The Muslim Brotherhood’s got you covered, Ayman.

Via LWJ:

Al Qaeda has released a statement written by Ayman al Zawahiri this past summer in which the terror chieftain outlines several goals for Muslims to strive toward. While failing to mention the toll al Qaeda’s attacks have taken on Muslim civilians, Zawahiri says that the Muslim Ummah faces the “most vicious Crusader campaign in its history,” according to a translation provided by SITE Intelligence Group.

Zawahiri does not call on Muslims to strike the US. Instead, al Qaeda’s emir says that “secular and Crusader forces” are attempting to prevent Muslims from implementing sharia law. And to combat this supposed anti-Muslim coalition, Zawahiri argues, Muslims should first work “to liberate the occupied Muslim lands” and reject “any treaty or agreement or international resolution that grants the disbelievers the right to take over the lands of the Muslim.”

In this context, Zawahiri cites the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, “Russia’s takeover of the lands of Chechnya and the Caucuses,” India’s presence in Kashmir, Spain’s control of formerly Muslim lands, and “China’s takeover of East Turkistan.”

Second, Zawahiri says that Muslims should be ruled according to sharia, while rejecting all other bases for law. Zawahiri specifically rejects the “international order” and the United Nations.

The remaining several goals outlined by Zawahiri focus on similar themes, calling on Muslims to “establish a Caliphate.”

The revolutions ushered in by the Arab Spring are unfinished, according to Zawahiri. Muslims must be made aware “of the necessity of being ruled by Sharia and adhering to the judgments of Islam,” Zawahiri says, according to SITE’s translation. And the people must “continue in their revolution until they uproot the remains of the corrupt regimes, and purify their lands of external humiliation and internal corruption.”

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