‘Shocking Revelation': IRS Gave The White House Thousands Of Taxpayer Confidential Tax Documents



Via Newsmax:

The IRS improperly turned over thousands of confidential tax documents to the White House for review, according to information obtained from a lawsuit filed against the U.S. Treasury Department’s inspector general by the legal advocacy firm Cause of Action, exposing a pipeline of communication between the two, the Daily Caller reports.

“[T]he Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) informed Cause of Action that there exist nearly 2,500 potentially responsive documents relating to investigations of improper disclosures of confidential taxpayer information by the IRS to the White House,” Cause of Action noted, according to the Daily Caller.

Such documentation, including the exchange of confidential information between White House policy adviser Jeanne Lambrew and former IRS official Lois Lerner, came to light after it was revealed that the the IRS had likely targeted conservative groups for review, including one that had sought in a 2012 lawsuit to overturn Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate, the Daily Caller noted.

The Justice Department has asked for a longer window under which to review the newly found documents before releasing them publicly, the Daily Caller said.

The Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard, in his “Secrets” column, called news of the leaked documents a “shocking revelation.”

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Ferguson Protests Part Deux: Communism Leads The Way

The second in my series of exposing the fact that Ferguson protests have been thoroughly and conveniently hijacked by Communists, Anarchists and Socialists.

Ferguson School Robbed During Protests On Monday Night…

I wonder whose son the robbers would look like?

FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – Some school kids may return from break to find classroom windows boarded. Armed criminals struck an elementary school in Ferguson during overnight riots this week.

Resident Renwick Ware said, “Now you`re interfering with the school. You`re messing with the kids` education now.”

Students at Griffith Elementary already missed extra classes this week. Now they may see boarded windows and missing electronics when the doors open at 8:30a.m. Monday.

Ware said it`s the work of four men in two cars. He said, “They had guns on `em and all that and I approached and came out of my driveway, I noticed they were loading stuff up.”

Ferguson Police report stolen electronics, some of which they`ve already recovered. Ware says Ferguson officers and National Guardsmen responded quickly after he drove to a command station to report what he witnessed.

Ware said, “I was getting ready to head over to my office because I got a call that they knocked out City Hall windows and they knocked out windows to the office that I was in, so happened that I came out that night I ran right into this.” He added, “One was standing through the sunroof of the white vehicle with his gun in the air.”

Devastating Anti-Obama Video Nails His Lawlessness

Clinton Appointed Judge Reinstates Woman Beater Ray Rice To The NFL


Ray Rice has put his aspiring rap career on hold for now.

Via The Times-Picayune

Ray Rice has won the appeal of his indefinite suspension by the NFL, which has been “vacated immediately,” the players’ union said Friday.

The appeal was heard earlier this month by former U.S. District Judge Barbara S. Jones. She was deciding whether the NFL overstepped its authority in modifying Rice’s two-game suspension, making it indefinite after video of the Baltimore Ravens running back punching his fiancee– now his wife — became public.

Rice was released by the Ravens and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made the suspension indefinite shortly after the video was made public.

No Seriously This Is A Ferguson Protest…

I have no words…


Obama Kills Tax Cut Because It Wouldn’t Help Illegal Immigrants…


Via Daily Caller:

President Barack Obama quietly killed a draft tax-cut because the GOP leadership wouldn’t agree to his demand that valuable tax breaks be given to millions of illegal immigrants, according to a Politico article about the secret negotiations.

Just before Thanksgiving, “the deal fell apart just as it seemed to be coming together… [because] Republicans worried undocumented immigrants targeted by [Obama’s Nov. 21 amnesty] would begin claiming the credits,” Politico reported.

The GOP leadership’s reluctance to award tax-breaks to illegals suggests top leaders may use the required December budget bill to deny funds to operate Obama’s promised amnesty. So far, GOP leaders have said anything concrete on the amnesty funds, partly because Democrats say they’ll shut down the government.

