Dem Rep. Gutierrez​ Speaking In Spanish: Republicans “Want To Punish Our Community”…

Translation via NRO:

They know he’s going to act soon — they want to maintain this crisis to condemn our community, a community without rights for our kids at this moment, our DREAMers, and for millions of others that the president has said he wants to help. That’s what they want. They want to punish our community, and that punishment will be met with an electoral punishment. Be assured that we are not going to forget the mistreatment our community has received.

British MP: “Israel’s Days Are Numbered”…

No surprise considering this is from pro-Islamic terror MP George Galloway.

Illegal Aliens To Be Given “Suites” With Flat Screen T.V.s, New Clothes And Schooling In San Antonio

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 3.07.54 PM

Notice they are referred to as “residents”, not “detainees”. Putting them in school there doesn’t sound like they’re just staying there for 23 days…

KARNES CITY – Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Friday will open a remodeled detention center three hours north of the Rio Grande Valley.

The Karnes City center will house women and children who entered the country illegally through the Valley.

The 532-bed facility underwent a massive renovation to house women and children. The center housed only adult immigrants in the past.

Immigrants will be at the facility for an average of 23 days.

The feds said the rooms will be referred to as “suites.” The suites are furnished with bunk beds, play tables for children, flat-screen television sets and landline telephones.

“I will refer to everyone in this facility as a resident. ICE generally refers to people in custody as detainees,” ICE San Antonio Field Office Director Enrique Lucero said.

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Obama: The CIA “Tortured Some Folks” After 9/11…

Some folks? Like mass-murderer Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?

Via The Hill:

President Obama said in blunt terms Friday that the United States “tortured some folks” — describing how a forthcoming report will detail now defunct U.S. interrogation techniques he described as “contrary to our values.”

Obama said the White House has finished its declassification review of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on Bush-era enhanced interrogation techniques.

Now, it’s up to the committee to make the executive summary and other portions of the report public, which is expected to happen in the next few weeks.

“Even before I came into office, I was very clear that in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, we did some things that were wrong,” Obama said in a last-minute news conference in the White House briefing room. “We did a lot of things that were right, but we tortured some folks. We did some things that were contrary to our values. I understand why it happened.”

Obama On Border Crisis: “I’m Going To Have To Act Alone”…

Just because every president before him had to negotiate with Congress to get stuff done doesn’t mean he has to the same, right?

Via Breitbart:

Friday at a press conference, President Barack Obama said in order to address the humanitarian crisis of ten of thousands of unaccompanied children illegally flooding across the U.S.-Mexico border, he was “going to have act alone.”

The president said he would use an executive order to “reallocate resources.”

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Just Hours Before 9/11, Clinton Rued Not Taking “Kill Shot” Against Osama Bin Laden

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 5.07.40 PM

Osama wasn’t in the town, but in the hills, Clinton wouldn’t have had to harm Kandahar at all.

Via NY Post:

WASHINGTON — Bill Clinton ruminated about a missed chance to get Osama bin Laden just hours before the horrific September 11th attacks, according to new audio made public Wednesday in Australia.

He made his comments at a paid speech in Melbourne, Sky News reported.

“And I’m just saying, you know, if I were Osama bin Laden — he’s very smart guy, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about him — and I nearly got him once. I nearly got him.”

“And I could have killed him,” Clinton continued, “but I would have to destroy a little town called Kandahar in Afghanistan and kill 300 innocent women and children, and then I would have been no better than him. And so I didn’t do it.”

Clinton got paid $150,000 for the speech to J.T. Campbell & Co.

Former Liberal Party head Michael Kroger was there, but said he had forgotten about a recording he had of the session until last week. He revealed the existence of the chilling comments — just 10 hours before the first plane struck — to Sky News in a broadcast.

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Troll Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Under A Bridge) Files Bill To Tax Sugar In Soda…


Via CNS News:

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) introduced the Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Tax (SWEET Act) this week. A measure that aims to institute a tax of one cent per teaspoon – 4.2 grams – of sugar, high fructose corn syrup or caloric sweetener.

The measure (HB 5279), introduced Wednesday says, “A 20-ounce bottle of soda contains about 16 teaspoons of sugars. Yet, the American Heart Association recommends that Americans consume no 6 more than six to nine teaspoons of sugar per day.”

Even though the manufacturers’ of the sweet drinks are targeted to pay the tax, the text of the bill itself notes that the goal is to reduce public consumption through a price increase.

“This Act is intended to discourage excessive consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages by increasing the price of these products and by creating a dedicated revenue source for programs and research designed to reduce the human and economic costs of diabetes, obesity, dental caries, and other diet-related health conditions in priority populations,” the measure says.

Pic: Israeli Soldier Helps Mentally Ill Palestinian Man Chained To Building By Hamas…

Is Hamas still claiming they don’t use civilian as human shields?

HT: Israellycool

Race-Hustler Al Sharpton Warns Comrade De Blasio: “I’ll Be Your Worst Enemy”…

Civil war.

