Shockingly, the professor is also a male feminist.

Defending masculinity with guns – Professor Hugo Schwyzer, DayLife

In the days since the appalling murder of 20 school children and six adults in Newtown, Connecticut, the same questions keep getting asked around the world: why does this keep happening in the States?  Why do Americans cling so persistently to their guns, even as the number of rampage murders continues to escalate and children continue to die?  And why do so many of the shooters fit the same profile: young white men from middle-class backgrounds? [...]

The “Man Card” campaign can only work in a culture where white masculinity is seen not only as fragile, but under attack.  The modern enemy isn’t King George III and his Redcoats; it’s the emasculating influence of a culture in which women and ethnic minorities have gained access to what were once all white, all-male preserves.

Fragile masculinity was not the sole cause of last Friday’s massacre. Lax gun laws (themselves rooted in our national myth of violent self-reliance) and mental illness also played a part. So too did class privilege: Lanza, like most rampage shooters in America in recent decades, had grown up in comfort in bucolic suburbia, the son of a vice-president at General Electric. Privileged white men aren’t the only ones to suffer from mental anguish, but as a result of our national history, they are disproportionately likely to imagine that they are entitled to foist their pain onto others in a terribly public way.    Privileged white American men are also the ones most likely to feel the rage of “frustrated entitlement,” keenly aware of the disconnect between the affluence and autonomy they were taught was their birthright, and the anxiety and rejection that seems to characterize their daily experiences with others.

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