Of course Mr. Mouth-Breather is able to make his living because of what “some dead people” wrote in the First Amendment.

Via Newsbusters:

CALLER: From a legal point of view, I’m pro-Second Amendment and the reason why is one of the legacies of our founding fathers is the Second Amendment and we cannot go and do a full-scale overhaul on it because it will let the cat out of the bag, we can now tear into the First Amendment, you know, all the other amendments …

SCHULTZ (interrupting): OK, all right, let me, let me back up a little bit. Respectfully, the founding fathers aren’t here anymore. We are the founding fathers of this country now. Things change in America. Social mores change, attitudes change, habits change, the way we think change (sic), technology is changing. The idea that we need to be stuck in the mud of a different generation because some dead people think that’s the way we oughta live 200 and some odd years later, I’m not there. I’m not there.

Societal behavior in this country has gotten to the point where we need to do something. We can still be free and we can still be a great nation and we can love, you know, ice cream and apple pie and our next-door neighbor and our family members and we can still prosper as a nation, but dammit, it’s the guns. Period!