Via LWJ:

US drones struck for the fourth time in Yemen in less than a week, killing three al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in an attack in central Yemen today.

The remotely piloted Predators or the more deadly Reapers fired missiles at a group of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters as they were traveling Land Cruiser in the village of Manaseeh outside the town of Rada’a in central Baydah province, according to the Associated Press. Three AQAP fighters are thought to have been killed; their identities were not disclosed, however.

Today’s strike is the second in Manaseeh this week. On Dec. 24, US drones killed a Jordanian and a Yemeni AQAP fighter in a strike in the village. The Yemeni was identified as Abdullah Hussein al Waeli; he also escaped from a prison two years ago. The US also launched two other strikes in the eastern province of Hadramout this week. Prior to the strikes that have taken place this past week, the last recorded attack by the US in Yemen took place on Nov. 7.

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