Must be nice.

(Roll Call) — Looming government shutdowns, confidence-shaking debt limit standoffs and divisive payroll tax melees may rattle rank-and-file Members. But absolutely nothing stops the impeccably coiffed House Minority Leader from tending to her famous ’do.

California Democrat Nancy Pelosi starts each and every morning with a quick trip to her daily hair appointment at the Four Seasons Salon, George.

Pelosi’s hair stylist dished to HOH about her routine trips, which occur five days a week and consist of blow-drying and styling. Occasional splurges include color, highlights and a trim. The Four Seasons, however, claimed no responsibility for the shorter cut she debuted a few months back.

From the George at the Four Seasons Salon website:

So a conservative estimate of $50/day X 5 = $250/week and over 52 weeks comes out to $13,000 a year!