Divorce Docs Reveal Liberal Hypocrite Michael Moore Owns Nine Homes, Including Manhattan Condo That Was Once Three Apartments…


Try and contain your shock and amazement at Moore’s hypocrisy.

Central Lake — A lakefront mansion. Dueling movie producers. Super agents joining the fray. A drunken driving arrest. The possible hiring of private investigators.

The divorce of Michael Moore has this normally sedate community northeast of Traverse City all atwitter.

The filmmaker, 60, who split his time between a home here and one in New York, is leaving his wife of 22 years, Kathy Glynn.

The breakup is scheduled to be finalized in a settlement Tuesday at Antrim County Circuit Court in nearby Bellaire. [...]

By reaching a settlement, Moore avoids a trial that could have aired dirty laundry common in high-proile breakups and impugned his long-hewn image as a common man by disclosing details of his comfortable life.

His hit movies and best-selling books have begat a lifestyle far from most ballcap-wearing, duck-waddling denizens of Flint.

Moore and Glynn own nine properties in Michigan and New York, including a Manhattan condo that once was three apartments. CelebrityNetWorth.com pegs their wealth at $50 million.

In legal pleadings, Moore blames his wife for the expansion of the 10,000-square-foot home on Torch Lake, which has a value of $2 million.

He listed six media reports from 2011, which poked fun at the defender-of-the-poor for owning such a big house, as exhibits in the divorce case.

“He criticizes capitalism, but capitalism made him rich,” said Gary Tracy, owner of Bellaire Bait and Tackle.

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Christians In Gaza Sheltering Muslims Fleeing Violence…

Would Muslims return the favor? Yeah, probably not.

GAZA (Reuters) – About 1,000 Palestinian Muslims fleeing Israeli shells devastating their Gaza neighborhood have found shelter in a building they otherwise would rarely if ever enter, the city’s 12th-century Greek Orthodox Church.

Despite its thick walls dating back to the Crusades, the Church of Saint Porphyrius was still not a very safe haven. Shortly after they arrived, Israeli aircraft bombed a nearby field, spraying shrapnel on the church and damaging graves.

But children from the Shejaia district, where some 72 Palestinians – many of them women and children – were killed during fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas militants on Sunday, were busy playing football in the yard on Tuesday.

Their mothers watched on mattresses and plastic chairs provided by the church, along with food, blankets and toys.

“We have opened the church in order to help people. This is the duty of the church and we are doing all we can to help them,” Archbishop Alexios told Reuters as the sounds of small children echoed outside his office at the church.

Pic of The Day: Code Pink Leader Gets Photobombed By Israel Supporter While Giving Anti-Israel Speech…

Love it!

Zach Hanover + 1

Obama To Spend Nearly $3 Million In Taxpayer Dollars Traveling To Dem Fundraisers…


Obama scheduled one “official” speech on the economy so taxpayers get stuck funding his two-day trip where he will attend six fundraisers.

Via Washington Examiner:

President Obama, grappling with two major international crises and a new federal court decision that threatens to dismantle Obamacare, hit the road for a three-day West Coast fundraising trip that will cost nearly $3 million just to fly Air Force One.

At $228,288 an hour, the base flight time of 12.5 hours from Washington, to Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and back to Andrews Air Force Base will cost taxpayers $2.85 million.

Expensive? That bill doesn’t include the cost of flying and housing staff and the Secret Service or the prepositioning of equipment like limos to get the president from his hotel to events.

The hourly cost of flying Air Force One has risen under Obama, in large part due to the increase in fuel prices. The Air Force recently told watchdog Judicial Watch that the price jumped to $228,288 from $179,750, an increase of 27 percent.

Pro-Palestinian Goons Shouted “Kill Jews,” “Hitler Should Finish You Off” As They Pummeled Jewish Israel Supporters In Calgary…

More on this story.

Via Free Beacon:

A group of Canadian Israel supporters who were violently beaten last week by a crowd shouting anti-Semitic slurs said they continue to be bullied on the Internet and in the media by those who claim that they were looking for a fight.

A family of six pro-Israel supporters demonstrating in downtown Calgary was assaulted late Friday by a crowd of around 100 protestors who were demonstrating against Israel’s military action in the Gaza Strip. [...]