Via NY Post:

…The “round-table” event was staged so that de Blasio could make a public show of his concern about the death of Staten Islander Eric Garner, with Bratton announcing every cop in the 35,000-strong NYPD would undergo retraining.

“Change has been happening, the change will continue to deepen,” de Blasio said. Message: I care.

It was also designed so Bratton could claim the department he recently inherited had been “deficient” in its training efforts, but he was now on the job to change all that.

Well, if de Blasio thought giving Sharpton equal billing with the top cop would pacify his guest, he was sorely mistaken. In Sharpton’s view, the department needs to be changed from top to bottom, to be revolutionized.

According to Sharpton, it is not only stop-and-frisk, but the entire policing approach that had saved New York City from itself, that has to be discarded. [...]

Sharpton said he would not be satisfied with “window-dressing.” Here was his stark warning to the mayor: “If we’re going to just play spin games, I’ll be your worst enemy.”

In fact, New Yorkers benefited unambiguously when City Hall treated Sharpton as though it were his worst enemy. They may smile together now on occasion, but Bratton certainly wasn’t smiling back in 1995 at City Hall, when he stood beside his then-boss, Rudy Giuliani, as Giuliani effectively accused Sharpton of responsibility for a 1994 shooting spree and fire that left seven dead (eight, if you count the murderer).

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Hamas Official To Israeli Arabs: We Only Aim Our Missiles At Jews…

Hamas has apparently developed the world’s first Jew-seeking missile.

Via CNS News:

Urging Arabs living in Israel to take to the streets, a Hamas official assured them they have nothing to fear because Hamas only aims their missiles at “the homes of Israelis and Zionists.”

“We say to (Israeli Arabs), living in Haifa, Jaffa, Acre, Lod, Ramla, and the Negev: The rockets fired by the Al-Qassam Brigades will not hit you,” said Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum in a July 11 video clip translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) from Al-Aqsa TV, the official Hamas television station.

Hamas has been designated by the U.S. State Department as a foreign terrorist organization.

“We know those parts. We are familiar with the geography and with the history. Not a single Arab Palestinian child will be hit by one of our missiles.”

“Our rockets are aimed at the Hebrews, the murderers, the Israelis, the criminals,” Barhoum is quoted as saying. “Don’t be afraid. Go on with your everyday life, and celebrate our victory, just like we will celebrate it here, in Gaza.”

“We say to our people in Haifa: the missiles of Al-Qassam will not hit any Arab home,” Barhoum continued. “Rest assured, our missiles accurately target the homes of the Israelis and the Zionists.”

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Islamic State Orders Women Not To Wear High Heels…

High heels are “un-Islamic,” or something.

Beirut, July 31 (IANS/EFE) – The extremist Islamic State (IS) has imposed restrictions on women’s clothes in the areas they control in the Syrian province of Deir Ez-Zor, bordering Iraq, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said Thursday.

According to SOHR, the jihadis have released a statement in Deir Ez-Zor province with rules for the clothes to be worn by people in the province.

The Islamist extremist group has ordered women to wear a full “niqab” that masks their eyes and an “abaya” or tunic which must cover the rest of their clothes and be wide enough to hide the shape of their body.

The “niqab” often hides the face but not the eyes, although it may cover the entire face.

The IS has also forbidden women from wearing high-heeled shoes and has warned all those who violate these rules that they would face harsh punishment.

Writer Of “Sharknado” Films Says He Wrote Them To Alert People “To The Perils Of Global Warming”…


Via Red Alert:

Sharknado and Sharknado 2 are B-list films for the ages, but are they also a political statement?

Thunder Levin, a writer of the films, implied so in an interview Wednesday on MSNBC.

In an interview with Tamron Hall on “News Nation,” Levin said the films take on this original topic to help educate citizens on climate change.

“You know we just felt it was time that the world was alerted to the perils of global warming and bio-meteorology,” said Levin. “It was just a matter of doing our research and getting the facts out to everybody.”

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Fun fact: Along with blogging and smoking, I also enjoy roller skating.


Russia’s Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin burns Obama.

Dem Race Bait-Fest Continues: Rep. Joe Garcia Says Congress “Most Anti-Hispanic In Generations”…

Beyond pathetic.

Speaking at Democratic news conference on immigration, Joe Garcia says, “We’re looking at possibly one of the most anti-Hispanic Congress in Generations.”

From earlier today:

Dem Rep. Tony Cardenas On Illegal Minors: Republicans Want To “Return Children To Their Deaths!”

Dem Rep. Gutierrez On House Border Bill: Republicans Act Like “They Despise All Of Our Children”

Gutierrez: GOP Views Hispanics As “Repugnant”

Nanny State Enthusiast Behind No-Smoking Laws Says “Soda And Sugary Beverages Are The New Tobacco”…


Because we’re not smart enough to make our own decisions.

Via Free Beacon:

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D., Conn.) is seeking a national soda tax, an effort backed by leaders of the movement to ban smoking indoors and others who call carbonated beverages “toxic.”

