Poor Dinnerjacket, no matter how hard he tries, Sunni Muslims will always consider him a Shia dog.

Via Times of Israel:

The visit to Cairo of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad leads the news in Arab media on Wednesday, highlighting both its historic significance and the deep disagreements it has exposed.

“Ahmadinejad is a ‘tourist’ in ancient Cairo and Sheikh Al-Azhar raises the ‘Sunni’ issue,” reads the headline in the Saudi-owned daily A-Sharq Al-Awsat, featuring a photo of Ahmadinejad being greeted by Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi as he steps out of his plane.

The daily reports harsh words between Egypt’s top cleric, the sheikh of Al-Azhar University Ahmad Tayyeb, and Ahmadinejad. Tayyeb reportedly rebuked the Iranian president for assisting Shiite expansionism in Sunni states and for Iran’s intervention in Bahrain. Ahmadinejad, in return, called for Sunni-Shiite cooperation, saying he saw “no reason for disunity.”

Al-Ahram, an Egyptian establishment daily, dedicates an article to an embarrassing clip taken from a joint press conference of a Sunni cleric with Ahmadinejad, broadcast by Sky News Arabia.

A visibly perturbed Ahmadinejad listens to the cleric and whispers something in the ear of his aide, words interpreted by the paper as “I am leaving.” The aide then interrupts the cleric’s speech, saying, “We did not agree on this. We spoke about unity.” Ahmadinejad then left the press gathering without answering questions, a clear sign of his frustration.

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