on the backside of the mountain.

In 1936, Fr. Kolbe returned from Asia to Poland and the ever encroaching threat from the Nazis. When the Nazis invaded, one of the first groups they targeted were the intelligentsia who might spread dissent. Fr. Kolbe was right up there on the list. He was arrested but let go initially. He refused the protection of declaring himself an ethnic German which he could have because of his father. Instead he said, “I am Polish”. Upon his release he continued work at his monastery, where he continued to speak out strongly against them through his media, and where he and other monks provided shelter to refugees from Greater Poland, including 1,000–2,000 Jews whom he hid from Nazi persecution in their friary in Niepokalanów. In 1941, the Nazis came for him again, arresting him again, and this time, taking him to Auschwitz.

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Susan Rice: Relations “Will Continue To Prosper” With New Saudi King, As They Have With Old

Yes, as long as you look the other way at the beheadings, support for terrorism and denial of women’s rights…

White House: “We Are At War” With The Islamic State In Iraq … But We Are Not Really At War In Iraq…

Errr, what?

Via CNS News:

President Obama never wanted to be a war president, but apparently  he is.

Not only has he has taken credit for ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; he also has insisted on several occasions that the United States will not be “dragged into another ground war in the Middle East,” and he has emphasized that the United States is moving away from a “13-year war footing.”

But in the past two days, two different Obama aides have said that the U.S. is “at war with al Qaeda and its affiliated groups.” […]

“Are we at war with al Qaeda?” a reporter asked Rhodes on Monday:

“Look, we’ve always said that we’re at war with al Qaeda and its affiliated networks, that that’s been an ongoing effort,” Rhodes said. “That’s, frankly, rooted also in the AUMF (authorization for the use fo military force) that was passed after 9/11.

“And look, we have made great progress against al Qaeda core, and we’ve made this distinction many times, that while we have decimated leadership ranks of al Qaeda core in Afghanistan and Pakistan, that what you’ve seen is the emergence of different affiliates, particularly AQAP (in Yemen).  That’s one that we’ve been uniquely focused on the last several years.  So that is how we approach it.

First Beheading Under New Saudi King, As President Obama Visits

But they’re the cool kids, so it’s all jake.

Via ABC:

Saudi Arabia on Monday executed a man convicted of raping several girls in a case that has captured the kingdom’s attention and marks the first beheading carried out under the newly enthroned King Salman.

The Interior Ministry said Moussa al-Zahrani was executed in the city of Jiddah. The ministry statement, carried by the official Saudi Press Agency, said al-Zahrani was convicted of luring underage girls, intoxicating them, forcing them to watch pornographic videos and then physically and sexually assaulting them.

His alleged victims were children assaulted in 2011 in a string of attacks in Jiddah.

The case has caused a stir on social media — which is unusual in Saudi Arabia for cases of violent crimes — in part because al-Zahrani claimed his innocence throughout the trial and two later appeals.

Last year, al-Zahrani appealed in a 20-minute video for Saudi King Abdullah, who died on Friday, to intervene. In the widely-viewed video, the 45-year-old Arabic teacher claimed he was framed by police and that a man — a neighbor of 10 years — who accused him of molesting his daughter was also a police investigator in the case.

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Pics: Blizzard Apocalypse Is Upon Us – Update: 29 Inches And Still Going Strong…

View of my backyard at 10:00am… and it isn’t going to stop until midnight.

Screen shot 2015-01-27 at 10.02.00 AM

Another one:


For those who don’t know, I live in Massachusetts.

Update: Nick will be organizing the search party if blizzard-zilla swallows the Zip family whole.

I was born and raised in Mass so snow isn’t a big deal (opposed to the D.C. area where a half-inch leads to 50 car pileups) but this is nuts.

Screen shot 2015-01-27 at 12.31.39 PM

Report: Pant Suits 2016 Presidential Campaign “100 Percent” Likely…

Hillary fonz

Surprise, surprise.

Via Syracuse Com

There is no doubt about Hillary Clinton running for president in 2016, at least according to a new report today from Politico.

“Campaign advisers say the likelihood of a campaign, long at 98 percent (she never really hesitated, according to one person close to her), went to 100 percent right after Christmas, when Clinton approved a preliminary budget and several key hires.”

Citing sources close to Clinton and her election team, Politico reports that the former First Lady and Secretary of State is going to officially announce her 2016 campaign in April, just after the end of 2015’s first quarter. Her first fundraising report is expected to be a “blockbuster.”

