It’s almost like Harry Reid is ignoring the fact that Obama had a super-majority in Congress for more than half his term.

Via Red Alert Politics:

This morning’s release of the recent jobs report numbers report this morning shows the lowest unemployment in 44 months and predictably, the Left is celebrating the news. But even though unemployment has dipped below eight percent, one prominent Democrat is slamming Republicans for obstructionist tactics that he claims contributed to this still high number.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) issued a series of tweets this morning reacting to the latest jobs report and most of his comments were positive. But amidst his celebratory tweets about the economy being “on the right track,” he said, “We could move faster if Republicans dropped obstruction, yet Sen. McConnell said his ‘single most important’ goal was defeating Pres. Obama.”

Shortly after that statement, he tweeted, “It’s time for Republicans to put politics aside, and put the middle class first.”

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