Hillary Consults With Fellow Rich People On How To Talk ‘Income Inequality’ Without Alienating Them…

Why bother? She has a “D” next to her name so we all know liberals will give her a pass regardless.

Via Capitol City Project:

Hillary Clinton is actively seeking help on how to approach the ever-dividing talk of “income inequality” and asked one group of people in particular how to discuss the issue without alienating a major base with the means of providing massive funds: the 1 percent.

Hillary spent the month of August lavishly, as the New York Times reports, residing at the elite Hamptons and asking Wall Streeters and other extremely wealthy individuals how she could approach the subject without turning off those exact people with vast loads of money. During this month-long retreat, she mingled with rich liberal mega-donors, lobbyists, and businessmen.

“Among those who have held Hamptons events for Clinton is Susie Tompkins Buell, a long-time Clinton donor, who is a member of the secretive Democracy Alliance. Multiple members of the liberal donor club have already announced their support for Clinton,” the Washington Free Beacon reported.

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Try And Contain Your Excitement: Mike Huckabee Hints At 2016 Presidential Run…


No thank you.

Via Mediaite:

Mike Huckabee, Fox News host and former Republican governor of Arkansas, hosted a conference with reporters on Monday, suggesting he’s ready for another run for the White House.

Part of his potential strength, Huckabee said, is his unique relationship with possible 2016 Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

“Probably nobody in the Republican field right now maybe has a longer history or knows her any better than I do,” Huckabee said, according to The Daily Caller. “I think she’d be a very formidable candidate. While I think she’s very seriously doing everything possible to move to the point of being a candidate, I’m not absolutely convinced that she jumps in the water.”

Field Organizer For WV Dem Party Poses In Keffiyeh, Posts Pro-Terrorist, Anti-Israel Rants On Social Media


In addition to being a Field Organizer for the West Virginia Democratic Party, Collin Peterson is also a staffer for Rep. Nick Rahall, D-West Virginia. No problem with him holding a rifle or what looks like an AK47 imitation airsoft gun. Lot of issue with him appearing to “play terrorist” and post other pro-terrorist imagery:

Perhaps Peterson’s opinion was in part formed by the Islam class he took at Randolph Macon College. Here’s Collin talking about how excited he was:
“And I’m really excited for Islam. I’ve wanted to study it and thought about just taking Western Religions but decided not to I am so burned out of learning about Judaism and Christianity. So i’m really excited they offered. Couldn’t fit Buddhism in which is disappointing but I studied it in Eastern religions so I got it covered!” He apparently was taking the course as part of a religious studies minor.

Representative Rahall looks like he might have no issue with a staffer holding such views, having himself attacked Israel.

Nick Rahall is the most senior Arab-American member in the House. He is of Lebanese descent. He has spoken out in the past in support of Palestine, “Israel can’t continue to occupy, humiliate and destroy the dreams and spirits of the Palestinian people and continue to call itself a democratic state.” Rahall was the only member of the House to oppose the 1993 resolution for an end to the Arab boycott of Israel. Rahall’s sister has been a lobbyist for Qatar.

CBO: Cost Of Obamacare Subsidy Will Increase 8-Fold In Just 10 Years…



Via CNS News:

(CNSNews.com) – The cost of the Obamacare subsidy that the U.S. Treasury will pay on behalf of people who earn under 400 percent of the federal poverty level and who buy a government-approved health-care plan on a government-run health-insurance exchange will increase by approximately 8-fold in its first ten years of operation, according to the latest budget estimate from the Congressional Budget Office.

Medicaid spending will double in the first ten years of full implementation of Obamacare, according to the CBO estimates.

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The View Host: Didn’t You Just Want To Punch Sarah Palin In The Face?…

If Palin said she wanted to punch Michelle Obama in the face The View hags would implode.


VA Manager Stole $20,000 In Government Property For Home Renovations…


Business as usual for higher-ups at the VA.

Via Daily Caller:

A former Veterans Affairs supervisor has been sentenced for stealing up to $20,000 of government property, a recent Justice Department release announced.

From 2010 to 2013, 48-year-old Venita Godfrey-Scott directed her employees to use materials and supplies intended for VA medical center upkeep on her own house. These taxpayer-funded home improvement projects included “a deck in her backyard, carpet installation, and various kitchen, bathroom and basement improvements.” She also instructed employees to buy other necessary materials with her government-issued credit card, and had them work on these projects during normal work hours, when they were being paid by the VA.

Godfrey-Scott was a facilities supervisor, responsible for “carpentry, paint, locks, doors, and other minor construction projects,” for the VA Medical Center in West Haven, Conn.

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Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman: U.S. Combat Troops Could Ride Along With Iraqi Troops During Attacks On ISIS…


Hmm, can you say “mission creep?”

Via The Hill:

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Tuesday wouldn’t rule out having American advisers accompany Iraqi troops into battle against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

President Obama has deployed 1,600 U.S. advisers to Iraq so far, but has stressed that there are no “boots on the ground” in a combat role.

But Gen. Martin Dempsey said it’s possible he could at some point recommend to Obama that the American advisers begin riding along with Iraqi forces as they take on ISIS, which would put them in harm’s way.

