Somehow this is still da Jooooos fault.

Via The Blaze:

Just how concerned is Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas about his beleaguered Palestinian brethren in Syria? Apparently none-too-much considering the Fatah leader just rejected a conditional Israeli offer to allow Palestinian refugees residing in Syria to resettle in Gaza and Judea and Samaria. Abbas’ rationale is that accepting the Israeli offer will somehow nullify Palestinians’ claims of “right of return” to homes in Israel.

In other words, the Palestinian president has allowed his own people to remain in danger in Assad’s war-torn country, over the possibility that it might undermine his leverage in using the old “right of return” card to uproot Jewish families from Israel and replace them with Palestinians.

There are a number of Palestinians who migrated to Syria in 1948 following the Arab-Israeli war that same year (a war that was, ironically started by the Palestinians and their Arab cohorts). These “refugees” along with their decedents claim that they were driven from their homes and thus, have a right to return to the property they left behind some six-plus decades ago.

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