Israelis Furious After Obama Calls Netanyahu To Demand An “Unconditional” Cease-Fire…

Update to this story.

Via The Blaze:

Israeli politicians from the right and left are fuming at President Barack Obama following a late-night phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling for an “unconditional” humanitarian cease-fire, likening Obama to “background noise” and one Israeli lawmaker calling for a “cease-fire from Washington.”

In their Sunday night telephone call, Obama “underscored the United States’ strong condemnation of Hamas’ rocket and tunnel attacks against Israel and reaffirmed Israel’s right to defend itself” and said that “ultimately” a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should disarm terrorist groups and demilitarize Gaza, the White House said in a statement.

However, the part of the call that ruffled Israeli feathers was this: “Building on Secretary Kerry’s efforts, the president made clear the strategic imperative of instituting an immediate, unconditional humanitarian cease-fire that ends hostilities now and leads to a permanent cessation of hostilities based on the November 2012 ceasefire agreement.”

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Poll: 77% of Americans Want Illegal Immigrants Flooding Border Deported…


Via Washington Examiner:

A huge majority of Americans, 81 percent, believe the new immigration crisis of unaccompanied children streaming over the U.S.-Mexico border is serious, and almost as many want them gone — some even if it’s not safe to return, according to a new poll.

In an Economist/ survey, however, the public isn’t heartless in how they view the plight of the children, with 66 percent expressing sympathy for their situation that drove them north, where U.S. Border Control officers are catching the new arrivals for immigration processing.

But while there is an understanding among many Americans that some of the children are fleeing violence in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, a majority, 57 percent, believe the illegal immigrants are coming to America because they believe “that the U.S. government is or will be granting amnesty to undocumented immigrant children,” said the new poll. [...]

While 77 percent said they want the illegals returned, there are different degrees in how fast it should be done. For example, 10 percent said that Border Control should just return the children to the Mexican border. Another 32 percent said that the children should be returned home “regardless of conditions in their home country,” and 35 percent said they should be returned “only if” conditions are safe.

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Turkish Navy To Escort Islamic Terror Group’s “Humanitarian” Aid Flotilla To Gaza…

IHH is the same group of radical Islamists who attempted to break Israel’s Gaza blockade in 2010.

Via Jerusalem Post:

Amid Israel’s Operation Protective Edge to stop Hamas rocket fire from Gaza, a “Freedom Flotilla” was being organized in Turkey to bring humanitarian aid to the Hamas controlled Palestinian coastal enclave.

The flotilla being organized, called the “Freedom Flotilla II,” is the successor of the Mavi Marmara flotilla that sought to break Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip in May 2010.

The new flotilla is being organized by the Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief” (Insani Yardim Vakfi), otherwise known as the IHH, the same organization behind the Mavi Marmara ship, which Israel Navy commandos boarded, killing nine aboard who attacked them.

Israel and the US have both labelled the IHH a terrorist organization.

IHH chairman Bulent Yildrim told local Turkish media last week that the activists will set sail as they had received permission from the authorities in Ankara and that the Turkish Navy will provide protection.

Saudi Arabia’s Islamic Police Arrest Man For Being Gay, Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison And 450 Lashes…


Pink Mafia unavailable for comment.

Manama: A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced an homosexual man to three years in prison and 450 lashes for using his Twitter account to promote homosexual contacts.

The man, 24, was arrested after he posted several tweets calling for homosexual relations and expressing his readiness to meet gay men, local daily Al Watan reported on Tuesday.

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, the religious police, was alerted about the tweets and was able to apprehend the young man after it set him up using an undercover agent.

His mobile phone was searched and several “immoral” pictures were discovered, prompting the Commission to refer his case to the public prosecution.

Anti-Israel Protesters Plaster Rome’s Jewish Quarter With Swastikas And Anti-Semitic Posters…

It’s almost like the people who support the Palestinians are overwhelmingly anti-Semitic.

Via IB Times:

Anti-Semitic graffiti and flyers have defaced shops and walls in Rome’s historical Jewish San Giovanni neighbourhood raising fears of a rise in anti-Jewish sentiment in the capital.

