Erdogan Stuck On Repeat: Israel In Gaza Has “Surpassed What Hitler Did To Them”…

We heard you the first time.

Via Mediaite:

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been a vocal opponent of Israel’s military offensive into Gaza over the last several days, but in an interview with CNN International that aired on Thursday morning, he escalated his rhetoric, standing by an analogy he made between the modern Israeli government and the Nazis.

“I completely stand by my comments,” Erdoğan said through a translator, referring to parallels he drew between Israel and the Nazis last week. “You can see that what Israel does to Palestine, to Gaza right now, has surpassed what Hitler did to them.”

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Dem Donors Offered “Deep Discounts” To Attend Obama Fundraisers, Price For Sit Down Dropped From $25K To Just $5K…

And this is in the ultra-liberal and ultra-wealthy San Fran area.

Via SF Gate:

President Obama hit the Bay Area for a fast cash-and-grab fundraising drive Wednesday, but there were signs that even in one of the nation’s most reliable Democratic ATMs, donor fatigue is setting in.

There was no listed price for tickets for Obama’s morning appearance at a roundtable in San Francisco for the House Majority PAC – the type of intimate gathering for which admission is usually $32,400 per person, the legal maximum. Some donors said tickets had been offered for a deep discount.

And in Los Altos Hills, the heart of Silicon Valley big money, the president’s appearance at the home of real estate mogul George Marcus drew an older crowd that was noteworthy for the absence of young angel investors, startup stars and tech leaders who have flocked to fundraisers Obama has held while paying 17 previous visits as president to the Bay Area.

Democratic donors who were invited to the San Francisco event, at the Four Seasons Hotel on Market Street, said they had initially been asked to donate as much as $25,000 to sit down with Obama. One who balked at the price said organizers had offered a cut-rate deal of as little as $5,000.

“Five-thousand dollars to sit down with the president for an hour? That’s usually what it costs for a photo of you and your whole family” with Obama, said the invitee, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Biden: Blacks Have Not Made Enough Progress, “Franchise Is Under Siege”…


Biden stoking the racial fire.

Via Washington Times:

In an election-year effort to motivate minority voters, Vice President Joseph R. Biden told the National Urban League Thursday that the black community “can’t be satisfied with where we are now.”

“On the civil rights front, we see renewed attacks on voting rights across the nation,” Mr. Biden said at the group’s annual meeting in Cincinnati. “On the economic front as well, there’s been some tough times.”

He said, “If we’re honest with ourselves, we can’t be satisfied with where we are now, on either civil rights or economic opportunities for African-Americans.”

After recounting gains by blacks in the civil-rights era, Mr. Biden said, “Something happened on the way to the 2008 election.”

“The franchise is under siege,” he said.”Both civil rights and economic rights, in the aftermath of the great recession that the president and I inherited, has devastated parts of the community.”

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Moonbat Company Marketing Pink Clothing For Boys…

Sending your boy to school dressed in pink to make a political statement, what could possibly go wrong?

Via Truth Revolt:

A new kids’ clothing company has launched a social media marketing campaign to let boys know that they are #FreeToWearPink.

Quirkie Kids opened in 2014 with the help of a Kickstarter fundraiser to produce a line of children’s t-shirts in pink “for girls AND boys.” “Our tees feature playful designs of things not typically associated with the color pink,” the company’s website states. Quirkie Kids believes “ALL kids should be free to wear pink regardless of their gender.”

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Islamic Cleric In Qatar: Allah, Kill the Jews, Freeze The Blood in Their Veins…

What a peaceful religion.

(click image for video)

Nancy Pelosi: Dems Must “Use This Crisis” On Border To Pass Immigration Reform…

As always, never let a crisis go to waste.

Via NRO:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) wants Democrats to “use this crisis” on the border to pass comprehensive immigration legislation — just as immigration hawks fear they’ll do.

“The most important thing that we can do to use this crisis as an opportunity is to pass comprehensive immigration reform,” Pelosi told reporters in Texas while discussing the border crisis. Of the House Republican Working Group’s proposal, she said she needed to see “what the amount is, hopefully with no offsets, hopefully with no language that changes immigration.”

