Which is more than half of all the individual health insurance policies in the state.

Thanks Barack!

WASHINGTON — Nearly 93,000 Louisiana residents who are losing their health insurance plans must decide by the end of March whether to upgrade with their provider, shop on the Affordable Care Act exchanges or pay a fine.

Louisiana Commissioner of Insurance Jim Donelon said Tuesday that insurance companies are reporting 92,793 individual insurance plan discontinuations — his initial estimate was at least 80,000 — mostly because the policies are bare-bones plans that do not meet the Affordable Care Act coverage standards or because the policies have excessive deductibles.

“It’s higher than expected,” Donelon said of the number of discontinuations in the state. “We had no way of telling, but it’s a little bit higher (than anticipated).”

The amount represents just more than half of the roughly 165,000 individual insurance policies in Louisiana, which has roughly 4.6 million residents. The discontinuations do not apply to the people who acquire insurance through their employers.