Former Congressman Anthony Weiner and wife Huma Abedin hold hands as they stroll up 5th Avenue at 21st Street as they spend Saturday afternoon walking around Manhattan. Weiner was holding his wife’s bag. (NYDN)

Here’s another pic of the happy miserable couple.

(TMZ) — The disgraced former congressman and his wife were spotted having lunch in New York City on Saturday where she “looked miserable,” a witness told the NY Daily News.

The couple (who both sported wedding rings) dined at La Bottega in Chelsea’s Maritime Hotel and spent most of the meal attached to their cell phones, the witness told the paper.

Their waiter told the NYDN that Weiner was a bad tipper and looked “really tense. Just like he was carrying some intense baggage.”

Later, Weiner was seen carrying actual baggage . . . as in her purse.

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