Swastika graffiti and posters reading “Anne Frank storyteller” have appeared on Appia Nuova street. Other posters depicting a Palestinian throwing a rock towards an Israeli tank were attached on walls in Cola di Rienzo street, in the leafy Prati neighbourhood. The latter was accompanied with a Celtic cross and the slogan “Each Palestinian is a camerata [the Italian word for members of Mussolini's fascist movement] Same enemy, same barricade”.

The Jewish community in Rome is reputed to be the oldest Jewish community in Europe and also one the oldest continuous Jewish settlements in the world. A surge in anti-Semitism following Israel’s military operation in Gaza has been condemned by Italy’s foreign minister along with France and Germany.

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Semi-Retired President Played 81 Rounds Of Golf And Attended 75 Fundraisers Since Re-Election…

Nope, nothing better to worry about.

Via NY Post:

While domestic crises simmer and international conflicts flare, President Obama can be counted on to pitch and putt.

The duffer in chief has played 81 rounds of golf and had attended 75 political fund-raisers in the 628 days since his 2012 re-election, a Post analysis of his schedule found.

The president is on pace to double the 104 days he spent on the links during his first term.

Islamic State Blows Up Another Ancient Shrine In Mosul…

Second in less than a week.

Via Al Arabiya.

In another offensive to destroy Mosul’s religious heritage, radical militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group blew up Nabi Shiyt (Prophet Seth) shrine in the northern Iraqi city, Agence France-Presse reported Saturday.

“ISIS militants stopped people from coming close, set explosives in and around the shrine and then detonated them as a crowd looked on,” one resident who witnessed the demolition told AFP.

A video published on YouTube on Friday showed how ISIS detonated the entire shrine.

Seth is revered in Christianity, Islam and Judaism as the third son of Adam and Eve.

Sami al-Massoudi, the deputy head of the Shiite endowment agency overseeing holy sites, confirmed that militants blew up the Nabi Shiyt shrine and added that they took some of the artefacts to an unknown location.

“These people follow this impossible religious doctrine according to which they must destroy or kill anything or anybody deviating from their views,” he said.

Gov. Perry Could Give National Guard Arrest Powers


Holder fast and furiously rushing to issue an injunction.

Via Townhall

As the border crisis drags on, Governor Rick Perry of Texas, a Republican, has decided to take matters into his own hands; he’s ordered 1,000 National Guard soldiers to head towards the border. It will cost $12 million a month.

Additionally, these units could be given arrest powers if they come across any immigrants trying to illegally enter the United States (via NYT):

In 2006, President George W. Bush sent 6,000 troops to the four border states where they repaired and built fences and roads, conducted surveillance and took over administrative and logistical duties. In 2010, Mr. Obama deployed 1,200 troops to bolster border security. Troops in those deployments did not have arrest and apprehension powers.

The ones due at the border next month will work side by side not with federal Border Patrol agents but with state police officers of the Department of Public Safety. They will not be able to enforce federal immigration laws but may be able to enforce state law. A 19th-century federal law [Posse Comitatus] that makes it a crime for military personnel to perform civilian law enforcement activities does not apply to state-duty troops.

It remains unclear if Mr. Perry will grant the troops the authority to make apprehensions. General Nichols suggested this week that Guard troops could do so if the governor requested it but that they had no plans to.

Mr. Perry has previously favored such powers. In a letter to President Obama last month, he asked him to deploy 1,000 troops under presidential authority and to give those troops “arrest powers to support Border Patrol operations.”

Topless Or Brainless? Anti-Gun Protesters Bare Their Ignorance At Open-Carry Rally

Topless protest

Sometimes concealed is a good thing.


Taking “open carry” to a new level, a group of women went topless on the streets of Austin, Texas, to strut their anti-gun views.

The women turned out Saturday to protest a monthly walk hosted by a local chapter of the pro-gun rights group, Come and Take It, according to BuzzPo.

The goal of Come and Take It is to “educate Americans on their right to openly carry shotguns and rifles in a safe manner,” according to its website.

BuzzPo reported that the topless ladies followed the pro-gun activists throughout the day, carrying signs, including one that said: “Boobs feed babies, and bring Joy and Comfort; Guns only bring Death.”

