WaPo Columnist Defends Looting During Ferguson Protests…

ferguson looting

If a bunch of tea partiers started looting stores you think this guy would be defending them?

CLINTON YATES: I’ve gotten a lot of emails recently regarding my thoughts about the situation in Ferguson, Missouri. Many from former or current law enforcement officials arguing one of two things. Either they believe that the social contract that they think grants them near absolute power is something that everybody should buy into or they can’t understand why anyone would loot in the wake of a controversial death.

On the first point, of course being a police officer is a difficult and risky job. But there’s an argument that if you believe that resulting to trigger-happy overzealousness is the lone way to guarantee your own safety then maybe law enforcement is not what you should be doing. The goal is to help people and they will then respect the marginal level of authority you’re given over their lives. If they live in fear, that’s what we call a police state.

As for looting. Material goods by definition are typically replaceable. Of course the violence associated with the act of vandalism and then theft is not desirable but think of it this way. In this case, saying that looting is never acceptable is implicitly saying that personal property is worth more than life itself. I’m Clinton Yates and that’s my take.

New Jersey: “Devout” Muslim Says He Killed Teenager As An Act Of “Vengeance” For U.S. Military Action In Islamic Countries…

Crickets heard chirping from CAIR’s headquarters.

WEST ORANGE — The man accused of gunning down a Livingston teenager in his car earlier this summer told investigators the murder was an act of retribution for U.S. military action against Muslims in the Middle East.

According to court documents filed Wednesday in Washington state, where he is accused of killing three other men, Ali Muhammad Brown said he considered it his mission to murder 19-year-old Brendan Tevlin as an act of “vengeance” for innocent lives lost in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Iran.

“All these lives are taken every single day by America, by this government. So a life for a life,” he told detectives, according to the documents.

Brown, 29, also confessed to killing the other men, all of whom, like Tevlin, were shot multiple times in isolated areas late at night. He described the murder as a “just kill” – carried out against an adult male who was not in the company of any women, children or elderly persons, court papers said.

Prosecutors say Brown is a devout Muslim who had become angered by U.S. military intervention in the Islamic world, which he referred to as “evil.” He also referred to drug use as inherently evil.

Hamas Chief: Israel “Replicating What Hitler Did,” Carrying Out A “Holocaust In Gaza”…

Khaled Mashaal

Says the guy who would wipe every Jew off the face of the Earth if given the chance.

Via JPost:

In interview with Turkish news agency, Mashaal says Hamas will continue fighting Israel until it reaches goals, including lifting of Gaza siege; denies Hamas plotted to overthrow PA in West Bank.

Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal on Thursday accused Israel of perpetrating a Holocaust in Gaza and vowed to keep up fighting against Israel until the siege of Gaza is lifted.

Speaking in an interview with Turkey’s Anadolu Agency, Mashaal said, “What Israel has done in the Gaza Strip over the last 45 days is a genuine holocaust…They are killing children, destroying residential areas, mosques, hospitals and UNRWA-run schools.”

He said that Israel was “replicating what Hitler did years ago.”

Minnesota Democrat So Outraged By 2nd Amendment Supporter That He Threatens To Shoot Him: “I’ll Blow Your Head Off!”…


Looks like someone has rage issues.

Via City Pages:

Each election cycle, the Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance contacts the 280-plus candidates running for the Minnesota House in hopes of surveying them about their views on gun rights.

As you’d probably expect, some candidates choose not to respond to GOCRA’s questionnaire. No biggie. But the organization is recommending Rep. Ron Erhardt (D-Edina) receive anger management therapy after he allegedly threatened to kill GOCRA President Andrew Rothman when he was contacted about the survey.

Earlier this summer, GOCRA sent two emails asking Erhardt, 84, to respond to their questions. He didn’t respond, so at 5:19 p.m. on July 19, Rothman followed up with a phone call.

Here’s how that conversation went, according to an affidavit signed by Rothman:

When contacted, the individual answering the phone identified himself as Ron Erhardt. Your affiant identified himself and reminded Rep. Erhardt of the approaching questionnaire deadline. Rep. Erhardt indicated that he did not intend to complete the survey. Your affiant, following the procedure used with each candidate, reminded Mr. Erhardt that GOCRA’s policy was to give a special “F*” grade to candidates with no voting record or survey, as set out in the “How will this information be used?” section of the introduction…

Rep. Erhardt responded, yelling, “Give me a double F! No more surveys! You come near me, and I’ll blow your head off!” Rep. Erhardt then disconnected the phone call. The call’s duration was 78 seconds.

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UNREAL: U.N. Human Rights Chief Compares America To Apartheid South Africa Because Of Ferguson Protests…

The U.N. tries to set a new world record in long distance shark jumping.

GENEVA (Reuters) – Clashes between police and protesters in the U.S. town of Ferguson are reminiscent of the racial violence spawned by apartheid in her native South Africa, the top U.N. human rights official said on Tuesday.

Navi Pillay, who is due to step down at the end of the month after six years in the U.N. hotseat, urged U.S. authorities to investigate allegations of brutality and examine the “root causes” of racial discrimination in America.

U.S. lawmakers on Tuesday called for calm and a change in police tactics in Ferguson, Missouri, which has been rocked by racially charged clashes and riots after a white officer killed an unarmed black teenager 10 days ago.

“I condemn the excessive use of force by the police and call for the right of protest to be respected. The United States is a freedom-loving country and one thing they should cherish is people’s right to protest,” Pillay said in a wide-ranging interview in her office along Lake Geneva.

