Spanish Imam Asks Allah To Kill Every Single Jew…

Religion of Peace™

Via Times of Israel:

A Spanish Imam has been documented in an anti-Semitic rant in which he called the Jewish people treacherous, war-mongering killers and prayed for God to “destroy the plundering Jews… do not spare a single one of them.”

In a Friday sermon posted to the internet this week and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, Sheik Saleheoldine al-Moussaoui of the municipality of Azuqueca De Henares, near Madrid, says: “What is being done to the Muslims in Palestine, in Gaza, as well as in the other Muslim countries — we would have been surprised if it were done by anyone other than the Jews.”

“The Jews are by nature treacherous and war-mongering,” he tells followers. “The Jews and the Zionists have treachery and killing as their way of life. They are a people of enmity and jealousy, the masters of treachery and betrayal.” […]

“Oh Allah, destroy the plundering Jews,” he says. “Oh Allah, the Most Merciful, count them one by one, and do not spare a single one of them.”

British ISIS Fighter: I Would Be “Honored” To Behead A Western Hostage, “My Hands Are Ready For This Blessed Act”…

British ISIS Fighter: I Would Be “Honored” To Behead A Western Hostage, “My Hands Are Ready For This Blessed Act”…

Via Telegraph:

Two British jihadists fighting with Islamic State forces in Syria have praised the beheading of James Foley and threatened to bring their murderous campaign back to the West.

The masked men, only their eyes visible and using the names Abu Anwar and Amu Bakr, delivered their chilling boasts via a computer video link-up with CNN.

Asked if he would be ready in the killing of a Western captive, Anwar said: “I would be more than honoured to partake in an execution like this.

“I hope God gives me the chance to do such a thing as the brother did with James Foley. Whether it be on someone like James Foley, or a soldier of Bashar [the Syrian dictator] or a soldier of America, my hands are ready to do this blessed act.”

He called killing of the American journalist a “direct and justified response to the crimes of the United States against the Islamic State”.

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‘Cops’ Staffer Accidentally Shot, Killed By Police During Taping In Omaha


Did the staffer step into the line of fire while filming?


The bullet that killed an employee of the long-running TV show Cops while filming a response to an armed robbery call was fired by a police officer, Omaha police confirmed Wednesday.

It turned out the suspect was only armed with an Airsoft rifle, which fires plastic pellets, Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer said during a press conference.

The crewmember was identified by the show’s producers, Langley Productions, as Bryce Dion who was working as the sound technician during the incident.

The Cops crew was with police who responded to an armed robbery call at a Wendy’s restaurant around 9:20 p.m. CT when the shooting took place. The suspect and the Cops employee were both hit in the exchange and taken to the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

The suspect was declared dead at the hospital.[...]

In June Schmaderer explained that he wanted Cops to film his department in action to put “the professionalism of our officers on display for the city and the world to see,” according to the World-Herald.

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White House: Obama’s Airstrikes In Iraq Not Meant To Defeat ISIS…

After dancing around the question, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest begrudgingly says Obama wants to see ISIS defeated, but not now.

ACOSTA: Is the president’s strategy to defeat ISIL – to defeat ISIS?

EARNEST: First and foremost, Jim, the president’s strategy is to protect Americans who are in harm’s way . . . principally the president’s focused  on protecting the national security of the United States of America, and in this case, protecting American personnel that are harms way

ACOSTA: If ISIS is a cancer (as Obama called it Tuesday), does he want to defeat it?

EARNEST: Well . . .  of course, Jim. But the goal of this action, and what the president is focused on, as we pursue this strategy . . . is safeguarding the American people and putting the foreign policy interests of the United State first and foremost.

Syrian Imam: “Hillary Clinton, That Whore, Gave Birth To ISIS From Her Filthy Womb”…

Does that make Bill the father?

Sheik Muhammad Ma’moun Rahma: After over three years of this world war, which was waged against us and against the entire Arab world, the tables have been turned overnight.

The Mufti of Saudi Arabia shows up and tells the world and ISIS and Al-Qaeda are the sworn enemies of Islam and that it is permissible to kill them. Then their American master, Obama, shows up and tells the world that ISIS is a dangerous and criminal gang, and that the world must fight and kill it wherever it may be. Then Cameron admits that there are French [sic] terrorists fighting in Syria. America admits this too. Belgium admits this too. […]

Didn’t Hillary Clinton, that whore, admit that she had given birth to ISIS from her filthy womb? Obama, what made you kill your spoilt daughter, ISIS?

Former Your Black Muslim Bakery Member Takes A Plea Deal

Black mulsim bakery

The bakery didn’t get a chance to bake a cake for a gay wedding.

Via San Jose Mercury News

A member of the defunct Your Black Muslim Bakery whose conviction and life prison sentence stemming from the 2007 kidnapping and torture of a woman was overturned by an appeals court in January pleaded guilty to three of 13 original charges on Tuesday.

Richard Lewis, 30, is to be sentenced in December to 20 years on one count of kidnapping and two counts of carjacking. He must serve at least 17 of them before being eligible for release and will have three strikes on his record, a spokeswoman for the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office wrote in a statement.

Lewis, a former highly regarded San Francisco high school football star, had rejected a plea deal in the case in 2009 and a jury convicted him in 2010 of charges that he took part in the roadside kidnapping of a woman and her elderly mother in the spring of 2007.

After stopping the women on Interstate 580 with a retired police cruiser, they were hustled off to an abandoned East Oakland house where the younger woman, a bag over her head, was beaten with fists, pistol whipped and cut with a knife, according to trial testimony.

