I know what you’re thinking, and no, this is definitely not a partisan plea.

Drew –

My dad, Reuven Rahamim, was killed this past September in a mass shooting.

I was 17 years old, one of 15 children who lost a parent that day.

I’m honoring his memory — and those of many others who have fallen — by doing something about gun violence.

Whether you’ve been personally affected by gun violence or not, you need to be part of this fight, too. Share your story: Why are you in this?

When I think of the number of lives that could have been saved by universal background checks or better access to mental health services, I simply don’t understand why Congress doesn’t act right away.

So join me in speaking out. Our stories from all across the country will reaffirm the all-too-real consequences of this unending violence and the need for sensible solutions. Share why you support legislation to keep dangerous weapons out of the wrong hands:


I know my dad is watching right now as I fight alongside many other Americans for common-sense legislation.

He deserves a vote. We all deserve a vote.

Now is the time.



Sami Rahamim
Minneapolis, MN