Typical union thuggery.

Via LA Times:

One of Los Angeles’ largest public employee unions admitted Tuesday that a staffer sent an email to members asking that they sign “fake names/addresses” on a petition being circulated by former Mayor Richard Riordan to place a pension initiative on the ballot.

City election law requires that the petition carry a certain number of verified voter signatures to qualify.

Service Employees International Union Local 721 made the acknowledgment in a statement criticizing Paul Kim, a work site organizer, for sending the email last week as the union prepared to kick off its campaign opposing Riordan’s measure.

“SEIU 721 in no way recommends that its members or anyone else falsify signatures on any petition,” said Ian Thompson, a union spokesman. “We are firmly against that kind of behavior. The email in question was sent without the knowledge of the union’s leadership. The person who sent the email has been disciplined for his action.”

Thompson said Kim’s email likely reached “very few” members. “It was sent from his personal work account and was not an official union communication,” he said.

Riordan’s measure would end taxpayer-backed pensions for new city employees, switching them into a 401(k)-style plan. It would also require current employees to pay more toward their pensions. The multimillionaire businessman says the changes are needed to keep the city out of bankruptcy.

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