Scarborough is a tool.

Via Mediaite:

Joe Scarborough was back at it on Tuesday morning, continuing his ongoing criticism of the “extremists” who he believes have come to dominate the National Rifle Association. It’s a great organization that no longer represents its members, he said. “Their extremism is destroying them.”

“How sick is this?” Scarborough asked, pointing to the New York Daily News front page about the NRA’s new “practice range” iPhone app, which is approved for ages four and above. “How sick are these people that have commandeered the NRA and turned them into an extremist operation for survivalists and gun manufacturers?”

The MSNBC host sought to explain that the NRA has been a good organization, but has allowed itself to be “besmirched and diminished.” To back up his point, he noted a new poll that shows a majority of Americans (58 percent) favoring a ban on assault weapons. “Americans are deeply offended by the extremists running the NRA,” he asserted, adding that “we warned them,” but they haven’t listened.