Sources also told Politico that every major campaign position for Clinton has been filled, with the exception of communications director.

According to the report, Bill Clinton is already deeply involved in the campaign. He was able to get a “heads-up” from George H.W. Bush ahead of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s announcement in December that he was going to “actively explore” a campaign himself. Clinton apparently considers Jeb Bush a “real threat” to Hillary’s presidential prospects.

Bill Clinton also sees New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as “probably just a sideshow.”

Hillary Clinton’s camp is also reportedly already exploring potential Vice Presidential candidates, including Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, and Julian Castro, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development.[…]

Clinton has long been considered the Democratic Party front-runner in the 2016 election, despite having declined to officially announce a campaign. Several other Democrats have been mentioned as possible contenders, however, including Vice President Joe Biden, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

A vast field of Republican candidates have been mentioned besides Christie and Bush, including Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

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Islamic State Threatens To Kill Japanese Hostage Within 24 Hours If Demands Are Not Met…

“Jihadi John” about cut another head off.

CAIRO (AP) – An online message purportedly from the Islamic State group warned Tuesday that a Japanese hostage and Jordanian pilot the extremists hold have less than “24 hours left to live.”

The message, posted online Tuesday afternoon, again demanded the release of Sajida al-Rishawi, an Iraqi woman sentenced to death in Jordan for involvement in a 2005 terror attack that killed 60 people. It also mentioned Jordanian pilot 1st Lt. Mu’ath al-Kaseasbeh, who is a captive of the Islamic State group.

Tuesday’s video matched a message released over the weekend, though neither bore the logo of the Islamic State group’s al-Furqan media arm. The weekend video showed a still photo of Kenji Goto holding what appears to be a photo of the body of Japanese hostage Haruna Yukawa.

The Associated Press could not independently verify either video. However, several militant websites affiliated with the Islamic State group referenced the video and posted links to it late Tuesday afternoon.

A Japanese envoy in Jordan, Deputy Foreign Minister Yasuhide Nakayama, earlier expressed hope the two hostages would return home “with a smile on their faces.”

Flashback: The Story Of The Bergdahl Desertion And The Men Who Died Because Of It


The purpose of the Obama ‘2nd investigation’ was to delay the inevitable charges from the time of the trade, so people would forget. Don’t forget…

Via Michelle Malkin:

Five years ago, I publicly raised questions about Bowe Bergdahl’s desertion from Blackfoot Company, 1-501 Infantry (Airborne), 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division.

A few weeks after his so-called “capture” in late June 2009, three conflicting accounts had surfaced: U.S. officials told the Associated Press Bergdahl had “walked off” the base with three Afghans; the Taliban claimed on its website that “a drunken American soldier had come out of his garrison” and into their arms; and Bergdahl claimed in his Taliban “hostage video” that he had “lagged behind a patrol” before being captured.

I asked on my blog: Were the AP’s sources mistaken? Or is the disturbing first account the right one? What about the “three Afghans” who Pfc. Bergdahl reportedly “just walked off” with after his shift? Who are they? What’s going on?

Five years ago, one of the brave soldiers who risked his life to search for Bergdahl answered my questions and I published his statement on July 20, 2009:
“I know the story and the accounts that he was drunk or that he was lagging behind on patrol are not true– this soldier planned this move for a long time. He walked off the post with a day’s supply of water and had written down before that he wanted to live in the mountains…he is an embarrassment to everyone who has worn the uniform.”

After news broke this weekend of President Obama’s trade of 5 high-level Taliban commanders at Gitmo for Bergdahl’s “freedom,” I heard from another soldier who served on the search team.

“Many of my brothers died because of PFC Bergdahl’s actions, and this has been a very hard day for all Geronimos,” he told me after documenting his proof of service. Other journalists ignored his attempts to get the truth out.

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Live: House #Benghazi Hearing

Obama Bashes America For Being A Racist Country While In India: “I’ve Been Treated Differently Because of My Skin Color”…


Is there anything more revolting than a U.S. president bashing America while overseas?

NEW DELHI (AP) – President Barack Obama gently nudged India Tuesday to fulfill its constitution’s pledge to uphold the “dignity of the individual,” drawing on his own experience as a minority in the United States as he closed out a three-day visit to New Delhi.

