Last week he called Obamacare “fascism,” but I’d argue this is a worse sin in the left’s eyes.

Via Yahoo! News:

John Mackey, the co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market, seems like a man of contradictions. His company’s motto is “Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet” – yet he says there’s an upside to global warming, and he’s reportedly wary of labor unions. He’s a vegan with a self-described Libertarian bent. He’s grown his business to an $11 billion Fortune 300 company, but his salary is $1 per year. To 70,000 team members, he’s the boss. Still, as he told Off the Cuff, “I sometimes put my foot in my mouth.”

In 1978, Mackey and his then-girlfriend opened a small natural foods store in Austin, Texas, with a $45,000 loan from friends and family. Whole Foods now has 340 stores worldwide. The company advertises its commitment to organic produce, seafood sustainability and what it describes as its “Green Mission.” But Mackey’s views on climate change may surprise his core customers.

“I haven’t been outspoken about global warming. I’ve been smeared quite a bit in the media about it – all of a sudden, I’m a climate change denier. I mean, climate change is obviously occurring. So — it’s gotten a little bit warmer. I guess my position on it is that I don’t think that’s that big a deal. Actually, humanity’s flourished usually when temperatures gradually warmed. And humans gradually adapt to it,” he told Off the Cuff.

As for regulation to reduce global warming, he said, “We can probably eliminate poverty on the planet earth in the next 50 years if we will just continue to follow the tenets of free enterprise capitalism to the greatest extent possible. So I just don’t want to see that change.”

Mackey’s taken some heat for some of his other publicly stated opinions. In a recent interview on NPR, he characterized President Obama’s health care legislation, ‘Obamacare’ as “more like fascism.” He backpedaled in subsequent interviews.