Shorter Farrakhan: Santa a white devil.

Via The Blaze:

On Tuesday morning, the Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a sermon in front of the U.S. Virgin Islands Legislature in St. Thomas.

Farrakhan, who is currently on a tour throughout the Caribbean, had a plethora of messages for his audience. The Nation of Islam leader, who fluctuated between speaking in his own voice and mimicking an Island accent, warned those in attendance about the dangers of lying to their children about Santa Claus, while also taking aim at the supposed “evils” of the traditional Christmas tree.

In addition to claiming that kids end up loving Christmas’ most revered character more than they do their own parents, he also proclaimed that teaching belief in Santa causes children “to look to white people for what mommy couldn’t give them.”

“It’s Christmas now. Oh Christmas is coming, you know,” Farrakhan said. “He’s comin’ down the chimney with his big fat self and he gonna leave…Santa comin’ and he’s gonna leave under a tree gifts for your child and your child wake up the next morning ‘Oh! Santa was here last night?!

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