“To be clear, if we reach the point where I believe our advisors should accompany Iraqi troops on attacks against specific ISIL targets, I will recommend that to the president,” Dempsey said at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, using an alternate acronym for the group.

GAO Report: Obamacare Using Taxpayer Dollars To Fund Abortion On Demand…


Then again, nobody believed Obama when he said Obamacare wouldn’t fund abortions.

Via CNS News:

President Obama promised that under his health care plan, “no federal dollars will be used to fund abortion,” but that’s just another broken promise, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office, which indicates that public funding of abortion is happening on a large scale.

“This confirms what we have long suspected,” Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Penn.) said in a conference call with reporters on Monday.

Pitts and other Republicans asked the GAO to find out which taxpayer-subsidized plans in the Obamacare exchanges fund abortion and if consumers know about that coverage.

The report concluded that in 2014, more than a thousand federally subsidized Obamacare policies paid for abortion on demand, sometimes unbeknownst to policyholders. And in five states, every plan offered on the exchanges included abortion on demand, giving consumers no alternative, as required by law.

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Pelosi: Democrats Bear No Blame For “Do-Nothing Congress”…


Keep telling yourself that, Nancy.

Via Daily Caller:

Pelosi said Monday that Democrats are in no way responsible for gridlock in Congress.

The House minority leader made the comments to MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow Monday afternoon:

Farrow: “You yourself are an incredible, powerhouse fundraiser for Democratic candidates — is important because of the issues at stake. You’ve been fighting, banging your head against the wall, if you will, on immigration, not getting much traction. I know you think that we could have progress on some of those issues with different leadership. But, as a whole, this has been called again and again a do-nothing Congress. 142 bills passed into law by this Congress, down from 906 in 1948′s famously, also, do-nothing Congress.”

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Bill Clinton Caught On Tape Bashing Netanyahu, “We Must Force Him To Have Peace”…

I’m pretty sure Netanyahu won’t be forced to do anything.

Via Truth Revolt:

Former President (and potential First Dude) Bill Clinton was caught on tape this Sunday in Iowa agreeing with disparaging comments about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. [...]

“If we don’t force him to have peace, we won’t have peace … Netanyahu is not the guy,” an unidentified voice is heard talking to the former President, according to the The New York Post.

“I agree with that,” Bill is heard saying in response.

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DNC Running Ads On Black Radio Stations Attacking Racist GOP For Opposing Obama…

“We must fight for change,” or something.

Via The Hill:

President Obama is featured in a new ad for the Democratic National Committee, the first in a $1 million campaign to turn out young, minority and female voters in the midterm elections.

The radio ad titled “Obstruction” released Monday laments the opposition Obama has faced from congressional Republicans. It is aimed at black voters, and will run on African-American radio stations nationwide.

“No Democratic President in U.S history has faced the level of obstruction from the Republicans that Barack Obama has. It’s critical that we continue to fight for change and vote on November 4,” the narrator says.

Obama then outlines his vision for an economy where “hard work pays off.” The radio spot features excerpts from a speech, where the president touts higher wages, affordable health insurance and decent health benefits.

Poll: 73% Say Media Stoked Racial Strife During Ferguson Riots…

It’s almost like the lib media had an agenda to push.

Via Politico:

The vast majority of St. Louis County residents are giving the media low marks for their reporting on racial strife in Ferguson, Missouri.

Seventy-three percent of those surveyed say the press made things “worse” in the wake of the police shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown, according to a new poll by the Kansas City-based Remington Research Group. Eighteen percent said the media had made things better and the remainder had no opinion.

In terms of the racial breakdown, 81 percent of whites thought the press made the situation worse, while 50 percent of African-Americans agreed.

Welfare Sign-Ups Outpace Job Creation By More Than A Million…

Filed under: Stories that make liberals feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Via Illinois Policy:


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ISIS Issues New Curriculum For Schools In Iraq: No Music, No Art, No Literature…

With extra credit courses such as, “the art of self-detonation.”

Via IBT:

Islamic State (IS) militants have issued a new set of retrograde academic guidelines as schools reopened in cities controlled by the jihadist group in Syria and Iraq.

According to a new curriculum imposed in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, art and music are now banned subjects and all classes about history, literature and Christianity have been cancelled.

Teachers and pupils are ordered to avoid any reference to the republics of Iraq or Syria, as the region should be now called Islamic State.

Although not previously taught in Iraqi schools, Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is also explicitly banned and so are patriotic songs and textbook photos deemed offensive to Islam.

The new rules have been laid out in a two-page bulletin that was nailed to the wall in public spaces across the city, which fell to the group previously known as Isis in June.

The document says that the school programme was drafted by IS’s leader, the self-styled caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, with the aim to “eliminate ignorance, to spread religious sciences and to fight the decayed curriculum.”

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Kerry On How To Defeat ISIS: We Must “Put Real Islam Out There”…

Errr, Lurch, ISIS is already doing that.

