Mind-blowing stupidity.

Via Mediaite:

MSNBC contributor and managing editor Joy-Ann Reid took to the set of NOW on Thursday where she contended that Republican campaign spending actually boosted the economy briefly and helped President Barack Obama win reelection. The scale of this misunderstanding of the scope of the economy, and how capital investment generates growth, is a uniquely clarifying moment. For progressives who believe the economy is small enough that donation spending can boost the markets, that economy is small enough to be managed in a command and control structure.  [...]

“The conservatives Super PACs have proved that economic stimulus actually does work,” Reid said. “When you pump money into the economy – I mean, I think these television station groups did tremendously well with this spending. Printers and people who design direct mail.”

“So, ironically enough, their spending probably actually boosted the economy slightly, which actually, again, helped Barack Obama,” Reid added. “It was a mini-stimulus.”

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