Every time Obama speaks I feel like spewing, he’s human Ipecac.

Drew –

Have you heard the garbage Republicans have been spewing about President Obama’s State of the Union speech?

Let’s take this opportunity to show the full force of our grassroots strength and unite behind President Obama.

Help us hit our $500,000 grassroots goal before the January FEC deadline hits with a contribution of just $3 today.

Republicans want President Obama’s State of the Union speech on Tuesday to be his last.

They’re determined to make him a one-term President — and will stop at nothing to make it happen. We know they will use Karl Rove and the Koch brothers’ dirty money to fund their stealth campaigns attacking the President and Democrats across the country.

With your support, we’ll be ready to take them on.

Can we count on you?


Thank you for everything you do.


Rep. Steve Israel
DCCC Chairman