Planned Parenthood Says It Will Spend $3 Million In Texas To Elect Democrats…

Blood money.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The political arm of Planned Parenthood expects to spend $3 million to support Texas Democrats in the 2014 general election, a move that has raised concerns from anti-abortion activists about whether they can match that sort of money in a fight to attract women voters.

Cecile Richards, president of the national advocacy group Planned Parenthood Votes, said the effort aims to draw differences between Democrat Wendy Davis and Republican Greg Abbott, the state attorney general, in the campaign for governor.

“When women have a chance to know the difference between candidates, they won’t vote for someone who is against them,” Richards told the San Antonio Express-News.

Planned Parenthood organizers said they want an aggressive field program to reach more than 300,000 women through phone banks, door-to-door visits, direct mail, social media and radio and online advertising.

DOD Resumes Transferring Military Vehicles To Law Enforcement

Johnson County MRAP

DOD retains the vehicle titles to circumvent EPA regulations.

Via Military Times

The Defense Department has resumed transferring excess military vehicles to civilian emergency personnel after reaching an agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency, said Jeffrey Curtis, executive director, logistics operations support for the Defense Logistics Agency.

The 2.5- and 5-ton trucks, Humvees and Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles run on diesel engines that do not meet EPA requirements, but the Defense Department has a national security exemption allowing it to use the vehicles, Curtis said. The DLA temporarily halted transfer of the vehicles to first responders on June 19 after becoming aware that the exemption did not carry over once the vehicles were given to first responders.

This prompted a group of 25 lawmakers led by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., to write a July 10 letter to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel saying that the equipment was badly needed by firefighters and other emergency personnel.

“While we understand that DoD and EPA may be close to resolving this issue, we respectfully request that you provide us with your specific course of action for rescinding the restrictions placed on both the FEPP and FPP programs and clarify any vehicle title concerns raised by state foresters and law enforcement agencies,” the letter says.

Curtis said the EPA has allowed the flow of vehicles to emergency personnel to resume because the Defense Logistics Agency agreed to keep the titles indefinitely. Thus, the vehicles retain their exemption from EPA standards after they are given away.

The agreement should not delay when the vehicles can be provided to emergency personnel, nor should it limit what types of vehicles can be transferred, Curtis said.

Biden’s Wife Urged Him To Take VP Slot Because She Was “Angry At George Bush”…

Wait, does Jill know her husband voted for the Iraq war?

Via New Yorker:

[A]fter Obama secured the nomination, he called Biden to ask if he would allow himself to be vetted for Vice-Presidential consideration. Biden declined, asking his aides, Can anyone even name Lincoln’s Vice-President? But Jill Biden urged him to reconsider. She told me, “I was angry at George Bush for getting us into that war. To me, it was so senseless.” She had pushed her husband to run for President, because, she said, “You’ve got to end that war.” Now the Vice-Presidency was another chance. Moreover, she added, “Joe started out in politics because of civil rights. And then for this to evolve and then come to this historic moment, with the first black man ever elected to be President of the United States, and for Joe to be a major part of that, I thought was really almost a fairy tale.” There was only one problem. “What was it going to be like to be No. 2?” she said. “And for him to be supporting someone else’s positions?” Biden had never worked for anyone, and he was not sure he could. He told a friend about the decisive conversation with his wife. He asked her, “How am I going to handle this?” To which she replied, “Grow up.”

Libyan Islamists Behead Filipino Man For Not Being a Muslim…


So glad we helped “liberate” these people.

(AFP) – Suspected militiamen have beheaded a Philippine worker in Libya after singling him out because he was not a Muslim, the Philippine Foreign Department said.

Department spokesman Charles Jose said this reinforced the government’s order to all Filipinos to evacuate the country because of the worsening security situation.

He told reporters the Filipino construction worker was kidnapped on July 15 and his beheaded remains were found in a hospital on July 20.

“The vehicle he was riding in was stopped in a checkpoint. There were three of them– a Libyan, a Pakistani and a Filipino — and he was allegedly singled out because he was non-Muslim,” said Jose.

Real ID Act To Begin To Affect Arizonans


Feds are cracking down on photo ID for travel and access to Federal buildings. Travel suppression via a backdoor tax.

Via AZ Central

Arizona lawmakers told the federal government in 2008 that the state would not cooperate in the Real ID Act, a post-9/11 law meant to make it harder for terrorists to obtain fake IDs.

The first fallout from the decision could begin to be felt in Arizona on Monday.

Residents of states that have not complied with the Real ID Act — Arizona is one of 11 such states — will not be able to use their driver’s licenses to get into restricted areas of federal facilities and nuclear power plants.

