Christian Bureaucrats At Duke Behind Controversial Broadcast Of Islamic Prayer…


Via Daily Caller:

Last month, as part of a bid to promote religious pluralism on campus, Duke University’s iconic, 200-foot-tall Duke Chapel was going to be the site of a series of calls to Islamic prayer to be broadcast on Friday afternoons.

That plan was rescinded at the last minute after massive public outrage.

But wait! There’s so much more! An impressively thorough investigation in The Chronicle, Duke’s student newspaper, shows that employees of Duke Chapel’s Christian and interfaith ministries came up with the idea to transmit the Islamic call to prayer on the campus.

The Christian-hatched plan was formulated back in September because, advocates for the sounding of the Muslim prayer call proclaimed, the stately Duke Chapel has traditionally accommodated events for a diverse array of religious groups and student groups.

“The idea of a call to prayer from the Chapel tower is just a continuation of what already has been,” Luke Powery, dean on the Chapel, told The Chronicle.

Powery — Rev. Dr. Powery — is an associate professor at Duke Divinity School. He was ordained by the Progressive National Baptist Convention, The College Fix notes.

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More From The Global Warming Files: February Coldest NYC Month In 80 Years

Save the Polar Bears!

Via NY Times:

It will end. Allegedly.

It will get warmer. One day. Someday.

Won’t it?

We have reached the 69th day of winter. It seems like the 6,669th. Pretty much the same nonsense is reprised day after day. Miserable, punishing, obnoxious, teeth-rattling, bone-numbing weather. Unmitigated, merciless, are-you-kidding-me cold.

New Yorkers cannot recall the last time they walked with their eyes trained forward, rather than watching for ice patches waiting to send them flying, which leaves them vulnerable to ice sliding off buildings from above. And in the evenings the snowplows screech past, drowning out the television in the middle of a Letterman cold joke.

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Facebook Adds “Fill In The Blank” Gender Option Because The Current 58 Gender Identities Wasn’t Enough…


No words.

Via Truth Revolt:

Facebook has determined that the 58 gender identity options it offers to users is not enough. In part in response to guidance from the transgender community, the social media giant has added a 59th option: “fill in the blank.”

“Now, if you do not identify with the pre-populated list of gender identities, you are able to add your own,” Facebook announced online Thursday morning.

Last year, Facebook dramatically expanded the options for gender to include Neither, Transgender, Intersex, and Gender Fluid, among scores of others. But the social media site has decided that the even those might not satisfy its users’ self-identification needs.

One of the transgender members of the Facebook team who created the new option said that they hoped the move would “open up the dialogue” about gender. ABC News reports:

Facebook software engineer Ari Chivukula, who identifies as transgender and was part of the team that made the free-form option, thinks the change will lead to more widespread acceptance of people who don’t identify themselves as a man or woman.

“We’re hoping this will open up the dialogue,” Chivukula said.

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Leonard Nimoy On The Secret Jewish Origins Of Spock

Do you think Obama knew about the Jewish blessing he was giving when he flipped the Live Long and Prosper Sign?


Spock may have been half-human and half-Vulcan, but Leonard Nimoy was all Jew. His parents were Ukrainian Jewish immigrants, and they raised him in the Orthodox tradition — and that meant regular visits to his local synagogue in the Boston area.

When he was a boy, he had a particularly profound experience during one such visit: At a point in the service when he was supposed to cover his eyes, he peeked out and saw some men performing a prayer that included a hand gesture that is familiar to geeks everywhere as the Vulcan Salute.

A few years ago, Nimoy recounted the whole story to the Wexler Oral History project, and it’s well worth a watch. We’re saying a mourner’s kaddish for you, Leonard.

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ISIS On Verge Of Defeat! Obama State Department Goes On “Twitter Offensive”…

We’re coming for you Caliph al-Baghdadi!

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 3.45.07 PM

‘Vandalism’ In Arizona Shuts Down Internet, Cellphone And Telephone Service Across The State

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 6.51.30 AM

Complaining about water quality can be terrorism, but this, this is just ‘vandals’, read in the effort, planning and time it would take to do this…

Via WFB:

Cellphone, Internet, and telephone services across half of Arizona went dark on Wednesday after vandals sliced a sensitive fiber optic cable, according to those familiar with the situation. The incident is raising concerns about the safety of U.S. infrastructure.

The outage shut down critical services across large parts of the state, preventing individuals from using their phones, bank and ATM cards, and the Internet. Critical services, such as police and state government databases, as well as banks and hospitals, also were affected as a result of the vandalism.

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Top Iranian Cleric Vows To “Raise The Flag Of Islam Over The White House”…

White House

I can’t see Obama having a problem with that.

