Jesse Jackson Cornered By Angry Ferguson Protesters: “When You Going To Stop Selling Us Out?”

Protesters peg him dead to rights…

Via The Blaze:

At least two protesters cornered Jesse Jackson at a McDonald’s in Ferguson, Mo., tearing into him for what they saw as a lack of leadership after Michael Brown’s death, according to video posted by Western Journalism.

“Hey, Jesse Jackson. How you doing? Are you here to support us?” one protester began, approaching Jackson’s vehicle and recording the interaction.

“You’ve been marching all day long? We haven’t seen you marching all day long,” he said. “Are you going to pay the bond of those brothers that’s been locked up?”

“Are you marching today with us, or are you just going to sit in the car?” the second protester demanded.

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Dem State Rep: Grant Illegal Aliens Amnesty Or They Could Become Terrorists


Via Daily Caller:

Democratic State Representative and candidate for U.S. representative Pat Murphy said Tuesday that if the underage migrants who have come to the U.S. from Central America aren’t given a “pathway for citizenship” they could become terrorists.

Speaking with Iowa Public Radio host Ben Kieffer, Murphy said that “we need to make sure that we take care of the children that are coming up here.”

“They’re not from Mexico, they’re coming from further south,” Murphy continued. “We need to make sure that when we’re talking about these children we need to treat them like they’re our children or our grandchildren. If they’re gonna be refugees, which several of them are going to be, we need to make sure that we have—one, we take care of them, and we create a pathway for citizenship and set up education for them so they don’t become the same problem that we’re currently having in the Middle East—that they’ll be terrorists a generation from now.”

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Gaza Rocket That Killed Four-Year-Old Israeli Was Launched Near UNRWA School, Says IDF

four year old

UN condemns Israel for a human rights violation.

Via JPost

The IDF alleged on Friday night that the rocket that killed a four-year-old boy in the South was launched near an UNRWA school.

#IDF concludes that the mortar launched today that killed 4 year old Daniel Tragerman was fired from near a school that is an @UNRWA shelter
— Peter Lerner (@LTCPeterLerner) August 22, 2014

According to Channel 10, Magen David Adom rescue services rushed the boy to hospital, listing him in grave condition. A short time later, the boy was pronounced dead.

The incident occurred in a kibbutz in the Sha’ar Hanegev regional council. According to Channel 2, Palestinians in Gaza fired a barrage of mortars at the kibbutz, one of which exploded in a location near where the boy, who was later identified as Daniel Tregerman, was standing.

The boy sustained serious injuries, and rescue services rushed him to hospital. A short time later, he was pronounced dead.

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Sixth Grade Teacher Has Students Re-Enact Michael Brown Shooting In Class

Mike Brown_08-12-2014

When they handed out sense, this teacher was out sick…

Via Daily Caller:

Officials at Brantley Elementary School in Selma, Ala. placed a sixth-grade teacher on paid administrative leave on Wednesday after he directed his students to reenact the police shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

Brown, a resident of Ferguson, Mo., died on Aug. 9 after a police officer, Darren Wilson, shot him a number of times.

The reenactment came to light on Tuesday after Jessica Baughn, the mother of an 11-year-old Brantley Elementary student, complained about it on Sound Off Selma, a Facebook page, reports The Selma Times-Journal.

According to Baughn, the unidentified teacher instructed students to research the details of Brown’s death. Where did it happen? How many times did he get shot?

As local school district superintendent Don Willingham later explained, the sixth-grade children then presented a skit about the incident in class. Willingham noted that the Ferguson shooting initially came up in class because the teacher was discussing current events.

According to Baughn, the teacher asked his charges to construct fake paper guns. For bullets, he had his charges use little wads of paper. Baughn’s son, a white kid named Jimmy Griffin, was the shooter in the skit.

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Mexican President Predicts Oil And Gas Gains From Energy Reform

Mexico oil

Americans doing the jobs Mexicans won’t.

Via Washington Examiner

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto predicted big production gains in the oil and gas sector beginning in 2018 as a result of energy reforms its congress passed this month.

Peña Nieto said changes to allow foreign companies to participate in energy development for the first time since 1938 would have significant effects on Mexican output. Oil production would rise to 3 million barrels per day, up from 2.5 million, and natural gas would hit 8 billion cubic feet per day instead of the current 5.7 billion cubic feet, he said.

“It creates opportunities for private companies to invest, and improve and expand the sector’s infrastructure,” he wrote in an editorial for the Financial Times, adding that state-owned oil company Pemex “will be more competitive and will have the autonomy needed to operate as a modern company, as well as the opportunity to forge alliances and reduce operating costs.”

U.S. companies could be some of the bigger beneficiaries from the opening up of the world’s 10th-largest oil producer.

That’s because Pemex lacks the capital to tap into lucrative deepwater deposits — “majors” like ExxonMobil will likely perform that work. The nation is also trying to unlock its shale gas reserves, which Peña Nieto said rank sixth in the world, and will likely draw on U.S. businesses that pioneered the hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, revolution to do so.

