Thousands are still near the Palace and more at the State TV station at this moment.

Via Bloomberg News:

Opponents of Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi battled security forces near his palace in Cairo and the Islamist leader warned them to withdraw, as the clashes threatened a day-old agreement to end a wave of violence.

Protesters threw Molotov cocktails at the palace walls, while security forces fired tear gas and water cannons to keep them away. At least 48 people received medical attention at the scene, mostly as a result of the gas, Mohammed Sultan, head of the ambulance service, said by phone. Mursi said demonstrators breached the compound, and urged opposition groups that organized the rallies to call them off.

“The political powers that might have participated in urging this on hold full political responsibility,” Mursi said on the presidency’s Facebook page. “We call on the national powers to condemn these actions and to call their supporters to leave the palace area immediately.” He said security forces will act “firmly to apply the law.”

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