Via Radio Equalizer:

STEPHANIE MILLER (Dec 07 2012): This is how we live in two realities, I’m driving in, hear Bill Press reporting the facts like what I just said double what was expected great of unemployment numbers 7.7. I turn to the right wing station they’re like how many jobs do we have, not many it’s not much.

JIM WARD: 146,000!

STEPHANIE MILLER: How were you reporting it when George Bush was losing 800,000 a month [Lie -ed.]?

CHRIS LAVOIE: We’re not losing much. It’s spectacular.

JIM WARD: It’s all the same. They’re all the same.

STEPHANIE MILLER: In their universe that not that good.

JIM WARD: Not good enough.

STEPHANIE MILLER: Not good enough ever cause the black guys still in the White House.