If someone in the White House had the references to al-Qaeda removed because it didn’t fit with Obama’s campaign narrative that he defeated al-Qaeda then the shit needs to hit the fan.

(CBS News) — The original CIA talking points regarding the attack on Benghazi clearly attributed the incident to al Qaeda affiliates, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Peter King said this morning after a closed door briefing with former CIA Director David Petraeus. After being vetted by several different agencies, however, that emphasis was removed.

The “original talking points [were] much more specific on al Qaeda involvement,” King said.

Furthermore, King said that Petraeus insisted today that he was clear with Congress from the start that the event was a terrorist attack.

“I told him… I had a very different recollection of that,” King said, noting that in the days following the Sept. 11 attack, Obama administration officials called the event a spontaneous uprising spurred by backlash against an anti-Muslim video.