I thought we all agreed the mentally ill shouldn’t be allowed to own firearms?

(CNSNews.com) – Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday said no one is taking his shotguns when asked during an online town hall meeting on gun violence whether he thought a ban on guns would be effective.

“There is no ban on guns. No one’s banning the gun—no one’s taking my shotgun. I have two shotguns at home. They’re in a cabinet. They’re locked. There’s ammunition there as well. No one’s gonna come and take my gun. No one’s going to take anyone’s gun.

The town hall meeting was sponsored by Facebook and Parents magazine.

“Samantha Philips asks, if the ban on drugs did not work with taking them off the street, how do you think a ban on guns is going to be different?” the Facebook moderator asked.

“We’re talking about a background check, and the analogy to if there was a ban on drugs how would any regulation on the type of weapon available out there, why would that make sense?” Biden asked.