It was part of a scheme by then-bakery leader Yusuf Bey IV to learn where a drug dealer hid money. But it was later learned that a rival dealer had set the woman up and she bore no such knowledge. She was rescued when a police officer happened upon the scene, heard her screams and charged into the house as her attackers fled.

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White House’s Legal Justification For Obama’s Amnesty Executive Order: Republicans Fault…


Hmm, something tells me their “Republicans are big meanies” argument won’t stand in court.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House is crafting a blame-it-on-Congress legal justification to back up President Barack Obama’s impending executive actions on immigration.

Facing an expect onslaught of opposition, the administration plans to argue that Congress failed to provide enough resources to fully enforce U.S. laws, thereby ceding wide latitude to White House to prioritize deportations of the 11.5 million people who are in the country illegally, administration officials and legal experts said. But Republicans, too, are exploring their legal options for stopping Obama from what they’ve deemed egregious presidential overreaching.

A self-imposed, end-of-summer deadline to act on immigration is rapidly approaching. While Obama has yet to receive the formal recommendations he’s requested from Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, administration officials said the president is intimately familiar with the universe of options and won’t spend much time deliberating once Johnson delivers his recommendations.

San Francisco To Help Fund Immigration Attorneys


I am shocked the attorneys aren’t taking the cases Pro Bono. Its for the children.


San Francisco will become the first city in California to provide funding to help immigrants who face deportation obtain an attorney, officials announced Wednesday.

The $100,000 will go to the nonprofit Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, which will use it to provide free legal representation for immigrants living in the country illegally, the San Francisco Chronicle reported ( ).

Supervisor David Chiu, who created the program, said San Francisco is the first city in the state to offer such assistance. It’s an expansion of the city’s Right to Civil Counsel program that had focused on tenants facing evictions. [..]

New York City has a similar program, and California Gov. Jerry Brown and other state officials recently announced a proposal to provide $3 million to immigration attorneys.

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Self-Righteous Moonbat Of The Day…

Demands racial equality… lives in her parents $1 million home in an all-white neighborhood.

Planned Parenthood Promotes Prayer Event For Libs To Pray For More Abortions…

Or as Obama once said, “thank God” for Planned Parenthood.

Via LifeNews:

Planned Parenthood abortion business officials in Ohio are looking for volunteers to pray at a prayer event.

No, Planned Parenthood is not asking people to pray for an end to abortion in the way pro-life advocates pray at prayer events like 40 Days for Life. Instead the abortion giant is hoping Buckeye State residents will pray for more abortions.

As this Planned Parenthood announcement indicates, the abortion corporation wants people to join an abortion activist who is calling for prayer in response to the state’s refusal to expand Obamacare, which funds abortion and sends taxapayer dollars to the abortion giant. Planned Parenthood seeks people who think their religion calls on them to pray for “reproductive health,” which is a euphemism for abortion.

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Louisiana Gov. Jindal To Reportedly Sue Federal Government Over Common Core


It is going to take the courts to stop Obamas agenda. Update to a previous story.

Via FOX News

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal reportedly will file a lawsuit against the Obama administration in federal court Wednesday, claiming that the Department of Education has illegally manipulated grant money and regulations to force states to adopt the controversial Common Core standards.

A draft copy of the lawsuit was provided to The Associated Press by the governor’s office. Jindal planned to file it Wednesday in the federal court based in Baton Rouge.

In the suit, Jindal argues that the Education Department’s $4.3 billion grant program “effectively forces states down a path toward a national curriculum” in violation of the state sovereignty clause in the Constitution and federal laws that prohibit national control of education content. The suit will ask a judge to declare the department’s actions unconstitutional and to keep it from disqualifying states from receiving Race to the Top funds based on a refusal to use Common Core or to participate in one of two state testing consortia tied to the department’s grant program.

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Mass Mayor: Illegal “Minors” From Guatemala Enrolling In City Schools Have Graying Hair, “More Wrinkles Than I Have”…

And thanks to the Obama regime, the city is forbidden from verifying their ages (one of them turned out to be 35-years-old).

Via CNS News:

The mayor of Lynn, Mass. says that some of the illegal aliens from Guatemala who are enrolled in her city’s public schools are adults with graying hair and “more wrinkles than I have.”

“They are not all children,” Judith Flanagan Kennedy told reporters at a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday.

“One of the things that we did notice when we were processing some of these students coming in was that they were adults,” she said.

She added that the federal government will not allow school officials to verify their ages even though one of the students turned out to be 35 years old.

VA Depicts Veterans As Oscar The Grouch…


Via Washington Times:

Just as President Obama is promising to reform the veterans’ health care and restore “dignity” to the system, the Veterans Affairs office in Philadelphia is apologizing for depicting dissatisfied veterans as Oscar the Grouch in an internal training guide.

A slide show presented to VA employees last week portrayed veterans as the grumpy Sesame Street character who lives in a garbage can. The training guide also described veterans as possibly having unrealistic expectations, and advises staffers to apologize for the public “perception” of the scandal-ridden agency.

In one slide, a sign reading “CRANKY” hangs from the rim of Oscar’s garbage can. In another, Oscar’s face is accompanied by the words “100% GROUCHY, DEAL WITH IT.”

The presentation included tips on how to tell if a veteran is nearing an “outburst,” including being accusatory, agitated, demanding, or unfocused, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. It was delivered to VA staffers in advance of two town-hall meetings to be held for veterans in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

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