Not very funny, and somehow I think Lincoln had too much sense to hang with Joan Rivers:

Via  Newsbusters:

On NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Friday, comedienne Joan Rivers said Abraham Lincoln was gay.

This came seconds after the 79-year-old woman said she had sex with the 16th president using a vulgar word that begins with an “F”‘

JIMMY FALLON, HOST: But here’s the deal, because I know that you were dating, you were living, you dated a president at one point, didn’t you?

JOAN RIVERS: Yeah, yeah. You know, people look at me now and you see an older woman. I lived, trust me. I had a very, I, this is going to sound, get ready to bleep, I f—ked Abe Lincoln.

[Cheers and applause]

FALLON: That’s a first. Really?

RIVERS: That man would have been alive today except he was gay and he kept it quiet.

FALLON: Oh, I didn’t know that.

RIVERS: Oh, the shawl. Grow up.

FALLON: So he would be alive today?

RIVERS: He would be alive today if he had listened. I said to him “Stay in bed,” and he said “No, I want to go to theater.” And that was it.

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