And yet CAIR calls these people “resistance” fighters.

Via Ynet:

Hamas is vowing to avenge the death of commander Ahmed Al-Jabari, who was killed in an airstrike earlier on Wednesday. Hamas official Ismail al-Ashqar said that the “resistance’s possibilities” are now open and include suicide bombings and high profile attacks inside Israeli cities.

“The resistance can cause Israel great misery,” he said. Shortly after the hit, a Color Red siren sounded in Hof Ashkelon and two rockets exploded in an open area. No injuries were reported.

Hamas’ government in Gaza issued a brief statement mourning the loss of Al-Jabari who was described as “a great commander and one of the symbols of the resistance.” Hamas is holding Israel fully accountable for his murder. “The assassination constitutes an exacerbation of the Zionist escalation in the Gaza Strip and opens the door for a new phase of conflict,” Hamas said.