But GOP leaders stepped back from the deal because they recognized that Obama planned to award the EITC money to illegals covered by his Nov. 21 executive order.

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Ferguson Protesters Hold “Die-Ins” Across America At Malls On Black Friday

Egged on mostly by leftists, anarchists and Communists (oh my!), some have taken to America’s malls and attempted to disrupt shopping.

Forming human chains, lying in front of stores and just generally being a nuisance, protesters angry over the grand jury proceedings involving Darren Wilson have done little but annoy people.

Video below fold:

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Erdogan Doubles Down On His Claim Muslims Discovered America, “I Repeated A Fact Based On Scientific Research”…


Sure you did, Recep.

Via Hurriyet :

“Foreigners” are unable to solve the problems of the Middle East because Western states “don’t like us” and are more interested in just following the cash, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Nov. 27. […]

He also savaged critics of his remarks that Muslim explorers traveled to the Americas before Columbus as suffering from an “ego complex,” reaffirming his belief their purported feat was an historical fact.

“I have been the target of heavy criticism by the Western media. Just because I repeated a fact based on scientific research, I have been targeted by the Western media, as well as the foreigners within who suffer from an ego complex,” he said.

Erdoğan stirred controversy earlier this month by declaring that the Americas were discovered by Muslims in the 12th century, nearly three centuries before Christopher Columbus sailed across the Atlantic. He did not elaborate as to why the claim is only found in some obscure sources and is not known more widely.

Dem Rep. Karen Bass Accuses Ferguson Cop Of “Executing” Michael Brown Over Stolen Swisher Sweets…

Talk about misleading, Wilson didn’t kill him over a pack of Swisher Sweets, he shot him because Michael Brown was trying to kill him with his own gun.

Via PJ Media:

A California Democrat said a lesson in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting is a need to look at police acting as “jury and executioner” when confronting suspects.

Rep. Karen Bass, a House Judiciary Committee member, said in a statement after the grand jury opted to not issue an indictment this week that it “continues a trend of injustice that has rightfully created an environment of anger and concern in Ferguson, Missouri and across the United States.” […]

“…And Ferguson, they most definitely need to diversify the leadership of that city, the police department, the city council, and so we need to look at things both in the short-term and the long-term.”

Bass addressed Brown taking cigarillos from a convenience store before the attack.

“Since when do we not have trials? Since when do we execute people?” she said. “I mean, the way that the information was leaked from Day One of this case, intentionally leaking the information about the video. It’s terrible if he committed a crime before this happened, but even if he did commit a crime, is a police officer supposed to be the jury and the executioner on the spot? So, you know, it’s that kind of mentality that we really need to begin to look at.”

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Update HT: Thanks to Huck for pointing out I used a picture of Karen Lewis (Communist boss of the Chicago teachers union).

Miserable Feminist Declares A Man Asking A Woman To Marry Him “Latent Sexism”…


The self-parody continues.

The latent sexism of the male marriage proposal – The Week

When I got engaged earlier this year, well-meaning friends excitedly asked “how he proposed” — and then immediately looked at my left hand.

I’ve been told I can thank the Archduke Maximilian of Austria, who proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring in 1477, for such instincts. But maybe I should thank the originators: the prehistoric men who demonstrated their control over women by tying braided grass around their wrists and ankles.

You’d think the obvious sexism of the modern proposal would rankle my progressive friends. Yes, plenty of brides have men in their bridal parties, more and more women are ditching the “virginal” white dress, and guys aren’t running to ask their fiancees’ fathers for “permission” to marry them anymore. But our culture still, overwhelmingly, pushes the traditional male proposal: down on one knee, with a sparkly diamond (and often a flash mob) in tow.

Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon argues that the male proposal is “a culturally sanctioned time for a man to show his tenderness.” But the tradition pushes stereotypical gender roles: The “tender” man is still in control of the situation, while the woman is forced to take a passive role. And if a woman proposes to a man, it’s seen as emasculating.

