Lawsuit Against Columbia Shows “Mattress Girl”, Symbol Of Campus ‘Indifference’ To Sex Assault, May Have Been Liar, Stalker

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But you must believe her because it’s sexist not to.

Via Daily Caller:

Columbia University student Paul Nungesser is suing the university because he says it allegedly let him be harassed by “Mattress Girl” Emma Sulkowicz, who accused him of raping her.

The news broke on Thursday evening, and the text of the lawsuit has been published online, and its contents are astonishing.

While Sulkowicz has become a national hero in the campaign against campus sexual assault, the lawsuit uses Facebook messages and other evidence to paint a picture of Sulkowicz as a jilted love interest whose deep obsession with Nungesser transformed into a savage hatred. The complaint extensively draws from Facebook conversations between the two, quoting Sulkowicz as regaling Nungesser with tales of her past and present sexual experiences. At one point, she expresses fears for her reputation after contracting an STD following drunken sex at a party.

“i’ve officially had sex with all of John Doe’ best friends,” she said in the exchange, according to the complaint. “did lotsa drugs – jk just got very drunk – well anyways – now i have an std i actually hate John Doe like if a girl is about to puke – don’t put your unprotected dick into her. . . I realy don’t want to be known as the girl who contracted an std because she was drunk you know? it is more his fault for fucking me unconscious – i mean i was conscious but clearly not in my right mind. . . i was literally blackout. . . like i puked all over the place.”

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Jeb Bush Says He Doesn’t “Go Off” On Hillary; Refuses To Pile On Criticism Of Foreign Donation Scandal…

Jeb Bush

And there’s some people out there who want this guy to go head-to-head against Hillary? Makes complete sense…

Via Breitbart:

Despite the bipartisan criticism of the Clintons’ latest foreign donations-for-favors scandal that has brought serious consideration from media of all stripes, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush refused to jump into the fray to question the Clintons over the controversy.

Speaking at an event sponsored by the Manhattan GOP, Bush demurred from speaking too harshly about Clinton’s latest scandal.

The serious questions swirling around the Clintons and their foundation have been brought to light by a new book by Peter Schweizer entitled Clinton Cash. The book raises questions about the possible favors Clinton may have given to foreign nations in exchange for hundreds of millions in donations. Some of the alleged favors were given while Hillary was Secretary of State.

The charges are being seriously investigated by several mainstream media outfits and are being given sober treatment by media outlets across the ideological spectrum.

About all Bush would say about the growing controversy is that Clinton is “going to have to be held accountable, like all of us, about dealings.” He added, “That’s part of the process, right?”

The one-time Florida Governor continued saying, “I don’t ‘go off’ on Hillary Clinton.”

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Flashback: Media Matters Goon Oliver Willis Claimed Hillary Clinton Pushed White Supremacy, “Hillary White Power Clinton”

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A lesson in scummy leftist ops.

Via Oliver Willis in 2008:

Hillary Rodham Clinton vowed Wednesday to continue her quest for the Democratic nomination, arguing she would be the stronger nominee because she appeals to a wider coalition of voters — including whites who have not supported Barack Obama in recent contests.

“I have a much broader base to build a winning coalition on,” she said in an interview with USA TODAY. As evidence, Clinton cited an Associated Press article “that found how Sen. Obama’s support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans, is weakening again, and how whites in both states who had not completed college were supporting me.”

“There’s a pattern emerging here,” she said.

Indeed, a pattern has emerged some time ago. Boy, did we dodge a bullet.

“[W]orking, hard-working Americans, white Americans”. She really said that. Wow.

Congratulations, Hillary Clinton, you win the prize for the first Democratic Bigot Eruption since I’ve been keeping track of this. Even professional haters like Pat Buchanan and his ilk aren’t so balls-out about racism. You’ve been getting your ass handed to you and especially among black voters. This shows me once again that we – who are apparently lazy and shiftless non-Americans based on your definition – have yet again been a leading indicator.

