You’d be surprised how many InfoWars/PrisonPlanet loons email to call me a “Jew-lover” (among many other not so nice things), which is fine with me, I’d rather love Israel than be a jihad-apologist.

Via Mediaite:

[A]s the man unleashed on Bidondi, the InfoWars reporter continued to insist he’s just there to “ask questions” and that the FBI was behind the bombings.

“You’re an asshole. And so is Alex Jones,” the unnamed man continued. And that’s the nicest thing I can say about you, you son of a bitch.”

“Anything else you got to say?” Bidondi asked dismissively.

“Yeah, I just said it, motherfucker,” the man behind the camera fired back.

As the exchange escalated, the furious resident made clear he is unconcerned whether the other attendees think he is an “asshole” or a “smart guy” for being so verbally abusive towards Bidondi.

“I am the smart guy,” he said, “because I’m not standing here saying the FBI blew up the people at the Boston Marathon, you fucking shitheel.”

The man continually attempted to goad Bidondi into telling the crowd his full beliefs on how the FBI used the Boston bombing as a “false flag” operation, but the InfoWars reporter repeatedly insisted he is just there to ask questions. Until he finally admitted it:

“They did,” Bidondi asserted. “We got the photos to prove it.”

“You got shit, you got jack-shit, you got your dick in your hand,” the Bostonian said to laughter from bystanders. “You fucking asshat.”

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