Actually, I believe Hagel was thinking about why so many Joooos escaped the Nazi death camps.

Or it’s possible Hagel was crying because he feared Schumer might shapeshift (like all Joooos do) into some kind of tiger or bear and rip his head off.

Via Politico:

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer said Wednesday that Chuck Hagel “almost had tears in his eyes” as he explained to the former Nebraska senator that the expression “Jewish lobby” is rooted in a negative depiction of Jews.

Schumer made the remarks about President Barack Obama’s pick for defense secretary at a breakfast in lower Manhattan hosted by the Association for a Better New York and the Downtown Alliance.

“Look, I had doubts about Sen. Hagel when his name was first floated, and I expressed those publicly on ‘Meet The Press’ and other places,” Schumer said. “And the president called me and said, ‘Before you come out with any decision, please sit down and talk to him.’ That was only fair.”