Is abortion part of the Methodist belief system?

Via Daily Mail:

As the Secretary of State is expected to soon announce her departure from the Obama administration, she has spoken in a surprisingly candid manner about the importance of her Christian faith on her career in public service.

Hillary Clinton, who was raised in the United Methodist Church, once said her heritage instilled in her the ‘obligation’ to relieve suffering but now the 65-year-old has gone even further, calling her faith ‘fundamental’ to her identity.

The personal statement by the former first lady turned senator turned cabinet member comes amid the unending speculation that she has her eye on another bid for the White House in 2016.

Clinton agreed to be interviewed for a profile of her career and approach to diplomacy for an article in the Washington Post.

Reviewing the major milestones of the past four years serving under President Barack Obama, she reflected on why she was attracted to the pursuit of social justice in her profession.

And when asked to comment on the impact of her faith, she stated, ‘It is very much fundamental as to who I am and how I see myself.’