“We wanted to show Israel has supporters in Canada,” Hamilton said. “But within two minutes, approximately 100 people had crossed over from the other side of the road where the pro-Palestinians were protesting, and we were swarmed and pretty much segregated so we couldn’t see, even each other.”

The pro-Palestinian protestors shoved flags into Hamilton’s face and taunted her with shouts of, “kill Jews, “Hitler should finish you off,” and “baby killers.”

“I heard my mother screaming because six or seven guys had jumped on my brother,” who is 19 years old, Hamilton recalled. “He had a Star of David on his shirt and they were ripping it off, biting him, and scratching him, and stomping on him on the ground.”

Hamilton says her brother suffered a concussion during the attack.

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France Attacks Israel For Committing Unjustified “Massacres” In Gaza…

I’m sure France has a few white flags lying around they could loan to Israel.

Via Times of Israel:

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius called Wednesday for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas to end violence in the Gaza Strip which Palestinian sources say have left nearly 600 Palestinians dead.

Close to 30 Israelis, almost all of them soldiers, have been killed as Israel battles to stop Hamas rocket fire, thwart attack tunnels and weaken the Islamist group’s ability to launch attacks from the Strip.

“In Israel and in Gaza, the situation is very hard,” Fabius said as he arrived for a meeting of European Union foreign ministers.

Nothing justifies continued attacks and massacres which do nothing but only claim more victims and stoke tensions, hatred,” he said.

“France will act forcefully to demand an immediate ceasefire,” he added.

Obama State Department Defends U.N. Agency After Second Cache of Hamas Rockets Found In One of Their Gaza Schools…

Oh boy.

WASHINGTON — The State Department defended Secretary of State John Kerry’s decision to grant $15 million in humanitarian aid to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNWRA), even as the organization confirmed the discovery of additional rockets stored in one of its Gaza schools. Critics in Washington, however, blasted the secretary’s decision to include UNRWA as a recipient of part of a $47 million humanitarian package designed to aid Gazan civilians. [...]

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a senior official at a Washington pro-Israel organization described the announcement of funding for UNRWA as “a bewildering decision.” UNRWA announced last week an effort to raise $60 million in emergency aid to Gaza, one-quarter of which would be covered by the US contribution.

“UNRWA is objectively on the side of Hamas,” the official argued. “They give Hamas money, they do press work on behalf of Hamas, and as of this week they’re literally arming Hamas. Our Arab and Israeli allies all want Hamas and its supporters weakened. It’s very strange that the State Department would rush in, right when we’re asking the region to trust us on Iran, and functionally throw money at a terror organization that Iran has done so much to build up over the years.”

But State Department Deputy Spokeswoman Marie Harf said that the organization was a legitimate recipient for US aid, arguing that “it is an important organization.”

Israeli Military Takes Swipe At Obama? “Our Commanders Lead From The Front”…

Looks like a dig at Obama’s infamous “leading from behind” doctrine to me.

Elizabeth Warren Tells La Raza To “Get Louder” And Fight Lobbyists To Pass Amnesty…

Huh? All the major lobbying groups are for amnesty.

Via Breitbart:

Lobbyists on both sides of the aisle may not agree more on an issue than the need for amnesty legislation. But Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) told La Raza’s annual conference that they should “get louder” to fight “lobbyists” to get amnesty legislation.

Claiming that comprehensive amnesty legislation would also “stabilize” America’s Social Security system, Warren told the crowd in Los Angeles on Sunday evening that they needed to “get louder together” pushing for amnesty, because “it is the responsibility of Americans to push on this.”

“Be stronger than the lobbyists,” she declared. “We have to do this.”

Though Warren has often portrayed herself as someone who fights for the people against undefined “powerful lobbyists,” the lobbyists are actually on the side of pro-amnesty activists when it comes to “immigration reform.” Big-business groups like the Chamber of Commerce and the high-tech lobbies want cheaper labor, and they have aligned themselves with Democrats and pro-amnesty activists to try to ram through a comprehensive bill. The so-called “Forgotten Man” of all races and backgrounds in the middle, including legal immigrants, often has to pay the costs for more social services while losing out on jobs to foreign workers.