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NYC Democrat Wants To Ban Toys In Fast-Food Kid Meals…

Happy Meal

Because parents aren’t smart enough to make decision for their own kids.

Via AFP:

A New York city councilman wants to ban toys in fast-food restaurant kid meals that do not meet strict dietary guidelines.

Democrat Ben Kallos introduced a bill Thursday that would ban the toys from a child’s meal if the food serving contains more than 500 calories and more than 600 milligrams of sodium.

The measure would also encourage including one half-cup of fruit or vegetables, or a serving of whole-grain products.

Under the proposal, violators would be fined between $200 and $500 for their first offense, no more than $1,000 for the second violation, and up to $2,500 for subsequent violations.

Former mayor Michael Bloomberg famously failed in his 2012 attempt to limit the size of giant sodas, so prospects are slim for Kallos’s measure.

Why Does Obama Insist On Using ISIL Term Rather Than ISIS?

Via The Fiscal Times:

There has been little notice of the president’s insistent use of the acronym “ISIL” to describe the Sunni forces currently rampaging across Iraq, executing Iraqi military and creating a new massive refugee population in an already unstable area.

With the exception of Reuters and now the Associated Press, most news organizations have not referred to ISIL until President Obama began using the term, which stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. But when Obama used the term 5 times on June13, and 16 times in his commencement speech at West Point on June 19th, he was using his bully pulpit to make a point.

Most, like this publication, continue to use the widely accepted acronym ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or al-Sham, but both describe the same murderous organization. The difference is that the Levant describes a territory far greater than simply Iraq and Syria. It’s defined as this: The Levant today consists of the island of Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and part of southern Turkey.

Why would Obama prefer ISIL? An “army” of that territorial magnitude takes the focus off the two countries that many believe define Obama’s continued failure in the Middle East. Most likely, he would rather eliminate the connection between the chaos in Iraq with his inaction in Syria. Better that the upheaval in a country to which we committed so much blood and treasure remain the fault of George W. Bush. The president has already been tarred with having failed to secure a Status of Forces deal with Prime Minister al-Maliki, which would have allowed a contingent of American troops to stay in Iraq.

This is why we generally use the term ISIS, which reflects what they are presently occupying, not ISIL, which includes what they want to occupy. Fascinating that Obama gives them the acknowledgement of the greater desire, isn’t it?

Politico: Obama “Trusts” Al Sharpton, “No One Else Out There Does What He Does”…


Other than incite black mobs, what else does he do?

Via Politico:

… But if the old Al Sharpton would have parachuted into Ferguson to rile up the masses, the Obama-era Al Sharpton trod a more gingerly path to justice. Over the years, the 59-year-old former Brooklyn protest leader turned MSNBC talk-show host has embraced a new identity, one that reflects his evolution from agitator to insider with all that implies. In Ferguson, Sharpton established himself as a de facto contact and conduit for a jittery White House seeking to negotiate a middle ground between meddling and disengagement. “There’s a trust factor with The Rev from the Oval Office on down,” a White House official familiar with their dealings told me. “He gets it, and he’s got credibility in the community that nobody else has got. There’s really no one else out there who does what he does.”

GOP Sen. Inhofe: ISIS Attempting To Develop Weapon To Blow Up Major U.S. City


Oh, goodie.

Via Newsmax:

Oklahoma Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe has warned that Islamic State extremists are attempting to develop a weapon to blow up a major city in the United States.

“We’re in the most dangerous position we’ve ever been in as a nation,” the ranking GOP member of the Senate Armed Services Committee told Fox 25 TV station in Oklahoma City.

Referring to the beheading of American journalist James Foley, Inhofe said that the terror group, also known as ISIS, has now set its sights on Americans and targets on U.S. soil.

“They’re crazy out there, and they’re rapidly developing a method of blowing up a major U.S. city and people just can’t believe that’s happening,” he said.

Inhofe also criticized President Barack Obama for his failure to find a strategy to deal with the ISIS crisis.

“He’s going to have to come up with something that we’re going to do because they’re holding another hostage in place and the problem is, the president says all these things and he never does them,” the senator added.

“Dead Broke” Bill Clinton Smokes World’s Most Expensive Cigar, Cost $1,000 Each…

And we all remember what Bubba likes to do with those cigars.

Via TWS:

Bill Clinton enjoys a Gurkha cigar, “the Rolls Royce of the cigar industry.” He “loves the Gurkhas,” Gurkha chief executive officer Kaizad Hansotia, maker of the HMR cigar, which stands for His Majesty’s Reserve. It is, according to Hansotia, “the world’s most expensive cigar.”

One box is $25,000 — and the price will rise next year to $30,000. “The cigars are close to $1,000 each,” says the cigar boss to Bloomberg.

Jihadi Killer Had Accomplices In Killing, Was Arrested 10 Years Ago As Part Of Terror Ring


While some media have picked up the story of Ali Muhammad Brown, who killed 4 men in the cause of jihad, most haven’t put all the pieces together yet.