In January, the list of areas requiring a second form of identification, like a passport, will expand to include all federal facilities that require identification. Ultimately, the restriction could apply to people trying to board a plane, although that will not come until at least 2016, and only after a Department of Homeland Security evaluation.

It might be time for the state to revisit the Real ID issue before then, said Rep. Debbie McCune Davis, D-Glendale.

“It becomes a real problem when we start talking about travel and air travel, because you’re going to need to have a valid ID,” she said. “That’s going to put a burden on the average citizen to have a passport in addition to a state-issued ID in order to meet these requirements.”

None of that was on the minds of lawmakers in 2008 when they approved House Bill 2677, which then-Gov. Janet Napolitano signed and which prohibits the state from becoming Real ID-compliant.

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Obama On Mooch: “You Don’t Want To Get On Her Wrong Side”…


And he has the bruises to prove it.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Sometimes African Americans, in communities where I’ve worked, there’s been the notion of “acting white” — which sometimes is overstated, but there’s an element of truth to it, where, okay, if boys are reading too much, then, well, why are you doing that? Or why are you speaking so properly? And the notion that there’s some authentic way of being black, that if you’re going to be black you have to act a certain way and wear a certain kind of clothes, that has to go. Because there are a whole bunch of different ways for African American men to be authentic.

If you look at Michele, she grew up South Side. And her mom still lives in a neighborhood where gunshots go off, and it can be rough where Michelle grew up. But she’ll talk proper when she needs to. Now, you also don’t want to get on her wrong side, because she can translate that into a different vernacular.

Oklahoma Governor: ICE Sent Us 1,200 Illegal Alien Children – Including 90 From India

Microsoft has requested H1B Visas for the 90 from India.


Governor Mary Fallin (R-OK) told Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures that the feds sent 1,200 illegal immigrant children to Oklahoma to hold for 120 days. 90 of those illegal children were from India.

“Because they are children, we want them to be fed, and have appropriate medical care, certainly be safe within the facilities, and they’re segregated. BUt, one of the things I’ve heard since they’ve been there and it was reported while I was there actually, that there were not only El Salvadoran children, and Honduras, and Guatemala, but there were 90 children reported to be from India that were actually at the facility. And, one of the case workers told my secretary of health that we had people there besides South American children.”

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Dem Rep. Joe Garcia: “We Don’t Have A Border Security Problem”…

Rep. Joe Garcia

You may remember Joe Garcia as the Congressman who thinks ear wax tastes delicious.

Via Red Alert:

Congressman Joe Garcia (D-Fla.) doesn’t think the United States has a border security issue despite the fact that over 57,000 children have already crossed the southern border into the country illegally this year.

“We don’t have a border security problem,” Garcia, who is a member of the Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security, said recently on The Bill Press Show.

He explained that these kids successfully penetrating the border have simply found “a loophole in the immigration system.” Garcia insisted that the border has been adequately “tightened” so as to stop adult immigrants from crossing into the United States.

“We’ve tightened the border so much that  putting 250-pound Joe Garcia in northern Texas from Mexico is hard work,” detailed the congressman. “There are so many ways that you can be tripped up, so many places you can be caught.”

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CNN Poll: 57% Back Israel’s Use Of Military Force Against Hamas…

Democrats being the only group where a majority did not back Israel.

Washington (CNN) – A majority of Americans say Israel’s military actions in Gaza are justified, with only four in 10 saying that Israel has used too much force, according to a new national poll.

According to the poll, 57% of the public said the Israeli actions against Hamas, the Palestinian organization that runs Gaza, are justified, with just over a third saying they are unjustified.

Forty-three percent of those questioned said Israel’s using about the right amount of force, with 12% saying they’re not using enough. Nearly four in 10 said Israel is using too much force in Gaza.

“Attitudes toward Israeli military action have been extremely stable over the years,” said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “In 2012, an identical 57% thought that Israel’s actions against Hamas in Gaza were justified. And in 2009, the number of Americans who felt that way was only a few points higher, at 63%.”

“Support for U.S. military aid to Israel also remains fairly stable, with almost two-thirds of Americans saying that U.S. assistance to Israel should be increased or kept the same,” Holland added.

If the bloodshed continues for a while, don’t be surprised if some partisan bickering over the fighting in Gaza breaks out in the United States as the poll suggests a partisan divide.

Forty-five percent of Democrats questioned said that Israeli’s military actions in Gaza are justified. That number jumps to 56% among independents and 73% among Republicans.

Family Considers Killing 10-Year-Old Daughter After Mullah Rapes Her In Afghanistan Mosque


Silence from the State Department, NOW and Code Pink.

Via National Post

It was bad enough that the alleged rape took place in the sanctity of a mosque and that the accused man was a mullah who invoked the familiar defence that it had been consensual sex.

