I wonder if Clooney got a tour of the First Bed?

Via Washington Whispers:

The Obama campaign’s Hollywood fundraisers netted the president millions of dollars in the campaign, with an event at George Clooney’s home alone bringing in $15 million, according to multiple media reports.

The celebrity hosts of these fundraisers saw the perks of political proximity, attention to their causes, and—in the case of some — face time with POTUS or tours of the White House.

Of the two dozen or so A-listers who held big fundraisers for Obama this cycle, Whispers found at least 10 of them had visited the White House before donating. Their visits are tracked in the White House visitor logs, the latest records of which were released to the public last Friday.

In this latest round of logs, Clooney is recorded as visiting the White House twice in mid-March, including for a meeting with Obama in the West Wing. Obama and Clooney reportedly discussed the crisis in Darfur, Sudan, a major cause of Clooney’s.

Oprah Winfrey also scored a meeting in July with POTUS (as well as with Michelle Obama) in the Blue Room, one of the state parlors in the White House. One of the most influential women in the world, Winfrey famously gave a ringing endorsement of Obama in 2008, and hosted a fundraiser with the first lady at the former Chicago home of her Harpo Studios in September. Tickets for seats to the event sold for as high as $3,500.

In April, someone by the name of “Sean Carter” — the real name of rapper Jay-Z — brought 275 people to the White House for a group tour. While White House tours are available to the public, tours with groups that large usually aren’t. Jay-Z and wife Beyonce are longtime supporters of the president, and hosted a fundraiser for him in September. Jay-Z also drew the ire of Republicans at a November rally for Obama in Ohio, where he sang “99 Problems” but replaced the word “b****” with “Mitt” for Mitt Romney.

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