Palestinians In The West Bank Begin Rioting After Hamas In Gaza Calls For Third Intifada Against Israel…

Part of today’s “Day of Rage.”

Via Times of Israel:

Five Palestinians were killed in the West Bank Friday, in a series of clashes and demonstrations hours after Hamas officials in the Gaza Strip and abroad urged Palestinians to launch a Third Intifada against Israel.

In the Hawara area, south of the West Bank city of Nablus, a settler fired his weapon in self-defense at a crowd of Palestinians who stoned his car and attacked him and stoned him when he got out, according to Channel 2. An 18-year-old Palestinian, identified later as Khaled Oudeh, was killed in the shooting, according to Palestinian sources.

Following the incident, hundreds of Palestinians rioted in the area and clashed with IDF troops, who responded with tear gas and live bullets. A second Palestinian, 22-year-old Tayyib Oudeh, was reported killed in the rioting, while several others were reported injured, according to AFP.

In the West Bank village of Beit Ummar, near Hebron, three Palestinian men, including 46-year-old Hashem Abu Marieh and 30-year-old Sultan Yusef, were reportedly shot and killed by IDF troops during violent clashes, according to Palestinians.

Later, a Palestinian man turned himself in to Israeli police after swerving his car into a group of Israelis, hitting and lightly injuring a 17-year-old Israeli girl, at the Etzion Bloc junction in the West Bank, Channel 2 reported.

DHS Chief Confirms Obama Admin Anticipated Surge In Illegal Immigrants Since January…

Jeh Johnson

As far as I can tell they did nothing to stop it, which I’m guessing was done intentionally.

Via Free Beacon:

DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson confirmed Thursday that the Obama administration in January anticipated a surge of some 60,000 illegal children crossing the Southwest Border.

So far, only two cases among the flood of illegal immigrants this year raised concerns that terrorists were entering the United States, Johnson said during remarks to a security conference.

Johnson recalled visiting a detention center in Brownsville, Texas, in January where 82 percent of a group of 995 detainees were from 30 different countries, most from Central America. The rest were Mexicans.

“It was apparent to me then that the Rio Grand valley sector of the Southwest border needed to be an area of particular concern,” Johnson said during remarks at the Aspen Security Forum.

“In January, in our budget process, we estimated that we were going to have 60,000 unaccompanied kids coming in,” he said, noting that resources for the influx were “ramped up.”

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Not Gonna Take It: Dee Snider’s Wife Fox & Friends Is “A Crappy Show”

Suzette Snider, wife os Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider quipped today about her husband’s appearance on Fox & Friends this morning saying “Wow it’s a pretty crappy show”

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.22.21 AM

FEC Chair Blasts Dems For Trying To Place Restrictions On Conservative Media, Warns Could Lead To Book Bans…

Democrats would never do something like that . . . on second thought, maybe they would.

Via Washington Examiner:

The chairman of the Federal Election Commission today blasted Democratic colleagues opposed to his effort to protect conservative media after they imposed rules on the publisher of Rep. Paul Ryan’s new book, opening the door to future book regulations — or even a ban.

“By failing to affirm this publisher’s constitutional right, statutory right, to disseminate a political book free from FEC conditions and regulations, we have effectively asserted regulatory jurisdiction over a book publisher,” warned Chairman Lee E. Goodman, one of three Republicans on the six-person FEC.

“That failure reveals a festering legal uncertainty and chill for the free press rights of books and book publishers to publish and disseminate political books free from government regulation,” he added.

His comments after the FEC OK’d Republican Ryan’s request to promote his new book, The Way Forward, were immediately and sharply rebuked by Democratic Commissioner Ellen L. Weintraub. “No one is banning books,” she said.

Weintraub also hit Goodman for suggesting “that we are motivated by partisan bias, which is really not appreciated and untrue. I want to categorically deny that.”

The hard feelings continued after the morning session when Democrats on the commission refused to attend subsequent meetings, according to an insider.

And Goodman and the two other Republicans on the commission issued a six-page critique [below] of the commission’s vote on the Ryan book that slapped the constraints imposed on the publisher and on how Ryan’s re-election campaign and leadership political action committee, Prosperity Action, can promote the book on websites.