Obama said that while he has had extraordinary opportunities, “there were moments in my life where I’ve been treated differently because of the color of my skin.” As he touted the importance of religious tolerance, he noted the persistent false rumors that he is a Muslim, not a Christian.

“There have been times where my faith has at times been questioned by people who don’t know me, or they’ve said that I adhere to a different religion, as if that were somehow a bad thing,” Obama said.

Obama Dinner In Saudi Far Cry From Michelle Obama School Lunch…

School lunches? Eh, not so much:

Come on, kids, let’s move!

Breaking: Bowe Bergdahl To Be Charged With Desertion…Update: Attorney Has Received Charges But WH Delaying Notice To Public…Update: Senior Defense Officials Confirm

Just came over Fox, Bowe Bergdahl to be charged with desertion.

We’ll keep you updated…


Shaffer was on the Bill O’Reilly show. He said Bergdahl’s attorney has been informed Bergdahl is being charged with desertion, that the attorney has received the charges. Bill O’Reilly said the White House has had this information, that the charges have been ready for awhile, but the White House has been delaying it under the auspices of Ben Rhodes, Assistant National Security Advisor. You may remember Ben Rhodes who featured prominently in the construction of the Benghazi talking points.


And that’s why the leak, their hand just got forced. Here’s the semi-formal announcement.

(Reuters) – U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, who disappeared from his base in Afghanistan in 2009 but was released last year in a prisoner swap with the Taliban, will be charged with desertion, according to NBC.

The television network, citing senior defense officials, said the charges could come within a week.

BREAKING: Islamic State Gunmen In Libya Storm Luxury Hotel In Tripoli, 8 Killed Including 5 Foreigners – UPDATE: 1 American Dead…

More to follow…

Via Daily Mail:

At least eight people, including five foreigners, were killed during an attack by gunmen against a luxury hotel in the Libyan capital of Tripoli on Tuesday, a security official told local television.

Mahmoud Hamza, director of Libya’s special deterrence force, told al-Naba television that five foreigners, including two women, as well as a security officer and two of the gunmen, died in the attack on the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli. He did not give the nationalities of the foreigners.Militants from Isis in Libya claimed responsibility for the attack.nearby.

A hotel staffer said the attack began when five masked gunmen wearing bulletproof vests stormed the hotel after security guards at the hotel’s gate tried to stop them. He said they entered the hotel and fired randomly at the staff in the lobby.

Security forces had surrounded the Corinthia Hotel in central Tripoli and gunfire was heard from nearby.

A hotel staffer said the attack began when five masked gunmen wearing bulletproof vests stormed the hotel after security guards at the hotel’s gate tried to stop them. He said they entered the hotel and fired randomly at the staff in the lobby.

In a brief statement on Twitter, the Tripoli branch of Isis claimed to have stormed the hotel, the SITE Intelligence monitoring group said.

‘It’s an evolving situation, what we’re hearing is what is being reported on the news,’ a spokesman for the Malta-based Corinthia Hotel chain, Matthew Dixon, told AFP by telephone.

UPDATE: Obama’s JV team continues its bloody rampage.

Screen shot 2015-01-27 at 10.51.39 AM

Remembering 70 Years Since Liberation Of Auschwitz – Livestream Of Commemoration

Holocaust survivors and world leaders mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz on Tuesday. Among the leaders to attend were the presidents of Germany, France and Austria, as well as others. President Obama is in Saudi Arabia and will not be there.


Foreign Firm Funding Millions To U.S. Green Groups Tied To Russian State-Owned Oil Company


Great article by Lachlan Markay. All these alignments are there to be found, they just need to be called out. You don’t have to be beheading people to be attacking…

Via WFB:

A shadowy Bermudan company that has funneled tens of millions of dollars to anti-fracking environmentalist groups in the United States is run by executives with deep ties to Russian oil interests and offshore money laundering schemes involving members of President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle.

One of those executives, Nicholas Hoskins, is a director at a hedge fund management firm that has invested heavily in Russian oil and gas. He is also senior counsel at the Bermudan law firm Wakefield Quin and the vice president of a London-based investment firm whose president until recently chaired the board of the state-owned Russian oil company Rosneft.

In addition to those roles, Hoskins is a director at a company called Klein Ltd. No one knows where that firm’s money comes from. Its only publicly documented activities have been transfers of $23 million to U.S. environmentalist groups that push policies that would hamstring surging American oil and gas production, which has hurt Russia’s energy-reliant economy.

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