How many anchors at CNN or Fox News hold rallies to further a political cause?

Via Mediaite:

MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton appeared with anchor Thomas Roberts on Thursday to promote his upcoming political rally in opposition to the National Rifle Association. This is not the first time that Sharpton has deliberately blurred the lines between a news anchor and a political activist, and for all the pronouncements that his hiring at MSNBC signaled a cultural shift — with straight broadcast anchors increasingly indulging in evangelism for political causes — Sharpton remains the only news anchor to headline explicitly political rallies.

“You’re no stranger to the fight to end gun violence,” Roberts noted. He asked Sharpton what he hopes to accomplish with his rally in Washington next month to marshal public opposition to the NRA. Sharpton replied that he hopes to increase support for stricter gun laws as well as to boost support for teachers — specifically teachers unions.

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