Cue the rampaging mobs.

Via The Blaze:

Pastor Terry Jones knows a thing or two about drumming up controversy. The Koran-burning preacher has attracted international attention over his involvement in inflammatory activities and his intense rhetoric against Islam. Last month, TheBlaze told you about his latest project, a film called, “The Innocent Prophet,” a movie he completed in collaboration with an ex-Muslim named Imran Firasat.

Earlier this week, the full movie, which stretches 71 minutes in length, was released on YouTube. Much like Jones’ past projects, the film holds the potential to infuriate Islamist groups across the globe. But because it also takes particular aim at the Prophet Muhammad, even the most moderate of Muslims may take offense.

As previously reported, the name and purpose of the “The Innocent Prophet” mirrors that of the ever-infamous “Innocence of Muslims,” which was blamed for widespread protests in the Middle East earlier this year. The connotative connection between the films is intentional, at least in title, message and tone, especially considering that Jones was also a supporter of the “Innocence of Muslims” project.

“We are trying to give a factual life of Muhammad,” Jones told TheBlaze of his new film last month. “His life was one that was pretty perverted in comparison to the life of Jesus.”

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