Assploding hypocrisy being one of Dingy’s many specialties.

( – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) complained that House Republicans are refusing to bring some Senate-passed legislation to the floor – but dismissed the question of when he might bring many House-passed measures up for a Senate vote.

“I can give you a long list of things we haven’t done,” Reid said at his weekly press conference when asked if he would ever bring languished GOP bills up for a vote.

Reid claimed that it was simply too time consuming for the Senate to act on the House measures sent over by Boehner, claiming that Senate procedures took up too much time.

“Every time you come to a bill [on the Senate floor] you have to have a Motion to Proceed [and] it takes about 10 days, and it limits what we can get done here,” he said.

Reid, as majority leader in the Senate, controls the floor schedule – deciding which bills will come to the floor and when.

When asked again if he might bring any of the House-passed bills to the floor, Reid chuckled and said “some time is a long time, I guess.”

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