Culture Matters–Even If You Don’t Like It

FrontPage Magazine has a great interview with screenwriter Mark Tapson on the importance of culture and how a lot of conservatives don’t understand how much control it has over politics. I found myself shouting “Yes!” when I watched it:

The political arena is obviously a very important battleground and it’s good that we have people fighting in that arena. But until conservatives get their heads around the fact that the culture is everything … then we’re not going to win another presidential election. It’s all about the culture now.

And conservatives are typically very uncomfortable with the culture, it’s an arena that we ceded to the left long ago, largely unwittingly. So it’s at the point now that conservatives are so repulsed by what the culture has become that their instinct is to reject it. “I’m not going to give those people in Hollywood a dime of my money. I cancelled my cable tv, I’m not watching that filth. I don’t buy music CDs.”

The problem with that attitude is that disengagement is not how you win a culture war. When you take yourself out of the culture stream and end up sitting on the banks while the rest of the country flows by you, you become as marginalized as the Amish. And then you lose in the political arena as well. So it’s really important for conservatives to understand how important the culture is and to be willing to dive into the fray.

Rosie O’Donnell: Penalizing Muslim NFL Player ‘Propels Us to War’


Yes, Rosie, had nothing to do with NFL rules. Penalizing him was some hidden conspiracy to continue to drop bombs…

Via Newsbusters:

According to View co-host and 9/11 truther Rosie O’Donnell, a Muslim NFL player being penalized for praying after a touchdown is the kind of thing that “propels us to war.” Talking to the other women of the show about Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah, Whoopi Goldberg wondered if Americans are “feeding into Muslim fear.”

Somehow extrapolating from a single penalty in one football game, O’Donnell responded, “Yes. I think as a nation we are. I think that, you know, it propels us to war. You have to rally the country in order to bomb a country that did nothing to you and you need to rally them and so that’s what I think that was.” [MP3 audio here.] ISIS did “nothing” to us? (The NFL has since stated that Abdullah shouldn’t have been flagged.) She added, “Anyone is allowed to represent their joy in whatever way possible for two minutes on a football field and I think it’s anti-Muslim bias.”

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What Intel Meetings? Obama Has Spent Nearly 800 Hours Golfing…


You’d think he’d be playing on the PGA Tour by now with how much golf he squeezes in.

Via Daily Caller:

President Barack Obama has spent more time golfing than he has spent listening to daily intelligence briefings.

The Daily Caller has calculated that he’s spent almost 700 hours in 875 “Presidential Daily Briefings” since 2009.

But he’s also spent roughly 800 hours on almost 200 golf trips since his first inauguration.

Obama’s golf trips typically last four and half hours, including one hour on the road. The longest trip took about six hours, according to regular reports from the media pool that follows the president on trips outside the White House.

In contrast, President George W. Bush largely gave up golfing during the Iraq campaign, from 2003 to 2008.

The daily briefing calculations are based on a new report by the Florida-based Government Accountability Institute, which reported Sept. 30 that Obama has attended 875 Presidential Daily Briefings over the course of his presidency.

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Harvard Moonbats Hold “Dead-In” To Commemorate Palestinians Killed By Evil Jews…


Via Harvard Crimson:

“It’s not about religion, it’s about humanity,” read a poster held up by a student at the Science Center Plaza Monday. The student was one of fifteen or so participants in Monday’s “dead-in,” an event hosted by the Palestine Solidarity Committee to raise awareness of the roughly 2,100 people who were killed in Gaza this summer.

Members of the PSC encircled Halah Y. Ahmad ’17, as she read the names and ages of the men, women and children who died in Israeli-Palestinian crossfire. As Ahmad continued to read the names, a few participants assumed “dead” positions on the ground.

“Two thousand one hundred people were killed in Gaza this summer. Today, we remember their names and their broken families,” Ahmad said, as onlookers took pictures of the students and their posters. Ahmad repeated these sentences several times throughout the event.

At several points during the reading, names of individuals from the same family were read. As their names were spoken, more PSC members dropped to the ground. Some Gaza victims were toddlers, Committee members said, while others were close to eighty years old.

Aside from small shifts of their feet and hands, the students lay still on the plaza. When bottles of water were placed by their feet, no one took a sip.

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UK Home Secretary: “ISIS Is Not Islamic… Their Actions Have Absolutely No Basis In Anything Written In The Koran”…

The Koran begs to differ.