Via JPost:

A senior Iranian cleric with close ties to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei vowed on Friday that “we will raise the flag of Islam over the White House” in response to the killing of Hezbollah and Revolutionary Guards operatives on the Golan Heights last month.

According to foreign media, Israeli attack helicopters killed six Hezbollah terrorists along with six Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) operatives, including a high-ranking general.

Among the Hezbollah operatives killed in the strike was Jihad Mougniyeh, the son of Hezbollah’s former military leader, Imad Moughniyeh, who according to Western intelligence sources, was in the midst of setting up a terrorism base on the Syrian Golan and plotting rocket attacks, bombings, anti-tank missile strikes, and cross-border infiltrations against Israel.

The cleric, Ali Shirazi, made the remarks to the official Revolutionary Guards web site. His comments were reported by the Saudi-owned news network Al Arabiya.

Jen Psaki On Islamists Hacking American Writer Avijit Roy To Death: We Have No Idea Why He Was Killed


Ah, Jen Psaki, festival of fail, we will miss her in this role…

American writer Avijit Roy was hacked to death on the street, his wife who was with him was also attacked when she tried to defend him. She survived. Ansar Bangla, an Islamist group, has claimed responsibility. Roy had written critically of Islamic radicals and had been on their hit list for years.

Those are all known facts.

Yet you’d never know it from Psaki’s statement. Here’s the full statement to reporters in all its brief glory. One scant paragraph, that’s all an American life is worth to the Obama regime. Then “With that, Matt”, we’re done, and it’s on to congratulations to one of the reporter’s friends for getting married soon.

MS. PSAKI: On Bangladesh, the United States condemns in the strongest terms the brutal murder of Avijit Roy, which was horrific in its brutality and cowardice. Avijit was a journalist, a humanist, a husband, and a friend, and we extend our condolences to his family and friends. He was taken from us in a shocking act of violence. This was not just an attack against a person, but a cowardly assault on the universal principles enshrined in Bangladesh’s constitution and the country’s proud tradition of free intellectual and religious discourse.

With that, Matt.

QUESTION: All right. Well, just on the Bangladesh —

MS. PSAKI: Oh, can I add one more thing?


MS. PSAKI: We have a couple of friends in the back here – hello – who are visiting with us today. So we have two ladies, Jennifer and Ali, visiting, and Joe, who is one of Ryan’s friends, who is also getting married soon.

Okay. Go ahead, Matt.

QUESTION: So on the Bangladesh murder —


QUESTION: — does the – is the Administration at a point where it can ascribe any kind of motive to this? Do you believe that it was anything more than just a murder? It certainly seems that the circumstances surrounding it would indicate that it is.

MS. PSAKI: We don’t have more information at this point. We, of course, will provide consular assistance as is appropriate. We’re also – stand ready to assist in the investigation if asked. Clearly, we know his background, which was why I outlined it, but don’t have anything to ascribe in terms of a motive in this case.

Of course, absolutely no mention of the “I” word. No mention of the claim of responsibility by Islamists. Not even an empty promise of retaliation.

More Lois Lerner Emails Revealed: “No One Will Believe Your Hard Drive And Mine Crashed Within A Week”

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 8.13.00 PM

We reported on the finding of the emails yesterday. The above email was one of the new ones found.

The audacity of the IRS cover-up just takes your breath away in this video where Jason Chaffetz asks Inspector Timothy Camus about his search for the tapes.

According to the Blaze:

Chaffetz was stunned when he asked Camus if anyone from the IRS had ever asked for the backup tapes and he replied, “No.”

“We send a subpoena, we send letters, we have hearings, we hear all kinds of excuses from the IRS,” Chaffetz said. “Every excuse you can have under the sun — you find them in two weeks, and then when you go talk to the IT people who are there in charge of them, they told you that they were never even asked for them. Is that correct?”

“That is correct,” Camus replied.

Breaking: Senate Passes Short-Term Bill To Fund DHS For A Week

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.13.29 PM

So we’ll be back here again next week.

Via The Hill:

Senators voted Friday night to pass a short-term spending bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), less than four hours before the department runs out of money.

The eleventh-hour effort, which passed by unanimous consent, would fund the department for one week.

The Senate passed the bill after a push by House Republican leadership to take up a three-week spending bill failed. More than 50 Republicans voted against the legislation, setting off a hours-long scramble to try to figure out how to prevent a shutdown.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) appeared on the Senate floor to announce the one-week measure.

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Lib Hack Group Media Matters Doing Everything They Can To Get O’Reilly Fired…

David Brock

These trolls really need to find a hobby.

