Here’s a brief sample of what they had to say, you can read it all here.

There seems to be a new push by western Muslims, pushed to counter “extremists” and those that may have been contaminated by “moderate Islam” to reclaim “Jihad”. They will be using tools such as social media -”facebook/twitter” – how influential are they in the battle of ideas for the west. Other methods will include advertisements and posters/billboards. [...]

Jihad is Jihad and will remain Jihad, no matter if the apologetics portray it as “myJihad” or the west demonise it as attacking innocent people and blowing up buildings. Amazing how the west always push the Muslims under the defensive, reactionary angles. Its almost a reverse psychology effect – to counter the efforts of the west Islamaphobes and the extremists we must portray it as something else which in the end plays into the hands of the west and her plans – to push their version of Islam, an Islam that fits in with their idea. Clearly the battle of idea is taking place with attacks on jihad. Its sad that the Muslims are being dragged in and are pushing the west’s line by choosing the wrong side. If we remember speeches where it was said this battled against the “ideology”, the battle of ideas is ongoing and can only be won from within.

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