Brown killed 3 men in Seattle, and then 19 year old Brendan Tevlin in New Jersey, after which he was caught, as we noted here.

Muhammad Brown told investigators that Tevlin’s slaying was a “just kill.” The devout Islamic adherent proclaimed: “My mission is vengeance. For the lives, millions of lives are lost every day.” Echoing jihadist Fort Hood mass killer Nidal Hasan, Muhammad Brown cited Muslim deaths in “Iraq, Syria, (and) Afghanistan” as the catalysts for his one-man Islamic terror campaign. “All these lives are taken every single day by America, by this government. So a life for a life.”

When a detective asked him to clarify whether all four murders were “done for vengeance for the actions of the United States in the Middle East,” Muhammad Brown stated unequivocally: “Yes.” He added that he was “just doing (his) small part.”

But one of the things missing from many media accounts is Brown’s background.

Back in 2004, when he was 19, Brown was arrested and convicted of bank fraud.

In that case, between January 2002 and November 2004, Brown and three other men defrauded U.S. Bank, Bank of America, Key Bank, Washington Mutual, Wells Fargo and Boeing Employees Credit Union by depositing counterfeit and fake checks, then withdrawing funds before the checks were returned, according to charging documents filed in U.S. District Court.

He served time in federal prison for this offense.

But this wasn’t just a random bank fraud.

Brown was part of a ring of men in South Seattle that were arrested by FBI terrorism agents in 2004 and under suspicion of funding terror groups. The feds convicted Brown and some of the other men on bank fraud charges.

“The FBI was unable to actually make a terrorism conviction,” said David Gomez – the former head of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in Seattle.

Agents couldn’t prove the money was being used to finance terrorist operations.

The group was led by Ruben Shumpert, who owned Crescent Cuts Barbershop, which the FBI raided in 2004.
He was the first in the ring to turn talk about fighting America into action.

Shumpert skipped out on this federal sentencing in 2006 and was later believe to have been killed fighting for the terrorist organization al-Shabab in Somalia. He was reportedly killed fighting US backed forces in Somalia.

Shumpert was involved in soliciting young men for jihad. Brown, 19 at the time, apparently became an adherent.

The second thing missing from the national media stories – Brown had accomplices in the killing of the young white student in New Jersey – 19 year old Jeremy Villagran, and 18 year old Eric Williams. Some media accounts also report an additional man. They drove up behind Brendan Tevlin in West Orange. They jumped out and surrounded Tevlin’s car. Brown then fired ten shots through the car window, killing Tevlin. Brown then got in Tevlin’s car, and drove to Villagran’s apartment where he left the car with the body of Tevlin in it.

While Brown, Villagran and Williams were arrested, only Brown has been charged with murder. Villagran and Williams have only been charged with robbery and weapons charges.

But if this was specifically to kill for the sake of jihad, then why were the others not arrested for murder? Are they also part of the “convert brigade”? Why was Brown not charged as a terrorist? There are both federal and statutes that would apply based on his statements, although he would likely get life if he is convicted in New Jersey. But not as a terrorist, which is what he is. We shall have to wait and see as the case unfolds to see if more charges are added later.

Brown’s other criminal past includes a March 2012, guilty plea to communication with a minor for immoral purposes, for which he was sentenced to a year in jail. He is a registered sex offender. He has also been linked a robbery and carjacking in Point Pleasant Beach, N.J., on July 13, after the Tevlin murder but before his arrest.


One more element to this story. The men that Brown killed in Seattle were approached and likely targeted because they were gay through a gay social media app.

The last man killed, the N.J. student, was not killed because he was gay; he was just set upon in his car while he was driving.

WH Tries To Explain Why It Was OK To Negotiate With Terrorists For Bergdahl But Not James Foley… Failure Ensues…


ISIS wanted to exchange Foley for Aafia Siddiqui which would have made the two exchanges nearly identical.

Via PJM:

White House deputy press secretary Eric Schultz was asked at today’s press briefing why the administration was unwilling to negotiate with terrorists in James Foley’s case, yet traded five Taliban for the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

“I think, again, what the president made clear at the time of the Guantanamo transfer was that his commitment to the men and women that serve overseas is a bedrock one, that we will leave no man or woman behind. That’s what he was keeping faith with, and that’s something that’s unshakeable for him,” Schultz said.

“As we’ve made previously clear, the administration determined that it was lawful to proceed with a transfer in order to protect the life of a U.S. servicemember held captive and in danger for almost five years, notwithstanding that Congress did not receive the 30 days’ notice. Again, we disagree with GAO’s conclusion and we reject the implication that the administration acted unlawfully.”

A brother and sister of the slain journalist told Katie Couric that the U.S. could have done more to free Foley, including considering a $100 million ransom demand made by ISIS before his death. But Michael Foley also appeared to reference the Bergdahl swap.

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DNC Chief Wasserman Schultz: Illegal Immigrants Are “Part Of The Backbone Of Our Economy”…

Does Debbie ever thinks before she speaks?

HT: Freedom’s Lighthouse