Transcript of speech by Theresa May:

… I am going to talk to you about the deadly terrorist threat we face. David Haines was a tireless humanitarian worker who helped Muslims….not just in Syria….but in Bosnia, South Sudan and Libya. Two weeks ago, he was murdered by terrorists, simply for being British. His murder followed the equally barbaric killings of James Foley and Steven Sotloff, American journalists who were reporting to the world the plight of the Syrian people.

The terrorists who murdered David Haines like to call themselves the Islamic State. But I will tell you the truth: They are not Islamic. And they are not a state. Their actions have absolutely no basis in anything written in the Quran. What they believe has no resemblance whatsoever to the beliefs of more than a billion Muslims all over the world. And, like all the other Islamist terrorist organisations, they have caused the deaths of many thousands of innocent Muslim civilians. They occupy large parts of Syria and Iraq, and not only are they bringing death and destruction to the people of those countries, they have made absolutely clear their desire to attack Britain, America and the West.

Democrats To Supporters: “We’re BEGGING” You For Donations – Update: Still “Begging… BEGGING” – Update: Dem Beg-A-Thon Continues…

Going by their over-the-top emails you’d think the GOP was crushing the Dems in fundraising… and you’d be dead wrong.

Screen shot 2014-09-29 at 10.53.46 AM

A few more shrieking donation pitches over the last few days:

Screen shot 2014-09-29 at 10.52.30 AM

Update: Dems are raking in campaign cash and yet they still send these shameless and dishonest emails.

Screen shot 2014-09-29 at 3.31.18 PM

Update (Tuesday): As shameless as ever.

Screen shot 2014-09-30 at 1.58.43 PM

CAIR Hints Islamophobia To Blame For Muslim NFL Player Being Penalized For Praying After Touchdown…

According to CAIR if you see a guy pointing his ass in the air you must assume he’s a Muslim.

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 9/30/14) – The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today called on the NFL to clarify its policies after Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah received a penalty for bowing in prayer (sajdah) following a 39-yard interception return in Monday night’s win over the New England Patriots.

NFL rules state that “players are prohibited from engaging in any celebrations or demonstrations while on the ground.” There is an exception made for religious expressions, such as Tim Tebow’s prayer while kneeling. Some commentators say Abdullah may have broken the rule by sliding on both knees into the prayer.

“To prevent the appearance of a double standard, we urge league officials to clarify the policy on prayer and recognize that the official made a mistake in this case,” said CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper.

Marc Lamont Hill: Just Because Oklahoma Man Is Muslim And Beheaded A Woman Doesn’t Mean It’s Terrorism, “People Behead For All Sorts Of Reasons”…

Yes, he really said that.

In Wake Of Oklahoma Beheading And ISIS Threats, Arkansas Shooting Range Will No Longer Serve Muslims…


No doubt she will be called a racist (among many other not-so-pleasant names) but the reality is it’s her duty as a gun business to refuse any customer she thinks could be a security risk.

Via Bearing Arms:

In an act that will no doubt result in lawsuits, The Gun Cave Indoor Shooting Range in Hot Springs, Arkansas, has declared itself a “Muslim free zone” due to concerns over domestic Islamic terrorism. The ban was announced yesterday by range owner Jan Morgan in an article posted to her web site where she cites ten points justifying her position.

Among the points cited are prior attacks in the United States that the federal government refuses to classify as terrorism, including the Fort Hood attack, the Boston Marathon bombing, and the last week’s Oklahoma City beheading. Morgan has also received death threats in the past for her writing about Islam.

Another incident that weighed heavily in Morgan’s decision was an incident at her firing range several weeks ago, which she relayed to Bearing Arms this morning.

Morgan claims that two Muslim men who spoke only broken English came to her range and requested to rent semi-automatic firearms and ammunition. One of them could not produce any identification showing that he was in the country legally, and the other had a California driver’s license. Neither had any apparent firearms training. She allowed them to rent one firearm, and stood behind them the entire time they were on the range, her hand on or near her holstered Glock 19. All other patrons voluntarily vacated the firing line while they were shooting.

She brings up a very valid point that gun stores and ranges have both a legal and moral obligation to ensure the safety of their patrons. Because of this, they may refuse service to anyone they deem to be under the influence, mentally unstable, or otherwise a potential threat to themselves, or others. FFLs are afforded a great deal of latitude in this regard, as the federal government would rather err on the side of caution.

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Virginia Town Sued For Declining To House Illegal Minors, Lawsuit Claims Town Is Racist…


And yes, everything that involves people who aren’t white has to be racist.