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Israel Overwhelmingly Supports Netanyahu, Approval Rating Hits 82%…

Via Jerusalem Post’s Herb Keinon:

Mexico Complains About Texas Sending National Guard Troops To The Border…

Then try stopping the invasion of our country from your territory.

Via Fox Latino:

The Mexican government on Tuesday expressed its “concern” over the decision by Texas authorities to send 1,000 National Guard troops to the border to help stem the massive arrival of undocumented child migrants from Central America.

“Attention to the immigration phenomenon must be paid from a long-term regional perspective and based on the principles of good neighborliness and shared responsibility,” the Foreign Relations Secretariat said in a statement.

“The strategy for responding in an effective and humane manner to this phenomenon includes the necessary shared responsibility among the countries of origin, transit and destination of migration flows,” the statement continued.

The secretariat declared its commitment to the protection of the migrants’ human rights and the orchestration of “specific actions directed at the most vulnerable, including unaccompanied children and teenagers.”


White House-Tied Lib Think Tank: High Schools With Redskins Mascots Create A “Hostile Educational Environment”…

The Center for American Progress, which has deep ties to the Obama admin, also wants the DOE’s civil rights division to intimidate schools with Indian mascots.

WASHINGTON — A report released by the Center for American Progress Tuesday calls on state and federal boards of education to enforce civil rights protections for American Indian and Alaska Native students who face hostile education environments related to Indian sports mascots.

Four high schools in Indiana have Redskins as their mascot (Manual, Goshen, Knox, Fort Wayne Northside).

The report to be released at a news conference later this morning recommends:

– The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights should use its full authority to enforce civil rights protections for American Indian and Alaska native students and promote a safe and welcoming learning environment

– State-level boards of education and education agencies should identify schools in their states with American Indian and Alaska Native representations, examine their impact and develop recommendations to remove harmful representations.

– Nonprofit legal assistance organizations and law school clinics should develop programs to support American Indian and Alaska native students who want to file complaints.

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Ron Paul: “I Blame Neocons” For Terror Attacks…

Ron Paul’s endless rants blaming America for all the world’s problems are indistinguishable from what libs say.


Delusional Hillary Clinton Says “The Reset Worked” With Russia…

Typical egomaniac who can’t admit when they were wrong.

Washington (CNN) – It worked.

That is the argument former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made during a Thursday interview about her much talked about 2009 reset of U.S.-Russia relations.

The statement comes as Russia, under President Vladimir Putin, has distanced itself from the United States, and the country is widely seen by U.S. and European analysts as linked to the downing of a passenger airliner earlier this month in Ukraine.

“What I think I demonstrate in the book, is that the reset worked,” Clinton told guest host John Harwood on NPR’s “On Point” on Thursday during a conversation about her new memoir, “Hard Choices.” “It was an effort to try to obtain Russian cooperation on some key objectives while (Dmitry) Medvedev was president.”

Clinton later said the reset “succeeded” and was meant to be “a device to try to refocus attention on the transactional efforts that we needed to get done with the Russians.”

NYT’s Josh Barro Calls For Intimidation Campaign To Suppress Freedom Of Speech For Anyone With “Anti-LGBT Attitudes”…

Shockingly, Barro is one of Obama’s favorite columnists.

HT: Newsbusters

Sudanese Christian Woman Sentenced To Death For Apostasy Finally Out Of Sudan, Flies To Rome To Meet Pope Francis…

Wonderful news!

A Sudanese woman who fled to Italy after being spared a death sentence for renouncing Islam has met the Pope.

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag flew to Rome with her family after more than a month in the US embassy in Khartoum.

There was global condemnation when she was sentenced to hang for apostasy by a Sudanese court.

Mrs Ibrahim’s father is Muslim so according to Sudan’s version of Islamic law she is also Muslim and cannot convert.

She was raised by her Christian mother and says she has never been Muslim.

