As a secondary weapon, they will also try to “guilt” people into signing up for Obamacare.

Via Politico:

All those groups trying to get the “young, invincible” 20-somethings to sign up for Obamacare health insurance have identified a secret weapon.


Advocacy groups from “Moms Rising” to AARP are working to reach the healthy, young adults who don’t think they need insurance — and their mothers who think they do. The groups plan to use everything from paid advertising — to guilt.

“We’re going for the heartstrings,” said Nicole Duritz, vice president of health and family education and outreach at AARP, which will be stepping up messaging later this summer as the Oct. 1 sign-up date nears. [...]

Moms Rising, which taps into social media and blogging with its health and wellness and health reform advocacy, is creating “Wellness Wonder Teams.” Women who sign up pledge to tell at least 10 other people about the law — and get a refrigerator magnet that says “Changing More Than Diapers.”

Moms Rising President Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner says the volunteers get a packet with information; resources; links; and ideas for Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest posts. The kit’s designed to be digestible and mom-friendly so that the women go out and say, “Hey, there are new insurance options for us and our families,” not, “Hey, we’re getting a death panel.”

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