Via Watchdog:

One small Virginia town is the target of a racial discrimination complaint from a fair housing group and a shuttered college, the potential beneficiary of a plan to house undocumented minors.

Word broke this summer the federal government — at the original suggestion of Virginia Secretary of Health and Human Resources Bill Hazel and Secretary of Education Anne Holton — was pursuing a contract with the closed St. Paul’s College in Lawrenceville to house what could be hundreds of immigrants.

Locals made it clear they had serious concerns, and about 1,000 people showed up at a June 19 town hall meeting in the Southern Virginia town of 1,300 to protest.

The federal government consequently backed down and looked elsewhere to house the teens and younger children.

Now, the private St. Paul’s College — which would have received a much-needed $160,000 a month to house the youth — and the fair-housing group Home Opportunities Made Equal of Virginia, are filing a housing discrimination complaint with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development against the town of Lawrenceville, surrounding Brunswick County and Brunswick County’s elected Sheriff Brian Roberts.

HOME and St. Paul’s College allege the county, town and sheriff “orchestrated and implemented a plan to block the deal,” the complaint obtained by reads. “Purported concerns by these individuals are grounded in false stereotypes about Latinos and reflect discrimination based on race, color, and/or national origin.”

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Panelist At Congressional Black Caucus Event Says Blacks Need To Be “Liberated”…

What that means, I have no idea. Someone may want to inform her slavery was abolished in the 1800’s.

Note: Comments at 1:10 mark.

CAIR Warns Media To Stop Using Term “Jihadists” To Describe ISIS, Claims It “Gives Them Legitimacy”…

Prefer the term “tea party terrorists.”

WASHINGTON – Media have been advised by a group of American Muslim leaders to refrain from referring to the Islamic State group as ISIS or jihadists since doing so gives them legitimacy. This occurred as Muslim leaders and scholars came together to denounce the Islamic State group in a 17-page letter that sets the record straight in as far as the group’s ideology and Islam are concerned.

“If you refer to ISIS as jihadist, you are defeating the purpose and giving them legitimacy,” said Nihad Awad, the national executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

The press conference Wednesday was organized by CAIR and the Fiqh Council of North America, and it brought together 10 Muslim leaders from various organizations and societies in America.

The leaders ratified the letter, which was originally written in Arabic, addressed to the Islamic State group’s leader Ibrahim Awwad Al-Badri. Over 120 scholars and Muslim leaders from around the world signed it.

“Point by point, their ideology has been rejected,” said Muzammil H. Siddiqi, chairman of the Fiqh Council of North America. The council advises its members on religious matters.

NYC Professor Says Global Warming To Blame For ISIS…


Wait, what?

Via Campus Reform:

A professor is blaming climate change and overpopulation for the creation of the terrorist group ISIS.

Charles Strozier, Professor of History and the founding Director of the John Jay College Center on Terrorism and Kelly Berkell, research assistant at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, wrote a blog piece in the Huffington Post called “ How Climate Change Helped ISIS,” where they argue that a four-year drought in Syria, from 2006 through 2010, “devastated the livelihoods of 800,000 farmers and herders; and knocked two to three million people into extreme poverty.” [...]

The pair offer a call to action for Americans to consider the link between melting glaciers and a stronger Taliban.

“If more Americans knew how glacial melt contributes to catastrophic weather in Afghanistan—potentially strengthening the Taliban and imperiling Afghan girls who want to attend school—would we drive more hybrids and use millions fewer plastic bags? How would elections and legislation be influenced?” they write.

“While ISIS threatens brutal violence against all who dissent from its harsh ideology, climate change menaces communities (less maliciously) with increasingly extreme weather.”

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Groan: State Department Says Netanyahu Wrong To Claim Militant Islam Seeks To “Dominate The World”…

Just when you think this Administration can’t be any more clueless…

Via CNS News:

The Obama administration does not share Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s view that the forces of militant Islam, whether Sunni or Shi’ite, have in common an ultimate goal “to dominate the world,” a State Department spokeswoman said Monday.

In a hard-hitting speech at the United Nations, the Israeli leader said that entities such as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL), Hamas, the Iranian regime, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram share that eventual goal.

Jen Psaki was asked at the State Department daily briefing later whether the administration agreed with Netanyahu’s argument that those various groups “are all part of the same kind of militant Muslim – Islamic attempt to rule the world.”

“We would not agree with that characterization, no,” she replied.

Asked about Netanyahu’s specific correlation of ISIS and Hamas, Psaki said that while both were U.S.-designated foreign terrorist organizations, ISIS “poses a different threat to Western interests and to the United States. And that’s just a fact.”

