Hide the female staffers, fix the bridges, lock up the booze, here comes another Kennedy.

THE BUZZ: If Sen. John Kerry becomes secretary of State, Ted Kennedy Jr. – the late senator’s son, and older brother of former Rep. Patrick Kennedy – may run for the seat. Kennedy, 51, who lives in Branford, Conn., is president of the Marwood Group, an N.Y.C.-based health-care advisory firm with over 120 employees. Ted told Savannah Guthrie during a “Today” interview at the Democratic National Convention: “We all have been brought up in a tradition to try to give back. … I hope one day I’d be honored to serve in some capacity.”

A Ted Kennedy friend and adviser emails Playbook: “It’s no secret that Ted is interested in entering politics, after a long and successful career as a disability rights advocate and businessman. Numerous people in Massachusetts have reached out to him to ask him to consider running for office there, and, if Senator Kerry is nominated to a Cabinet post, it’s fair to say that he will be giving this very serious consideration.”