Shameless: White House Tries To Mock Darrell Issa’s Pronunciation Of “Ebola”…But Forgets Obama Calling It “Eboli”

Josh Earnest_Smile_AP

Childish and hypocritical. Try concentrating on actually doing something about the virus…

Via Breitbart:

When the House Oversight Committee Hearing on Ebola began Friday morning, the country was experiencing heightened awareness of the disease, as reports came out that a doctor in New York City had contracted the disease and spent time in the public arena.

But the hearing was quickly upstaged by an announcement by the National Institutes of Health that the first nurse who contracted Ebola had been found free of the disease.

As the hearing continued, the White House announced that President Obama would meet with the nurse in the Oval Office for a photo-op.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest additionally mocked Chairman Darrell Issa for his pronunciation of the word “Ebola” and dismissed the hearing.

“I didn’t see much of it,” Earnest said to reporters during the White House Press briefing. “It does seem that most of the criticism was registered by somebody who struggled to pronounce the name of the virus at the hearing.”

Earlier in the hearing, Issa was pronouncing the word “Ebola” like “Eboli.”

“I think we might not be too concerned about the partisan criticism that was on display at the hearing,” Earnest continued.

Wait what? Does he think we would forget Obama’s pronunciation of it?

On Oct 2, Obama referred to it as “Eboli”.

South Carolina HS Football Coach Fired For Team Smashing Watermelons, Reinstated After Further Review

Coach walpole

Charleston County School Superintendent Nancy McGinley backtracks after school board was going to overrule the firing. Team will no longer violate the civil rights of watermelons. Update to this story.


Bud Walpole announced Thursday he has accepted the offer to return as the head football coach at Academic Magnet High School.

“I’m relieved and thankful to the school board and community to be coaching again,” said Walpole in a statement. “I’m looking forward to working with the players to make this a learning experience for everyone.”

The Raptors’ head football coach was fired Monday following an investigation by the Charleston County School District into “inappropriate post game celebrations,” by the team.

Charleston County School Superintendent Nancy McGinley says the celebrations involved upperclassmen smashing a watermelon on the ground while the team chanted that sounded “animalistic or monkey-like.”

According to Walpole’s attorney Dwayne Green, the coach never pursed legal action. Green says he was only brought on as an advisor.

McGinley said Wednesday she asked Walpole to resume his coaching duties effective Thursday.

“Taking into consideration the potential value that he will add to our students and the community, given this experience, I am asking him to resume his coaching duties effective Thursday, October 23, 2014,” McGinley said.[...]

Elizabeth Moffley says the board gave McGinley a chance to reverse the decision of firing a Walpole over a celebration involving watermelons which the school district said had racial overtones.

Moffley says the majority of the board feels McGinley made the wrong decision, and were ready to reverse the decision with a vote if McGinley doesn’t act.

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NY And NJ Say Health Workers Traveling From Ebola-Affected Countries To Face Quarantine For 21 Days


If Obama wouldn’t act, at least the governors of NY and New Jersey will, although this appears to only pertain to health workers.

(Reuters) - New York and New Jersey will automatically quarantine medical workers returning from Ebola-hit West African countries and the U.S. government is considering the same step after a doctor who treated patients in Guinea came back infected, officials said on Friday.

The steps announced by the two states, which go beyond the current restrictions being imposed by President Barack Obama’s administration on travelers from Liberia, Sierra Leone or Guinea, came as medical detectives tried to retrace the steps in New York City of Dr. Craig Spencer, who tested positive for Ebola on Thursday.

The new policy applies to medical workers returning from the region through John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York and Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. In the first instance of the new move, a female healthcare worker who had treated patients in West Africa and arrived at the Newark, New Jersey, airport was ordered into quarantine.

“Voluntary quarantine is almost an oxymoron,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said. “We’ve seen what happens. … You ride a subway. You ride a bus. You could infect hundreds and hundreds of people.”

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Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Filed By Tea Party Group Against IRS Over Targeting


So because they finally got their status, there is no longer a case? Poof, we never targeted you at all!

Via Fox News:

A federal judge has dismissed all counts of a lawsuit filed by a Tea Party group against the IRS claiming it was targeted for special scrutiny.

Judge Reggie B. Walton said that the case was no longer relevant since the IRS eventually approved tax-exempt status for the group in question, Texas-based True the Vote. He added that the IRS has said it has taken steps to address the alleged targeting of conservative groups.

“Unless an actual, ongoing controversy exists in this case, this Court is without power to decide it,” Walton wrote in his decision.