WaPo Lib Eugene Robinson’s Horribly Lame Excuse For Obama’s ISIS Failure: Too Many Things In Presidential Daily Briefing…

And yet people like Robinson claim Obama is some kind of genius.

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Libs Outraged After Chiefs Player Penalized For Post-Touchdown Muslim Prayer…


The NFL apologized for the call after libs feign outrage on social media.

Via SBNation:

During the Chiefs’ destruction of the Patriots, Husain Abdullah picked off Tom Brady and scored, the second touchdown of his career. After scoring, he was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct, specifically excessive celebration. [...]

Abdullah, if you’re unfamiliar, is a practicing Muslim. He fasts during Ramadan, even during NFL training camp, and missed the 2012 NFL season so he and his brother, former Broncos/Cardinals safety Hamza, could visit Mecca during the Hajj in October. Although we don’t know exactly what was going through his head at that moment in time, this appears to be a moment of prayer.

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Report: ISIS To Open Its First Consulate In Turkey…

Can’t say I’m surprised to learn Erdogan is allowing this.

(AWDNews) – The so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) intends to inaugurate its first diplomatic mission in Istanbul in order to provide consular services for all who wish to join the extremist group in Iraq, reported Turkish daily Aydinlik as saying.

Abu-Omar Al-Tunisi, the ISIS de facto head of foreign relations issued a statement, saying that the Islamic Caliphate is determined to launch its first diplomatic mission in a friendly and Muslim country. He further noted that the ISIS hopes that the bilateral relations with Ankara will witness more developments under the aegis of newly-elected president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

ISIS also claims that its consulate in Istanbul will pay the hospital bills of all wounded Islamist militants who traveled to turkey to receive medical treatment.

CHP (Republican People’s Party) , a leading Turkish opposing party issued a communique condemning Turkish government decision to allow ISIS to open a legal diplomatic office  in Çankaya – the central and elegant metropolitan district of the city of Istanbul.

Earlier, the Turkish Prime Minster Ahmet Davutoglu acknowledged that Turkish diplomats, kidnapped by ISIS militants when Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city was seized in early-June, were released in a prisoner exchange deal with ISIS.

Obama Was Warned Repeatedly Of Consequences Of Withdrawal From Iraq

During the meetings he skipped out on to play golf?

Via WFB:

Top government officials and military brass repeatedly warned of the consequences of sticking to a timetable on full Iraq War troop withdrawal, but President Obama proceeded with the plan in 2011.

U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker cautioned against such a move in the years beforehand.

“I am certain that abandoning or drastically curtailing our efforts will bring failure,” he said in 2007. “An Iraq that falls into chaos or civil war will mean massive human suffering, well beyond what has already occurred within Iraq’s borders.”

He told PBS later that he and Gen. David Petraeus refused to talk about timetables during that time.

“To set an arbitrary timeline is just telling the enemy how long he has to wait,” he said.

Adm. Michael Mullen said the consequences of setting a timeline could be “very dangerous” in a Fox News Sunday interview in 2008, and retired Gen. Jack Keane said in 2011 that the Obama administration was “taking steps towards losing this peace” in Iraq with full withdrawal of troops.

“When we walk away at the end of conflicts, it has a tendency not to work,” he said.

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Mandy Nagy Update – Fundraiser


A few weeks ago, former Breitbart reporter and researcher, now Legal Insurrection editor, Mandy Nagy, aka “Liberty Chick”, suffered a massive stroke.

If you’ve ever read a Breitbart piece about Occupy Wall St, you’ve probably read something she contributed to in some way.

To show appreciation and love for Mandy, some of her friends have setup a GoFundMe page with Mandy’s mother to help show Mandy how much she is loved and appreciated.

If you are so inclined, head over to the page and donate here.

Obama Has Missed Over Half Of His Second Term Intel Daily Briefings…


Via Breitbart:

A new Government Accountability Institute (GAI) report reveals that President Barack Obama has attended only 42.1% of his daily intelligence briefings (known officially as the Presidential Daily Brief, or PDB) in the 2,079 days of his presidency through September 29, 2014.

The GAI report also included a breakdown of Obama’s PDB attendance record between terms; he attended 42.4% of his PDBs in his first term and 41.3% in his second.

The GAI’s alarming findings come on the heels of Obama’s 60 Minutes comments on Sunday, wherein the president laid the blame for the Islamic State’s (ISIS) rapid rise squarely at the feet of his Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

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