Occupy Wall Street voices from Zuccotti Park: Daniel Zetah, 35 — NY Daily News

Thirty-five year old Daniel Zetah is originally from Minnesota but has been living in Tasmania for the past ten years. He has a degree in Economics and Business however; he works as a builder and an environmental educator. He has been at the Occupy Wall Street protests for the past three weeks.

Name: Daniel Zetah

Age: 35

Where he’s from: “I’m from Tasmania.”

Employment Status: “I’m a builder and an environmental educator.”

Political affiliation: “I would say it’s most closely aligned with the Green Party but at this point I feel a-political because this movement is not really about politics.”

How long has he been coming to Zuccotti Park? “I have participated in the protest for about three weeks now.”

Does he sleep in Zuccotti park? “I sleep in the park.”

Why did he join the Occupy Wall Street protests? “I was inspired to join this because I have been waiting for something like this all of my life.”

“I grew up in America, in Minnesota and always felt like I wanted to have political discussions with people but it was something that was almost taboo in this country.”

“I’ve been waiting for people to actually wake up from their consumerist slumber that most westerners have been under for so long and actually have discussions about what is real.”

“What’s happening right now in our political system is very real. Our environmental system and our economic system are very real. They have humongous impacts on us and the world around us but we haven’t been talking about it and this is getting people to talk about it.”

What are his demands? “We don’t have any specific demands. We have some goals.”

“We want corporations and the government to completely split. We want to cleave this relationship that is so toxic. That is probably the largest goal we have today.”

What he thinks the outcome of the protests will be: “We succeed and we create a new system of governance that allows for true democracy where corporation voices are not seen as people and we have direct control over our government.”

“If we fail, this civilization that is known as America will collapse. It will turn into a police state and I will flee back to Australia and live in my little community in Tasmania and hope that it doesn’t reach over there.”

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