The group in question, True the Vote, alleged in the lawsuit that the IRS made “numerous unnecessary, burdensome, and unlawful requests” about its activities, saying it was selected for special scrutiny because it used names like “Tea Party” in its application for non-profit status.

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Hollywood Lib Lisa Kudrow: “Gay Men Are Superior Beings”…


Via HuffPo:

“Friends” star Lisa Kudrow is a hot commodity once again thanks to the reprise of “The Comeback,” the comedy series which has long been a favorite of gay men.

In fact, gay fans have been among the most vocal proponents for the return of the show, which returns to HBO on Nov. 9 nine years after its original cancellation — and that hasn’t gone unnoticed by Kudrow.

“When ‘The Comeback’ first came out, I think that gay men were the only ones who were like, ‘Yes. I understand. I get it. It’s great, and I understand,'” the 51-year-old actress tells PrideSource’s Chris Azzopardi.

Although she notes that “the people I work with are gay,” Kudrow says her love of the gay community extends beyond the confines of Hollywood, too.

“I don’t know who I’m going to offend by leaving them out, but I need to say that I think gay men are superior beings in my mind,” she said. “The two sides of the brain communicate better than a straight man’s, and I think that has to be really important. They’re not women — they’re still men — and women also have thicker corpus callosums, so I think it’s the combination of those qualities that makes them like a superhuman to me.”

BTW: I hate the show “Friends” with a passion.

Hillary Clinton: “Don’t Let Anybody Tell You That It’s Corporations And Businesses That Create Jobs”

Apparently she is this clueless.

BREAKING: NYPD Declares Hatchet Attacker “Self Radicalized” Lone Wolf…Update: Police Say, Yes, It Was “Terrorist Attack”


Buried in comments from the chief of police in NYC is the fact that they call him a “self-radicalized terrorist”  What the hell is a self radicalized terrorist?

If you know what a self-radicalized terrorist is, sound off in comments.  I’ll send you a pizza roll.

Via ABC News:

A man who attacked New York City police officers with an ax had converted to Islam in recent years and the assault appears to have been a lone wolf terror attack, police said today.

One officer who was struck in the head with the ax by Zale Thompson on Thursday is in critical but stable condition, Police Commissioner William Bratton said.

A second officer was also injured.

Thompson was shot and killed by two other officers as Thompson charged them with the ax, Bratton said.

The commissioner said that Thompson had converted to Islam two years ago.

“The father indicated to us he believed his son several years ago converted to become a Muslim, a self-proclaimed Muslim,” Bratton said.

Deputy Commissioner John Miller, who is in charge of counterterrorism for the department, said a review of Thompson’s computer showed that he had visited websites affiliated with radical groups, including al Qaeda, ISIS and al Shabaab.

“It appears from the electronic forensic piece of this, this is something he has been thinking about and thinking about with more intensity in recent days,” Miller said.

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Did his friends several of whom also appear to be radical Muslims also “self-radicalize’?

Self-radicalized or not, Police Commissioner Bratton says he’s ‘comfortable’ calling it a “terrorist attack”. PM Harper spoke out for Canada, will we hear anything from our President on this?

Breaking: Three Police Deputies, Civilian Shot In Sacramento, CA, Manhunt On For Suspect

Officer Shot Sacramento

Via Fox News:

An assailant shot three sheriff’s deputies and a bystander in the Sacramento County area, then carjacked two vehicles Friday morning prompting a manhunt as the assailant fled through residential areas.

Fox 40 reports that a female suspect was apprehended. The second suspect, an unidentified male believed to be the shooter, was able to get away and is believed to be holed up in a house on Belmont Drive in the city of Auburn. Authorities are also searching the campus of nearby Placer High School.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Sgt. Lisa Bowman said the deputy was approaching a suspicious vehicle in a parking lot the Arden Way area of Sacramento near a Motel 6 when he was shot before 11 a.m. Friday.

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NC Grandfather With Gun Fights Off 3 Home Invaders Who Tried To Rob Family, Rape Granddaughter


Via Fayetteville Observer:

LUMBERTON – A Lumberton man traded gunfire with three men who forced their way into his home, robbed the family, tried to rape his granddaughter and stole his car Monday, Robeson County authorities said.

One of the men, identified as Jamie Faison, 20, was shot and found dead in the stolen Cadillac parked at his home on the 600 block of Singletary Church Road, Sheriff Kenneth Sealey said in a news release.

The two other men turned up at area hospitals with gunshot wounds.

The homeowner, Kenneth Byrd, 67, was shot multiple times, the release said.

