It’s mind-blowing how clueless the media is. It’s obvious here Schieffer thinks semi-automatic means you pull the trigger and multiple rounds are discharged, in reality a semi-automatic fires only one round each time the trigger is pulled.

Via Ricochet:

[A] friend who is a congressional staffer told me about this riveting interview of David Keene, president of the NRA, by CBS’ Bob Schieffer. Keene does a good job of pleasantly responding to Schieffer’s biased and inaccurate questions.

The part that struck me? Schieffer asks if the NRA will support a ban on “military-style assault weapons,” saying that “even” police chiefs support that. Keene explains that military-style weapons are fully automatic and that the bans being proposed are actually of semi-automatic weapons. They oppose those ban attempts. Schieffer says, showing his ignorance of how semi-automatic weapons work, “How many rounds can these weapons discharge in five seconds?” Keene says, well, “They fire when you pull the trigger.” Schieffer says, yeah, “And they keep firing.” Keene explains that “No, they don’t keep firing.”