Tom Jefferson, head of the Austin chapter of Come and Take It, told BuzzPo that the ladies referenced a petition from the Michael Bloomberg-backed anti-gun group, Moms Demand Action, and commented on the group’s successful effort to persuade Target and Chipotle to ask customers not to bring guns inside their establishments.

Jefferson said the women also made racist remarks.

“They followed us into a small coffee shop and called us the Aryan Brotherhood,” he said, according to BuzzPo. “They continually used terms like white pride and white power. Their allegations are obvious nonsense, as we not only have many African American members in our group, but also on our walk today.”

Arrest Warrant Out For Mexican Immigrant Who Went Missing In CA In March With Contagious TB

Oh goodie!

Via Newsmax:

Prosecutors in Central California have obtained an arrest warrant for a tuberculosis patient who they say is contagious and has refused treatment.

San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Stephen Taylor said Thursday that police are looking for 25-year-old Eduardo Rosas Cruz, a transient who comes from a part of Mexico known for a drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis.

His immigration status was unclear Thursday.

Tuberculosis spreads through the air when infected people cough, sneeze, or otherwise expel air from their lungs. The disease can be deadly.

Prosecutors say Rosas Cruz was diagnosed in March when he went to the hospital for treatment of a severe cough. He was supposed to stay in a motel room, where a health worker would deliver his medication and watch him take it. But prosecutors say he took off.

Teens Grill Rahm About Chicago Violence

Rahm teens
Rahm has a plan for more social programs to help integrate the newly arrived illegal alien children into the community as a precursor to stopping the violence.

Via Chicago Sun Times

Shortly after the Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy announced an 18-year-old teen had been charged in the fatal shooting of 11-year-old Shamiya Adams, Mayor Rahm Emanuel got a grilling from teens on the South Side.

The students, who are upper classmen at several Chicago public high schools, are participating in Greencorps Youth Program, a violence prevention summer employment program.

Greencorps, sponsored by the “Leave No Veteran Behind” non-profit organization, has an innovative bike repair project and a program that teaches young people about urban agriculture.

After viewing a garden project on the corner of 76th and Saginaw, the mayor sat down Thursday with 20 students to a Papa Johns pizza lunch held in the basement of the Windsor Park Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Not surprisingly, several questions from the teens had to do with ongoing gun violence.

One teen asked what could the mayor do to expand a Chicago teen’s life expectancy?

Another asked what could be done to get more gangs off the corner?

In each instance, the mayor rattled on about the benefits of the city’s summer jobs program, building community trust in law enforcement, and the role the teens themselves play in reducing the violence.

“There’s certain things I can do… I have a role to play… You have a role to play. A big piece of that is what you are doing this summer and what you are doing next year because that has a big impact… What you do with your life is a big piece of it,” the mayor said.

But the tragic circumstances surrounding Shamiya’s death made the mayor’s response sound hollow.

Tevin Lee, the teen charged with firing the gun that sent a bullet flying through a slightly open window, killing yet another innocent, apparently worked with an anti-violence program.

In fact, a man who worked with Lee described him as “very humble” and “eager to learn.”

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Report: Hamas Using Child Labor To Build Terror Tunnels, Dozens Killed

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 6.26.54 PM


Via Breitbart:

Hamas killed hundreds of children in the construction of its extensive tunnel network, built partly to carry out attacks on children across the Gaza border in Israel. That report–confirmed by Hamas itself–emerged in 2012, not from the Israeli government, but the sympathetic Journal of Palestine Studies, in an article that otherwise celebrated the secret tunnel system as a symbol of Palestinian resistance to the Israeli “siege” of the Gaza Strip.

The article, “Gaza’s Tunnel Phenomenon: The Unintended Dynamics of Israel’s Siege,” was published in the Summer 2012 edition of the Journal by Nicholas Pelham, who writes for the Economist and the New York Review of Books, according to his bio. It is receiving new attention thanks to Myer Freimann of Tablet, an online journal of Jewish affairs, whose post about Hamas’s use of child labor has gone viral in social media.

