I’m sure a bunch of white guests cracking racist jokes on Fox News would go unnoticed… yeah, maybe not.

Via Noah Rothman:

Harris-Perry lamented that comedian Dave Chappelle was not around in the way he was in the Bush years, because he possesses the ability to deconstruct race in a way that few others can.

At this point, the guests decided to try out some of their best racial material. Comedian Dean Obeidallah said that one of his best jokes about race poked fun at white people. He said that when whites become a minority in the United States, they can look forward to having a month to celebrate their heritage – or maybe just a week. “Whitey week,” Obeidallah suggested.

Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead chimed in with something a little more edgy: “It would have been kind of fun to see Herman Cain as the presidential nominee, because there would have been mass suicides in the Klan,” Winstead said to the groans of her fellow panelists.

University of Pennsylvania Professor Anthea Butler offered her joke, in which she poked fun at her days in grad school when she and most of her fellow students were impoverished. “If a black person said they were broke, it meant that they had negative in their bank account,” Butler began. “A white person says they’re broke, we never believed them, because it meant that they had $500 in their bank account. They don’t know the meaning of being broke.”

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