Welcoming her at the airport, Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said: “Today is a day of celebration.”

Mrs Ibrahim met Pope Francis at his Santa Marta residence at the Vatican soon after her arrival.

Video: Hamas Fires At IDF Forces From Hospital, Israel Bombs It After Confirming No Civilians Inside…

I can’t think of any other country in the world that goes to these lengths to avoid civilian casualties, and yet Israel is still demonized. Note: Video includes audio of two calls with a Palestinian informant who confirms no civilians are inside the hospital.

Hatey Cakes: NYC Cupcake Truck Goes On Anti-Israel Rant

Not sure if hacked or just really this stupid…

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 12.03.47 PM

Surprise! Rockets Found At U.N. School In Gaza “Have Gone Missing”…

And by missing they mean they were given back to Hamas.

Via Times of Israel:

The UN secretary-general on Wednesday said he was “alarmed” to hear that rockets were placed in a UN-run school in Gaza and now “have gone missing,” and he demanded a full review of such incidents.

A statement by the spokesman for Ban Ki-moon expressed the UN chief’s “outrage and regret” at the placement of weapons at a site run by the global organization. The UN says that has happened at least twice so far in the current fighting.

“Those responsible are turning schools into potential military targets, and endangering the lives of innocent children,” UN staff and anyone seeking shelter, the statement said.

The rockets had been placed at one of the schools run by the UN refugee agency for Palestinians, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency in Gaza.

AWESOME! Maine GOP Gov. LePage To Make “Able-Bodied” Welfare Recipients Work For Their Food Stamps…

Libs recoil in horror!

(AJ) – Maine’s Republican governor on Wednesday launched a push to make more “able-bodied” people work for their food stamps.

“People who are in need deserve a hand up, but we should not be giving able-bodied individuals a handout,’’ said Gov. Paul R. LePage.

LePage will reportedly stop seeking a federal waiver — issued at the height of the Great Recession — allowing some food stamp recipients to bypass requirements that they work or volunteer, according to local news channel WCSH.

About 12,000 of the state’s residents receiving $15 million annually in food stamps are considered to be able-bodied by Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), which administers the aid. That means that they are between the ages of 18 and 49, have no dependents and are not pregnant or disabled.

In the next three months, those who are deemed able-bodied must work or volunteer with a community organization for 20 hours a week or lose their aid.

Biden: “I Should Have Had One Republican Kid To Go Out And Make Money”…

So he’s admitting libs are lazy bums who leech off the rest of us?

Via Free Beacon:

Joe Biden, speaking at the Urban League conference in Cincinnati, reflected, “I should have had one Republican kid to go out and make money.”

“You know,” Biden continued, “so when they put me in a home, I get a window with a view.  You know what I mean? But my daughter is a social worker.”

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Anti-Israel Protesters In DC: America “Is The Biggest Terrorist Organization”…

Wait, libs hate America?


As World Burns, Obama Brags About His Dancing Skills…

He’s not even trying to pretend he cares.

OBAMA: My girl, Janelle Monae. (Applause.) Janelle has performed at the White House, like, 15 times. And we — there’s going to be an official Janelle Monae room in the White House. (Laughter.) We love her. Michelle and I love Janelle. We love her energy. We love her talent. But we most of all love her character. And anybody who gets a chance to talk to her, this is just a remarkable, strong, smart young lady.

And I have to say nice things about her because she may be the only person in possession of a video in which I try to keep up with her and Usher on the dance floor. (Laughter.) Now, this is top secret. She has promised that this will never be released. But she can blackmail me at any time. (Laughter.)

MS. MONAE: I love you!

THE PRESIDENT: I love you back. You do have that video, though, don’t you?

MR. MONAE: I do. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: Now, tell the truth, though, Janelle – I wasn’t bad, though, was I? (Laughter.) I’m just saying. Go ahead, testify just a little bit.

MS. MONAE: (Off mic.)

THE PRESIDENT: Let me say I did not drop in splits. (Laughter.) But I did bust a move. That I did do. (Laughter.)

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