And just a few weeks ago Morsi was shown on state-run TV clearly mouthing “amen” when an imam prayed for Allah to “destroy the Jews and their supporters.”

Via WaPo:

A tradition of American presidential elections is that the winner gets congratulatory phone messages from many foreign heads of state. It’s pro forma diplomacy, but it can be revealing in who the president-elect (or, in this case, the sitting president about to serve his second term) chooses to call back, or not call back.

The White House just put out a press release of which world leaders got return calls from President Obama, all of which it says he made personally and this morning. The list is a little bit surprising: Obama called four Middle Eastern heads of state, three European, two Latin American (but not Mexico!), plus Canada, India and Australia. Conspicuously absent: the East Asian states to which the Obama administration has been pivoting.

It is interesting that Obama called Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, the democratically elected leader and Muslim Brotherhood ally who is also a source of some wariness in U.S. security circles. That would seem to suggest a degree of at least interest in high-level engagement with the new Egypt.