Authorities received a call about 10 p.m. that someone had been shot at a home on the 100 block of Yedda Road, east of Lumberton.

Deputies responded and found Byrd, his wife, Judy, 65, and his 19-year-old granddaughter at the home.

The family told them that a man came to the door and said he was having problems with his vehicle and needed water.

Two men wearing black clothing, ski masks and gloves forced their way into the home and demanded money, Sealey said.

All three of the men had guns.

The Byrds were pushed to the back of their home and instructed to open a safe.

When the men tried to rape the couple’s granddaughter, Byrd grabbed a gun and exchanged shots with the assailants, Sealey said.

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Media Says Washington School Shooter Upset Over Racism …Yet He Was A Racist Himself

Already the mainstream media is crafting an excuse that Jaylen Fryberg was a victim of ‘Native American bashing’ and racism in his school.

He has a slew of negative or racist posts with a variety of stereotypes:

All “rednecks” are bad parents

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 5.42.00 PM

He includes a picture of a hairy woman’s butt with a derogatory comment about Spanish women.

And what would any racist be without also being a homophobe too right?

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 5.41.35 PM

Muslim Woman Rips Fellow Muslims For Demanding Free Halal Food At Minnesota Food Banks”…


We need more people who think like this:

“I’m about to put a smack down on my brothers and sisters. Why on earth [do] they think it is okay to look into the eyes of the already generous US taxpayer and say your charity is not good enough for me. I demand special treatment.”

Via IBT:

“Why Do You Look Into The Eyes Of Generous US Taxpayers And Say Your Charity Isn’t Good Enough For Me? ”

An organization representing Somali refugees in Minnesota is demanding more availability of halal products on food pantry shelves, asking local officials to reallocate part of their budget to accommodate Islamic dietary restrictions.

Emina Dedic could relate to the community’s struggle. The 25-year-old Muslim woman came to America more than two decades ago after her family escaped a concentration camp during the Bosnian genocide. While she remembers what it was like to struggle during her family’s resettlement in the U.S., the idea that a Muslim community was asking for government accommodation didn’t sit well with her.

“I’m about to put a smack down on my brothers and sisters,” Dedic wrote in her Facebook post on Oct 20. “Why on earth [do] they think it is okay to look into the eyes of the already generous US taxpayer and say your charity is not good enough for me. I demand special treatment.”

A political activist who holds conservative beliefs, Dedic added, “If you truly have trouble getting Halal foods, ask your mosque. Ask the Islamic community.”

Another Doctor Who Treated Ebola Just Spent Night In NYC, Allowed To Fly To California

New York's JFK Airport Begins Screening Passengers For Ebola Virus

Dr. Spencer, who has since come down with Ebola, was also greenlighted thru these same checks. Once again, no quarantine as yet…

Via NY Post:

A physician who treated dying Ebola patients in Liberia flew in to JFK on Thursday night — and stayed at an airport hotel, a source told The Post.

Colin Bucks, a clinical assistant professor at Stanford University’s medical school, arrived on a Royal Moroccan Air flight and is currently asymptomatic, sources said.

He went to the Hilton Garden Inn in Jamaica, Queens, near the airport. Centers for Disease Control workers “also stay there,” said a source.

On Friday, he was cleared to travel home to Northern California, where he will “be monitored by CDC there,” according to the source.

“He is asymptomatic and he’s being allowed to leave the hotel and fly home,” a source added.

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EXCLUSIVE: Twitter Account Of Seattle School Shooter Reveals A Disturbing Last 24 Hours


Today’s shooting at a high school in a suburb of Seattle was allegedly committed by Jaylen Fryberg, a Native American student who apparently was distraught over the end of a relationship he had with a girl at the school.

Poring through his Twitter account reveals a deeply disturbed individual. His last Tweet, from last night, “It won’t last…. It’ll never last….” seems to convey a dark mood.


Army Found Guilty Of Discrimination For Barring Transgender Man From Using Women’s Room, Calling Him “Sir”…


Via Daily Caller:

Tamara Lusardi, a transgender who transitioned from male to female, has won his case against the Department of the Army for discrimination and humiliation, based on a report from the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC).

In 2010, Lusardi was working for the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center as a civilian employee, and announced that he was now officially beginning his transition from male to female. Lusardi changed his name and began dressing as a woman, at which point management held a meeting to accommodate Tamara in the workforce. Management supported Lusardi and repeatedly stated that they intended to treat him fairly and accommodate in any way possible, yet emphasized that they also wanted to ensure a safe workplace for everyone. [...]

