Oh my.

Via Fox News:

[T]he new poll, released Thursday, finds that an overwhelming majority thinks the shutdown is a serious problem, including 58 percent who see it as “very” serious. And two-thirds think the government closing is “definitely a bad thing.” That’s more than twice the number who say it “could be a good thing” (67-30 percent).

A 59-percent majority says their family won’t be “significantly affected” by the shutdown, while a sizable 37-percent minority says they will.

Meanwhile, a quarter of voters blame “Republican leaders such as John Boehner” (25 percent) for the shutdown and about the same number point the finger at President Obama (24 percent). Some 17 percent blame “Tea Party Republicans such as Ted Cruz.” Just 8 percent blame “Democratic leaders such as Harry Reid.” Another 20 percent think all of them are responsible for the shutdown.