Via Roll Call:

About one month into her new position leading the Congressional Black Caucus, Rep. Marcia L. Fudge already has shown a willingness to push the nation’s first African-American president aggressively behind the scenes to embrace her group’s priorities.

The Ohio Democrat moved quickly to promote three CBC members for open Cabinet positions, highlighting a long-standing sore spot in the relationship between the CBC and President Barack Obama.

Obama, in turn, dispatched top aide Valerie Jarrett for her first Capitol Hill meeting of the second term to meet with the CBC for a State of the Union preview and listening session with members.

In an interview, Fudge deemed the president’s speech a success for the group, noting that he addressed voting rights, poverty and immigration.

“We were very happy that he talked about our three biggest issues that the caucus deals with,” Fudge said. “Since I have been chair, I have had a good relationship and do have communication with the White House.”

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