Particularly egregious for Lusardi was the fact that one of his supervisors continued to refer to him as “Sir” in email communications. This made it difficult for Lusardi to sleep at night. Tamara also alleges that over the course of time he was denied work.

“[T]he Agency inappropriately restricted [Tamara's] restroom usage, repeatedly failed to use her proper name and pronouns, and subjected her and her workplace conversations to increased review and scrutiny,” the report noted. The move represents a serious follow through of Obama’s executive order from July, which bans workplace discrimination against LGBT federal government employees or contractors.

As a part of OSC recommendations, the Army will now mandate additional sensitivity training for supervisors and employees regarding LGBT issues.

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Video: Mayor de Blasio’s Sign Language Interpreter Is More Interesting To Look At Than He IS

Obama Meets With And Hugs Dallas Nurse Who Had Ebola But Is Now Disease Free

US President Barack Obama meets with Dallas nurse Nina Pham

Pham received a blood transfusion from one of the doctors who recovered, this helped her recovery.

Via NY Post:

Nina Pham, the first nurse diagnosed with Ebola after treating an infected man who later died, was released from a hospital after being found free of the virus.

“I do not know how I can ever thank everyone enough for their prayers and the expressions of concern, hope and love,” an emotional Pham said at a press conference.

“It may be a while before I get my strength back,” she said.

Barack Obama met with Pham shortly after her release from hospital and gave the smiling nurse a big hug in the Oval Office.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Obama brought Pham in for a meeting to recognize her for doing her job at a Dallas hospital, where she fell ill while caring for an Ebola-stricken patient who eventually died.

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Tragedy Pimp Piers Morgan Uses Seattle School Shooting To Demand New Anti-Gun Laws…

Piers Morgan

You can always count on Piers Morgan to crawl out from under the rock he’s been living under to scream about how awful guns are after a mass-shooting.

Screen shot 2014-10-24 at 4.04.48 PM Screen shot 2014-10-24 at 4.07.25 PM

Too Soon Tweet Of The Day: Liberal Blames Heterosexuality On Seattle Shooting

This is almost as mind numbingly stupid as “rape adjacent sex”


bonus points if you can suffer through the ‘rape adjacent sex’ story at the top.

HT RBpundit

DCCC Digs Up Feminist Fossil Gloria Steinem To Accuse Republicans Of Being “Sexists” In Fundraising Pitch…


Steinem plays the sexist card not once, not twice, but three times in a single email.

The outcome of this election will be determined by one factor:


And that scares the Republicans half to death… but not enough to make them actually change their anti-women policies. They still refuse to pass Equal Pay laws. And they’re still perfectly comfortable denying women their basic human right to make decisions about their own bodies.

Instead they’re relying on tired, sexist tropes to appeal to us. Women will only vote if voting is like dating, getting married, or breaking up. At least that’s what Republicans seem to think.

This election is our chance to show them that their relentless sexism will not stand — in fact, it will cost them their seats in Congress.

That’s why I’m emailing you today. I need you to step up right now and make sure that Republicans who rely on sexism will lose on November 4th.

Are you in?



Global Warming Fear Mongers Tom Steyer And Dem Gov. Martin O’Malley Leave Climate Change Event In Gas-Guzzling Suburban SUV…

As is always the case with rich global warming hypocrites, do as I say, not as I do.

Via Watchdog:

Forgive them, Al Gore, for they have sinned.

Just minutes after extolling the virtues of green living to thousands gathered in the Superdome in New Orleans, climate change pals Tom Steyer, a hedge fund billionaire, and Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley left the confab in the least environmentally friendly vehicle possible — a Chevrolet Suburban.

Steyer, the man pouring money into the 2014 election, and O’Malley, a possible presidential pick in 2016, spent Wednesday night in the Big Easy discussing politics and climate change at the 2014 Greenbuild conference, with both men stressing the need to continually educate the public about the need for aggressive action on climate change.

O’Malley, when asked by the event’s moderator how he would act on the issue if elected president, suggested he’d wage a public relations offensive to drill into the minds of Americans the importance of green living.

Yet, as the two men left the Superdome, they did so in a black Suburban, registered in Louisiana but sporting a sign on the dash identifying it as under control of the Maryland State Police.

The pair, or the security detail handling travel, may not have been too comfortable being seen jumping in the gas-guzzler. Originally, the driver parked the truck near one of the dome’s exit doors, waiting to whisk away the two politicos. Seeing cameras rolling, the duo’s security chief asked Superdome staffers to close the main garage door to obscure the view.

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