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Hamas Rockets Found In Second U.N. School In Gaza…

U.N. now an enemy combatant.

Via Times of Israel:

For the second time in less than a week, rockets have been found in a school in Gaza operated by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, the body said.

“Today, in the course of the regular inspection of its premises, UNRWA discovered rockets hidden in a vacant school in the Gaza Strip,” the organization said in a statement issued Tuesday. “As soon as the rockets were discovered, UNRWA staff were withdrawn from the premises, and so we are unable to confirm the precise number of rockets. The school is situated between two other UNRWA schools that currently each accommodate 1,500 internally displaced persons.”

As it did the last time around when missiles were found in a school it operates, UNRWA said it “strongly and unequivocally condemns the group or groups responsible for this flagrant violation of the inviolability of its premises under international law.”

UNRWA, the UN agency charged with overseeing humanitarian efforts in Gaza, said it immediately “informed the relevant parties and is pursuing all possible measures for the removal of the objects in order to preserve the safety and security of the school.” The organization again pledged to launch a “comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding this incident.”

Israeli officials reacted furious to the discovery. “How many more schools will have to be abused by Hamas missile squads before the international community will intervene,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Yigal Palmor told The Times of Israel. “How many times can it turn its head the other way and pretend that it just doesn’t see?”

Dem Poll Finds Obama’s Approval Rating In Top 12 Senate Battleground States Only 37%…

Obama becomes more toxic by the day.

Obama The Collectivist Hails “Our Businesses” Adding 10 Million Jobs Because Of His Policies

Obama dreaming of a Socialist utopia again?

GLAAD Diversity Enforcers Demand Hollywood Make More Films Featuring Gay Characters…


Damn you Hollywood and your conservative bias!


GLAAD is giving a big thumbs down to the way Hollywood depicts lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transexuals on the big screen.

Out of the 102 films released by the seven major studios last year, only 17 of them included gay characters — with most of them taking up just a few minutes of screen time or being blatant stereotypes, a study by the advocacy group released Tuesday finds.

“What’s disheartening for me and to all of us in GLAAD is when it comes to major studio films, LGBT people are basically invisible,” GLAAD national spokesman Will Cruz told the News. “And when we do show up, it’s largely a part of comedies as carictatures to service a joke that’s at the expense of the character.” [...]

More diversity could be found on display in arthouse theaters than mainstream multiplexes, according to the study. Rave reviews were given to films such as the Weinstein Co.’s “Philomena,” about an Irish woman’s quest to find a son she was forced to give up for adoption by the Catholic Church, who grew up to be a gay man who died from AIDS.

But those examples are few and far between, says Cruz.

“There seems to be this vicious circle, where studios saying they weren’t getting scripts that were inclusive, while writers were telling us the studios weren’t interested in making films LBGT in them,” he says.

Palestinian Party Leader: Kerry’s Open-Mic Comment “Proves” Israel Is Intentionally Killing Civilians…

Well done, Lurch.


Supreme Court Justice Kennedy Says Constitution Is A “Flawed Document”…

Except it isn’t.

Via SF Gate:

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy wasn’t out to make news when he addressed the annual conference of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and devoted most of his 50-minute speech to the Magna Carta, which turns 800 years old in 2015. But Kennedy did let on that he doesn’t belong to the school of Constitution-worshipers who base their legal doctrines on what they glean to be the original, literal meaning of every word and phrase in the nation’s founding document.

“The Constitution of the United States is a flawed document,” Kennedy said at Thursday’s windup conference session in Monterey. By “thinly veiled language,” he said, it “basically reaffirmed the legality of slavery,” referring to provisions that allowed the slave trade to continue at least until 1808 and defined each slave as three-fifths of a person when deciding how many congressional delegates to assign to each state.

The 600,000 who died in the Civil War, Kennedy said, were “one of the things it cost for having a Constitution that was flawed.”

At the same time, he said, the drafters of the Constitution had the insight to declare principles, like due process of law, that could be interpreted anew by future generations — a sacrilege to literalists like Justice Antonin Scalia, who contends the court is strictly bound by what he deems to be the original intent and meaning of the document.

