Of course it is, everything critical of Obama is “dog whistle” racist.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: The closeness of this election tells you something about our country, how narrowly divided it. As you look at Democracy Plaza in Rockefeller Center in New York, where we will be on election night, consider the national polling. The north, Midwest and west back Obama. The south is with Romney, or, should I say, is against Obama. You can see this division as it works its way down from southwestern Pennsylvania, including part of Ohio, down through West Virginia. You see it in the appeals or, rather, the agitation that Romney and his forces are working in their ads and in their speeches. Donald Trump, who says the President is an illegal immigrant East Africa, now doing robocalls for Romney. John Sununu who calls the president lazy, keep taunting him as un-American. That twisted movie out there now that says the President is governed by some Kenyan, anti-colonial mind set. Like he’s a Mau Mau or something out to kill white people. And topping it off, we heard Romney himself out here in Ohio today tying all this trash talk together, the president is bent on, get this, revenge.

HT: Jack