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CAIRO, December 9 (RIA Novosti) – Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has decided to annul his constitutional declaration expanding his powers, a participant of a meeting between Morsi and the country’s political leaders said on Sunday after the meeting.

“The decision has been made to issue a new constitutional declaration,” the official said.

Prime Minister Hisham Qandil told journalists on Saturday that Morsi has agreed to delay the referendum on a new draft constitution and amend the controversial decree giving him broader powers he issued on November 22.

Morsi met with leaders of several opposition political parties in his residence. The sides were discussing ways out of the current political crisis in the country as part of a national dialog the president called for on Thursday.

“The country’s political forces and the president, who gathered on Saturday to hold a national dialog, have agreed to establish a commission to amend the constitutional declaration,” Qandil said.

Morsi’s November 22 constitutional declaration expanded his executive authority by barring the courts from challenging his decisions. Egypt’s highest judicial authority, the Supreme Judicial Council, slammed the move as “an unprecedented attack on the independence of the judiciary and its rulings.”