He even compared her to the Klan and Bull Connor:

There was maybe a slight chance Barack Obama might have been pushed to pick you as his running mate, but we can’t have someone spouting Klan-style talking points on the ticket. Heck, there’s a good shot with language like that you won’t win back your senate seat in 2012. I mean, a lot of those apparently lazy and shiftless non-American blacks helped you to win and they’d just as soon vote for someone else in the primary or the Republican in the election rather than someone echoing Bull Connor’s language.

Today? Now with the election not about pushing Barack Obama but Hillary? Now, how dare people criticize this paragon!

The media is obsessed with getting into the weeds of what Hillary Clinton is wearing. Why? Because she is a woman. There is no other reason for it.

Hillary Clinton has been First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of The United States, a United States Senator and Secretary of State. She’s written five books, which is five more than most of us.

The least important thing about Hillary Clinton is whether she’s wearing a dress or pantsuit, letting her hair down or going with an up-do.

What matters about Clinton is her ideas for taking America forward, whether she can execute on those ideas, and whether those ideas are good or bad for the country – you know, like with all the other people who have ever run for the office.

If you find yourself writing about what Clinton is wearing and What It All Means, stop. Just, stop.

I guess ‘Bull Connor’ Clinton is now acceptable…

Tolerant Liberals Calling For Boycott Of Gay Businessman Who Hosted Reception For Ted Cruz…


So loving and open-minded…

Via Hot Air:

Via Mediaite, no one’s surprised, right? I actually predicted yesterday that that NYT story would hurt the businessmen more than it would hurt Cruz because I remembered what a gay conservative once told me. Conservative are more likely to accept me as gay, he claimed, than gays are to accept me as conservative.

Here’s my favorite post from the boycott page, which now has more than 3,000 “likes.” It used to be that many straights viewed gays as so far beneath contempt that they wouldn’t want to shake their hands or invite them into their living rooms. Fifty years of the gay-rights movement has changed that, not universally but enough that the GOP’s leading “true conservative” candidate for president would be willing to attend a campaign reception in a gay businessman’s home. An ironic monument to “progress”.

So predictable was that reaction that I’m wondering why the host decided to hold the reception at all. Maybe his hospitality business is doing well enough that he thought he could withstand a boycott. And/or maybe he’s so devout a hawk, especially when it comes to Israel’s security, that he feels morally bound to promote fellow hawks from across the political spectrum, whatever that may mean for his business…

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Obama’s Twisted Contortions To Avoid Saying “Genocide” In Describing Armenian Genocide

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He’s weak sauce in everything he does or fails to do.

Via WH Dossier:

President Obama issued a statement on the Armenian genocide that amounts to a contortionist act at the circus, implying the word “genocide” while twisting himself into knots to avoid using the actual term.

Today is the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, committed by the Turks. Obama promised during his 2008 campaign to finally use the dreaded word to describe what happened. But, frightened of the reaction by the Turks, he is breaking his promise.

The statement he issued instead must be the warm up by his joke writers, who are piecing together his remarks for Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ dinner. Because this has to be a joke.

Obama lays it on thick, as if a surplus of emotion can atone for the deficit of moral fortitude. The statement is nearly 800 words, among them tear jerkers like “horrific,” “horrors” “solemn” “painful” “solemn” (again) “painful” (again) “terrible” and “dark.”

He tries as hard as possible to get within inches of using the word “genocide” without actually deploying it.

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James Carville: Clinton Cash Author Is An “Anti-Disney, Gay Bike Bar Glenn Beck”…

What does this even mean?

Via Newsbusters:

Even by James Carville standards, this was bizarre. Toward the end of his appearance on Ed Schultz’s show today, Carville called Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer “this anti-Disney, gay bike bar Glenn Beck or whatever this guy is.”

Maybe Carville will come back and explain what he meant. It’s true that Schweizer was a contributor to one of Beck’s books. And Schweizer is the author of “Disney Betrayed,” which criticizes the company for various things including sponsoring “Gay Days” at their parks. But a casual viewer might well have come away with an entirely different understanding of what Carville was implying. Note also the way Carville’s voice jumps by a couple of octaves when asked what advice he’d give Hillary’s handlers. Jittery, James?