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Video: Jordanian TV Hosts Burns Israeli Flag Live On Air….

Take that, Jooos!

Top Obama Adviser Ignores Congressional Subpoena For Second Time…

Laws don’t apply to the regime.

Via Roll Call:

Top White House political adviser David Simas again refused to honor a congressional subpoena Friday.

Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa plans to vote shortly in committee to reject the White House’s claim that Simas has absolute immunity from a subpoena from Congress.

The White House informed Issa that Simas would not appear at 7:30 a.m. Friday, Issa said.

The absence was “not excused,” he said.

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Pelosi Compares Illegal Minors To Baby Moses And The 10 Commandments…


Another Biblical reference from the pro-abortion militant Nancy Pelosi. On Tuesday she compared illegal youths to Baby Jesus.

ACLU Considers Suing California City To Force Them To House Illegal Immigrants…


The “rights” of illegals trump those of American citizens according to the ACLU.

ESCONDIDO, Calif. (AP) — A north San Diego suburb’s planning commission on Tuesday ratified its rejection of a proposed 96-bed shelter for unaccompanied immigrant children who are arrested by the Border Patrol, while the American Civil Liberties Union said it was mulling a legal challenge.

About 200 people packed into City Hall chambers, and a large, overflow crowd cheered and jeered below an outdoor speaker as Escondido commissioners heard impassioned pleas, mostly from people urging them to reconsider.

“Shame on you!” members of the crowd shouted after the panel voted 6-0 to uphold its decision from last month.

The proposal has sparked the latest controversy over immigration in Escondido, a city of 150,000 that has been rocked during the last decade by disagreement over how to treat people who are in the country illegally.

The audience largely supported the proposal, a contrast from last month’s sharply divided crowd when the outcome was less certain. Shelter supporters waved signs that read, “Migrants’ Lives Matter” and “Don’t Be Afraid of the Children.”

The commissioners held no discussion among themselves after nearly three hours of public comment. Anyone can appeal to the City Council, setting up another likely showdown in August.

David Loy, legal director of the ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties, said at a news conference earlier Tuesday that Escondido may be violating state and federal fair-housing laws against discrimination. Southwest Key Programs, the nonprofit group that would operate the shelter, sent representatives to the news conference and said it was being advised by the ACLU.

Peace-Loving Palestinians Call For “Day Of Rage”…

Isn’t every day for the Palestinians a “day of rage?”

Via Daily Mail:

Israeli aircraft have struck 30 houses in the Gaza Strip today, killing a leader of the militant Islamic Jihad group and two of his sons, as Palestinians called for a ‘Day of Rage’ after two people were killed when at least 10,000 protesters clashed with Israeli security forces late yesterday.

The violence came last night after a UN school in Gaza crowded with hundreds of Palestinians seeking refuge from fierce fighting came under fire yesterday, killing at least 15 civilians and injuring more than 200.

At least two Palestinians were killed and dozens more were injured during the clashes with soldiers in Qalandia, near the West Bank city of Ramallah, last night.

Today’s airstrike came as Israel’s Security Cabinet was to meet later to decide whether to expand its operation or consider ideas for a cease-fire.

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Pic: Pro-Palestinian Protester In Philadelphia Attacks Cop With Her Cane…

From Wednesday’s protest in Philly:

Sen. Harkin: Recruit The Disabled For Non-Combat Jobs


I am for keeping those that are disabled due to an injury incurred in the line of duty, they have already proven themselves. I draw the line at taking someone that is disabled off of the street and giving them a uniform.

Via Military Times

While veterans’ groups are pushing the Senate to expand protections for disabled troops when they travel abroad, lawmakers in the chamber are considering expanding military jobs to disabled individuals at home.

On Wednesday, veterans’ groups and a bipartisan coalition of senators led by former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole lobbied again for adoption of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, arguing the move could provide international support for troops left disabled from war injuries.

The treaty, modeled after the Americans with Disabilities Act, requires countries to provide disabled individuals equality under the law. Already, 141 countries have ratified the measure, but concerns over whether the treaty would mandate new regulations on U.S. businesses have stalled its adoption in the Senate.

Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, said they’re continuing to work to dispel those myths, and to again establish America as a worldwide leader in providing protection and opportunities for the disabled.