“Apart from that, let me say that coming from apartheid South Africa I have long experience of how racism and racial discrimination breeds conflict and violence,” she said.

“These scenes are familiar to me and privately I was thinking that there are many parts of the United States where apartheid is flourishing.”

Libs Accuse Missouri Newspaper Of Racism For Cartoon About Ferguson Looting…


Via Jim Romensko:

The Columbia (MO) Daily Tribune is getting criticized for running this Gary McCoy syndicated cartoon on Wednesday, next to a Rich Lowry column headlined “Overly aggressive police are being provoked.”

Libs cranking up the racist outrage machine:

Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 3.53.46 PM

Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 3.53.52 PM

Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 3.54.02 PM

Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 3.54.09 PM

Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 3.54.19 PM

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RINO Joe Scarborough: Obama Was Showing ISIS How Much Of Cold-Blooded Killer He Is By Golfing After Foley Statement…

Joe, have you suffered any serious head injuries lately?

“Because this is how they make their money, right? Al Qaeda funded their operations by kidnapping Europeans and getting ransom money. [But now] they are negotiating with Spock, with a pitching wedge…I’m sure there may even be one or two terrorists over in Syria right now that are looking at him and going ‘Wow, that’s one cold bastard. He goes golfing?’”

Christian Business Owners Being Fined $13,000 For Refusing To Host Lesbian Wedding…

Celebrate diversity . . . or else.

Via The Blaze:

Owners of a family farm in Schaghticoke, New York, are being fined $13,000 for refusing to allow a gay wedding ceremony to take place on their property in 2012, just one year after the state legalized same-sex nuptials.

Cynthia and Robert Gifford, owners of Liberty Ridge Farm, a family-friendly farm and special events venue, told Jennifer McCarthy and Melisa Erwin, a lesbian couple from Newark, New Jersey, that they were welcome to hold their reception on the property, but not the actual wedding ceremony, according to Religion News Service.

The Giffords live on the premises and these ceremonies are typically conducted on the first floor of their home or on the nearby property. Considering that they are Christians and consider marriage to be confined to relationships involving one man and one woman, the two weren’t comfortable hosting McCathy and Erwin’s nuptials.

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Israel Kills 3 Top Hamas Commanders With A Single Airstrike…

Video of the bombing:

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — An Israeli airstrike in Gaza killed three senior commanders of the Hamas military wing Thursday, delivering a likely blow to the organization’s morale and highlighting the long reach of Israel’s intelligence services.

The pre-dawn strike leveled a four-story house in a densely populated neighborhood of the southern town of Rafah, killing six people, including the three senior Hamas commanders.

The trio had played a key role in expanding Hamas’ military capabilities in recent years, including digging attack tunnels leading to Israel, training of fighters and smuggling of weapons to Gaza, Israel said.

Moonbat White Guy Goes To Ferguson To Protest Police Shooting . . . Promptly Beaten Up And Robbed…

Oddly enough, I don’t have any sympathy for him.


Holder On His Race Exploiting Trip To Ferguson: “Few Things” Have Affected Me As Much As This Visit…

Via The Hill:

Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday that “few things” have affected him as much as his visit to Ferguson, Mo., the community where an unarmed black teenager was shot by a police officer earlier this month.

Reflecting upon his visit to the community, where nightly protests have continued since the shooting, Holder told reporters it was “clear” the shooting had “brought to the surface underlying tensions that have existed for many years.”

But Holder expressed certainty that the community can have “confidence” in the investigation the federal government is conducting of the shooting incident.

Obama Admin Treating Foley Beheading As A Criminal Matter, Holder Launches Criminal Investigation…

How bad an idea is this? So bad even Obama’s number one media sycophant Chris Matthews is against it.

Via Fox News:

Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday that his Justice Department is opening a criminal investigation into the brutal execution by Islamic State militants of American journalist James Foley, in the latest move by the administration to use the criminal justice system to pursue terrorists.

The announcement comes as the Obama administration steps up its airstrike campaign against the same militant organization — and mulls additional American boots on the ground in Iraq.

Holder, during remarks in Washington, confirmed the “open criminal investigation” into Foley’s beheading, which was recorded and posted online this week.

“Those who would perpetrate such acts need to understand something — this Justice Department, this Department of Defense, this nation, we have long memories and our reach is very wide,” Holder said. “We will not forget what happened, and people will be held accountable, one way or the other.”

The remarks seemed to leave open the possibility of military action to seek justice in Foley’s killing. The pursuit of a criminal probe, though, immediately raises questions about how investigators will be able to operate.

“This is more nonsense,” Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., an Iraq war veteran, said in a statement to FoxNews.com. “What’s most aggravating is that either in Foley’s situation, or the other Americans in captivity, the Defense Department is being forced to take a backseat to the FBI and DOJ.”

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Report: U.S. Special Forces Rescue Attempt Of James Foley Failed Because Obama Kept “Dragging His Feet”…

Thanks to Obama’s gutless leadership Foley had his head hacked off by a jihadist animal.

Via Free Beacon:

… Thursday morning, Shaffer appeared on WMAL radio in Washington, D.C., to discuss the ISIS execution of American journalist James Foley earlier this week. He told me and co-host Brian Wilson that the recently revealed rescue attempt led by Special Forces earlier this summer failed because President Obama was slow to give the go-ahead:

I’m hearing from my friends in the Pentagon, they are giving him every single option way ahead of time. And let me give you a little secret here: The reason that raid into Syria failed to get Foley and those guys was because the president drug his feet. He waited too long, the intel got stale, and by the time we actually gave the “go” word it failed because we just didn’t react quick enough.

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