Via Truth Revolt:

Media Matters For America (MMFA), the George Soros-funded progressive media watchdog, smells blood: Bill O’ Reilly’s blood. MMFA head David Brock is having his staff go all out to end the Fox anchor’s TV show.

At issue are the charges made by David Corn of Mother Jones Magazine that Bill O’ Reilly exaggerated the personal danger he faced when he covered the Falklands war from Buenos Aires, calling it a war zone. O’ Reilly says the riots in Buenos Aires were a war zone and all reporters including him were in danger. Embedded above is some of the video taken by O’Reilly during the Buenos Aries riots.

According to Politico’s Dylan Byers

“It’s all hands on deck,” Brock told the On Media blog on Thursday. “This is a moving target. We’re not done.”

Media Matters, which is based in Washington, employs roughly 45 researchers. According to Bradley Beychok, the group’s president, all of these researchers have been tasked with helping the effort to expose past instances in which O’Reilly lied about his personal experiences. Beychok runs the day-to-day operations, but Brock said he checks in “multiple times a day” to weigh in and give advice.

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Leonard Nimoy Dies And White House Remembers By Posting Pic Of…Barack Obama

Lovely to see Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura), but as we know it is always and only about Obama in his narcissistic glory.

People only exist in relation to Obama, as we can see in this press release on the death of Leonard Nimoy.

Click on tweet to enlarge:

Breaking: Russian Opposition Leader, Fierce Putin Critic, Shot Dead In Center Of Moscow…Update: 2/10 “I Am A Bit Afraid Putin Will Kill Me”…Update: Police Reportedly Ransacking Nemtsov’s Home

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 5.14.03 PM

Critics tend to end up in jail or under the ground.


Russian news agencies say prominent opposition politician and former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov has been shot dead in Moscow.

The Interfax news agency cited a law enforcement source as saying that Nemtsov was shot four times by an unidentified assailant late in the evening on February 27 and died of his injuries.

Interfax said it did could not independently verify the report.

Nemtsov’s fellow Kremlin critic Ilya Yashin said on Twitter that Nemtsov was shot and is “dead.”

Once considered a potential successor to Russia’s first post-Soviet president, Boris Yeltsin, Nemstov became an opposition politician and fierce critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin.



Wonder if they were searching for more names of people who are critical of Putin. Nemtsov had been encouraging people to attend a protest against Putin on Sunday.

Rand Paul Plans To Introduce The “Largest Tax Cut In American History”…


Presidential politics.

Via Washington Examiner:

OXON HILL, Md. — Sen. Rand Paul promised a crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday that he will soon “propose the largest tax cut in American history.”

“I propose we cut everyone’s taxes, from the richest to the poorest,” Paul said.

Paul’s senior adviser Doug Stafford did not have further details to offer on Paul’s tax-cut proposal, but said it would be ready in “a few weeks.”

As Paul gears up to run for president, with plans to make his candidacy official in early April, he has had no problem attracting support from libertarians, who showed up Friday as usual to cheer Paul at CPAC.

But tailoring his message to a broader Republican audience has presented more of a challenge. Pushing for lower taxes, a well-loved cornerstone of Republican policy, might help him square that circle.

He didn’t need to moderate his message Friday, however. Paul spoke to an audience of devoted, libertarian supporters who populate CPAC each year. He hit on many favorite libertarian topics, including opposition to NSA spying and term limits for congressional lawmakers and federal judges.

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Islamists Hacked Writer To Death Specifically Because He Was American, In Retaliation For Strikes Against ISIS

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 6.45.27 PM

Update to this story. Stock statement from Obama regime, “horrific, brutal, cowardly” (but certainly not Islamic). No vow of retaliation, like King Abdullah of Jordan on behalf of one of his soldiers. American citizen killed because he is American, oh well, too bad…

Via Daily Mail:

This is the moment a prominent Bangladeshi-American blogger was hacked to death in the street by militant Muslims after denouncing religious extremism.
Dr Avijit Roy, 42, from Atlanta, Georgia, was jumped by the gang of machete-wielding assailants last night in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh – leaving his injured wife standing over his bleeding body. He is well-known in Bangladesh for his outspoken atheism.

An obscure militant group, Ansar Bangla 7, claimed responsibility for the attack, which it said was in retaliation for his ‘crime against Islam’.
The extremists also said he was singled out because he is a U.S. citizen – and characterized the vicious killing as ‘revenge’ for attacks on ISIS in Syria.

Police said at least two men, who are believed to have links to Dhaka University, attacked Roy around 8.45pm and landed three strong, deliberate blows to the right side of his head.

They turned on his wife, Rafida Ahmed, when she tried to save him, then fled into the crowd, dumping their weapons as they ran. Police have expressed shock that extremists struck at a university book fair, which was heavily guarded.