But Harkin wants to push that idea even further, including an amendment in a Senate draft of the annual defense appropriations bill last week that would require the military to study the possibility of allowing disabled individuals to enlist in the military in non-combat and support roles.

“The military now permits individuals to remain on active duty if they acquire a disability while serving their country,” Harkin said during an appropriations hearing July 17. “However, for a person with a similar disability who wants to enlist in the military and be a part of our defense establishment, they would not allow that, even if they needed the same reasonable accommodations.”

The Defense Department already follows federal law mandating “reasonable accommodations” for disabled civilian employees, but no such exceptions are made for enlistees.

“They’re not going to be combat people, but we have a lot of people with disabilities who are lawyers who would like to enter the JAG Corps and be a part of our military,” Harkin said. “For every one combat person, there are 10 behind them.”

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Dem Rep. Rep. Luis Gutierrez Brags Amnesty Could Bring 4-5 Million New Democrats…

Also known as the worst kept secret in politics.

HT: Digitas Daily

Islamic State Blows Up Revered 8th Century Mosque In Mosul…

Mosque of the Prophet Younis

Destroying ancient historical sites, always a jihadi favorite.

BAGHDAD (AP) – Islamic extremist militants blew up a revered Muslim shrine traditionally said to be the burial place of the Prophet Jonah in Iraq’s second-largest city, Mosul, on Thursday, residents of the city said.

The residents said the Islamic States of Iraq and Syria/Levant militants, who overran Mosul in June and imposed their harsh interpretation of Islamic law on the city, first ordered everyone out of the Mosque of the Prophet Younis, or Jonah, then blew it up.

The mosque was built on an archaeological site dating back to 8th century BC and is said to be the burial place of the prophet, who in stories from both the Bible and Quran is swallowed by a whale.

It was renovated in the 1990′s under Iraq’s late dictator Saddam Hussein and until the recent militant blitz that engulfed Mosul, remained a popular destination for religious pilgrims from around the world.

Several nearby houses were also damaged by the blast, said the residents, speaking on condition of anonymity because they feared for their own safety.

Iran’s Supreme Leader: “Israel’s Annihilation Is The Only Real Cure”…

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Ayatollah Khamenei calls for genocide against Jews like it’s a natural body function.

(Reuters) – Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday called for a referendum canvassing the Arabs and Jews that live in Israel in order to end the “Zionist state”, but said until such a vote could be held, armed resistance was necessary.

Khamenei and his predecessor the Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini have called repeatedly over the years for an end to the Jewish state, including through a referendum in the region, where Palestinians are in the majority.

In his first official comments on Israel since the start of its offensive on the Gaza Strip on July 8, Khamenei reiterated the call.

“There are logical and practical means to this end, which is for people who live and belong there to pick the government of their choice through a referendum. That would be the end of a usurping fake regime,” Khamenei, who has the last word in all matters in Shi’te Muslim Iran, said in a speech to university students in Tehran.

Until then, Khamenei said, “while waiting for an end to this cold-blooded murderous regime, mighty armed resistance is the only way to deal with it.”

Khamenei made clear for the first time that he was talking about the dismantling of the state of Israel, not the death of Jews.

“Israel’s annihilation is the only real cure, but that doesn’t mean destroying Jews in this region,” he said in his speech, which was posted on his website.


Last Friday I shared a picture of myself, here’s another one of me when I was a baby, I was so cute back then.

US-Backed Mahmoud Abbas Cites Koran Verse That Permits Muslims To Wage War For Allah…

Same Abbas the Obama administration fawns over as a partner in peace.

Via CNS News:

Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah faction is urging mass Gaza solidarity protests across the West Bank after midday prayers on Friday, after Abbas in a speech cited a Qur’anic injunction that those who are wronged are permitted to fight.

On Wednesday the official P.A. news agency WAFA reported on a speech by Abbas the previous evening in which he vowed that “no-one in the world will enjoy stability and safety if this is not granted to the children of Gaza, Jerusalem, the West Bank and all of Palestine’s children.”

The speech, delivered to PLO officials at his headquarters in Ramallah, ended with a sura from the Qur’an: “Permission (to fight) has been given to those who are being fought, because they were wronged. And indeed, Allah is competent to give them victory.”