Dem Sen. Chris Murphy Attacks Israel For Endangering U.S. National Security With Civilian Deaths In Gaza…


Via Politico:

Sen. Chris Murphy on Tuesday said the substantial number of Palestinian civilians killed in Gaza could endanger U.S. national security.

Appearing on MSNBC, the Connecticut Democrat cited a United Nations report that an estimated 75 percent of Palestinian casualties have been civilians, saying the statistic could be used as a recruiting tool for America’s enemies.

“[T]hat is a problem for Israel,” he said. “But it’s a problem for the United States, as well, which is why we have to be so concerned about this. This is bulletin board material, stuff for people that are recruiting folks to the fight against Israel but also against the West in general.”

The senator also appeared to take a jab at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Murphy expressed pessimism in a long-term peace deal, saying that anything “more substantial” would not come under Israel and Palestine’s current leaders.

“[I]t’s been clear for a long time that you don’t have the leadership right now — either on the Israeli side or on the Palestinian side — in order to do anything more than that,” he said, referred to an immediate, short-term ceasefire. “I think we are in a position of essentially waiting for new leadership on both sides in order to do anything more substantial on the peace process.”

Today’s Court Ruling On Obamacare Subsidies Frees More Than 57 Million Americans From Individual And Employer Mandates…

If the Supreme Court refuses to take the case or upholds the Circuit Court’s ruling Obamacare is toast.

Via Forbes:

… In the 36 states with federal Exchanges, a Halbig victory would free — not “exempt” — all employers with more than 50 workers from the employer-mandate penalties to which the Obama administration is unlawfully subjecting them. Census Bureau data indicate that in all, more than 250,000 firms and 57 million workers could be freed from those unlawful taxes. That’s more than the population of 27 states. Table 3 shows the number of firms and employees in each of the 36 states with federal Exchanges. In Florida, a Halbig victory would free more than 16,000 firms and 5.1 million employees from the employer mandate. In Texas, it would free more than 24,000 firms and nearly 7 million employees from the employer mandate.

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16-Year-Old Gaza Terrorist Wounded During Fight With IDF Being Treated In Israeli Hospital…

Israel will still be demonized.

Via Times of Israel:

A 16-year-old Palestinian terrorist is being treated in an Israeli hospital after being captured during a pre-dawn Monday terror attack on southern Israel when emerging from one of Hamas’s cross-border tunnels.

The 16-year-old Hamas assailant is being treated in Ashkelon’s Barzilai Hospital and is described as being in moderate condition, Israel Radio reported on Tuesday afternoon. He was unconscious when hospitalized, the report said.

The teenager was captured after emerging from a tunnel dug from Gaza into southern Israel along with several other terrorists. In the pre-dawn attack, two groups of Hamas terrorists emerged from two tunnel exits, one inside the Israeli border near Kibbutz Nir Am, and the other near Erez, also on Israeli territory, several kilometers northeast of the Gaza city of Beit Hanoun.

MSNBC Contributor Slams Network Claiming They Are Too Pro-Israel…

And yes, she’s serious.

Via TPM:

An MSNBC contributor used her appearance on the cable news channel Monday to sharply criticize its coverage of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

During an interview on “Ronan Farrow Daily,” Palestinian journalist Rula Jebreal unloaded on Western media outlets, including MSNBC, arguing that influence from pro-Israel forces makes the news coverage more favorable to the likes of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Because of AIPAC, and because of the money behind it, and because of Sheldon Adelson, and because of all of us in the media. We are ridiculous. We are disgustingly biased when it comes to this issue,” Jebreal said.

“Look at how many airtime Netanyahu and his folks have on air on a daily basis. Andrea Mitchell and others,” she continued, referring to the MSNBC stalwart whose show airs right before Farrow’s afternoon program. “I never see one Palestinian being interviewed on theses same issues.”

When Farrow pushed back gently and pointed out that Palestinian guests have been interviewed, Jebreal continued her criticism.

“Maybe 30 seconds! And then you have 25 minutes for Bibi Netanyahu, and then half an hour for Naftali Bennett and many others,” Jebreal said.

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Day After Defending Obama’s Fundraising Trip, WH Says Obama Cancelled Appearance On Kimmel Show Because of Current Crises…

Beyond parody.