He prefers the company of men.

Via Daily Caller:

The nation’s leading liberal women’s group, the National Organization for Women, is demanding to know why President Barack Obama has failed to make more high-profile appointments of women to his administration.

“President Obama has made a number of high-profile appointments recently — four at last count — and they are all white men,” NOW said in a blast email to supporters Thursday evening, with the subject line, “President Obama, Where are the Women?”

The organization noted that while groups like NOW hoped United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice would succeed Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, she too was “was pushed aside and replaced with a white male nominee” when the “right wing unjustly smeared” her.

NOW is encouraging its members to sign a petition urging the president to appoint more women to his Cabinet — especially women of color. The group suggested, for example, that a woman helm the Federal Communications Commission for the first time in the agency’s history.

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