Note: Schultz didn’t exactly subject Carville to the third degree, but as you’ll see Schultz did suggest that the filing of amended tax returns by the Clinton foundation does raise questions.

ED SCHULTZ: I want to go back to the tax returns if I can. People amend tax returns when they’re not correct. People refile tax returns when there are mistakes. What’s your response to that?

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That Time Someone Pulled The Heart Out Of A Roasted Lamb And Gave It To Eric Holder To Eat

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 3.47.39 PM

Can you imagine the look on prissy Holder’s face?

Via Huff Po:

Wait, what? Someone plucked the heart out of a roasted lamb and presented it to the Attorney General of the United States?

Yes. This really happened. Miller told The Huffington Post it took place on an April 2010 trip to Algeria, during which Holder signed a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty.

It was a “big banquet dinner with him as the guest of honor,” Miller said. “The interior minister punches his arm right through the side of a whole roast lamb, pulls out the heart, puts it on a plate, and makes a big show of handing it over.”

[Editor’s Note: HOLY F–KING SHIT!]

“Holder is about the least adventurous eater I’ve ever met, and he looked like he was going to die,” Miller continued. “So he did what any kid does, and set it down. Pushed it around with a fork. Never did eat it, even though you’re really supposed to.”

Refusing to eat a ceremonial roasted lamb’s heart: just another case of the Obama administration diminishing America’s standing in the world community.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, here’s what a bowl of lamb hearts looks like:

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 3.58.16 PM

Lib Rag WaPo Wonders: “Can Jeb Bush Win The GOP Nomination . . . By Praising President Obama?”…

Jeb Bush Speaks At The Reagan Library About His New Book

Ha! Good luck with that.

Via WaPo:

Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush supports President Obama’s trade deal, praises his management of the National Security Agency and agrees that Congress should have moved faster to hold a vote on new attorney general Loretta Lynch.

And that’s all since last week.

It’s an unusual approach for Bush to take in seeking the nomination of a conservative party that mostly loathes the current president. The former Florida governor has gone out of his way at times to chime in on issues where he agrees with Obama — bolstering his attempt to be a softer-toned kind of Republican focused on winning a majority of the vote in a general election.

But the strategy also carries grave risks for a likely candidate who is already viewed with deep suspicion by conservatives, many of whom have little desire to find common ground with Democrats. Tea party leaders are already warning that Bush, the son and brother of former presidents, is alienating conservatives.

“It’s stunning, frankly, that a candidate on the Republican side would be doing his best to line himself up with some of the president’s policies,” said Mark Meckler, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots who now leads a group called Citizens for Self-Governance.

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And we’re off!

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Today is a Zip chillin’ day:

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 9.31.34 AM

Late afternoon bumperooni:

ZoNation guts Earth Day

Steny Hoyer: Just Look At The Declaration Of Independence, Same-Sex Couples Are Endowed “By God” With Right to Marry…

Scholar Steny Hoyer strikes again…

Via CNS News:

( – Citing the Declaration of Independence, House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (Md.) argued on the House floor yesterday that same-sex couples are endowed by “their Creator—by God” with a right to marry.

“Our Declaration of Independence, as all of us quote so often, says: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men’—of course, if Jefferson were writing today, it would be either all people or all humankind—‘are created equal, that they are endowed by’—not a Congress, not by a Constitution, not by a will of the majority—‘their Creator’—by God—‘with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’

“That, of course, has not always been America’s performance, notwithstanding it has been its promise,” said Hoyer. “Next week, the highest Court in our land will be asked to consider whether these words apply to same-sex couples who love one another. Many courts have already said that it does.”

“Born equal, endowed by God with certain unalienable rights, and among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Is there a happier time in one’s life than when one pledges themselves to another?” said Hoyer, later in his speech. “We all gather, we all celebrate, we all wish them well. LGBT Americans now have the right to marry and have their families treated equally in 37 States and the District of Columbia. In the remaining States, however, LGBT residents are watching the Supreme Court with great anticipation.”

