So Toure says Zimmerman can’t be called Hispanic because his dad is white but he refers to Obama as being black even though he has a white mother?

Trayvon Martin: One Year Later, Justice Remains Elusive — Touré, TIME

A year later and we’re still waiting for justice. Trayvon is dead — he would’ve turned 18 on February 5th, but instead, his heart hasn’t beat in a year. George Zimmerman, the man who shot Trayvon, will be on trial this summer. A trial is what the protesters and activists were demanding instead of another black death swept under the rug as if our lives were worth less. But a trial in this particular case is not entirely justice because there are deeper societal problems at play that mean another black kid could become the next Trayvon on any day. [...]

Since the killing, there has been a concerted effort by Zimmerman’s supporters to define him as Hispanic — as if this would change the case by removing the potential of racial profiling. This is a clever way of combining the “people of color can’t be racist” meme (an idea most whites usually reject) and the “one-drop rule” — a hold-over from slavery that says that having one drop of black blood meant you were a slave so that new slaves could be created even if they had a white parent. This rule has not historically been applied to other races and extending it to Zimmerman because his mother is Peruvian and his father German-American seems a strange stretch. And besides, race is a social construct, not a biological reality, so to evaluate whether he was racially profiling, we’d have to know what race Zimmerman considers himself. But even that question is moot once you realize that biases against people of color quite often reside inside people of color. Even if Zimmerman sees himself as Hispanic that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t view a strange black body in the distance through a racist lens.

If Zimmerman assumed criminal intent where there was none, assumed the presence of drugs and guns where there were none, assumed he was seeing a thug when we now know Trayvon was not, then he would have been applying racist assumptions to a kind of black Rorschach in the distance. He may be Hispanic, he may have had blacks in his family as has been asserted, and he may have mentored black kids as some have said. He may have even had black friends. But he may still have seen Trayvon in the distance and made a trio of racist assumptions about him. The test is not how he behaves toward every black person he encounters, or whether he is racist all the time. The test is how he behaved toward Trayvon and whether he viewed this black stranger as an armed, drugged criminal, as the 911 tape suggests, and treated him as such even though he was not.

To summarize:

Obama: White mom + Black dad = Black. Zimmerman: Hispanic mom + White dad = White.