But the victim was only 10 years old. And there was more: The authorities said her family members openly planned to carry out an honour killing in the case – against the young girl. The mullah offered to marry his victim instead.

This past week, the awful matter became even worse. On Tuesday, local policemen removed the girl from the shelter that had given her refuge and returned her to her family, despite complaints from women’s activists that she was likely to be killed.

The case has broader repercussions. The head of the Women for Afghan Women shelter here where the girl took refuge, Dr. Hassina Sarwari, was at one point driven into hiding by death threats from the girl’s family and other mullahs, who sought to play down the crime by arguing the girl was much older than 10. One militia commander sent Sarwari threatening texts and an ultimatum to return the girl to her family. The doctor said she now wanted to flee Afghanistan.

The head of the women’s affairs office in Kunduz, Nederah Geyah, who actively campaigned to have the young girl protected from her family and the mullah prosecuted, resigned May 21 and moved to another part of the country.

The case itself would just be an aberrant atrocity, except that the resulting support for the mullah, and for the girl’s family and its honour killing plans, have become emblematic of a broader failure to help Afghan women who have been victims of violence.

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Number of Fundraisers Obama Will Hit Over Next Three Days: Six…

Will bring the total number of fundraisers Obama has attended since taking office to 400.

Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 8.09.14 PM

La Raza President: “Un-American” Anti-Illegal Immigration Protesters “Cloaked Their Hatred In Patriotism”…

La Raza President Janet Muguía spoke today at their annual conference where she smeared Americans opposed to the flood of illegals as racists.

Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 8.49.23 PM

Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 8.49.43 PM

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Senator Manchin Under Obama, The World Doesn’t Know What the United States Stands For

Will Lurch call Manchin out to the yacht club?


Senator Joe Manchin (D., W. Va.) doesn’t think Hillary Clinton will have an easy time securing the Democratic nomination for president in 2016.

“There’s a lot of good people,” Manchin said Sunday morning on Decision Makers, an in-state news show. “You’re going to see a lot. It’s going to be, I think, an exciting time, I think, more so than people think.”

That prediction came after several minutes of Manchin fielding questions about whether or not he would be one of the people standing in Clinton’s way.

As Manchin discussed the possibility of running for president in 2016, he described how the United States needs better leadership on the world stage than President Obama is delivering before finally saying that he thinks his candidacy would be a “reach” for him.

“It’s very flattering that people in some of the key states are taking it seriously, and they’re out there looking,” Manchin said.

“We should be looking at the future, we should have a vision for the future, we should be able to help the world, but we should be taking care of ourself and making ourself strong first. And you lead by example,” he continued. “We’re not leading. We’re just getting pulled in all different directions and there’s not a clarity of who is the United States of America and what do they stand for.”

Manchin emphasized that he’s a good leader. “I’ve never been afraid to make decisions because I’ve always tried to make things better and fix things,” he told host Bray Cary. “I’ve made a lot of mistakes and with that I’ve said, ‘listen, if I make a mistake I’m making it trying to make it better and I can fix that.’”

The former governor then seemed to allude to President Obama when he said that people can accept such candor about mistakes. “What they can’t accept is when you cover it up and you won’t admit it,” he said.

Manchin paid his respects to Hillary Clinton, saying she has “all the qualities” needed in a president, with one caution.

“I just hope that they don’t push her so far being somebody she’s not,” he said. “You’ve got to find a leader who knows how to lead.”

Manchin said he’s “not serious about running,” though. “On a national ticket, it would be a pretty far reach probably for me.”

American Muslim Group Leader Praises Killing Of Israeli Soldiers As A “Beautiful Site”…


But don’t worry, I’m sure he’s still a “moderate.”

Via IPT:

The group American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) does not shy away from its support for the terrorist organization Hamas. The group’s National Campus Coordinator, Taher Herzallah, recently posted Palestine TV photos of injured Israeli soldiers and a destroyed tank to his personal Facebook page. The caption for both photos read: “The most beautiful site in my eyes.” It appears that this post has been removed.

Herzallah proudly lists being part of the ‘Irvine 11′, a group of students arrested after orchestrating a plan to shut down a speech by then-Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren’s 2010 speech at UC Irvine, in his biography.

In another recent Facebook comment, Herzallah justified Hamas rocket fire aimed at Israeli civilians, saying that “in order for them [Israeli society] to feel any compulsion or urge to end the occupation, they need to feel that they are in an abnormal situation. In that regard, Hamas’ rockets are effective even though they don’t kill anyone.”

San Fran Moonbats And Muslims Rally To Support Hamas, Accuse Israel of “Genocide”…

Which probably isn’t all that shocking considering San Fran is the moonbat capital of America.