Via TWS:

Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday that to counter the ideology of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and its claim of a “religious foundation” for its actions, part of the strategy of the international coalition he is attempting to assemble must be to “begin to put real Islam out there.” Kerry, in Paris for talks with various world leaders to build that coalition, further said that all of the Arab leaders he had spoken with earlier concurred about their focus on “real Islam and how important the Friday sermons are.” The secretary of state recently said that ISIL’s ideology “has nothing to do with Islam” and President Obama echoed these words, saying that “ISIL is not ‘Islamic.'”

Kerry’s remarks about “real Islam” came during a “roundtable discussion” with the press after the secretary met with representatives from twenty-six countries to discuss how to confront the threat posed by ISIL. In recent days Kerry has alternated between calling the action against ISIL “war” and “counter-terrorism,” but in any case he downplayed the military aspect of the operation. The military piece, he said, is a “critical component”, but “probably far more important” will be the effort to “start drying up this pool of jihadis who get seduced into believing there’s some virtue in crossing into Syria to fight or to join ISIL.”

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Pelosi: Pant Suits “One Of The Best Qualified People To Enter White House”…

Does being a life-long hack prepare you for the presidency? Pelosi seems to think so.

Via PJ Media:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she believes Hillary Clinton would be one of the best prepared candidates for the presidency, who “just happens to be a woman.” [...]

“First of all, we have to find out if Hillary is going to run. She seemed very ready in Iowa at the steak fry,” Pelosi told MSNBC today.

“If she decides to run, which I think she will, she would be one of the best qualified people to enter the White House,” she said. “Really, she has been a senator and she has seen firsthand as first lady what the job entails. She has been secretary of state. She really brings so much experience to it.”

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New Jihadist Group Splits From Al-Qaeda’s North Africa Branch, Swears Loyalty To ISIS…

Jumping on the al-Baghdadi bandwagon.

ALGIERS, Sept 14 (Reuters) – A new armed group calling itself the Caliphate Soldiers in Algeria has split from al Qaeda’s North African branch and sworn loyalty to the radical breakaway group Islamic State fighting in Syria and Iraq.

A breakaway of key Algerian commanders from Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, known as AQIM, would show deepening rivalry between al Qaeda’s core command and the Islamic State over leadership of the transnational Islamist militancy.

In a communique, AQIM central region commander Khaled Abu Suleimane, whose real name is Gouri Abdelmalek, claimed leadership of the new group, joined by an AQIM commander of an eastern region in Algeria, where the al Qaeda wing has its base.

“You have in the Islamic Maghreb men if you order them they will obey you,” Suleimane said in reference to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State. “The Maghreb has deviated from the true path.”

Teen Encounters Tax Payer Relief Shot During Break-In, Runs Home and Expires

Reb Barbee

A feel good story for the homeowner, no cleanup required.

Via Columbus Dispatch

A 17-year-old boy was burglarizing a house in Prairie Township when the homeowner shot and killed him early on Saturday, Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott said this afternoon.

Reb Barbee was armed with a knife and wearing an Insane Clown Posse mask when he was shot in the living room of 8798 Hubard Dr. S, investigators said.

The homeowner, Heather Tackett, didn’t call 911, Scott said. She told investigators she didn’t realize she’d hit someone.

Tackett and Barbee knew each other from the neighborhood, Scott said.

Barbee, shot in the shoulder, and three other youths ran about a half-mile to Barbee’s home on Dovalon Place, and waited an hour before calling for help around 6 a.m., investigators said. [...]

Scott said murder charges will be filed against the three this afternoon. Ohio law allows co-conspirators to be charged with murder if someone dies while committing a first-or second-degree felony such as robbery or burglary.

ISIS Renames Raqqa Mosque After Osama Bin Laden…

Obama reported to be jealous.

Via Brenda StoterBoscolo:

Family Says Police Shot Utah Man Because He Was Walking While Black, Had A “Toy Sword”

Utah Sshooting

This will take the Dillon Taylor shooting off of the front page.

Via Salt Lake Tribune

Darrien Hunt’s family says it can figure only one reason that Saratoga Springs police would shoot to death a “timid” 22-year-old in the back, even if he had what they call a “toy” sword: He was black, and treated with extra suspicion because of it.

“It’s difficult to make any sense out of the situation any other way,” said Cindy Moss, the aunt of Hunt and acting family spokeswoman, on Saturday.

Saratoga Springs police issued a written statement saying claims that its officers’ actions were a result of Hunt’s race “are completely unfounded and speculative. Our officers responded to a call for service and addressed the situation that was presented to them.”

The Utah County Attorney’s Office, which is investigating the incident, also issued a statement saying, “There is currently no indication that race played any role in the confrontation.”

The family’s assertion comes amid still-ongoing protests in Ferguson, Mo., over the police shooting of an unarmed young black man — and cries that blacks are still treated differently by law enforcement. But it also comes as former Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love is the favorite to become the first black Republican woman ever elected to Congress.

Hunt was the son of a white mother and a black father. Moss, a white aunt, said she has tended not to believe stories by her sister’s family of mistreatment of blacks in today’s world, “and I don’t like it when the race card is played. It’s easy for us as whites to dismiss it.”

But Moss says her view changed in recent days as the family has tried to figure out what happened in the shooting, and she watched personally how some of her black nephews and nieces are treated.

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