Have a religious objection to gay marriage? You’re still a bigot according to Pelosi.

Drew –

This is so inspiring!

The Supreme Court just ruled that the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional AND California will join 12 other states and Washington, DC in recognizing the fundamental rights of all families. Just think of what that means for loving LGBT families.

Yet even with today’s historic victory, our work is not done. We can not rest until men and women in every state are granted equal rights. If you’re committed to ensuring that justice is done for every American, no matter who they love, now’s the time to say it.

Since 2009, Speaker Boehner and House Republicans have spent millions of taxpayer dollars defending bigotry — but together, we saw a huge victory for our movement for justice and equality.

This wasn’t an easy fight, and your grassroots support helped make today’s reaffirmation of equal justice under law possible.

Let’s keep it going: