Or something.

Via The Blaze:

The Minister Louis Farrakhan’s official news outlet, Final Call, recently released a dramatic video claiming that a “prophetic warning” from the Nation of Islam (NOI) leader foresaw Winter Storm Nemo and a series of tornadoes that raged earlier this month. These weather patterns — referred to by Final Call as “nature’s fury” — are purportedly evidence of God’s defense of Farrakhan as well as his wrath upon humanity.

The faith leader is using the storms and his alleged predictions to urge people to heed his warnings about Allah’s allegedly destructive plans for America. On Feb. 2, in the fourth installment of his 52-week sermon series, “The Time and What Must Be Done,” Farrakhan warned that God was going to punish his critics.

In particular, he named snow, tornadoes and floods as tools that the Lord would soon be using and promised that these events would unfold shortly after he issued his video message. In a special clip that followed this sermon, Farrakhan used news reports about the storms and dramatic music in an effort to convince viewers that the NOI leader’s warnings came to fruition just five days after his initial claims about God’s plans.

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