Fatah’s official Facebook page noted that Abbas’ speech had ended – in its words – “with the first verse of the Quran that permits Muslims to wage war for Allah,” according to a translation by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), an Israeli non-governmental media monitoring group.

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House Republican Suggests Giving D.C. Back To Maryland

Welcome to Washington, DC

A shovel ready job.

Via The Virgina Pilot

A House Republican who chairs a subcommittee overseeing the District of Columbia is suggesting giving most of the District back to Maryland and “possibly” getting rid of the local government.

Rep. John Mica of Florida made the comments to WTTG-TV after Wednesday’s ceremonial groundbreaking with Donald Trump for a luxury hotel downtown.

Asked about President Barack Obama’s support for District statehood, Mica said: “The president must be spending too much time in Colorado, because you’d have to be high to think that Congress or anyone else is going to support making the District of Columbia the 51st state.”

Mica suggested that a way for District residents to gain congressional representation would be to make most of the city part of Maryland, “and possibly disband the D.C. Council.”

Poll: 75% Of U.S. Voters Say Putin Has The Upper Hand Over Obama In Ukraine…

No surprise.

Via Fox News:

As the world scrambles to formulate a response to the shooting down of a commercial airliner –most likely by pro-Russian separatists — American voters continue to oppose the United States taking action in Ukraine.

By a margin of 61-32 percent, voters say the U.S. should not get more involved in Ukraine, according to the latest Fox News poll.

The Malaysian airliner was carrying nearly 300 passengers when it was shot down Thursday. All perished. World leaders pinned blame on pro-Russian separatists backed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The rebels further outraged the international community by blocking recovery teams and efforts to investigate the crash site. [...]

While the poll’s findings suggest voters are in line with the Obama administration’s decision to keep out of the conflict, most voters think Putin has the “upper hand” in Ukraine: 75 percent think Putin has the advantage, while just 14 percent think Obama does. These views are identical to views held in May.

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Jerry Brown’s Mexico Traveling Party To Include Donors, Old Friends

Governor Moonbeam

Governor Moonbeam should take some illegal aliens with him back to Mexico to reduce Californias carbon footprint.


When he leaves next week for Mexico for talks on trade and the environment, Gov. Jerry Brown will be accompanied by more than 100 administration officials, lawmakers and business delegates, including many of his political donors and a handful of old friends.

Of the roughly 90 businesspeople joining Brown, about one-third have donated to Brown’s political causes in recent years or represent companies that have, with contributions totaling about $750,000 since Brown ran for office in 2010.

Delegates paying a fee of $5,000 each for the four-day trip are subsidizing the cost of Brown’s travel. The delegation includes Sempra Energy, BP America and other representatives of the energy, tourism and agriculture industries, but also the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Environmental Defense Fund.

The delegation includes about 10 members of Brown’s administration, five state senators and 10 Assembly members. All of the traveling lawmakers are Democrats but one, Assemblyman Rocky Chávez, R-Oceanside.

Also on the roster of attendees are retired Judge Frank Damrell Jr., the governor’s former college roommate, and Lucie Gikovich, a former aide at whose home Brown sometimes stays when visiting Washington, D.C. Brown’s sister Kathleen Brown, the former state treasurer, is also going.

Brown is scheduled to hold three days of meetings in Mexico on trade and the environment, the latter his priority.

“I certainly think climate change is the overarching, existential threat to humanity,” the Democratic governor told reporters Wednesday at a luncheon previewing the trip. “I want to do something about that.”

Islamic State: “We’re Coming For You, Barack Obama”…

Via Washington Times:

High-ranking U.S. officials said Wednesday that not only are Sunni radicals with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant “worse than al Qaeda,” but that the group has a message for the president: “We’re coming for you, Barack Obama.”

Brett McGurk, the deputy assistant secretary of state, told lawmakers at a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing that ISIL may have “changed its name,” but that it’s still al Qaeda.

Elissa Slotkin, the acting principal deputy undersecretary of Defense for policy, added that ISIL also has its eye on the president, threatening “We’re coming for you, Barack Obama,” The Hill reported.