Via SF Gate:

Chanting “Free Palestine” and accusing Israel of genocide, a large, diverse crowd of Arab Americans and antiwar demonstrators marched in San Francisco late Sunday afternoon to protest the ongoing military action in Gaza and the escalating ground offensive by Israeli troops.

At one point, the protesters sat down in the middle of Market Street at Fourth Street and read the names of victims of the nearly 2-week-old conflict, including their ages and the circumstances of their deaths.

Despite the size of the demonstration, the atmosphere was relatively orderly. The crowd, marching with a police escort, was vocal and impassioned but remained peaceful. The participants included families with young children.

Journalist In Gaza Reports Seeing Hamas Drag Queen Unit

Hamas drag queens

Obama calls Bibi to tell him to stop killing women. Update to this story.

Via The Algemeiner

Janis Mackey Frayer, a correspondent for Canada’s CTV now based in Gaza, on Sunday reported seeing a Hamas fighter dressed in woman’s clothing in Shuja’iya, the scene of heavy fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas.

“Inside Shejaiyya we also saw several #Hamas gunmen. One passed dressed in a woman’s headscarf… tip of a gun poked out from under cloak”, Frayer wrote.

At the time of publication her post had been re-tweeted 488 times and “Favorited” 95 times.

The tweet elicited tens of responses, some supportive and others critical.

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Dem Rep. Luis Gutierrez: We Need Amnesty To “Punish” Americans Opposed To Illegal Immigration…

Luis Gutierrez

Because isn’t spite the best reason to pass legislation?

Via Breitbart:

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) believes Hispanics should get amnesty and citizenship to punish Americans who are against illegal immigration. [...]

“We need to raise our voices, make ourselves citizens, sign up to vote and punish those who speak ill and criminalize children who come to our border,” Gutierrez reportedly said in Spanish this weekend.

Dem Rep. Joaquin Castro Accuses Gov. Perry of “Militarizing Our Border” By Deploying National Guard…

Over exaggerate much?

Via Politico:

Texas Rep. Joaquín Castro on Monday said Gov. Rick Perry’s is “militarizing our border” with his reported decision to deploy state National Guard troops there.

“We should be sending the Red Cross to the border not the National Guard to deal with this humanitarian crisis,” the Democratic congressman said in an email. “The children fleeing violence in Central America are seeking out border patrol agents. They are not trying to evade them. Why send soldiers to confront these kids?”

“Militarizing our border is the wrong response to the arrival of children,” Castro continued. “I remain hopeful that our state can provide a more helpful response than to send armed soldiers to greet children seeking refuge from violence.”

Castro was responding to a report from The Monitor that Perry is planning to deploy up to 1,000 Texas National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border.

“At 2pm CDT today, Gov. Rick Perry will hold a press conference to discuss activating up to 1,000 National Guard troops to secure the Texas-Mexico border,” he wrote in a Facebook post on Monday.

White House Slams Story For Using Anonymous Sources, Apparently Forgets They Have An Anonymous Source Call Later In The Day…


Amateur hour at the White House continues.

Via BuzzFeed:

A press briefing between reporters and White House press secretary Josh Earnest got testy Monday as reporters pushed back against the White House’s criticism of a Washington Post story for relying on anonymous administration sources.

“The lead of that story is hooked entirely to anonymous sources,” Earnest said of the Post report that Obama aides were warned of coming influx Central American minors into the United States. “That’s just a fact.”

“You criticize anonymous sources, but we have anonymous sources from you all every day. In fact, I think we have a call today. How can you criticize that when that’s all you give us everyday except for the briefing,” McClatchy White House reporter Anita Kumar said.

Earnest replied the White House was committed to doing an on-the-record briefing every day.

“You’re also committed to anonymous sources. I’m just saying a reporter interjected.”

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University of Illinois Professor Blames Jews For Anti-Semitism…

People like this are a dime a dozen in academia.

Via Daily Caller:

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has continued its bizarre quest to employ as many disgusting scumbags as possible by acquiring the services of Steven Salaita, a leading light in the movement among similarly obscure academics to boycott Israel.

Salaita, who has announced that he is moving to the Big 10 bastion in the fall, is a world-class Israel hater on Twitter.

The balding, bespectacled professor recently unleashed this amazing gem blaming “Zionists” — a term that fell out of favor sometime during the Eisenhower administration — for Jew-bashing.

Salaita’s Twitter feed has been a parade of foul-mouthed, Israel-bashing tweets for many moons now, observes William A. Jacobson, the Cornell University law professor who runs Legal Insurrection. [...]

Salaita has managed to turn his anti-Israel screeds into a job promotion. Until the end of this academic year, he was an associate professor of English at taxpayer-funded Virginia Tech, a school known for math and science. This fall, he will join the American Indian Studies Department at the taxpayer-funded University of Illinois.

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