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WH’s Laughable Hillary Defense: Uhh, “Conservative Authors” Can’t Be Trusted…

Pretty damn hilarious coming from this administration…

Via Hot Air:

You might think that the White House would have something of substance to say about the repeated violations of a memorandum of understanding between the administration and the Clinton Foundation that prohibited it from accepting donations from foreign governments while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state. Wrong!

When pressed by ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl on Friday about whether the White House was concerned by the Clinton Foundation’s various indiscretions, or even its failure to disclose foreign donations including those from Uranium One, White House Press Sec. Josh Earnest seemed to suggest that they were not (h/t Washington Free Beacon):

Earnest repeated a claim made by Clinton’s campaign team that no evidence exists to prove that foreign donations influenced the former secretary’s decision making while she served as America’s chief diplomat. This claim is supported by the fact that the evidence that might have supported this contention was destroyed weeks ago.

“I’ve been in a position where there have been other, to put it mildly, conservative authors that have launched – written books based on what they purport to be serious allegations against the President of the United States,” Earnest averred.

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Florida Sheriff Takes Aim At Black Community’s Embrace Of “Thug Culture”…

How long until the PC police arrive on the scene?

Via Truth Revolt:

Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan posted a video message this week expressing his politically incorrect opinions on “black culture.” The 30-year law enforcement veteran started by denouncing the term “African-American” as “divisive,” before arguing that the embrace of “thug culture” was destroying the community and calling for a renewed focus on teaching “character and integrity.”

“First off, let me take issue with the title of ‘African-American,’” he began. “We’re Americans.”

After arguing the term created a false division, he said that he believed that most of the racial issues in Escambia County, Florida, were “perceived,” listing examples of the American culture embracing African-Americans, including the election of President Obama. He stated, “The statistics are that, if we’re such a racist nation, why do we currently have an African-American president?”

He then took aim at thug culture: “We have unfortunately in the black community embraced a thug culture, one that aggrandizes, again, foul language, shooting cops, abusing women. And if you don’t think those things have an effect on children, you need to get a grip.”

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Muslim Man Says Islam Forbids Him From Paying $32,000 In Student Loan Interest…


Oh, is that right?

Via Daily Caller:

Steve Rhode, the Get Out of Debt Guy, has advised a Muslim man seeking financial advice not to try to use Islam as a crutch to get out of paying half of what is now a $64,000 student loan debt.

“Dear Steve,” the Seattle, Wash. man going by the name Amir wrote to Rhode in a missive published this week, “I had two citi-student loans and at some point in time within the last 5 years they went to Navient.”

Amir explained that he had unsuccessfully asked the loan servicing company to lower his payoff amount to $32,000, even though the actual amount he owes is $64,000 “because of deferment and interest.”

The dismayed student loan borrower also noted that he “was born into Islam” but only took a serious interest in the religion in 2012. One thing he has learned since then, he said, is that “dealings with interest” are “strictly forbidden” under Islam.

“I am offering to pay off the original amount I owe,” Amir graciously offered. As for the rest, he wants his creditors to acknowledge that his “awareness and conditions have changed” since he accepted the loan.

“Can I get the interest wiped out and close this account and case with just paying the original amount borrowed?” Amir asked.

Rhode then responded by having exactly none of Amir’s plea for a religion-based student loan discount.

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Education Sec: Parents Who Opt Out Of Common Core Racist, And “Feds Will Step In” If Opt Out Continues

Arne Duncan

Oh hell no. Arne will really step in it, if he goes there. There may be no more tougher folks on earth than parents protecting their young.

Via Director Blue:

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan issued a veiled threat to the parents and students who choose to opt out of Common Core testing – The Feds “have an obligation to step in.”

Federal law, under No Child Left Behind, requires 95 percent of students in a state to take the annual standardized tests in reading and math from grades 3-8. It is a requirement which until now has never needed enforcement or consideration.

With as many as 184,000 students in New York choosing to opt out, the 95 percent threshold will not only be in jeopardy, it will be an easily missed mark.

When asked what would happen in states with such a high opt out rate, whether they would have to force consequences upon schools, parents, and students, Duncan responded “We think most states will do that.”