Pelham wrote that despite the economic success of the tunnels underneath the Egyptian border, which enriched Hamas through a thriving black market as well as arming it with new weapons, there were a few drawbacks. One of these was a “cavalier approach to child labor and tunnel fatalities,” he noted. “During a police patrol that the author was permitted to accompany in December 2011, nothing was done to impede the use of children in the tunnels, where, much as in Victorian coal mines, they are prized for their nimble bodies. At least 160 children have been killed in the tunnels, according to Hamas officials” (emphasis added).

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Taliban Stop Minibuses, Execute 14 Shiite Pasengers…


Then again, Catholics routinely stop buses and execute only the Protestant passengers… actually, that never happens.

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — In a blow to hopes for peace talks, the Taliban’s reclusive leader warned Friday that a bilateral security pact allowing thousands of U.S. troops to stay in Afghanistan beyond the end of this year will mean more fighting. [...]

Taliban insurgents halted minibuses in the western province of Ghor, identified 14 Shiite Hazara passengers, including three women, bound their hands, then shot them dead by the side of the road, an official said.

The buses were traveling from Kabul and carrying around 30 passengers, many who had gone to the capital to shop ahead of the holiday weekend, said the provincial governor, Sayed Anwar Rahmati. The dead included a couple who were engaged and two relatives travelling with them, Rahmati said, adding the other passengers were released.

The Taliban, like other Sunni extremist groups, view the country’s minority Shiite community as apostates, and have targeted Hazaras in the past with suicide bombings and other attacks.

Boko Haram Kidnaps Wife Of Cameroon’s Vice PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 6.13.33 PM

I keep saying kill them while you still can. But Nigeria isn’t listening.

Via NY Post:

The wife of Cameroon’s vice prime minister was kidnapped and at least three people were killed in an attack by Boko Haram militants on in the northern town of Kolofata on Sunday, Cameroon officials said.

A local religious leader, or lamido, named Seini Boukar Lamine, who is also the town’s mayor, was kidnapped as well, in a separate attack on his home.

Boko Haram, the Nigerian Islamist militant group, has stepped up cross-border attacks into Cameroon in recent weeks as Cameroon has deployed troops to the region, joining international efforts to combat the militants.
“I can confirm that the home of Vice Prime Minister Amadou Ali in Kolofata came under a savage attack from Boko Haram militants,” Issa Tchiroma told Reuters by telephone.

“They unfortunately took away his wife. They also attacked the lamido’s residence and he was also kidnapped,” he said, and at least three people were killed in the attack.

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Ukraine President Pleads For Help From U.S.


Kerry will have an opening once he brokers a Middle East ceasefire agreement. The bear is on the loose at a golf course and is unavailable.

Via Legal Insurrection

Ten days after Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 was shot from the skies over Ukraine, the situation on the ground in Ukraine has gotten worse.

U.S. officials released satellite images today showing proof that Russian forces have been shelling eastern Ukraine from the Russian side of the border.

The U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which released the civilian-taken satellite images Sunday, said they show visual evidence that Russia has been firing shells across the border at Ukrainian military forces. Officials also said the images show that Russia-backed separatists have used heavy artillery, provided by Russia, in attacks on Ukrainian forces from inside Ukraine.

US releases images alleging attacks on Ukraine from Russia, says self-propelled artillery only found in Russian units

— cbsMcCormick (@cbsMcCormick) July 27, 2014

Russia has long denied it is actively participating in the shooting war between pro-Moscow separatists and the elected Ukrainian government. Since the downing of the Malaysian jet, the United States has been upping the ante and focusing on evidence showing direct Russian involvement.

Meanwhile, intense ground fighting near the Malaysian plane’s crash scene has halted Dutch investigators in their efforts to gather evidence. The battle just outside the key city of Donetsk is seen by many as a key turning point depending on who is able to command the city.

Government troops were engaged in a pitched battle with rebels on Saturday just outside the separatist bastion of Donetsk and plan to advance next into the city that has been at the heart of the pro-Russian insurgency.

If the army succeeds in retaking Horlivka, a city of almost 300,000 people where fighting was fierce Saturday, they will be within a few miles of Donetsk. Rebels have held sway there since the spring, ruling what they call the Donetsk People’s Republic. Cars created roadblocks out of town Saturday, and the railway station was packed with people desperate to board the next train out.

