Or “wight-wing extwemists” in mush-mouth.

Drew –

Let me give you a prediction for the New Year:

Right-wing extremists in Congress aren’t done trying to block anything and everything President Obama proposes. That means if we want to make real progress, our work is just beginning.

Midnight on December 31st marks the final fundraising deadline of the year for Democrats. It’s the perfect time to show that we’re committed to President Obama’s second term and we’re not done taking on Speaker Boehner and the special interests standing in our way.

Contribute $3 or whatever you can today to support President Obama’s agenda and your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar.

President Obama’s re-election was a stinging rebuke to the right-wing extremists that rule the Republican Party. Despite this the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party is digging in its heels.

Let’s reinforce the lesson of the the 2012 election.


Thank you,