DeLauro introduced the Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Tax Act, also known as the “SWEET Act,” on Wednesday, which would impose a 1 cent excise tax per teaspoon of caloric sweetener in soda, energy drinks, sports drinks, and sweet teas. [...]

Larry Cohen, a social justice activist and one of the leaders behind banning smoking in bars and restaurants, endorsed the bill.

“Soda and sugary beverages are the new tobacco and the fight to reduce their marketing and consumption is the next great public health battle,” Cohen said. “I helped create the nation’s first multi-city no-smoking laws and advocated for years to increase the tax on tobacco.”

“I see a sugar-sweetened beverage tax as just as valuable and just as groundbreaking,” he said.

Cohen also blamed soda companies for creating a “nightmare of chronic diseases” for children, the poor, and minorities.

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Former UN Official And UCal Professor Richard Falk Wants U.S. To Make Israeli Commanders Face War Crimes Charges At The ICC…

It was only a matter of time before this piece of gutter trash chimed in.

Via Fox News:

Richard Falk, the notorious former United Nations human rights official who was widely castigated for his anti-Semitic statements and aggressively anti-Israeli stance before finally leaving office in May, is at it again.

Falk, formerly the U.N. special rapporteur on the rights of the Palestinian people, is orchestrating a new manifesto accusing Israel of making war against “the people of Gaza as a whole,” calling on the U.N and “in particular the United States of America” to hold Israeli political leaders and military commanders accountable for war crimes, and demanding that the U.N. Security Council refer the entire situation in Palestine to the International Criminal Court.

The manifesto is signed by Falk, who is now at the University of California at Santa Barbara, and 124 other legal academics around the world, including a handful in the U.S. The most prominent signatory aside from Falk is John Dugard, a South African legal scholar who was also widely condemned for anti-Semitic findings as the U.N.’s human rights special rapporteur on Palestine — until Falk took his place.

The “Joint Declaration by International Law Experts on Israel’s Gaza Offensive” is currently posted on Falk’s personal blog and is spreading through the left-wing blogosphere.

Falk adds that he and his fellow signatories “welcome additional signatures that can be sent to me in the comments section, with affiliation noted for identification, and names will be periodically added to the text.”

Falk’s latest eruption is “par for the course,” observes Brett Schaefer, a U.N. expert at the conservative Heritage Foundation. “This is what he did at the U.N. human rights council and it’s unsurprising that he’s doing it again.”

“Richard Falk has a well-deserved reputation for anti-Semitism and bias against Israel that he advanced through his six years at the human rights council and it is no surprise that he would again be attacking Israel in the current circumstances” of Israel’s Gaza offensive.

What is more surprising, perhaps, is the arc of Falk’s career alongside that of his wife, Hilal Elver, as they have shuttled in and out of UC Santa Barbara into stints as U.N. human rights council rapporteurs — with roughly equivalent complaints about their anti-Semitic and often anti-American views — as well as other continuing U.N. ties.

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Dem Rep. Tony Cardenas On Illegal Minors: Republicans Want To “Return Children To Their Deaths!”


Via CNS News:

“Republicans want to indiscriminately return children to their deaths!” Rep. Tony Cardenas (D-Calif.) said in remarks on the House floor on Friday, as members of the House of Representatives were forced to delay their August recess to deal with a border appropriations bill.

Cardenas was one of many Democrats who blasted Republicans for wanting to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States.

And in a bit of political theater, the Friday morning debate was interrupted by dozens of Democrats stepping forward in futile attempts to bring up the “comprehensive immigration reform bill” passed by the Senate. Each request to introduce the bill was blocked by Republicans.

In response to Cardenas, Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) noted that President Obama himself has said that most of the children will be returned to Central America. And if they seek refugee status, they can do it at the U.S. Embassies in their home country, without making the dangerous journey from Central America across Mexico into Texas, Cole said.

Gutierrez On House Border Bill: Republicans Act Like “They Despise All Of Our Children” – Update: GOP Views Hispanics As “Repugnant”…


Outrageous even by Gutierrez’s standards.

Update: Gutierrez still going for new lows.

UK’s Largest Supermarket Chain Bans Israeli Products…

No surprise this is from the UK.

Tesco shelves banning Israeli products
– JPost

Tesco, the UK’s largest food retailer, has strongly rejected claims that the Gaza crisis is forcing it to stop selling Israeli produce and products, saying that in the case of Israeli dates packaged under its own label it had decided to stop selling them in September “for commercial reasons.”

According to the grocery chain, the dates are grown in Israel but packaged in the West Bank.

“It is clearly marked as “West Bank (Israeli settlement produce)” so customers are fully aware of what they are buying,” a spokesman told The Jerusalem Post. “As part of our regular review of our range, we will not be selling this product for much longer.”

The spokesman said that in line with the recent request from the British government on “origin of food” labeling, the dates have to be marked and sold as such, and as Tesco customers have been asking for such information, the company has to supply it.

Canada: Muslims Shout “Heil Hitler” During Pro-Israel Rally In Calgary…

I know, so unlike Muslims to engage in anti-Semitic rhetoric.

HT: Jay via BCB