The military already has ousted rebels from 10 surrounding villages and towns over the past week and blocked roads into and out of Donetsk to prevent supplies from entering the city, according to Andriy Lysenko, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Security and Defense Council.

“The next one will be Donetsk,” Lysenko said, making a bold prediction: “The city will be liberated.”

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Illegal Immigrant Kids Crossing Border: “Obama Will Take Care Of Us”…

Sorry, kids, Obama’s not getting stuck with the bill.

McALLEN, Texas – In an exclusive interview with WND and Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, a 13-year Border Patrol veteran revealed many in the recent surge of illegal immigrants, including unaccompanied minors, are coming prepared to game the U.S. immigration system, even repeating the mantra, “Obama will take care of us.”

“I don’t usually get into the political part of it,” explained Chris Cabrera, now a vice president in the National Border Patrol Council Local 3307, “but I find it odd that their whole thing is, ‘We are going to get amnesty when we get here. Where is my permiso? Where is my permission to go north so I can get my medical care and my schooling and all that? President Obama is going to take care of us and make sure we’re all OK.’

“Whether it’s the adults or the young kids, one thing we consistently hear is, ‘Obama will take care of us,’” he explained.

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MSNBC’s Harris-Perry Compares Rick Perry To Segregationists Trying To Stop Integration Of Public Schools…

Weren’t those segregationists Democrats?

Via Newsbusters:

Weekend MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry is known for making controversial statements about race, such as when she mocked Mitt Romney for having adopted black grandson, and on Saturday, July 26 she made yet another controversial statement on race.

Perry used her weekend platform to disgustingly compare Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) and his decision to sent National Guard troops to the border to that of southern Democrats blocking African American children from integrating into previously all-white public schools.

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Netanyahu: Hamas Has Broken Every Ceasefire Israel Has Agreed To

Benjamin Netanyahu Confronts NBC’s David Gregory Over Claim That Israel Targeted A U.N. School

NBC the pro Hamas network.


On Sunday’s Meet the Press, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu profoundly slapped down moderator David Gregory’s assertion that Israel had been involved in the “targeting of a U.N. school that killed children and those civilians who were fleeing a safe place to go in the fighting.”

Netanyahu resoundingly condemned Gregory’s statement and insisted that the “Secretary General of the United Nations before this incident took place, said that, admitted that two U.N. schools in Gaza were used to stockpile rockets.”

The NBC host began his line of questioning by lamenting “about the price to Israel, [in] this ongoing conflict. The staggering number of dead civilians on the Palestinian side in Gaza” before falsely claiming that Israel had deliberately targeted a U.N. school in Gaza. Gregory continued to distort the facts in the case and wondered “was this a mistake on the part of Israel even though the U.N. says this was clearly marked and that the Israeli forces knew the GPS coordinates of this school?”

For his part, Netanyahu called out Gregory’s misleading line of questioning and pushed back:

Hamas is responsible for the death of civilians. We’re not targeting a single civilian. We’re responding to Hamas action and we’re telling the civilians to leave. Hamas is telling them to stay. Why is it telling them to stay? Because it wants to pile up their own dead bodies. They not only want to kill our people, they want to sacrifice their own people.

As the segment continued, the Israeli Prime Minister continued to condemn Gregory’s accusations:

We still do not target schools. These schools, the [sic] of these schools were used to attack us. Our forces responded, but our initial investigation now doesn’t show that it’s our fire, it actually shows that it may have been Hamas rocket fire. That’s still being investigated.

But the important thing to understand is that the reason we have civilians killed is not because Israel is targeting civilians but because Hamas is using civilians as human shields. We use missiles to protect our people. They use their people to protect their missiles.

Gregory’s accusation that Israel has been targeting schools is familiar territory for the networks. Earlier this week, all three networks denounced the shelling of a U.N. school but failed to report on evidence showing Hamas’ repeated use of schools to house rockets during the fighting. If it wasn’t for Netanyahu’s push back, the NBC host’s proclamation would have gone unchallenged.

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Judge Jeanine: “Reverse Crusade”, Mass Murder Of Christians Underway In Middle East