Witnesses have even said officers and bystanders were there during the murder – but did nothing. Several onlookers told Al-Jazeera nobody intervened in the brazen attack, while even police chiefs had said they were baffled that a man could be murdered so close to the heavily-guarded area.

The United States today said the murder was ‘horrific in its brutality and cowardice’ and represents an attack on the ‘principles’ of Bangladesh.

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FCC Commissioner On Net Neutrality: This Document Is Worse Than You Can Imagine…


“When you see this document, it’s worse than you imagine.” Wonderful.

Via The Guardian:

Republicans invoked Star Wars’s evil galactic emperor in their attacks on new broadband regulations on Friday, warning that the public and Silicon Valley were in for an unpleasant surprise.

Quoting Emperor Palpatine, Republican Ajit Pai, a member of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), said: “Young fool … Only now, at the end, do you understand.”

Meme wars between the two sides of the debate continued through the day, as internet advocates Fight for the Future, Demand Progress and Free Press flew an airplane towing a 2,000 square foot banner over the towering corporate headquarters of the cable giant Comcast, in Philadelphia.

The victory banner depicted the feline internet star Grumpy Cat and the legend: “Comcast: Don’t Mess With the Internet. #SorryNotSorry.”

Referring to Pai’s comments Evan Greer, campaigns director at Fight for the Future, said: “What they didn’t know is that when they struck down the last rules we would come back more powerful than they could possibly imagine.”

Pai and fellow Republican FCC commissioner Mike O’Rielly, who have been consistent critics of the FCC’s new rules, said once they are published people will realise that they will stifle innovation and lead to taxes and increased rates for the public.

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Harry Reid (Dingy-NV), Minority Leader Wants To Practice Bipartisanship And Come Together For The Good Of The Country….


The future is so bright Harry has to wear shades.

Reid Sunglasses

HT Roll Call

Gowdy Introduces Immigration Bill To Defund Obama’s Executive Amnesty…

Trey Gowdy

Via Daily Caller:

South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy has introduced an immigration bill to defund President Obama’s executive amnesty and expedite the removal of criminal aliens from U.S. soil.

Named after Michael Davis, Jr., a sheriff’s deputy in California who was killed in the line of duty last year by an illegal immigrant, Gowdy’s bill would also provide a work-around for state and local governments to reinforce federal immigration laws while also implementing an annual review of the executive branch’s use of prosecutorial discretion in immigration cases.

“If we are serious about finding a long term solution to our immigration system, we must address interior enforcement,” Gowdy, the Republican chairman of the Immigration and Border Security Subcommittee, said in a statement announcing the measure.

“This bill, which is one part of the Committee’s step-by-step process to address our broken immigration system, will ensure we do not repeat the mistakes of the past and help us earn back the trust of the American public,” he added.

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British University ‘Jihadi John’ Attended Is ‘Hot Bed Of Radicalism’ Where Students Even Celebrated 9/11

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 6.19.52 PM

So speakers will be disinvited if they say threatening things about gay people, but not if they celebrate radicalism in general.

Via Daily Mail:

Jihadi John’s former university was a ‘hotbed of radicalism’ where students ‘celebrated 9/11′, it has been claimed.
A former student has lifted the lid on his time at the University of Westminster – as a talk by a Muslim extremist has been postponed due to ‘security concerns’.

Haitham al-Haddad was set to speak tonight, but the event will not go ahead as planned after it was revealed ‘Jihadi John’ studied computer programming at the university.

Today, the terrorist was named as a university graduate from London who was able to flee to Syria despite being on an MI5 terror watch list.

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DHS Secretary Can’t Cite Any Law Authorizing Obama To Give Illegal Aliens Social Security Numbers…

Jeh Johnson

Of course he can’t.

Via CNS News:

( – When asked to do so at a Thursday press briefing, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson failed to cite any law that authorized President Barack Obama to give Social Security Numbers to illegal aliens. asked Johnson: “A federal court in Texas v. United States has said giving an illegal alien a Social Security Number is not an act of prosecutorial discretion. What specific law gives the president the authority to give a Social Security Number to a foreign national in the country illegally?”

Rather than answer the question, Johnson instead noted that the administration has appealed the court’s injunction against the administration’s unilateral action on immigration.

He said: “Well, that’s a case that’s on appeal right now. We disagree with the district court’s decision but that’s what appellate courts are for. We’ve appealed the decision. We’re asking for a stay of the injunction. We went to the district judge first and the matter will be resolved in a few days. So that’s in litigation. I believe that the injunction will be reversed in a matter of time.”

Obama’s Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents Program (DAPA) would grant work permits and Social Security Numbers to as many as five million illegal aliens.

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