The engagement ring is a sort of 21st-century dowry in the Western world, too. The traditional two-month salary rule not only signals a man’s interest in spending a life with his partner, it inadvertently sets the relationship up for a lifetime of inequality. It’s vestigial sexism at which no one seems to blink.

If anything, women are more to blame for the sexism of the male proposal. Instagram and Facebook posts of sparkly rings — complete with the obligatory “oohs” and “aahs” — perpetuate the idea that women’s affections can be purchased.

Black Residents Armed With Rifles Stand Guard Outside White-Owned Business During Ferguson Riots


How dare they break from the hands up, don’t shoot, let us loot crowd.

Via Inquisitr

A group of black Ferguson residents armed with high-powered rifles stood outside a white-owned business in the city during recent riots, protecting it from rioters that looted and burned other businesses.

After a grand jury returned no indictment against Darren Wilson, the Ferguson police officer who shot and killed unarmed black teen Michael Brown, protesters took to the streets and the demonstrations quickly turned into rioting. Several buildings were set ablaze, but a group of heavily armed black men stood outside a Conoco gas station.

One of the residents, a 6-foot-8 man named Derrick Johnson, held an AR-15 assault rifle as he stood in a pickup truck near that store’s entrance. Three other black Ferguson residents joined Johnson in front of the store, each of them armed with pistols.

In a city torn apart by racial tensions, the fact that black residents took up arms to defend a white-owned store made headlines.

The men said they felt indebted to the store’s owner, Doug Merello, who employed them over the course of several years.

The men said Merello always treated them with respect.

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Protest Action In Oakland Shuts Down BART Trains Stranding Commuters

B3jOBlVCQAATnIe.jpg large

A Protest action in Oakland California has successfully shut down a part of the Bay Area Rapid Transit System (“BART”) in Oakland California today.

Forming a human chain from the train to the platform passing through a train protesters prevented the train from leaving the platform while chanting slogans such as “Shut it down!”

The actions today are aimed at targeting holiday shoppers venturing out for Black Friday deals.

RI Cathedral May Become Museum To The Northern States Slave Trade

RI Church

The North didn’t have slaves, they had “servants”.

Via Worcester Telegram

A plan to open what would be the nation’s only museum centered on the trans-Atlantic slave trade would focus on the Episcopal Church’s role in its history and the sometimes-buried legacy of slavery in northern states like Rhode Island.

The museum at the shuttered Cathedral of St. John, a church where slaves once worshipped, would explore how the church benefited from the trade and helped bring it to an end, said Bishop Nicholas Knisely of the Diocese of Rhode Island.

”Our story’s mixed,” he said. ”We haven’t talked in the country about the role of religion and religious voices in abolition and the slave trade.”[…]

A Brown report issued in 2006 found that about 60 percent of all slave-trading voyages launched from North America came from Rhode Island. More than 1,000 slave-trading voyages were launched from Rhode Island, the report says, and 80 of those came from one family, the DeWolfs of Bristol.

Benefits from slavery

James DeWolf Perry, executive director of the Massachusetts-based Tracing Center, which works to promote greater awareness of the legacy of slavery, is a descendent who is working with the diocese. His great-grandfather was bishop of Rhode Island, chose St. John’s as the diocese’s cathedral and served as the denomination’s presiding bishop — its leader in the United States.

”What’s dropped out of our public memory, largely as a result of the Civil War, is that the North had a great deal of slavery,” he said. ”We like to talk about as if most Northerners were anti-slavery and abolitionists.”

In fact, the North benefited economically from slavery, and the Episcopal Church ”institutionally was deeply complicit in slavery, benefited from it,” he said.

Several museums in the U.S. address slavery, but hardly any are specifically devoted to it, Perry said. One, the Whitney Plantation, is opening in Louisiana next month; its focus is plantation history and slavery in the South.

