During Obama’s first two years when Pelosi was speaker to say she was a rubber stamp would be an understatement.

NANCY PELOSI: NANCY PELOSI: We have diversity of opinion in our caucus, too. And we respect that and we rejoice in that as well, across the spectrum. I said to my [inaudible], your views are enhanced because you can convince many more people who can reach out to other people about your positions.

In the sense that you’re not just talking to people who are inclined from the get go to agree with you. You have to persuade others who come from a different perspective.

A different perspective, and when you bring that caucus together and they really, as a caucus, build consensus — I mean, I’ve never lost a vote as Speaker and that is because we built consensus. We percolated up, we didn’t write something and say this is what we’re all going to vote for. It percolated up, so I would never want to be a head of a caucus that was a rubber stamp for anything.