Obama continues his gun rant via Twitter, again using kids and mass shooting victims.

Mr. President, you are supposed to be president of ALL the people; you seem to have forgotten the vote of the 2.45 million who were saved by guns in 2011, including:
- the grandmother who fought off the robber
- the mother in Georgia who saved her kids after a home invasion, who needed multiple shots to stave off the intruder
- the children who protected themselves by having their dad’s rifle

Each of these people would like a vote as well, sir, to tell you that if not for guns, they might not be alive, they might have been raped, they might have been robbed.

These are very real people you are forgetting in your rant.

It isn’t about whether you need a gun, it is about the right to have them, recognized under the Constitution. Here, in this country, people are not accorded things according to their needs.
You might be thinking about a socialist nation, Mr. Obama.

What you propose does nothing to resolve “gun violence”, since it isn’t the gun that is violent in the event of a crime. It is the person who wields it, the person who has the criminal intent.

All you are are doing is inhibiting those who are in fact not violent, as the criminals will not care about your increased laws, since they don’t pay attention to them anyway.

So Mr. President, sir, stop posting pictures of yourself on Twitter. Put down the golf club.

Listen to those 2.45 million and the majority of Americans who support the right to bear arms.