No wonder Christians are fleeing Egypt in droves.


Following are excerpts from a show featuring Egyptian Salafi Sheikh Murgan Salem, which aired on Dream 2 TV, on November 10 and 13, 2012:

Murgan Salem: They must pay the jizya poll tax. They cannot be exempted.

TV host Wael Al-Abrashi: You mean the Christians…?

Murgan Salem: I’ll tell you, just bear with me. Yes, this should be one of the sources of income of the state. The Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians are welcome to live in the Abode of Islam, as long as they pay the jizya poll tax, and abide by the terms set by the Emir of the Believers, who rules the country.

Wael Al-Abrashi: What if they serve in the military?

Murgan Salem: They don’t need to. We will defend them. We will defend them.

Wael Al-Abrashi: You met Osama Bin Laden in [Afghanistan]. You worked with him and fought with him.

Murgan Salem: First of all, I won’t allow anyone to say “Osama Bin Laden” without the title “Sheikh”.

Wael Al-Abrashi: Fine, Sheikh Osama Bin Laden. That’s your call.

Murgan Salem: Sheikh Bin Laden is one of the greatest leaders of the Muslims to this day. I consider Sheikh Osama Bin Laden to be greater than Saladin. Saladin had supporters in his day…