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CBC Members Oppose Federal Recognition Of Native American Tribe For Lack Of Diversity

VA Tribes

CBC is against the construction of another Tribal casino.

Via CNS News

Several members of the Congressional Black Caucus are urging the Obama administration to withhold federal recognition of a Virginia Indian tribe because of its history of banning intermarriage with blacks.

In January, the Interior Department proposed recognizing the Pamunkey tribe in southeast Virginia, which would make members eligible for special benefits in education, housing and medical care — and allow the tribe to pursue a casino. A decision on recognition, which would be the first for a Virginia tribe, is due by March 30.

The Congressional Black Caucus members urged Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and Attorney General Eric Holder to hold off until the Justice Department investigates any discriminatory practices by the tribe. Neither department has responded to the request, made in a Sept. 23 letter, according to a spokeswoman for Mississippi Democrat Bennie Thompson, who signed the letter.[…]

Brown told the CBC that the intermarriage ban was rooted in Virginia’s culture of racism. “Racial intermixture was raised repeatedly as a rationale to divest us of our reservation and our Indian status,” he said.

Brown cited Dr. Walter Plecker, registrar of the Virginia Bureau of Vital Statistics in the first half of the 20th century, who ordered that Indians be classified as “colored” on birth and marriage certificates.

“His rationale was, of course, racial intermixture among the Indians,” Brown wrote, adding that the “antiquated and now repealed” tribal law was an attempt to protect Indian identity. “It was never an attack on, or reflective of, ill will toward African-Americans.”

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Legendary British Comedian John Cleese: You Can’t Make Fun Of Muslims Because “They’ll Kill You”…

Indeed they will.

Via Daily Mail:

John Cleese has argued that political correctness is ‘condescending’ as it only allows jokes to be made about certain groups while implying others need to be protected.

Speaking to Bill Maher on HBO, the legendary comedian said he used to make race jokes about nationalities such as the French and Australians – but if he mentioned Mexicans it was deemed unacceptable.

‘It’s so awful isn’t it? he said. ‘It starts out as a halfway decent idea, and then it goes completely wrong.

The British comedian then goes on to say suggest that the reason you can’t make jokes about Muslims is because ‘they’ll kill you’.

‘Who are the people you can’t make jokes about?’ he asks Maher who instantly responds: ‘Muslims’

‘Try that,’ he adds. ‘See what your Twitter feed says.’

A laughing Cleese responds: ‘That’s not saying that you can’t, it just means that they’ll kill you. Theoretically you could.’


Let the Black Friday brawls begin!

Black Friday

Update: New Star Wars trailer: Return of the Millennium Falcon and the X-Wing fighter.

Reporter Describes How He Was Carjacked By Ferguson Thugs Next To Michael Brown’s Memorial…

If I remember correctly, there were no carjackings at Tea Party protests.

More on this story.

Austin Police Chief: Man Who Shot Up Downtown Buildings “Likely” Driven By Conservative Political Rhetoric…

Screen shot 2014-11-28 at 12.20.55 PM

No, nothing to do with mental illness.

Via USA Today:

A white, middle-aged gunman, in what appears to be a politically motivated anti-government attack linked to immigration, fired more than a hundred rounds at buildings in downtown Austin early Friday and tried to set fire to the Mexican consulate before he died of a gunshot wound.

The unidentified suspect was described as white male in his 50s with a criminal record.

Police were investigating whether the gunman was killed by a police officer who fired at him in front of police headquarters or died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The police chief said the suspect’s targets indicated that he might have had anti-government motives linked to immigration.

“If you look at the targets, it doesn’t take a genius (to suggest) that that is the potential,” Acevedo said.

“I would venture that political rhetoric might have fed into some of this, but that is speculation on my part,” he added.

HT: John Ekdahl

Black Friday Mayhem: Cops Forced To Pry Shopper Off TV…

With the amount of violence on Black Friday you’d think they were giving the stuff away free.

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