He added, “If states don’t do that, then we have an obligation to step in.”

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House Democratic Caucus Misspells…Democratic…

No limits to the stupid…

Via CNS:

The latest video from the House Democratic Caucus aims to spell out why it’s important for Americans to become engaged with politics – but has some problems spelling “Democratic Caucus.”

Education and outreach, particularly to students, is the focus of a press conference video on A video that features Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.) with the misspelled title, “Chairman, House Democrattic Caucus.”

The video also includes Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) referring to Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) as a “Congresswoman.”

Sayonara, Eric Holder! Don’t Let The Door Hit You In The Ass On The Way Out!

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 2.58.52 PM

Doesn’t it look like the crowd is trying to shove him out the door? His leaving has seemed endless.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 3.03.35 PM

Some Truly Horrendous-Looking School Lunches: “Thanks Mrs. Obama, It’s Gross!”

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 2.48.25 PM

Eeew! The only positive about this is that the students will long remember who was behind all this.

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. – Michelle Obama isn’t winning over many fans in the next generation of voters.

Pennsylvania’s Patriot-News asked parents what they thought of the steady drip of repulsive pictures being snapped of paltry school lunches across the country.

They didn’t hold back.

“My son said thanks Mrs. Obama for screwing us out of a good meal. He comes home starving,” parent Kristina Souders responded.

“My kids rarely want to eat anything the school serves because ‘it’s gross,’” according to parent Stacey Toth.

Carl Daub told the paper, “My daughter is in 3rd grade. Her lunches cost $2.40 a day. She complains that the portions are too small.”

According to Jordan, a Spotsylvania County, Virginia student, this lunch was served at Riverbend High School and several others in the district on Tuesday:

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What the heck is this? Many still complain of going hungry. Here’s a medical fact, Mrs. Obama, children need calories and some fat for proper development. This wouldn’t develop a rat.
Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 2.49.55 PM

Well at least the tater tots look okay, but what lunch person would actually put this on a tray and serve this?
Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 2.51.11 PM

‘Crazy Uncle’ Joe Biden: “No President Has Ever Done More To Support Israel’s Security” Than Barack Obama

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 5.58.07 PM

I seriously think Joe got dropped on his head too many times as a child.

( - Speaking at the 67th Annual Israeli Independence Day Celebration in Washington, D.C. on Thursday evening, Vice President Joe Biden said that “no president has ever done more to support Israel’s security” than Barack Obama.

“President Obama and I are proud to carry forward the unbroken line of American leaders–Democrat and Republican–who have honored America’s sacred promise to protect the homeland of the Jewish people,” Biden said.

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School Suspends Muslim Student For Strapping Obviously Fake Bomb To Body For Prom Proposal

HT: Right Scoop

U Of Maryland Pulls Screening Of ‘American Sniper’ After Muslim Students Association Complains

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 1.53.12 PM

Another college caves.

Via Breitbart:

A planned screening of the film American Sniper on the University of Maryland campus has been been canceled after outcry from Muslim students.

The school’s conservative group released this statement in response:

The University of Maryland Student Entertainment Events (SEE) decided to screen American Sniper on May 6 and 7, 2015. After meeting with concerned student organizations, SEE has decided to ‘postpone’ the movie.

If the University prevents a movie like this from being shown, it promotes intolerance and stifles dialogue and debate on the subject and goes directly against the atmosphere of diversity the University of Maryland purports to provide.

The Muslim Students Association at the University of Maryland started a petition requesting that the school pull the screening of American Sniper. In the petition, the group stated that the film “perpetuates the spread of Islamaphobia and is offensive to many Muslims around the world for good reason.”

Ironically enough, the group also requested that students “exercise their freedom of speech” by signing the petition to remove the film from campus. MSA seemingly got their wish this morning when the school decided to cancel the screening.

The University of Maryland is only one of several campuses that have faced student outcry for screening, or attempting to screen, the Oscar-winning film. Just recently, the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at the University of Michigan protested the school’s decision to cancel the campus screening. Their protests were successful as the school eventually decided to show the film as planned.